Movie Recap: On Your Wedding Day (2018)


This movie was one of my most anticipated movies of this past summer. It doesn’t help that my most favorite Korean actress Park Bo-young was starring in it as the female lead. Titled ‘On Your Wedding Day’, the movie follows high school sweethearts Hwan Seung-hee (Park Bo-young) and Hwang Woo-yeon (Kim Young-kwang) explore and navigate their complicated relationship that started from high school and continued onto adult life.

Note: The movie contains some sexual references throughout the movie (just as a small warning especially if you’re not a fan of those type of things).

K-Movie Recap: On Your Wedding Day

The movie starts with Woo-yeon (Kim Young-kwang) playing a school game of football. As he runs with the ball in his arms while passing by opponents from the other team, he also speaks about the concept of impossibility: turning impossible into possible is difficult and can cause you to gain scars. However, scars aren’t always a bad thing and they can also be a sign of strength. There’s only one thing for Woo-yeon that is powerful enough to help him overcome his challenges: love. After scoring a touchdown, he reunites with his girlfriend – one of the cheerleaders for the football team – and leans in to give her a kiss.

Of course, this is all just Woo-yeon’s wishful thinking and he wakes back up to reality. Now as a physical education teacher at a high school, he urges his students to hurry back and start another game of badminton again. Afterwards, Woo-yeon returns to his desk in the teacher’s office room only to find a card sent to him by a woman named Hwan Seung-hee. He recalls how he never knew of the surname Hwan until he met Seung-hee.

And so the movie takes us back to when Woo-yeon met this so-called Hwan Seung-hee. It’s June of 2005. Woo-yeon gets reprimanded by his teacher for getting into a fight earlier that day. As Woo-yeon is penalized in the teacher’s office room, a new student enters alongside a teacher. Her name is Hwan Seung-hee (Park Bo-young) and she’s a senior transferring from Jeonju.


Of course, Seung-hee immediately captures Woo-yeon’s attention and he suddenly forgets about his punishment. After Seung-hee finishes her discussion with her teacher, Woo-yeon creeps up to Seung-hee and introduces himself to her. However, all Seung-hee can notice is the crack in Woo-yeon’s pants from all the beating he received from his teacher earlier. Woo-yeon grows embarrassed and crawls away. Lol.

News about Seung-hee quickly spreads throughout the school and she becomes the new ‘it’ girl. All the guys, including the school’s bully Taek-ki, shows interest in her. However, Seung-hee dislikes all the attention and wants to escape from all the mess for once. One day after school, Seung-hee invites Woo-yeon to go with her on a quickie. Woo-yeon assumes she’s referring to some sexual activity as that’s how he’s always interpreted the word, but Seung-hee is referring to something totally different. She was talking about a quick trip to get some tteokbokki (rice cakes). LOL.

The two make their grand escape and head to a small street food vendor to grab some rice cakes. Later on that night, Woo-yeon stops by a convenience store to buy something before heading home with Seung-hee. He then brings up the topic of the term “quickie” and is surprised when he learns that Seung-hee had her first “quickie” in the 8th grade. She must be so dirty then! Of course, Seung-hee wasn’t referring to anything dirty and grows suspicious of the item that Woo-yeon bought at the store. Unlike what she had assumed, it wasn’t cigarettes he bought.. it was.. condoms. LOL. She gives him a good slap in the face and pokes fun at him afterwards for his misinterpretation of the slang word.

The next day at school, Seung-hee teases Woo-yeon about the slang term while walking back to her classroom. When she does arrive at her classroom, she finds school bully Taek-ki sitting at her desk and preparing her a surprise. Not wanting to interact with Taek-ki, Seung-hee prepares to skip class once again so she exits the school building.

On the way to the school wall where she last escaped with Woo-yeon, Seung-hee encounters Woo-yeon fighting once again with another student. However, she has other things to worry about so she ignores him and attempts to climb over the wall. Unfortunately, Seung-hee’s a little too short and can’t reach the top of the wall. Thankfully, Woo-yeon rescues her just in time as Seung-hee is about to fall and together the two make their escape.

