The Ghost Detective: Episode 13 Recap


The risks get higher and higher and worse and worse every time. There’s no saying who will win in this intense and long battle between Woo-hye and our team. There’s no saying who will die and who will stay alive. Our characters are haunted by their past so they use the present to clear themselves of that shameful past, but what does this indicate for our characters and their future?

The Ghost Detective: Episode 13 Recap

We discover how Yeo-wool and Sang-seob were able to locate the whereabouts of Da-il. When they returned to the office, they searched up his browsing history and discovered the various grape farms he was going to visit. The two plan to visit the grape farms, but Yeo-wool makes sure to bring with her the knife that Yi-rang had killed herself with as well.

Woo-hye and Kim Gyeol visit the owners of the storage room where Woo-hye’s mother had hid Da-il’s body. The man is someone Woo-hye had met before when she was 12-years old. Though the married couple threaten to call the police, Woo-hye kills the man while Kim Gyeol forces the woman to show him the storage room where Da-il’s body is. After showing Kim Gyeol where the storage room is, the woman escapes and calls for help. She happens to come across a car driven by Da-il and faints a few seconds later.

Meanwhile, Chae-won and Jung-dae also arrive at the house. Chae-won gives the location address to a panicked Yeo-wool while Jung-dae enters the house first to find the dead man. Chae-won warns Yeo-wool to not enter the house upon arriving; she wants her to check in with her first. However, Chae-won changes her mind shortly afterwards upon seeing Woo-hye. Woo-hye stands a few feet away from Chae-won and stares at her.


Chae-won is well aware that Woo-hye’s body is rotting which is why she wants to possess Yeo-wool’s body. Furthermore, there’s a reason why Woo-hye’s failed in possessing Chae-won’s body. Chae-won’s spirit energy doesn’t match Woo-hye’s. Meanwhile, Da-il finally enters the storage room and searches for his body. When he does finally find his body (FINALLY!), he breaks down into tears upon seeing how ail and sick his body is. He cries a few tears and then realizes how urgent of a situation he’s in. While carrying his physical body with him out of the storage room, Da-il comes across Kim Gyeol who’s also in the storage room. NOOOO.

Yeo-wool and Sang-seob finally arrive at the grape farm. They check Da-il’s car first and find the unconscious woman laying inside. They encourage her to run far away as possible to seek refuge. After helping her, the two run to the grape farm to check up on the scene. They head right to the storage room, but Da-il’s physical body is no where to be found. It turns out Kim Gyeol managed to get his body and escapes with it. Chae-won and Jung-dae leave Chae-won behind at the grape farm by handcuffing her to a gate and leave to chase after Kim Gyeol.

Chae-won updates Yeo-wool and Sang-seob on the situation so the four of them chase after Kim Gyeol. After a few minutes, they manage to track Kim Gyeol down, trap him, and prevent him from moving any further. Jung-dae approaches Kim Gyeol first with his gun aimed at Kim Gyeol, but he suddenly turns his gun on Yeo-wool instead. Jung-dae becomes controlled by Woo-hye and orders Kim Gyeol to leave first or else he’ll shoot Yeo-wool. Kim Gyeol moves on ahead and escapes with Da-il’s body. NOOOO, so close!

As Kim Gyeol escapes with both Da-il and Da-il’s physical body in his car, Jung-dae finally escapes from Woo-hye’s control and realizes his actions. Yeo-wool faints a few seconds afterwards. Back at the crime scene, Woo-hye escapes and disappears once again.

The next morning, Sang-seob waits for Da-il at the same grape farm they were at the night before. Yeo-wool too arrives, but Da-il doesn’t reappear like they had expected. They then head back to the office where they are joined by Chae-won. The trio discuss about the possible reasons for Woo-hye’s use of Da-il’s body. Chae-won assumes Woo-hye wants to possess Yeo-wool’s body to torment Da-il’s body as a way to seek revenge. Da-il’s mother tried to protect Da-il when Woo-hye was attempting to kill her and that made her angry. Now she wants to make Da-il angry so that he can get a taste of how she feels.


