100 Days My Prince: Episode 14 Recap


As the quest for the truth gets closer and closer to being solved, the risks only get higher and higher. Lee Yool and Je-yoon continue to collaborate to solve the meaning behind the riddle, with Je-yoon proving to be of bigger assistance than Lee Yool had expected. Meanwhile, Hong-shim, Moo-yeon, and Stepdad’s plans of escaping and living in hiding are placed at a halt for now. There are other things they need to take care of.

100 Days My Prince: Episode 14 Recap

Lee Yool sets out to find Hong-shim after regaining childhood memories of her. He’s able to locate Hong-shim thanks to Stepdad who Lee Yool encounters in the village. Lee Yool finds Hong-shim on the same bridge she would stay at in hopes of meeting Moo-yeon before they reunited. He calls Hong-shim out by her real name: Yoon Yi-seo. Hong-shim grows confused as to how Lee Yool knows her birth name to which Lee Yool claims that he now recalls who she is thanks to the embroidered hair tie she gave him when they were little kids.

Though only memories of her has triggered for him and nothing else, this won’t be the end of things. He’ll come back to find her again. The meeting with Hong-shim is short-lived; Lee Yool bids farewell with Hong-shim and is followed by a stranger. Hong-shim then returns home and finds both Stepdad and Je-yoon outside waiting for her. Stepdad drags her to the room to have a private talk.

He urges that they pack everything and find Moo-yeon while in hiding. Having the Crown Prince around can be dangerous. However, Hong-shim doesn’t want to go just yet. She wants to stay in Hanyang for a little longer, especially now that she knows Lee Yool is the same person that she liked when she was younger. Stepdad attempts to persuade Hong-shim’s mind by reminding her that Lee Yool’s dad killed her dad in order to become king; there’s nothing romantic about this. However, Hong-shim wants to stay. She’s worried about Lee Yool and his stay in the palace.


That night, Lee Yool returns to the palace and questions his eunuch’s intentionality. Why is it that the eunuch was burning Lee Yool’s old belongings? The eunuch finally reveals the real reasons as to why he was hired to work with Lee Yool: Lord Kim doesn’t want Lee Yool to regain his memory. All the people serving Lee Yool are actually Lord Kim’s team and they are to report everything about Lee Yool to him. The eunuch had no choice or else he and his family were going to die. Instead of punishing the eunuch, Lee Yool dismisses him.

Moo-yeon and the Crown Princess spend some time with each other at a grass field far from the palace. She recalls memories that the two had with each other before answering Moo-yeon’s question: the baby is not his. She walks past him and prepares to return to the palace. However, the Crown Princess is held back by Moo-yeon who grabs her by the wrist and stares intensely into her eyes.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Lee Yool’s eunuch drinks the medicine that is supposed to help Lee Yool regain his memory. What exactly is it that Lord Kim doesn’t want Lee Yool to remember? The Crown Princess returns to the palace. While in her palanquin, she recalls the conversation that she had with Moo-yeon. Moo-yeon is willing to escape and leave with the Crown Princess anytime. She just needs to tell him when she wants to leave.

Unfortunately, Moo-yeon is abducted by Lord Kim and given another special mission from him. Maybe Moo-yeon wasn’t able to kill Lee Yool like Lord Kim had told him to, but he’ll have to accomplish this next mission that Lord Kim has for him. Lord Kim orders Moo-yeon to find the father of the Crown Princess’s baby and kill whoever the father of the baby is.

Lee Yool suffers a nightmare and suddenly recalls memories of when he witnessed Lord Kim stabbing Hong-shim’s Dad with a sword when he was younger. He also recalls Lord Kim’s conversation with him on the day that his dad was announced King. The next morning, Je-yoon bids farewell with Hong-shim and Stepdad. He has to return to the village to continue his responsibilities as governor. After exchanging hearts with each other, Je-yoon instructs Hong-shim to send him a letter of her whereabouts and hide it under his bookcase when they leave. She agrees to the request and prepares to say bye to Je-yoon. However, Je-yoon has someone he needs to meet with first: the Crown Prince.

