100 Days My Prince: Episode 15 Recap


It’s finale week so all loose ends are being tied up in this episode. Lord Kim attempts to execute the final steps of his plans once and for all, risking many lives in the process and making Lee Yool’s life even more difficult. When deciding between revenge or love, which one will Lee Yool choose and where will his priorities lie?

100 Days My Prince: Episode 15 Recap

In her first encounter with Lord Kim, Hong-shim feigns ignorance and pretends that she’s never met Lord Kim before. She lies that she’s lived in a village her entire life and traveled to Hanyang only a few days ago. Lord Kim walks away shortly afterwards, but Hong-shim still has questions about Moo-yeon to ask Soo-ji. When asked if he knows who Moo-yeon is, Soo-ji takes his turn to feign ignorance and lies that he doesn’t. Hong-shim then leaves afterwards with no results.

The Crown Princess and Lee Yool spend time with each other that night in his room. Lee Yool reveals that he has another woman he’s in love with and wants to sneak out to visit her that night. The Crown Princess is flustered at the news and expresses disappointment in Lee Yool for leaving her behind. Lord Kim too wouldn’t like it if Lee Yool went against his wishes. However, Lee Yool does as he wants until he is confronted by his father, the King.

Inside the King’s room, Lee Yool reveals to his dad the truth: Lord Kim was the one who attempted to kill Lee Yool in the mountains during the rain ritual trip. Lee Yool wants to seek revenge on Lord Kim himself and asks his dad for full authority to do so.


Our three villagers living at Je-yoon’s place explain to him their situations. They arrived in Hanyang because they couldn’t stand living in the village anymore. Among talking about other things like getting a job at the palace through Lee Yool, they also complain about how Lord Park was ordered by Lord Kim to acquire 100 pieces of firewood.

Lee Yool learns the truth about his deceased mother from the King. Did Dad kill her because she was the former king’s relative? However, the King denies any accusations of murdering his own wife. Her death was the doing of Lord Kim’s. Lord Kim was the one who demanded to kill Lee Yool’s mom.

Lee Yool begins his revenge scheme against Lord Kim. He stops by Je-yoon’s house first to pay Hong-shim a quick visit. He vows to come back for her once he finishes everything he needs to do. Hong-shim too is to not leave or go anywhere without his permission. Just like how Lee Yool promised Hong-shim when they were little kids, he promises her that he’ll come back for her to carry out that promise T____T

Lee Yool visits the exact spot in the mountains where he was attacked by Lord Kim’s assassins. Stepdad hands Lee Yool the clothes he discovered Lee Yool in which causes Lee Yool to cry. He’s reminded of the last moments he had with his childhood friend and personal guard Dong-joo before he died. Lee Yool tears up while clinging onto Dong-joo’s old uniform.

Hong-shim asks Kkeut-nyeo, Goo-dol, and Government Official Park for some help. She thinks Moo-yeon is locked in Lord Kim’s residence and she needs their help in rescuing him. Though Government Official Park is reluctant at first, he joins the rest in carrying out Hong-shim’s plan to save her brother.

Back at the forest, Lee Yool finalizes his plans in seeking revenge on Lord Kim. Unlike what advisor Kwon Hyuk suggests, Lee Yool won’t kill Lord Kim right away. He’s going to make Lord Kim suffer every step of the way. Meanwhile, Lord Kim is informed by the Minister of War about Lee Yool’s secret escape to the mountains. He orders for a secret meeting with his team.


Je-yoon and Stepdad stop by Sungjoo Village for their own respective reasons. While Stepdad is there to visit the village lady who he has romantic feelings for, Je-yoon is there to investigate Lord Park’s demands for 100 pieces of firewood. In a talk with Ma Chil, Je-yoon attempts to get answers from the loan shark, but even the loan shark himself doesn’t know why. However, he’ll do his best to find out Lord Park’s reasonings for the 100 pieces of firewood and will inform Je-yoon afterwards. There’s nothing Ma Chil won’t do for Je-yoon who works for Lee Yool AKA Wondeuk-kie.

Lee Yool makes an abrupt and unexpected visit to Lord Kim’s residence. Soo-ji accommodates the Crown Prince for the time being since his dad is out. Once Lee Yool is able to successfully drive Soo-ji out of the room, Lee Yool searches around Lord Kim’s room for any suspicious items. Lee Yool eventually finds the stone that Lord Kim had presented to the Ming envoy in their last meeting. Lee Yool grows suspicious of the stone as it’s not your typical stone.

Lord Kim eventually returns to his room to find Lee Yool inside. He panics at first, but attempts to keep his calm after a few seconds. Lee Yool offers to have a one-on-one battle with Lord Kim. He wants to brush up on his fighting skills.