The two head out for another outing of rice cakes, but this time they’re accompanied by school bully Taek-ki and his team. Woo-yeon makes a deal with Seung-hee: he’ll stop fighting if he becomes Seung-hee’s boyfriend. He’s been fighting as a way to get revenge for all the bullying he’s suffered the past few years. If Seung-hee tells everyone he’s her boyfriend, he’ll stop the fighting. Seung-hee quickly agrees once Taek-ki approaches her. She uses her relationship with Woo-yeon as an excuse to drive Taek-ki away. Lol.


Later on that night, Woo-yeon updates his best friend Ok Geun-nam (Kang Ki-young) on the news. He’s given up his revenge scheme for love instead. Woo-yeon then notices an injury on Geun-nam’s face. Geun-nam explains that his dad beat him up while they were all watching a drama together. He misheard one of the characters and thought the character made a sexual reference when really he didn’t. That didn’t fly by Dad of course and Dad beat Geun-nam up.

The next day at school, Woo-yeon sits with Seung-hee during lunch. This doesn’t sit well with Taek-ki and he throws a milk carton all the way across the room at Woo-yeon. Woo-yeon doesn’t mind the attack and even drinks out of the milk carton that was thrown, lol. Later on that day, Seung-hee and Woo-yeon go out on another escape again. However, the Tteokbokki shop that they frequent isn’t opened that day so they wait outside while waiting for the rain to pass.

There, Seung-hee opens up that she wants to become an artist/painter, but probably wouldn’t be able to make a lot of money off of it. She also encourages Woo-yeon to study or else he’s going to waste his life away. Just then, their teacher discovers them and chases after the couple. Woo-yeon and Seung-hee make a run for it and manage to successfully hide from their teacher.

That night, Seung-hee and Woo-yeon wash their clothes at Woo-yeon’s place. While Woo-yeon suggests they watch a movie, Seung-hee takes the time to look around his bedroom. She finds some playboy magazines lying around and suggests that they can watch something erotic instead. This throws Woo-yeon off and he finally notices the pile of magazines in Seung-hee’s hands. He quickly retrieves them, but that’s not the end. Seung-hee’s curiosity gets the best of her and she asks Woo-yeon about… masturbation. LOL. When asked when exactly he started masturbating, Woo-yeon throws out a time, but Seung-hee was asking for an age. Lol.

Woo-yeon drops Seung-hee near her house after they finish washing their clothes. When he returns home, he finds Geun-nam hidden under the blankets on his bed. Another incident occurred and this time Geun-nam is too embarrassed to be at home. He was caught masturbating by his father and is afraid his father will kill him. Lol, oh Geun-nam.

The next day at school, Taek-ki confronts Woo-yeon and wants to fight him. He wants to maintain his position as the strongest one around the school. To keep his promise with Seung-hee, Woo-yeon doesn’t fight Taek-ki back nor throw a punch at him. He instead just receives the punches by Taek-ki even if it hurts badly. Seung-hee herself witnesses the fight, but doesn’t do anything about it. However, she does worry about him later on that night when the two go out for some late night snacks and seems proud of Woo-yeon for being able to keep his promise with her. Woo-yeon assumes he’ll receive a kiss from Seung-hee as a reward, but all he receives is a weird stare from Seung-hee instead.


When they finish their snacks, the couple walks back to their homes. However, Seung-hee freaks out when she sees a mini-truck driving around in the neighborhood. She quickly panics and turns around to avoid being seen by the truck. This heavily impacts Seung-hee’s mood and she begins to act oddly the next day at school.

To cheer her up, Woo-yeon sneaks into the school’s media room and performs to Seung-hee’s favorite song. All the teachers panic at the music and rush their way to the room, but the students are well prepared. They lock the doors carefully so that Woo-yeon can continue his performance for Seung-hee. And it works as Seung-hee does begin to feel better upon hearing the song. Lol.

Woo-yeon and Seung-hee spend some time at the beach. He gifts her with a new MP3 player and even adds that it can hold up to 60 songs! Lol, the good old times. Seung-hee also has a gift for Woo-yeon. She draws a picture of a couple kissing each other on the palm of his hands and kisses Woo-yeon afterwards. The two have their first official kiss. EEEEEK.

Woo-yeon is excited more than ever. However, he grows worried when Seung-hee doesn’t appear at school the next day.. or ever again. One night, while walking around in the neighborhood, he finds a group of people crowding in front of a salon store. When he approaches the shop, Woo-yeon finally understands why Seung-hee hasn’t been at school. He finds her cleaning the shattered pieces of glass from the shop while her father lays drunkenly not too far away. Seung-hee screams at Woo-yeon to leave upon making eye contact with him in which he does.