In the meeting with the Crown Prince, Je-yoon attempts to prove his loyalty to Lee Yool. He’ll do whatever it is that the Crown Prince wants him to do to prove that he is on Lee Yool’s side. With that, Je-yoon visits Lord Kim to report to him updates: Lee Yool wants Je-yoon to be his librarian. Though Lord Kim is skeptical and reluctant at first, he eventually gives in and permits Je-yoon to work closely with the Crown Prince. As usual, he is to also report everything back to Lord Kim accordingly.


Kkeut-nyeo, Goo-dol, and their friend all prepare the 100 pieces of firewood like how Lord Park wanted. However, the work is too much for them and they complain. They even threaten to go to Hanyang themselves to complain to Lee Yool about all the labor. Lord Park grows angry when he doesn’t receive his 100 pieces of firewood. He gives Government Official Park three days to bring him the firewood or else he’ll get dismissed from his position.

Hong-shim prepares necessary efforts to find Moo-yeon. On pieces of paper, she writes a secret message that only Moo-yeon would understand. Though Hong-shim wants to meet with Moo-yeon at the bridge in the town, Moo-yeon has other plans. He wants to frame someone else as the father of the Crown Princess’s baby for now. He can’t leave just yet.

Je-yoon meets with Lee Yool to discuss about the riddle once more. Lee Yool still doesn’t recall why he gave Je-yoon the riddle prior to setting out for the rain ritual so Je-yoon begins to worry. Maybe it’s not a matter of Lee Yool forgetting his memory, maybe Lee Yool’s just not as smart as he used to be. So Je-yoon tests Lee Yool’s intelligence by giving him another riddle to solve. Thankfully, Lee Yool still has it in him and successfully solves the riddle. Je-yoon decides that maybe going outside for a quick trip would be better than bickering over this unsolved riddle.

So the two head out to a shed out in the woods where Lee Yool’s former eunuch – Eunuch Yang – rests. Upon reuniting with Lee Yool, Eunuch Yang panics and crawls up into a ball in the corner. However, Lee Yool gently approaches him and holds his hand. He blames himself for what happened to Eunuch Yang. The former eunuch bursts into tears upon seeing Lee Yool and has something he wants to tell the Crown Prince.

Eunuch Yang communicates with Lee Yool via a paper and brush. He writes that Lord Kim was the one who slit his throat and that Lee Yool must find his journal as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Hong-shim waits at the bridge that night for Moo-yeon. He does arrive at the bridge, but his meeting with Hong-shim doesn’t last for too long. Moo-yeon urges Hong-shim to leave for a house he’s found for them in the woods. Hong-shim is reluctant at first and has trouble trusting Moo-yeon, but she gives in. She’ll listen to her brother and leave.

Lee Yool is well aware that he has to find his journal in order to regain his memories. However, he’s afraid as to what he’s going to do once he does find his journal and reads all the details recorded inside of it. He recalls the shaman’s warnings who he and Hong-shim had encountered in the village a while back. He worries that he might do something dangerous.


Hong-shim secretly follows after her brother around the village. She’s suddenly stopped by an assassin and is nearly choked to death. However, Je-yoon and Lee Yool arrive just in time to rescue Hong-shim. Thankfully, the assassin is driven away and Lee Yool walks away with Hong-shim. Je-yoon watches as the Crown Prince walks away with the woman he loves.

Hand in hand, Hong-shim and Lee Yool have a conversation like the old times when they used to live in the village together. She worries that she’ll never get to see Lee Yool again and also worries over how pale and sick he looks. Lee Yool reasons that it’s because Hong-shim isn’t in the palace with him that he looks so sick (OMGGGG THAT WAS SO SMOOTH BUT IT ALSO MAKES ME WANNA CRY).