Da-il visits the same evil male spirit who had possessed Chae-won’s spirit mother. He wants to know how to be seen by people as a ghost. The spirit reveals that as with everything else, the only way to be visible by human beings as a ghost is to use your emotions and play around with other people’s emotions.

Our trio use Kim Gyeol’s message left on the board to guess where he’s located. They assume Kim Gyeol wanted to meet with Sang-seob at the very same spot where his wife had committed suicide. He worries whether he’s really a murderer, but Yeo-wool reassures Sang-seob that he isn’t. Woo-hye is merely just picking at everyone around Yeo-wool and Da-il as a way to torment them.

Chae-won contacts Jung-dae to get him to come to the office so they can all discuss their next moves. However, Jung-dae is ashamed and hesitant in seeing Yeo-wool again after what happened last night. Yeo-wool then takes the initiative to visit him herself. Yeo-wool forgives Jung-dae for what happened and wishes that he not blame himself, but Jung-dae is still worried. He doesn’t want the rest of the team to fill him in on their plans; he’s afraid he might get controlled by Woo-hye again like last time and hurt everyone. He vows to catch Woo-hye at least once.

Chae-won visits Sang-seob in his office. He still feels guilty for the death of his late wife, but Chae-won cheers him up. She lets him know that it’s not his fault that his wife committed suicide. Chae-won’s communicated with spirits in the past and none of them ever died while holding resentment towards anyone. They were just mainly apologetic and grateful. That’s also how Sang-seob’s wife must also have felt towards Sang-seob. Omg, this is so sad..

Da-il’s body is stationed at a hospital. Meanwhile, Kim Gyeol picks Woo-hye up and takes her to the hospital where Da-il’s body is resting. Chae-won and Yeo-wool follow closely after them. Kim Gyeol leads Woo-hye to Da-il’s room. She wants to use Da-il as a bait to lure Yeo-wool to her first before they do anything with his body.

At that moment, Da-il appears in the room in front of Kim Gyeol and Woo-hye. It turns out the two guys conspired with each other and purposely brought Woo-hye to the room to trap her (OOOOOOOOH WHAT IS GOING ON?!). Back when Kim Gyeol and Da-il encountered each other in the storage room, Kim Gyeol was originally going to continue with the plan of killing Da-il’s physical body in order to protect Yeo-wool.

However, Da-il managed to stop Kim Gyeol and was able to get Kim Gyeol to side with him. With the aid of Lawyer Baek, Da-il’s physical body was transported safely to the hospital. During her visit earlier, Lawyer Baek witnesses Da-il and grows shocked to see him in front of her while his physical body lies on the hospital bed. Da-il doesn’t say much, but he explains that she must permit Woo-hye and Kim Gyeol to enter the room later. However, she is to prohibit Yeo-wool, Chae-won, Sang-seob, and Jung-dae from entering the hospital room when they arrive. Lawyer Baek will receive an explanation later on, but she must help Yeo-wool from getting framed regardless of what happens. Da-il admits that this is the only way to end everything.

In the present, Woo-hye suddenly changes her mind to ruin Da-il’s plans. She’ll just kill Da-il’s physical body right in front of him. She grabs the knife in Kim Gyeol’s hand and prepares to stab Da-il’s body, but Kim Gyeol stops her from stabbing him. As a result, Woo-hye stabs Kim Gyeol herself. We eventually learn through the note that Kim Gyeol wrote and hid in Sang-seob’s office that Kim Gyeol had been working with Woo-hye all along so that he could gain a sense of what her weakness was. He never actually intended to work with her. Whether it was the pastor or the woman at the grape farm, Kim Gyeol never actually killed or hurt them.


Yeo-wool and Chae-won are eventually permitted to enter Da-il’s hospital room thanks to Lawyer Baek despite Da-il’s earlier plea. In the room, Da-il grows furious and stabs Woo-hye with the knife. However, she doesn’t die and teases Da-il for not being able to kill her. She died once already, she won’t die again.