Seung-hee then contacts Woo-yeon a few days later and bids farewell with him via phone call. She and her mother had been running away from her dangerous father, but he quickly found them again in the neighborhood. They’ll be running away again in hopes that Dad won’t be able to find them. With that, Seung-hee wishes for Woo-yeon to take care of himself and gets onto the travel bus with her mother. They leave the town.

In the present, Woo-yeon cheers up a crying student in the bathroom who’s upset over a rejection by a girl. Woo-yeon shares with the student a story of when he used to fry chicken to make a living since he assumed he wouldn’t make it into college. It was there at the fried chicken restaurant where he met a customer who he deeply fell in love with, but ultimately rejected him because he was a college reject. The student wouldn’t want to go through the same thing, right?


Upon graduating from high school, Geun-nam gets accepted into a college in Seoul. Woo-yeon has no plans of attending college until he discovers a picture of Seung-hee hidden inside of a university ad. Woo-yeon immediately changes his mind and studies another year in high school in hopes that he’ll be accepted into the same university as Seung-hee. His parents are in disbelief at the fact that their son wants to go to college, but they don’t stop him.  They as well as Geun-nam help Woo-yeon and give him all their support. All the hard work and studying eventually pays off as Woo-yeon gets accepted into Hankook University.

Woo-yeon has no other plans than to find Seung-hee when he arrives at the school. He looks around rice cake shops hoping that Seung-hee will be at one of them. Though Woo-yeon has no luck in finding Seung-hee at a rice cake booth, he does eventually find her nearby one. The two catch up with each other as Seung-hee tapes promotional flyers of her tutoring services around the neighborhood. She’s majoring in fashion design and eventually wants to start her own brand.

Woo-yeon moves in at the same boarding house where Seung-hee also lives. He and Geun-nam join a gathering with the other housemates and invite Seung-hee to join them. However, she has other plans and confesses to Woo-yeon that she has a boyfriend. She wanted to make things clear with him so that things wouldn’t get awkward.

Woo-yeon pretends to be fine with the news, but he’s bummed out on the inside. Geun-nam helps enlighten Woo-yeon: Woo-yeon only has to worry about competing against Seung-hee’s boyfriend. Not all hope is lost for Woo-yeon and he attempts to regain the love of his high school sweetheart. He first decides to get to know Seung-hee’s boyfriend who also happens to be the captain of the school football team.

Woo-yeon and Geun-nam both try out for the football team and receive lessons from Seung-hee’s boyfriend Yoon-geun (Song Jae-rim) himself. During break time, Seung-hee approaches Yoon-geun and hands him a drink. Watching the couple interact angers Woo-yeon and he walks away with Geun-nam.

Since Seung-hee is taken, Seung-hee’s friend So-jung (Shin So-yul) expresses interest in Woo-yeon. However, Woo-yeon isn’t interested in anyone else but Seung-hee. As the two walk around in the neighborhood, they come across an elderly couple loading boxes into their car. Seung-hee and Woo-yeon volunteer to help load the heavy boxes into the car for them.


That night, Woo-yeon and his friends download some porn to watch on Woo-yeon’s computer. They’re interrupted by a sudden and alarming visit by the police who they assume tracked their IP address for illegal downloading. The police take Woo-yeon as well as Seung-hee with them to the station for questioning. While Seung-hee and Woo-yeon debate on whether to be honest with the police or not, the police are studying an entirely different case involving the elderly couple they were helping earlier. LOL.

The police and students continue to misunderstand each other. Woo-yeon assumes they’re still talking about porn while the police wants the grandpa’s contact information. Seung-hee is clueless as to what grandpa the police are referring to since her’s passed away when she was a little kid. Eventually, the two are put into separate jail cells for the time being until the case is cleared. They start laughing once they realize the ridiculous situation that they’re in and take some time to catch up with each other.

More than anything, Woo-yeon wants to know why Seung-hee fell in love with Yoon-geun. She explains that it took her only 3 seconds to fall in love with him during their first interaction. Woo-yeon’s jealousy intensifies when he overhears Seung-hee and Yoon-geun talking in her room upstairs that night. He complains to the owner of the boarding house about a couple in the room upstairs and how he can’t study because of them.