Je-yoon returns to his house to find Ae-wol there waiting for him. Lol. The two catch up in Je-yoon’s room over some food and drinks. Je-yoon can’t seem to let go of Hong-shim even though he knows she’s in love with Lee Yool. He’s not so sure what he’s going to choose: loyalty to Lee Yool or love for Hong-shim. Meanwhile, Lee Yool and Hong-shim continue to spend more time with each other. They walk under a doorway that supposedly keeps couples together forever.

Lee Yool and Hong-shim walk under the doorway in hopes that they’ll never have to part. Though Lee Yool wants to remain with Hong-shim, she suggests that he forget about her. He is the Crown Prince after all. However, in that moment, Lee Yool claims that he isn’t the Crown Prince. Before leaning in to give Hong-shim a sweet kiss, he declares that he is Won-deuk in this moment (look at Won-deuk make those moves!)

The next morning, Lee Yool announces his plans to the King to make Je-yoon his official librarian. He’ll find someone appropriate to replace Je-yoon as governor of the village. However, the King is wary of Je-yoon; he has ties to Lord Kim and is afraid he might be working for him. Lee Yool explains that he needs Je-yoon to help him discover the truth behind who exactly attacked him in the rain ritual trip. Even if it means the Queen and Prince Seo-won is involved somehow, the King must not and cannot protect them forever.

Je-yoon reports to Lord Kim so as to avoid his suspicions. He reports that Lee Yool is in search of his journal which holds secrets and details regarding past events. Je-yoon volunteers to find the journal if Lord Kim wishes, but Lord Kim is still hesitant in giving Je-yoon the important task.


In his next meeting with Lee Yool, Je-yoon and the Crown Prince attempt to brainstorm different locations where Lee Yool could have hid his journal. Using the character counts from the riddle, they conclude that the journal cannot be hidden in the Crown Princess’s chambers. Instead, it must be found in a building five doors away from where the Crown Princess lives. Je-yoon heads out to search in the different buildings near the Crown Princess’s residence.

Meanwhile, Lee Yool encounters Lord Kim while walking in the hallway. The two exchange some friendly greetings with each other, but it’s clear the two are wary and cautious of each other. In the mean time, Moo-yeon sends the Crown Princess a secret letter describing the location where they’ll meet to run away.

However, the Crown Princess receives a visit from her father and is warned to not even dare to leave anywhere. If the Crown Princess is going to leave, both Moo-yeon and the baby will die. Lord Kim has planned everything for ten years. They cannot be ruined whatsoever. Frustrated and angry, the Crown Princess expresses resentment towards her father. Isn’t his current position enough for him? However, Lord Kim isn’t satisfied enough. He’s doing all of this for their wellbeing.

Kkeut-nyeo and Goo-dol make their way to Hanyang to search for Je-yoon and to hopefully meet with Lee Yool. While walking around, they come across Government Official Park who’s also in Hanyang. LOL. The two accuse the official of abandoning them at the village, but the official makes excuses. He’s in Hanyang to search for Je-yoon to bring him back to the village. Goo-dol and Kkeut-nyeo reason that they can probably sleep at Je-yoon’s big house if he permits. Lol.

Inside their room, Hong-shim and Stepdad discuss about their living situation. Stepdad suggests that maybe they can live in Hanyang after all. He just feels so sad over Hong-shim and Lee Yool’s separation, lol. However, Hong-shim claims that she and Lee Yool never broke up; they’re in each other’s hearts. LOL. The two then hear noises outside so they check up to see what all the fuss is about. When they exit their rooms, they find Goo-dol, Kkeut-nyeo, and Official Park standing outside. Our neighbors are reunited! YAAAAAAY!

Je-yoon meets with Eunuch Yang again after failing to find Lee Yool’s journal. Eunuch Yang recalls the title of Lee Yool’s journal and claims Lee Yool named it “Silence.” With the crucial hint, Je-yoon heads back inside the Crown Prince’s library to find the journal. After immense searching, Je-yoon eventually finds the journal. OMGGGG.