Woo-hye gives Da-il two options: either save a wounded Kim Gyeol or chase after her. With reminders and flashes of Yeo-wool’s kind words, Da-il eventually decides to save Kim Gyeol. Though he’s dying, Kim Gyeol apologizes to Da-il and comments his last thoughts. Despite the outcome, he’s proud that he ultimately didn’t run away like he did the first time with Yi-rang. Kim Gyeol takes his last breath and becomes unconscious. A tear falls from his eyes while Da-il screams in anger.

My Thoughts:

*sigh* I really don’t have anything new to say about this drama that I haven’t already mentioned. This drama has always been a hard one to watch for many different reasons and the same thing continues to happen over and over again. Woo-hye continues to use different people to take advantage of the team which allows her to always be one step ahead.

I think I would be fine with this if there were better explanations for everything. Sure, she’s after Da-il and Yeo-wool because their respective loved ones tried to protect them which disrupted her original plans. She now wants to seek revenge on them since her plan didn’t go as well and smooth as she had thought or wanted. I still don’t understand her reasoning for killing all the other people though and even if I did, I still wouldn’t justify the murders. Woo-hye is just a cold-blooded murder who kills because she wants to. She has all this built-up anger inside of her so she kills people to relieve herself of that anger and to make herself feel better. Why is she taking all her anger out on other people? I don’t know. Is it okay? No. Does it make sense? No.


If the drama had decided to format Woo-hye as a killer, they should have had her kill everyone in the past who hurt or injured her some way or another. I could then at least understand or see why she wants to kill these people. However, Woo-hye’s killed many people so far who’s never hurt her or done anything to her. She simply killed them because they were suffering so she wanted to end their suffering for them. There’s other ways of ending their sufferings than killing them? I don’t know? That just seems like a foolish reason to kill someone, lol.

I would also be okay with Woo-hye winning our team every single time if there was a certain limit to her powers or abilities. However, she’s so powerful there’s literally nothing that can stop her or kill her off. It’s so frustrating to watch because this then allows Woo-hye to win every single time. Our team has caught her so many times, but have also lost her every single time because Woo-hye always managed to escape with her powers and abilities. Where’s the fun in that? It’s a repetitive chase and I appreciate that every encounter with Woo-hye makes things more and more dangerous and intense, but I’m a bit exhausted in seeing her win every time. Just like all the other times, Woo-hye escapes once again in this episode. There’s no fun in watching our team chase after Woo-hye anymore because more and more innocent people who just wanna kill her as well are the ones who die instead and she manages to escape once more.

Still, even with all the many issues and concerns I have with this drama, there are still some scenes that makes it well worth it to watch, such as the scene where Chae-won reassured a guilty Sang-seob. The other scene in this episode would definitely have to be the scene where Da-il finally discovered his body in the storage room and had a breakdown upon seeing his body. He waited for this moment for so long and worked endlessly to find his body. Da-il finally discovered his body, but found it in such a sick and hurtful state it was heart-breaking to see him process that. Da-il is making sacrifices as both a spirit which also produces side effects on his physical body and causes his body to suffer as well. Either way, Da-il isn’t feeling so well or is making the most difficult choices to catch Woo-hye and things aren’t boding so well with him.


I’m assuming the ultimate way to take Woo-hye down is for Yeo-wool to kill her with Yi-rang’s knife. We haven’t seen what will happen to Woo-hye using a weapon from one of her victims so I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens to her if Yeo-wool was to stab Woo-hye with Yi-rang’s knife. Yeo-wool hasn’t forgotten to take it with her so maybe Yeo-wool will be the one to end things once and for all. Da-il’s already stabbed Woo-hye with a knife two times before, but she didn’t die. Maybe it’s Yeo-wool who has the ultimate power and agency to kill Woo-hye with the help of her sister Yi-rang who unfortunately fell victim to Woo-hye’s evil control.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the episode!

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