The owner assumes Woo-yeon is referring to her and grows angry. The man she’s having a relationship with jumps out from the room and apologizes to Woo-yeon for bothering his studies. LOL. The owner lashes out at Woo-yeon for suddenly being a burden and inconvenience, but Woo-yeon wasn’t referring to her. He was complaining about Seung-hee and Yoon-geun, lol. All the noise and chaos triggers everyone else to check out what’s going on. While Woo-yeon is endlessly yelled at by the owner, Seung-hee and Yoon-geun watch from their entrance door. Lol.

While Geun-nam and neighbor Soo-pyo are occupied with talking to girls, Woo-yeon has plans of celebrating Seung-hee’s birthday. He buys a bouquet of flowers and intends on giving them to Seung-hee. However, Seung-hee is spending her special day with her boyfriend. At the boarding house, Woo-yeon witnesses Seung-hee receiving a necklace from Yoon-geun as a gift and grows angry. Seung-hee too notices Woo-yeon watching from not too far away, but doesn’t say anything. In an act of rage, Woo-yeon throws the gift he got for Seung-hee into Yoon-geun’s car and runs away.

Fast forward a few months later and it’s September of 2007. Woo-yeon hasn’t been the same since Seung-hee’s birthday. While laying around on a bench at school, Seung-hee approaches Woo-yeon. She fixes his worn-out shirt for him and asks that he stop ignoring her. Later on at school, Woo-yeon is wandering around in the library when he overhears Yoon-geun talking with another girl nearby. Yoon-geun has plans to travel to Europe and invites the girl to go with him.

At the football championship game, Woo-yeon reveals the news to Seung-hee. Yoon-geun has made a bet with Seung-hee that he’ll take her to Europe if they win the game, but Woo-yeon informs Seung-hee that the Europe trip is just an excuse for Yoon-geun to go on the trip with the other girl. Seung-hee doesn’t listen to Woo-yeon nor believe in his statements. Their school eventually wins the football game thanks to Woo-yeon’s brilliant 3-second play that landed him a touchdown. Although the rest of the team rejoices at the win, Woo-yeon immediately punches Yoon-geun in the face after scoring.

Woo-yeon is eventually dismissed from the university. While walking out of the school, he comes across Seung-hee. The two walk past each other without exchanging a word.

Fast forward five years later and it’s now 2012. Woo-yeon and Geun-nam still keep in contact with the same two neighbors at the boarding house from back in college. Unlike before, Woo-yeon is now in a relationship with a woman named Min-kyung. He also works as a personal trainer at the gym. While passing out flyers on the streets, he once again comes across Seung-hee. He follows her into a studio and watches as she poses for the camera.


The two catch up once again and update each other on what they’ve been up to. Seung-hee’s been doing some part-time modeling gigs to earn some extra cash while Woo-yeon is now in a relationship. Seung-hee herself isn’t in one, but she doesn’t mind that she’s single. She rather be occupied with work instead. Speaking of work, Seung-hee has CF shoots to go too but needs someone to take her. Woo-yeon then volunteers to drive her to the locations so that she can attend her CF shootings.

After a long and tiring day of shoots, Woo-yeon finally drops Seung-hee off back home. After paying Woo-yeon, Seung-hee prepares to head inside her house. However, Woo-yeon hands her a flyer of a designer contest and encourages her to sign up for it. All her modeling and commercial gigs are cool, but her original dream was to be an artist. Seeing the flyer reminds Seung-hee of her dreams and she looks through all her old drawings that night.

Two days later, Woo-yeon drives Seung-hee out for another CF shooting. On the way there, he receives a text message from Min-kyung, but he ignores it since he’s driving. Seung-hee then questions why Woo-yeon didn’t contact her during his military service. He stutters and makes up a number of excuses for the lack of contact.

The movie rewinds five years back to 2007. Woo-yeon only has one more day until his military leave. He spends his last night with Seung-hee. Together, the two go out for some food and drinks and have some fun. When Woo-yeon wakes up the next morning, he finds himself on the floor naked. He asks the owner of the place about Seung-hee to which the owner explains that she’s already left. Seung-hee took care of Woo-yeon while he was drunk and merely managed to catch the first bus that morning. So that was why Woo-yeon didn’t contact Seung-hee during his military service. LOL. Poor guy was embarrassed.