Lord Kim is informed about a fire at the Crown Prince’s library. When he arrives, Je-yoon updates him that he has found the journal but burned the library so that the journal will also disappear. He gives away the title of the journal to Lord Kim and adds that he didn’t read it in fear that he would be persecuted for doing so. Not far from the fire is a cautious and serious Lee Yool observing the scene.

Our villagers all celebrate their reunion with some food and drinks. They discuss about their reasons for being in Hanyang, but Stepdad breaks it to them that Je-yoon is no longer the governor of the village. He’s been promoted to some position in the royal palace and now works closely with Lee Yool. While they’re all busy talking, Hong-shim sneaks out. Meanwhile, the Crown Princess is informed about the fire and is also instructed by Lord Kim to sleep with Lee Yool that night. Lord Kim agrees to keep the promise he made with her if she listens to him.

Hong-shim follows an assassin into the royal palace. She manages to sneak inside safely and soundly without anyone noticing. When she enters, she encounters Soo-ji who introduces himself as Lord Kim’s son. As if that wasn’t enough, she soon meets the man himself who killed her father. Lord Kim and Hong-shim stare at each other without exchanging any words.

Je-yoon and Lee Yool meet up in secret to discuss their updates. Thankfully, Lord Kim didn’t suspect anything with the fire, but Je-yoon failed to find one of the journals detailing the incident of the rain ritual attack in the library. That’s when Lee Yool leads Je-yoon to where he believes the journal is hidden. He walks towards a chest in the room and opens it. As expected, his journal was hidden in there the entire time. Lee Yool reads the entire journal and discovers the truth: Lord Kim was the one who attempted to kill him because Lee Yool had discovered Lord Kim’s secret that he shouldn’t have found out about.

Upon the discovery, Lee Yool makes his way to the Crown Princess’s chambers and encounters the Crown Princess on the way there. Though things are friendly and kind at first, Lee Yool is reminded again that the baby isn’t his. He then approaches the Crown Princess and whispers into her ears. They’ll be spending a very long night together.

My Thoughts:

Okay, first and foremost, I’d just like to apologize ahead of time if I made any mistakes in how Je-yoon and Lee Yool were able to find the journal (in which I probably did). It was actually quite confusing because there were mentions of doors and characters and riddles and whatnot so I wasn’t exactly sure what method they were using to reach their conclusions so I was processing the information at face value. That might be why the details for these specific scenes might not make as much sense or why I myself was confused. Regardless, if we should take away anything from all of this, it’s that Lee Yool has finally found his journal and now understands why Lord Kim is after him.

This episode wasn’t any different from the other episodes. Lee Yool and Je-yoon continued to work with each other to solve the message of the riddle while Hong-shim had her own agenda in finding her brother. There were some loops and plot holes in this episode that was a little bit more obvious and apparent than past episodes so it was a little challenging watching this episode. Regardless, the episode was another intense and great watch, but also a bit frustrating.


I’m just curious as to why Hong-shim entered the palace (I mean, how did she manage to get inside in the first place without any security around? That was just ridiculous to me lol) and what she was doing inside of there. Did she mistaken the assassin as her brother? Is there something else she wants to know about and figure out? Did she want to somehow meet up with Lee Yool? She risked her life and put herself in danger by entering Lord Kim’s residence. We don’t know what happened to her after she encountered Lord Kim so it’ll be interesting to see what happened after their intense meeting. I just hope he’s not holding her hostage or has her trapped somewhere inside of a shed.

However, I DID like how Lord Kim and Hong-shim finally met again after an entire decade. I didn’t know this intense showdown between the two was what I needed and wanted all along, but I’m glad that the drama gave it to us this episode. This entire time I had been so consumed and occupied with Lord Kim and Lee Yool that I totally forgot about Hong-shim meeting Lord Kim. It was so cool but a bit fearful watching the two stare down the other in this episode. Hong-shim’s a bit more older now and a lot braver so she’s not as scared of him as before. She has revenge she wants to seek and hate for him that has built up over the years so Hong-shim won’t let Lord Kim go so easily. Maybe she can work with Lee Yool and Je-yoon in taking him down too!

