The Ghost Detective: Episode 14 Recap


There is no end to the chase after Woo-hye and it only gets more and more difficult every time. However, now Yeo-wool, Da-il, and our team aren’t as small and alone anymore. The very same people who didn’t believe in them and refused to offer their help before now understand our characters and also want to catch Woo-hye before she hurts any more innocent lives.

The Ghost Detective: Episode 14 Recap

Woo-hye manages to flee from the hospital when Da-il picks rescuing Kim Gyeol over chasing after her. Da-il’s anger causes the room to shake, but Yeo-wool and Chae-won’s presence in the room calms him down. While the two stay behind in the room, Da-il hurries to chase after Woo-hye.

Woo-hye gets inside of Lawyer Baek’s car and urges her to drive to Sang-seob’s office. Lawyer Baek begins to drive upon getting controlled by Woo-hye, but they’re stopped by Da-il. He drags Woo-hye out of the car and manages to trap her inside of a secured hospital room. With Woo-hye trapped, Da-il returns to catch up with Yeo-wool. She waits for Kim Gyeol as he’s directed to the operating room for his injuries.

The uncertain situation scares Yeo-wool and she’s reminded of the moment back in high school when Kim Gyeol protected her sister Yi-rang from bullies. It was then that Yi-rang finally felt better about herself after continually being teased for being deaf. Yeo-wool hopes to be able to tell these words of gratitude to Kim Gyeol, but he unfortunately doesn’t make it. He passes away.


In her hospital room, Woo-hye recalls the moment when her father and brother passed away at their house. Meanwhile, Chae-won receives an update from a doctor about Da-il’s condition: his body is getting weaker and weaker which means he might not survive. Chae-won informs Da-il of the details while Yeo-wool and Sang-seob visit Da-il’s physical body. Yeo-wool visits Da-il outside of his hospital room and reiterates that she’s going to help capture Woo-hye as well. She’s not going to stop no matter how many times Da-il warns her to stay away.

The team reconvenes for another meeting to discuss their next moves. Chae-won explains that Woo-hye’s like a zombie. She’s still alive because Da-il failed to kill her soul. Woo-hye is too powerful and strong at this point that a stab in the body won’t affect her. However, if Woo-hye’s body doesn’t exist then her soul won’t either so the team must confine Woo-hye’s soul. That’s the only way she won’t be able to possess Yeo-wool’s body.

The team won’t allow Yeo-wool or Da-il to use their bodies for Woo-hye to possess in order to kill her soul so they ultimately decide to brainstorm different ways they can kill both her body and soul. Yeo-wool also agrees on staying with Da-il’s body over night at the hospital once Da-il leaves by 1AM.

Reporter Kang gets in contact with a man who was controlled by Woo-hye to gather more information about her. The man describes his account of his interaction with Woo-hye to Reporter Kang. Afterwards, Reporter Kang meets with Lawyer Baek. Unlike what Reporter Kang had assumed, Da-il isn’t dead. Lawyer Baek talked to him herself and even watched him confine Woo-hye to place her inside the hospital room. Was the military case that involved Da-il and Lawyer Baek five years ago also related to Woo-hye? Reporter Kang grows shocked that Lawyer Baek now knows about Woo-hye.

Back at the hospital room, Da-il and Yeo-wool have a heart-felt conversation with each other. Isn’t Yeo-wool afraid that Woo-hye wants to possess her body? However, Yeo-wool is more afraid of something else. She’s afraid that Da-il will die. Da-il too is afraid that he’ll never return to life and do all the things he’s wanted to do. Yeo-wool vows to help Da-il achieve his dreams once he returns in his physical body, but before Da-il can mention what it is that he wants to do, he disappears. It’s 1AM so he returns to his physical body.


The next morning, Yeo-wool patiently waits for Da-il to return. Meanwhile, Reporter Kang also visits the hospital but heads to Woo-hye instead. He wants to talk to her so that no other person will become a victim like he did. However, the visit with Woo-hye is much more dangerous than Reporter Kang had estimated.

She takes advantage of his guilt and reminds him of his colleague who committed suicide during their military service together. The guilt gets to Reporter Kang and he soon imagines Woo-hye as the deceased colleague. He begins to untie what he assumes is the rope around his colleague’s neck without realizing that he’s actually untying the cloths binding Woo-hye’s legs and arms.