In the present, Seung-hee receives a phone call from the director of the CF shooting. Seung-hee’s role has been cut from the shoot so she will no longer be needed. Woo-yeon stops the car so that Seung-hee can have some time to process the unfortunate announcement. He takes her to a luxurious location to cheer her up, but the place is locked. Just like the old times, she climbs up on him to climb over the gate. I’m not crying I swear.

Seung-hee admits that she thought about Woo-yeon frequently back then. After teasing him and recalling their memories, Woo-yeon chases after Seung-hee and grabs a hold of her. The two freeze and stare into each other’s eyes. Woo-yeon leans in for a kiss, but Seung-hee avoids it. It was Yoon-geun back in college and now it’s Min-kyung in the present. Timing is everything when it comes to love and relationships. Unfortunately, the timing isn’t right for Woo-yeon and Seung-hee.

Woo-yeon wants to start over with Seung-hee, but she refuses. She doesn’t want to rekindle the same love she and Woo-yeon had back in high school. She’s moved on and she’s now a different person. Woo-yeon hangs on until the very end though and ends his relationship with Min-kyung, but Seung-hee isn’t interested. At a CF shooting, Seung-hee and Woo-yeon confront each other about the issue until a dangerous situation ensues. Woo-yeon faints upon protecting Seung-hee from a falling door that construction workers on the rooftop of the building accidentally dropped.

Woo-yeon is admitted to the hospital and Seung-hee is right there next to his side. Woo-yeon’s just glad Seung-hee isn’t hurt even if it meant that he is. Seung-hee then gives Woo-yeon a surprise kiss. Woo-yeon enjoys the kiss though and the two go back to rekindling the relationship right from where they left off in high school.

Of course, the two are much older and now have different responsibilities and commitments. However, they are very much still the same and remain together through the different seasons. Unfortunately, because of his injuries, Woo-yeon fails to land a job as a physical education teacher. Seung-hee blames herself for Woo-yeon’s situation, but he doesn’t blame her. He hugs her tightly and holds Seung-hee in her arms while she tears up.


Seung-hee and Woo-yeon go on another trip. Seung-hee informs Woo-yeon about her trip to Belgium that her work company is sending her off to. She’ll most likely be there for 2-3 years. Unlike what she expected, Woo-yeon doesn’t react when she spills the news. He permits her to go instead of holding her back.

Seung-hee’s father passes away so she holds a funeral for him. After paying him his respects, Woo-yeon stays by Seung-hee’s side to comfort her. But things aren’t so bright for Woo-yeon and he begins to feel doubtful. Maybe he shouldn’t have met Seung-hee. It’s because of her that he failed to become a teacher and is in the unfortunate situation he is in right now.

Seung-hee overhears Woo-yeon’s harsh words outside of the funeral house and breaks up with Woo-yeon. Just like her dad did with her mom, Woo-yeon too blames Seung-hee for ruining his life. She enters the funeral house and wails uncontrollably.

Woo-yeon apologizes to Seung-hee and attempts to make things up with her. However, Seung-hee has no plans in forgiving Woo-yeon. She confirms her trip to Belgium and will move away to start anew. The absence of their couple ring on her finger indicates that she wants to end things with Woo-yeon.

A few years later, Woo-yeon lands the physical education teacher position like how he had wanted. Instead of lecturing about physical education, Woo-yeon entertains his class by telling his students about his first love story with Seung-hee. Speaking of Seung-hee, Woo-yeon eventually reunites with her in the present. She stops by his school to inform him that she’s getting married, hence, the wedding invitation that Woo-yeon received at the beginning of the movie.

Just like all the other times, Woo-yeon throws a fit and gets drunk after hearing the news. To get things off of his mind, he suggests he and his friends can go somewhere isolated for a while. They ride a boat and decide to fish out in the middle of a lake. While rumbling around, Woo-yeon finds a drawing that Seung-hee had drawn for him a while back. He tears up upon staring at the drawing and changes his mind: he’s going to attend Seung-hee’s wedding.


So Woo-yeon and his friends devise a plan on the day of Seung-hee’s wedding. While Woo-yeon’s friends prevent people from entering Seung-hee’s room, Woo-yeon takes the chance to visit the bride himself. He finally expresses his honest thoughts to her and realizes that he was wrong the entire time.

