The Ghost Detective: Episode 15 Recap


The team continues to devise new strategies and methods to defeat the powerful force that is Woo-hye. They’re well aware that sacrifices will have to be made in the process, but they’re okay with it. Indeed, sacrifices are made, but these sacrifices are well worth it if they end everything once and for all right?

The Ghost Detective: Episode 15 Recap

While Da-il throws Woo-hye outside to the entrance of the building, Yeo-wool and Chae-won stay inside to take care of a wounded Sang-seob. However, Yeo-wool feels like it’s her duty to stop Woo-hye so she exits the building with Yi-rang’s knife in her hand. Outside, she threatens Woo-hye to stop controlling all the police officers at the scene or else she’ll kill herself. Furthermore, if Woo-hye stops, Yeo-wool will leave with her.

Using his energy and power, Da-il manages to drop all the guns from each police officer. However, one gun in particular falls to the ground and shoots Jung-dae’s leg. He falls to the ground in pain and misery. Meanwhile, Yeo-wool and Woo-hye head back inside the building and enter the machine room together. Chae-won attempts to stop them along the way, but she’s unable to. Da-il follows the two and also attempts to enter the machine room to save Yeo-wool. However, it’s more difficult than he thought and he’s unable to get inside the room.

Yeo-wool finally exchanges words with Da-il and encourages him to stop. There’s no other way for them to kill Woo-hye than to let her possess Yeo-wool’s body. Yeo-wool doesn’t want anyone else to die or to get hurt. She bids farewell with Da-il and prepares for the worst with Woo-hye.


Yeo-wool expresses that she wishes someone could have rescued and protected Woo-hye too when she was younger. Yeo-wool then recalls the words she exchanged with Chae-won before heading outside to threaten Woo-hye. Yeo-wool suggests that she’ll let Woo-hye possess her body and they’ll just find a way to lure Woo-hye’s evil spirit out of her body afterwards. Chae-won warns Yeo-wool that the situation would be too dangerous, especially if Woo-hye’s spirit doesn’t want to leave Yeo-wool’s body. However, Yeo-wool remained stubborn and went ahead with the plan anyway.

Chae-won directs emergency medical services to Sang-seob. She also encounters Da-il waiting outside of the machine room alone. Chae-won encourages Da-il to just wait and let Woo-hye possess Yeo-wool’s body. When they somehow manage to lure Woo-hye’s spirit out of Yeo-wool’s body, Chae-won will then allow Woo-hye to possess her body.

Chae-won heads out to meet with the same grandpa ghost she would often go to for advice. This time, she wants to know how to summon a ghost inside of her body. However, Chae-won is slowly losing her powers and she’s unable to see the ghost. She wallows in frustration and desperation.

Yeo-wool gives Woo-hye a chance at starting over. Using Yeo-wool’s body, Woo-hye can stop killing people and just live a normal life. However, Woo-hye doesn’t want to. She’ll still kill people like she’s been doing since she was 12 years old. Yeo-wool gives Woo-hye two options: she can either start a new life or continue to kill people but run away every time.

Chae-won returns to the office and shares with Da-il that she’s lost her power. Therefore, she won’t be able to summon Woo-hye inside her body. At that moment, a bright light beams from inside of the machine room capturing everyone’s attention. Da-il manages to finally break the door open using his strength and finds Yeo-wool sitting next to a fallen Woo-hye.

Chae-won and Da-il enter the room to accompany Yeo-wool. Distraught and shocked, Yeo-wool confesses that she’s killed Woo-hye. Both Chae-won and Da-il comfort Yeo-wool and also notice Woo-hye’s rotten body. Da-il takes Yeo-wool to her apartment to rest.


Jung-dae’s boss checks out the scene and orders a detective to take Woo-hye’s body to autopsy where Chae-won will eventually look at it. Meanwhile, Chae-won heads to the hospital to check up on Jung-dae and Sang-seob. Along with Jung-dae’s colleague, they receive an update from the doctor.

Back at the apartment, Yeo-wool wakes up after a while. She suggests that she can clean the apartment for Da-il, but he urges that she rest instead. While he vacuums her apartment (LOL, this part is so random), Yeo-wool puts on the hearing aid just in case. Once again, she doesn’t hear anything but loud screeching. She then decides to lay down and finally falls asleep after receiving some medicine from Chae-won.

Lawyer Baek receives updates about Sang-seob and Jung-dae as well Da-il. Meanwhile, Chae-won breaks the news to Yeo-wool when Yeo-wool wakes up: both Jung-dae and Sang-seob didn’t make it (NOOOOOOOOOOO). The trio then head to the hospital to visit Da-il’s physical body.

After a few minutes, Yeo-wool heads to the restroom alone. Instead of going to the restroom though, she makes her way to Sang-seob and Jung-dae’s room in the hospital. With a knife in her hand, she looks at each bed for the two men but is unable to find them. It’s at that moment that she’s interrupted by Da-il. Woo-hye actually wasn’t dead. She possessed Yeo-wool’s body like how she had wanted.

The drama then takes us back to the moment when Yeo-wool and Woo-hye were in the machine room. Woo-hye stabbed her physical body with Yi-rang’s knife and possessed Yeo-wool’s body shortly afterwards. Yeo-wool had attempted to kill herself right when she witnessed Woo-hye’s corpse, but Woo-hye prevented Yeo-wool from killing herself. That was then that the transformation started and the moment when Chae-won and Da-il saw Yeo-wool next to a dead Woo-hye in the machine room.