Yeo-wool leaves Da-il’s room to meet up with Lawyer Baek who’s also at the hospital. They make their way to the hospital room to find Reporter Kang nearly hanging himself. Yeo-wool manages to rescue him just in time, but he’s clearly not himself. Woo-hye sneaks up from behind Lawyer Baek and threatens them both with a knife to Lawyer Baek’s neck. Yeo-wool has no choice but to let Woo-hye escape with Lawyer Baek in order to spare Lawyer Baek’s life. Yeo-wool and Da-il will be Woo-hye’s last targets.

Da-il begins to worry when Yeo-wool doesn’t return to his room after a few minutes. He concludes that she went to visit Woo-hye. Lawyer Baek manages to return back to Yeo-wool and Reporter Kang safely. They check up on Reporter Kang while Yeo-wool wears her hearing aid shortly afterwards. However, Yeo-wool doesn’t hear anything in particular. She just hears a bunch of screeching noises.

The trio returns to Da-il and finds him awake in his body. They apologize for not being able to catch Woo-hye. Now she’s escaped (once again). Meanwhile, Chae-won visits the tunnel where her spirit mother’s evil spirit hangs around. After holding a short memorial for her spirit mother, Chae-won meets with the evil spirit himself. She wants to know different solutions to killing Woo-hye. The spirit at first answers that Chae-won must get Woo-hye to commit suicide.

So then how can Chae-won and the team kill Woo-hye without letting her possess someone else’s body? The evil spirit is willing to give Chae-won the answer only if he sets her free. He inches closer and closer towards her, but is eventually stopped by Chae-won who throws some burning liquid at him. As he begins to fuss back and forth on the ground in pain, Chae-won exits out of the tunnel. Her spirit mother never taught her how to set the evil spirit free, she only taught Chae-won how to protect herself from the evil spirit.


It hits 9AM so Da-il returns as a spirit. Reporter Kang is in disbelief that he can see Da-il with his own eyes. Chae-won joins the rest of the team and together they head back to the agency. Sang-seob informs Jung-dae about Yeo-wool, but doesn’t give any him any more details about their plans like how Jung-dae had requested. Jung-dae is then visited by Reporter Kang who has a video of a report about Woo-hye that’s going to air soon. Once the report broadcasts, there’ll be chaos and interest around Woo-hye and the police will no longer be able to sit back like how they’ve been doing this entire time.

Jung-dae’s chief makes the call to tackle all the cases involving Woo-hye, including the unsolved case of Da-il’s mother. Meanwhile, CEO Lee (Ha-eun’s dad from episode one) meets with Lawyer Baek to help her catch Woo-hye. He’ll form a special police unit to capture Woo-hye. And so the hunt for Woo-hye begins. News reports describing details about Woo-hye are aired, press conferences about her are held, and Jung-dae gives a presentation to his team about Woo-hye.

Woo-hye walks freely around the streets in the city for now. She still possesses the power to control people and utilizes her powers on random passerby’s. Back in the hospital, Da-il concludes that Woo-hye’s going to change her outfit since she’s being sought after. Since there’s an order of who she’s targeting, they assume that she’ll be going after Sang-seob next.


Da-il, Yeo-wool, and Chae-won all hurry to the agency where Sang-seob waits for them alone. He begins to panic when his office door opens by itself. Woo-hye herself arrives at the office with a bloody knife in her hand. She enters Sang-seob’s office only to find it empty. While she remains occupied with the note that Kim Gyeol had penned for Sang-seob, Sang-seob catches Woo-hye in his office and panics. He runs into the machine room to hide, but makes some noise along the way capturing Woo-hye’s attention. Ahhhh!

Jung-dae and his colleague decide to visit the agency in hopes of capturing Woo-hye there. Woo-hye is indeed at the office and catches Sang-seob hiding in the machine room. She controls Sang-seob and hands him her knife to which he aims it at his throat. However, the two are interrupted by Da-il, Yeo-wool, and Chae-won who arrive just in time to stop Sang-seob. This doesn’t deter Woo-hye from her plan of killing Sang-seob though and she stabs him in the stomach with her knife.

While Sang-seob falls onto the ground and is cared after by Chae-won, Da-il drags Woo-hye out to the front of the building and throws her down the flight of stairs. When she gets back up, he attempts to point Woo-hye’s knife which she’s holding back towards her. If she commits suicide and kills herself then maybe she’ll die.

At that crucial moment, Jung-dae and his team also arrive at the scene. They all point their guns at Woo-hye, but she’s too powerful. She possesses all of Jung-dae’s team and they end up pointing their guns at Jung-dae instead. To end the mess, Yeo-wool appears with Yi-rang’s knife pointed to her neck. If Yeo-wool kills herself, Woo-hye won’t be able to do anything and all of this will end.