Woo-yeon now understands that meeting Seung-hee was a blessing. He now has a good and stable job and has three reliable friends he met in college thanks to her. His life’s only gotten better ever since they’ve met. Seung-hee too feels the same way towards Woo-yeon. He was always by her side when she was going through hardships or rough times. They shake hands with each other as a way to settle their relationship once and for all. After this day, they’ll remain as good friends and nothing more.

The wedding begins and Seung-hee walks down the aisle all by herself. Woo-yeon watches her in awe and even makes eye contact with Seung-hee as she makes her way to the groom. After a few seconds, Woo-yeon leaves the wedding reception and exits the room. On the wedding day of his first love, he was able to come to terms with the fact that he will never end up with her. However, it was thanks to her that he has found meaning in his life. And for that, Woo-yeon is grateful.

My Thoughts:

GAAAAAAAAAH, OKAY OKAY. OKAY. I have a lot of thoughts about the entire movie itself and the ending to the movie was somewhat expected, but still.. I’m a little sad that our high school sweethearts didn’t work out. I know it was never going to work out, but I wanted to be hopeful okay?!

This movie has been seen before in K-Movieland so it’s not like we haven’t seen anything of this sort before. High school sweethearts separate only to reunite later on with one in a relationship or getting married. It’s an all too familiar premise with plenty of minor differences and variations in between each movie. I think what made ‘On Your Wedding Day’ work was the chemistry between our leads Kim Young-kwang and Park Bo-young. It might be because they’ve worked together back in ‘Hot Young Bloods’, but this movie was enjoyable thanks to them. I actually didn’t really care for the plot itself which is weird because that’s what our entire movie was about, but the plot was predictable so I was watching more for our leads and less for the movie.


One thing that irked me about the movie was all the time jumps and the random times Woo-yeon and Seung-hee reunited. They met so many different times throughout the years that when they finally met again in the present, it didn’t have as much of an impact on me because they had already met quite a few times in the years prior. I wasn’t as excited for their reunion especially knowing that they weren’t going to end up as a couple anyways. Every time they reunited in each phase, I was just thinking to myself like, “Oh they met again? What could it be for this time?” LOL. If the movie had kept Seung-hee and Woo-yeon apart for the duration of the movie and focused on the two doing their own things, the last reunion at the high school would have been a lot more heart-felt. However, it didn’t have that effect on me which was a little regretful.

The time jumps weren’t too off-putting, but it also did make things a little difficult to understand. I was able to catch up with things for the most part until the movie threw us back to when Woo-yeon was about to leave for his military service and things got a little confusing there. However, I liked that the movie basically followed Woo-yeon and Seung-hee their entire lives and showed us the different phases in their relationships through the years. From high school to college to adults, we saw how the two evolved over the years and how each felt about their relationship. While Woo-yeon always felt the same way about Seung-hee and was so passionately head-over-heels for her all the time, Seung-hee felt differently about Woo-yeon. She finally managed to give things a second chance later on when they met again, but it was just bad timing.

Seung-hee and Woo-yeon were always at two different paces and phases in their lives which is why they could never find the right timing to align with each other. In college, she has a boyfriend. As an adult, Woo-yeon is in a relationship. As an adult, Seung-hee has a stable job and prepares to travel while Woo-yeon was unemployed and applying to different jobs. Though their love for each other might have been strong, everything else in their lives were falling apart and that’s why it was so challenging for the couple to stay together. They just can’t ignore everything else in their lives that is also affecting their relationship.

The movie emphasized on the theme of timing and how love is dependent on timing. You need the right timing to be able to love someone and Woo-yeon learned this firsthand. Whether in high school, college, or adult life, Woo-yeon continually attempted to make amends with Seung-hee and start over with her again and again. As if all the failures the other times wasn’t enough of a learning lesson for him, he never gave up and continued to chase after Seung-hee. It’s not until Seung-hee gets married that he realizes that he needs to give up. The timing just isn’t right for the both of them. He can try however many times he wants, but he will never be fated to be with Seung-hee. They were meant to just merely walk into each other’s lives, but never to actually stay.