So how did Da-il know that Woo-hye was inside of Yeo-wool’s body? He recalls the conversation he and Chae-won had about the moment they discovered Yeo-wool with Woo-hye in the machine room. Something was off then. Yeo-wool’s behavior was also different when Da-il was in the apartment with her alone. There were a few things that indicated she was possessed by Woo-hye. Da-il explains that they must wait until 1AM so that they can then trap Woo-hye inside of Da-il’s body.


Da-il heads to the hospital to bid farewell with Jung-dae and Sang-seob. He thanks Sang-seob for all his work and hopes that he’ll recover soon. He also hopes that Jung-dae will wake up and help Yeo-wool as soon as possible. As he walks out of their room, Da-il comes across Jung-dae’s colleague who waits outside. Da-il decides that Yeo-wool will need a gun to best protect herself so he controls Jung-dae’s colleague in giving him his gun. Can Da-il control others now?

Woo-hye doesn’t pretend to hide the fact that she’s in Yeo-wool’s body anymore. She heads back to Da-il’s hospital room and approaches Chae-won with a knife. Just when she’s about to threaten Chae-won, Da-il enters the room with a gun pointed at Yeo-wool. He warns her that he’ll shoot her, but Woo-hye claims that he’ll be killing Yeo-wool then. Plus, she can just possess someone else’s body and keep killing people.

Woo-hye is unable to fool Da-il though and he manages to free Yeo-wool of Woo-hye’s control by shooting the gun at a lamp in the room. This triggers Woo-hye to jump out of Yeo-wool’s body. Panicked, Woo-hye attempts to jump into Chae-won’s body to possess her, but she fails. Da-il keeps Yeo-wool close to him to protect her from Woo-hye.

When Yeo-wool awakens, she is controlled by Da-il to leave the room and to wait outside. She does as she is told, but Da-il whispers into her ears at the last second to bid farewell. When Yeo-wool breaks free of the trance, she attempts to stop Da-il but it’s too late. He locks the door and returns to the room.

Right before summoning Woo-hye’s soul into his body, he wishes for Woo-hye to let go of her anger and hate for her father, mother, and herself. He then clings onto Woo-hye and disappears with her right when it hits 1AM. Chae-won then unplugs the breathing tube from Da-il’s mouth afterwards, causing his body to shut down and die.

Yeo-wool cries out Da-il’s name from outside the door. She sits in disbelief that Da-il is now gone.

My Thoughts:


Okay, so maybe things are finally done. Maybe Woo-hye has been stopped once and for all. Maybe no more lives will be killed in the process and all this mess and chaos has ended. Of course, there had to be grand sacrifices made in the process, but hopefully it’ll all be eventually worth it, right?

This episode wasn’t as frustrating to watch as the last episode and I think it had to do with the fact that this episode played it well with the emotional factor. I admit that the plot and overall premise with Woo-hye’s possession was exhausting and frustrating to follow so it didn’t do anything for me this episode (Da-il can all of a sudden control others now? Really?). However, the episode did tug at my heartstrings with the news of Jung-dae and Sang-seob’s “deaths” as well as Da-il’s farewell.

I was so sad and hurt when the drama lead us into thinking that Jung-dae and Sang-seob were dead. More so than anything, I was so disappointed and I even felt betrayed that the drama would kill off two amazing characters in the second to last episode. In order to kill off this evil spirit, you really just gotta kill off two more characters? Really? That leaves us with no one by the end of it all. However, as we saw, they survived and the fake news of their deaths was just a fake-out to trick Woo-hye into showing herself in the form of Yeo-wool. I felt so relieved when we learned that Sang-seob and Jung-dae weren’t actually dead. I don’t know what I’d do if they actually were.


However, in return for saving Sang-seob and Jung-dae, the drama decided to kill off Da-il which isn’t all that great. I didn’t really want anyone from our team to die in the course of killing Woo-hye. I just wished there was some other way to kill her than to have one of our characters sacrifice themselves to do that (what ever happened to the ‘suicide’ solution?). Da-il’s death was pretty heart-breaking though and watching Chae-won perform the last step to killing both him and Woo-hye off was emotional. If there was one thing this episode did right, it would definitely be playing with our emotions and tugging at our heartstrings.

It wasn’t that I didn’t think anyone was going to die in this process of killing Woo-hye. Just knowing how the drama was, it was somewhat expected that sacrifices was going to be made in order to eliminate the evil spirit. However, you’re never prepared for it even when you’re somewhat aware of it so it hit me seeing Da-il die. He’s been a huge part of this entire journey. I wonder if he really is dead or if he’ll somehow return as a spirit.

Of course, I never bought for once that Woo-hye died when she stabbed herself with the knife. However, I also didn’t find Yeo-wool’s behavior at the apartment or in the machine room anything too peculiar so I wasn’t as persuaded in how Chae-won and Da-il was able to recognize that Yeo-wool was acting differently, lol. Regardless, I’m just glad that it’s all over now (or is it?) even if there were many deaths that occurred in the process. Maybe we’ll finally receive that closure for all of our characters like how I expressed I wanted in my last recap. I’m curious as to how everyone else copes with the loss of Da-il, but more importantly how they will adjust to things if he returns as a spirit even after everything (in which I hope he does).

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the episode 🙂

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