Hong-shim, Kkeut-nyeo, Goo-dol, and Official Park prepare to carry out their plans of rescuing Moo-yeon. The three are to distract the palace guards by singing a song while disguised as gypsies while Hong-shim will sneak inside Lord Kim’s residence. Speaking of Lord Kim, he holds a one-on-one battle against Lee Yool outside in the courtyard. Lee Yool acknowledges Lord Kim’s fighting skills after their battle finishes. The two are then attacked by assassins so Soo-ji brings Lee Yool inside the residence for safety. Lee Yool once again manages to drive Soo-ji out of the room so Lee Yool takes the opportunity to scout different rooms and places to gather evidence.

While Lord Kim and his men are busy with the assassins, Lee Yool finds a bunch of arrows hidden inside of a shed near Lord Kim’s residence. He also discovers another locked shed which he finds suspicious. Meanwhile, Hong-shim and her team wait outside of Lord Kim’s residence for the right moment to execute their plan. However, just as Kkeut-nyeo, Official Park, and Goo-dol begin to sing, observations of assassins running into the residence scares them and Hong-shim decides to cancel the plan for the day. However, she still wants to know what the fuss is all about so she stays behind to gather information.

Inside of the shed is a beaten up and exhausted Moo-yeon. Before getting locked inside the shed, he was confronted by Lord Kim for being the father of the Crown Princess’s baby and for not killing Lee Yool like how he was supposed to. Lord Kim has no plans of killing Moo-yeon just yet; he’ll have to think as to how he wants to kill Moo-yeon.


Moo-yeon breaks himself free of the cloth tied around his hands. At that same exact moment, Lee Yool breaks the lock and enters the shed Moo-yeon is in. Their encounter with each other is short-lived as Moo-yeon runs out of the shed after just a few seconds. Lee Yool chases after him, but the two stop upon encountering Hong-shim along the way. Hong-shim is confused to see the two men together, but Lee Yool feigns ignorance. He claims that there is no relationship between him and Moo-yeon and walks away afterwards. Meanwhile, Lord Kim finds the shed Moo-yeon was locked in empty. He’s certain that the Crown Prince has now regained his memory.

Secrets that were kept are revealed. Lee Yool feels conflicted upon knowing that the person who tried to kill him is also the brother of the woman he loves. Meanwhile, Moo-yeon reveals everything to Hong-shim. He worked for Lord Kim as a way to protect Hong-shim. He was also ordered by Lord Kim to kill Lee Yool which is why he returned to Hanyang even though he and Hong-shim were supposed to leave everyone secretly.

The information is too much for Hong-shim and she faints. Thankfully, Stepdad and Je-yoon discover her so they bring her back to the house to take care of her. Our three villagers are also worried about Hong-shim and Kkeut-nyeo expresses regret in letting Hong-shim stay behind at Lord Kim’s residence alone that day. Je-yoon takes note of the comment and cares after an unconscious Hong-shim.

Hong-shim eventually wakes up and is updated by Je-yoon on what happened. However, she’s more worried about Lee Yool and asks Je-yoon a question. Has Lee Yool recovered his memory? That must be the reason why he made a stop in Songjoo Village right? Je-yoon answers that he has and is searching for answers about the mountain attack during the rain ritual trip. Hong-shim then requests for a favor from Je-yoon: she wants to visit the palace.

Lord Kim holds a meeting with the Minister of War. Lord Kim orders that the Minister of War hire men to search for and kill Moo-yeon upon finding him. He’s the only source of evidence left with information about Lord Kim so they must kill him as soon as possible before Lee Yool gets to him. The Minister of War is still worried about the Crown Princess’s baby though. If Lee Yool discovers that the baby isn’t his, he’ll get upset and kill everyone. However, Lord Kim isn’t as worried. There’s a reason why he called for war.

Speaking of war, Lord Kim holds a meeting with his team to discuss about the war. The Ming people will eventually begin to attack different villages. When that happens, Lee Yool will have no choice but to participate in the battlefield himself in order to save as many innocent lives as possible. This was Lord Kim’s plans all along. Ahhhhh!


Hong-shim makes it inside of the palace like how she had requested. She disguises as a visiting court maid with an important letter to deliver to the Crown Prince. Of course, Lee Yool immediately recognizes Hong-shim and invites her into his room (omg why am I so emotional watching this scene? T___T).

Lee Yool orders his eunuch to leave the room so that the two can talk in private. When he does, they catch up with each other like the old times (OMG I WANNA CRY). Lee Yool confirms that he’s regained his memories and Hong-shim admits that she’s glad she got to see Lee Yool in his royal palace outfit. He looks nice.

Hong-shim and Lee Yool sneak inside the royal palace’s kitchen to make some porridge for Lee Yool to eat. He’s been craving them since he’s left the village. Lol. While looking around for ingredients, Hong-shim accidentally drops one of the jars causing two palace guards to quickly enter the room. Lee Yool and Hong-shim manage to successfully hide from the palace guards without getting caught. Lee Yool himself grows nervous, but it’s uncertain as to whether it was because of the guards or because of Hong-shim (I think we all know which one it is. Hehe).