My Thoughts:


GAAAAAAAAH. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Lol, sorry for the random and weird yelling, but I’m trying my best not to pull my hair out at this point. Don’t give in and give what the spirit wants. Let her kill herself and die by herself. Yeo-wool, what are you thinking?!

Sure, if Yeo-wool kills herself Woo-hye won’t have a body to possess and she might possibly die. However, is Yeo-wool’s body the only one that Woo-hye needs to possess? We know that Woo-hye wants to possess Yeo-wool’s body for several reasons, but it’s not like she can’t just possess another body if Yeo-wool dies right? Woo-hye is so powerful she can probably live off of someone else’s body so Yeo-wool’s suicide wouldn’t necessarily solve anything in the long-run. I’m not so sure how critical and desperate Woo-hye wants to possess Yeo-wool’s body that she can only possess Yeo-wool and nobody else. If Woo-hye isn’t as desperate and can easily find someone else to possess then Yeo-wool’s death wouldn’t necessarily solve anything.

This drama has always been a frustrating watch from the very beginning and it unfortunately wasn’t the drama that I had wanted it to be. However, this episode had to be the most frustrating to watch yet just because of the absurdity of everything. Putting aside all the times that Woo-hye escaped throughout the entire drama (and how she escaped many times again in this episode alone), I don’t understand how people think they can just go up against her knowing how dangerous she can be.


I get Reporter Kang’s reasons for wanting to visit Woo-hye in the hospital. He wants to prevent more deaths and unfortunate situations from happening, but as he is well aware of, Woo-hye is NOT someone you want to mess with. However, he went in her room alone and never once maybe considered that she was the root cause for so many people’s deaths? He could have died that day had it not been for Yeo-wool who was quick and smart enough to realize just how dangerous Woo-hye is. What’s with all these people knowing how scary and dangerous Woo-hye is, but still surrounding themselves around her alone? There’s a reason why you’re working in a team and not by yourself.

You would think that since we’re 14 episodes in, the drama would maybe pick up and give us something. Just something small to indicate that Woo-hye’s downfall is coming and she’s not going to defeat our team. However, we’re 14 episodes in and she’s still winning. She’s still one step ahead of the team even with the police’s involvement in the chase. It just screams absurd to me and a huge part of this has to do with the writing of the drama. There’s no limit or boundary to the supernatural world and there are no certainly no limits or boundaries to the power that Woo-hye possesses. She’s free to do what she wants and who she wants to kill; there’s this never-ending cycle of a chase and it’s so frustrating. I don’t even think you can kill her at this point because she’s died twice before and has been captured plenty of times, but was never hurt. She just doesn’t die.


The drama has been tough, rough, and frustrating to watch, but I’m just hoping that the end results will pay off and that the method to taking Woo-hye down will be worth it. I like that the team has gotten bigger and that even the police is now keen on finding Woo-hye after years of avoiding her. I’m just hoping that Woo-hye’s death is executed in a satisfying way. If she doesn’t die until the last 20 minutes of the last episode, I’m not so sure what I will do. I not only want a satisfying ending where Woo-hye’s death is well-executed and powerful, but I also want to see Da-il return to his body alive. The thing is that we’re not so sure if he’s going to return alive, but even if he doesn’t I want him to receive some kind of closure. I want closure for all our characters at the very end when the chase after Woo-hye ends (if it ever does). I’m afraid that we won’t receive the aftermath of everything because the drama will be so occupied and caught up on catching Woo-hye until the very end. The drama has been dragging out this entire storyline for the past 14 episodes and is still resuming this plot even with the finale approaching. I want to know what happens to our characters after everything ends and not necessarily just watch them end Woo-hye.

This drama has never really done it for me, but I’m sticking it out to the very end in hopes that something good will come out of this. Maybe there will be a few more deaths until Woo-hye is finally taken down (I hope Sang-seob doesn’t die), but her death will hopefully prevent less deaths from occurring after.

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  1. So I really liked this drama in the beginning, but I stopped watching it for the same reasons you listed. It was extremely frustrating watching our heroes make the same dumb mistakes over and over again, and to constantly have the bad guy succeed. I also liked what you said about her motives making absolutely ZERO sense. I co-write a blog with my friend, and I recommended it as a halloween drama, but that was when we were only a couple of episodes in and it was still good. Now I should probably recant everything! Which is too bad because I love Daniel Choi.

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