The other scene in this episode that I didn’t know I needed until it happened was the reunion between our villagers T____T It was so nice to see Hong-shim and Kkeut-nyeo hug and to see all our villagers together again. They had been separated for so long who would have knew that a simple decision to be in Hanyang would lead them to one another?


I know I shouldn’t complain about the amount of scenes that we get of Lee Yool and Hong-shim now that he’s the Crown Prince, but I just wished their interactions were a bit more intentional and not so random or spontaneous. How is it that Lee Yool can just walk around in the village at night when he was warned by the King to never do something like that again? How is it that they suddenly come across Hong-shim getting attacked by an assassin late at night in the village?

I love seeing Lee Yool and Hong-shim together again, but I want their moments together to have some reasoning behind it so that it feels even more meaningful and worthy. Watching the two encounter each other again so spontaneously just kind of defeats the purpose of all the angst the drama threw at us episodes prior. You separate our love birds for two episodes and have them yearn for each other only to have them just randomly meet at spots throughout the village? Gaaah, I’m happy they’ve met, but give their interactions a purpose! I guess you can argue that not every interaction between the two needs to be deep and have some kind of meaning behind it, but I would like that. How many more times are we going to see Lee Yool be able to escape out of the palace and just randomly across Hong-shim? Lol.

I also have to add that it was a little odd to watch the scene where Lee Yool and Je-yoon bickered a bit in front of Hong-shim after rescuing her from the assassin. When not discussing about Hong-shim, the two work so well with each other and utilize their respective strengths to get things done. However, this friendliness and professionalism immediately disappears when the two are swept up in issues concerning Hong-shim which feels a bit awkward. It’s like I understand y’all have important business to take care of, but I think you two should also clear things up regarding your stances on Hong-shim. Lol.


The mystery as to who the father of the Crown Princess’s baby is still resumes, but I think there was a really big hint in this episode that might have given it away. When Moo-yeon was warned by Hyuk to leave as soon as possible with Hong-shim and Stepdad or else he was going to die, Moo-yeon chose to stay behind. Doesn’t that mean that he’s the father of the baby then if Lord Kim wants Moo-yeon to find and kill the father of the baby? Maybe Moo-yeon is the father and will therefore have to kill himself so he felt the need to frame someone else as the father so that his life would be spared? OR maybe Moo-yeon isn’t the father of the baby but loves the Crown Princess so desperately he’s willing to run away with her and take care of the baby with her? Regardless, I’m just genuinely curious who the baby belongs to. It’s a sub-plot that’s been dragged out this entire series I’m sort of hoping it’s not Moo-yeon so that we won’t be so disappointed when we find out who the father is. I think most people are leaning towards him right now so if he was revealed to be the father, it would make some sense, but it would also be disappointing because the drama dragged it out for so long and so unnecessarily.

It’s not that I love the drama any less now than I did before, but I do have to admit that the drama’s gotten a little less interesting than before. This might be because of all the politically heavy scenes (which is expected now that risks are higher) or because Hong-shim and Won-deuk/Lee Yool have been “separated” for a few episodes. Regardless, Lee Yool has now regained other memories other than about Hong-shim that will aid him with his plans to take down Lord Kim. There’s no saying who will come out on top and who will be defeated. Up against an intelligent, quick-witted, and clever Lee Yool is a powerful, manipulative, and calculative Lord Kim. May the odds be ever in their favor just kidding Lee Yool definitely has to win.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from this episode :). Also, if anyone is interested, I make GIFs of Hong-shim and Lee Yool’s interactions on my Tumblr account which you can find here and look at. Just an extra hobby that I like to do for fun 🙂

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