Hong-shim makes Lee Yool’s favorite porridge for him to eat which he clearly enjoys. After eating the porridge, Lee Yool lays down on Hong-shim’s lap. Things have been different for him since he’s been back in the palace. He misses how things used to be with Hong-shim and wishes that he truly was Won-deuk. Lee Yool falls asleep in Hong-shim’s lap, but finds himself alone in his room when he wakes back up (why do I wanna cry watching the two spend time with each other? Gaaaah!).

Lee Yool is reminded of the letter that Hong-shim wrote him so he reads it upon waking up from his nap. Hong-shim writes,

Life does not flow as we want it to. It follows its own path. I hoped for us to be each other’s destiny, but the dethronement of the former king let us down an ill-fated road. My brother wishes to speak with you. Do not hesitate for my sake. Do whatever seems fit and punish him if you must. Sever the ill-fated relationship that started on the night of the dethronement. Only you can do it.


Lee Yool meets with Moo-yeon in the woods. He wants Moo-yeon to testify as a witness against Lord Kim and to admit that Lord Kim ordered him to kill Lee Yool. If Moo-yeon agrees, Lee Yool will find a way to protect both him and Hong-shim. However, Moo-yeon is hesitant. Lord Kim wants to kill Lee Yool because of Moo-yeon, not because of him. Lee Yool eventually realizes that Moo-yeon is the father of the Crown Princess’s baby and grows angry. Now any plans of having Moo-yeon testify as a witness is gone.

Lee Yool visits the Crown Princess’s chambers later on that night and orders her to leave the palace. She is brought by Kwon Hyuk and his men to the woods where he will then kill her. However, Kwon Hyuk actually doesn’t kill the Crown Princess like she had been expecting. Instead, she is reunited with Moo-yeon and given the opportunity to escape with her lover. Lord Kim is informed by the Minister of War about the Crown Princess’s leave.

Lee Yool writes in his journal his thoughts about Moo-yeon. It’s not that he’s forgiven Moo-yeon or the Crown Princess for their actions. It’s rather that he couldn’t bare to kill Moo-yeon with his own hands knowing he’s Hong-shim’s brother. Meanwhile, Hong-shim watches as Stepdad sleeps in his room that night. She thanks him for all his hard work in taking care of her.

The next morning, Hong-shim sneaks into Lord Kim’s room to search for him. However, she learns from Soo-ji that he’s out on a search for the Crown Princess who has run away with her brother. Moo-yeon and the Crown Princess’s plans to escape doesn’t last for long. They are quickly discovered by Lord Kim’s assassins, but the two forbidden lovers aren’t going down without a fight. As Moo-yeon attempts to fight off the assassins, Hong-shim follows after assassins she witnesses running in the mountains.

Though Moo-yeon successfully fends off the first batch of assassins, he’s unable to escape with the Crown Princess and are struck down by arrows. Though the Crown Princess screams and cries for him, it’s obvious Lord Kim only cares for his daughter. Just like he did with Hong-shim’s dad, Lord Kim stabs Moo-yeon with a sword. Moo-yeon too dies in the hands of the same man who killed his own father.

Hong-shim eventually finds her brother laying on the ground with arrows still intact to his body. She calls out his name and cries upon receiving no response. Her dear brother is no longer alive.

Je-yoon meets with Lee Yool to inform him on why Lord Park requested for 100 pieces of firewood. It turns out Lord Park is smelting minerals from the mines to make iron. Lee Yool assumes Lord Kim is starting a war, but before he can comment any further Lee Yool is called to the Crown Princess’s room. He’s shocked to find the Crown Princess sitting in her room when she was supposed to have escaped with Moo-yeon. However, as Lee Yool will learn, Moo-yeon is dead.

Lee Yool marches over to Lord Kim’s room upon learning the news. He threatens Lord Kim’s life by showing him his journal that contains all the evil wrongdoings Lord Kim’s committed. The Crown Princess can testify that everything written in the journal is accurate. However, that’s the least of Lord Kim’s worries. He announces that a war’s broke out and that there won’t be anything Lee Yool will be able to do. Lord Kim has Hong-shim with him.

My Thoughts:

NOOOOO, don’t you dare lay your dirty and filthy hands on my Hong-shim! LEAVE HER ALONE. You killed both her brother and father and now you want to hurt her too? I will not allow you to do that, Lord Kim!

But of course, Lee Yool will get to Hong-shim before I ever do and will gladly rescue her from the evil that is Lord Kim. It’s just so unfortunate that Hong-shim’s family basically died all because of this man. It’s so heart-breaking to see the same man kill both of her family members and it was even more hurtful to watch him kill them both in essentially the same fashion. It was deja vu all over again but with just two different people. If you were going to kill off Moo-yeon, couldn’t you have killed him in another way?