I felt like the movie was trying to make us pity Woo-yeon for not ending up with the girl who he’s always loved and will always love, but a part of me also questions his persistence and determination. He just couldn’t give up the hope of being with Seung-hee which was puzzling because there were many signs that indicated that they weren’t meant to be. His actions in college were especially alarming. He only went to university to be with Seung-hee. He wanted Seung-hee all to himself and felt entitled to her time and love because of their high school relationship. It’s not like Seung-hee was lying to Woo-yeon or purposely leading him on either. She was honest with him from the very beginning about her relationship with Yoon-geun and clearly expressed how she felt about Woo-yeon. That to me signified that Woo-yeon should have quit there and then. He shouldn’t have continued to chase after an uncomfortable and uninterested Seung-hee who had no plans in working things out with Woo-yeon again.

I’m sorry that he didn’t end up with Seung-hee, but she did warn him so many times that she never felt the same way about him. Plus, when Seung-hee finally gave Woo-yeon a chance, he messed it all up by blaming her for his mistakes and failures. Woo-yeon tried so hard to win her over and to rekindle his love with Seung-hee only to mess it all up when things weren’t working out for him. Sorry to say, but there’s really no one to blame but yourself. You did this to yourself buddy.

Despite the minor hiccups here and there, the movie was overall an enjoyable movie. I’d like to think that this movie was a follow-up on Park Bo-young and Kim Young-kwang’s relationship back in ‘Hot Young Bloods.’ LOL. I feel a little conflicted about all the sexual references and remarks made in this movie. It’s not like the movie absolutely needed to include them in this movie and I myself was actually very surprised at all the explicit content. However, I can understand that the writer wanted to include some jokes in here to make the movie a little funnier and whatnot. I guess it just depends on your personal preferences and whether you’re the type of audience who minds or doesn’t mind sexual references. I myself didn’t find them as comedic so they didn’t really do anything for me in this movie. I do feel like those who watched the teaser for the movie were a little mislead with how the actual movie was though. I thought this movie was going to be an innocent movie about first loves and high school sweethearts (in which it was to an extent), but the sexual remarks was a total shock to me. A more accurately represented teaser would have been nice! Lol.


Execution was the biggest thing in this movie and I thought the movie did a decent job for the most part. It was a smooth and predictable ride so nothing too spontaneous happened. I think the movie did a good job in reiterating its theme of timing and how important timing is to love. Though the ending wasn’t ideal, it was realistic and that was a good enough of an ending for me. Not everything works out in life and sometimes you have to learn that the hard way.

I liked that there were some sub-plots that were a little darker as it provided an interesting contrast to the humorous and comedic tone from the other sub-plots. I actually thought Seung-hee’s story of her alcoholic dad made for an interesting background story and watch so that was nice. Who would have thought that the pretty and perfect little Seung-hee actually wasn’t all that happy and had problems of her own that she was facing?

Similarly, the scene towards the end when Woo-yeon was fishing with his friends and staring at the drawing that Seung-hee had drawn for him was nice. The few moments in silence where he just sat and stared into space while contemplating whether or not to attend the wedding was so well-done and heart-breaking. Woo-yeon didn’t want to go to the wedding because that would then waken him up to reality and confirm that he will never end up with Seung-hee. However, attending the wedding would be the only opportunity he would have left in telling Seung-hee how he truly felt about her. Even if it was just literally for a few seconds, the scene of Woo-yeon sitting in silence while deciding on his next move was so nicely done and even a little chilling. Watching Kim Young-kwang act so seriously in those few seconds made me think what it would be like if he was to act in a more dark and serious movie like ‘Bleak Night.’ He’d made a great fit.

I will always love Park Bo-young so even if this movie didn’t do much for me (I enjoy her dramas much more than her movies), she’s still the adorable, quirky, and talented actress to me. As usual, I’ll be looking forward to her future projects and works (she has a new drama coming out in 2019!). Meanwhile, you can watch Kim Young-kwang in currently airing drama ‘Room No. 9.’

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Bonus: LOTS of extra screenshots I took from the 2-hour movie. I didn’t mean to take so many screenshots, but before I knew it I was basically screenshotting everything. LOL. Enjoy 🙂

2 responses to “Movie Recap: On Your Wedding Day (2018)”

  1. This is so damn good and just fell in love with your writing!
    almost heart-felt the moments and could really feel seeing the movie while reading it!!
    Great job Mary!

  2. The way you described the whole story bro is really great. About the movie, this kind of endings give me mix feelings. But atleast this movie had some meaning behind their break up and patch up, not like “The third times a charm”. I hated that K-drama.

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