There was no other way that Moo-yeon was going to live and there were reasons that Lord Kim wanted to kill him. Moo-yeon’s death was even expected and I had a feeling he was going to die. There was no way he was going to escape all of this mess and free himself from Lord Kim. As unfortunate as it was, Moo-yeon was stuck and trapped in a very difficult spot. Everything he did he did for Hong-shim. How ironic is it that his very last decision was for himself but was what also lead him to die. Of course, you didn’t want Moo-yeon to die and you wanted him to live happily with Hong-shim or to run away with the Crown Princess, but that just wasn’t possible. He lived such a tragic life and could never really do anything for himself. Moo-yeon was such a tragic hero and you wished there was a way for him to release himself of his past. Unfortunately, his past caught up to him and he died as a result.

We’re now seeing how things are coming together with the whole war sub-plot. In the very beginning of episode one, we witnessed Lee Yool on his horse preparing to fight in the war so I’m assuming that’s also how our last episode is going to start off. The sub-plot will resume and we will finally receive the end results that we had been waiting for all along. I really hope there aren’t any more deaths that occur in the process other than Lord Kim’s because that’s what he deserves, but another part of me also worries that something dangerous will happen to our characters. Lee Yool is one who will sacrifice himself for Hong-shim so he will surely fight against whoever it is in order to save the woman he loves. He might even feel more guilty because he wasn’t able to save Moo-yeon like how he had wanted and attempted to do.


Secrets were spilled in this episode and Lee Yool learned that the man who attempted to kill him was also the brother of the woman he loves. Our characters were going to learn about this sooner or later so I’m glad that they found out the details in this episode. The fall-out and reactions to everything wasn’t actually that bad or as dramatic as I thought it would be so I was actually quite satisfied with that as well. That’s not to invalidate Hong-shim, Lee Yool, or Moo-yeon’s feelings and thoughts about the situation because I totally understand how they felt upon learning about the complicated set-up. However, I’m glad the drama didn’t spend too much time on that revelation and still gave us interactions between Hong-shim and Lee Yool. I was afraid that Hong-shim was going to ignore and avoid Lee Yool upon finding out that her brother had tried to kill him, but she instead played a major part in forging the two to confront each other. That was a nice and smart move from her part as the middlemen in all of this.

And then of course, how could we not talk about the encounter in the royal palace between Hong-shim and Lee Yool? I’m not really sure why I got so emotional watching the two spend time with each other when they’ve met plenty of times before outside of the palace. Maybe it was because we didn’t get much of them in this episode or because the stakes are getting higher and higher so you’re worried about our couple. Whatever it was, I was just so happy to see Hong-shim with Lee Yool again even if it was just for a brief moment. The short time that they had was so adorable and well-spent and I loved it that Lee Yool ate some of the porridge that Hong-shim would cook for him in the village. That’s a clear and obvious sign that he misses his identity as Won-deuk (he’s not the only one as all the other villagers miss it too) because times were much happier and better back then. Things are so different and risky in the palace and Lee Yool always has to be on the look-out for enemies. Lee Yool yearns for the times he was Won-deuk not only because he got to spend more time with Hong-shim, but because it was also a simple lifestyle that made him much happier and safer.


Though I greatly enjoyed the brief interaction between Lee Yool and Hong-shim in this episode, I also have to admit that the Second Lead Syndrome feels were strong in this one. The few seconds where Je-yoon took care of an unconscious Hong-shim was heart-breaking to watch. You can tell that he still cares deeply for Hong-shim despite knowing that they’re not meant to be. Je-yoon wants to act on his feelings and have done so in the past, but he’s stepped back little by little. Whether it’s realizing that Hong-shim will never reciprocate the same feelings back to him or knowing that Lee Yool and Hong-shim are in love with each other, Je-yoon has slowly stopped his advances towards her. It’s such a bittersweet sight to see because it’s not like the two are on bad terms or that Je-yoon mistreats Hong-shim badly. No, he’s always treated her with respect, has looked out for her, and has protected her when Lee Yool couldn’t or wasn’t able to. However, they’re just not meant to be and it’s unfortunate that Je-yoon has to give up something that he wants desperately. Love drives you crazy sometimes.

There’s no saying what will happen to our characters in the final episode. I’m just hoping there won’t be any more deaths and that justice will be served. After all that Lord Kim’s done, he should be taken down by both Lee Yool and Hong-shim for his evil wrongdoings. They both have their own respective reasons for wanting to kill him so I hope they receive some closure by punishing him as they see fit. The future is bleak and uncertain, but hopefully Lee Yool and Hong-shim will make it out alive and be able to return to how things used to be while staying true to themselves and their real identities.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from this episode 🙂

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