Dae Jang-geum is Watching: Episode 3 Recap


Seung-ah’s challenges at her first professional job continues and she struggles to keep up with it all. Thankfully, San-hae is there to assist her and support her through it all.

Dae Jang-geum is Watching Episode 3: Hello, I Am Looking for Some Noodles

After throwing a drunken fit, Seung-ah accidentally locks lips with San-hae. She pushes him away, but he cups her cheeks with his hands afterwards and begins to sing iKON’s ‘Love Scenario.’ Of course, this was just a dream and Seung-ah assumes she’s safe. However, when she checks her phone the next morning she finds that her kiss with San-hae wasn’t a dream like how she had thought. He sends her a photo of her sandal that she left behind with him the night before.

After their kiss, Seung-ah ran away from San-hae by escaping into a taxi. While San-hae waited at the same spot with Seung-ah’s sandal in his hands, Seung-ah went around and around in the taxi hoping San-hae would leave every time she came around. However, San-hae never left so she couldn’t leave either. Lol. Upon recalling the situation back in her apartment, Seung-ah reacts in embarrassment and shame. She sits at her kitchen in disbelief at what happened.

On the way to work, Seung-ah encounters Won Bin and San-hae in the elevator. She avoids San-hae and hopes that he won’t bring up the kissing incident. Thankfully, San-hae avoids any talk about the kiss and exchanges a friendly conversation with Won Bin about the party. Seung-ah is safe for now.


Seung-ah panics at any mention of her name by San-hae. He attempts to talk with her, but she excuses herself to the restroom after lying about a stomachache. There, she worries over whether San-hae will bring up the kiss the night before. However, she also grows paranoid thinking about the kiss. Why hasn’t San-hae mentioned it yet? Did that kiss mean absolutely nothing to him? Lol. At that moment, Seung-ah is interrupted by Manager Lee who wants to use the same exact bathroom stall that Seung-ah is in. Manager Lee has dressed up as Marilyn Monroe at work, but Seung-ah fails to recognize the impersonation Lol.

San-hae finally talks to Seung-ah about what he’s been wanting to convey to her. Unlike what she assumes, San-hae discusses with Seung-ah about work. He wants her to work on her reports again and to go with him to the dealership. Seung-ah agrees and does as she is told.

Jin-mi pleads for her supervisor to allow her to attend an important audition she has for the day. However, her supervisor is strict with her and refuses to let her go unless she has someone to cover for her. At that moment, Ui-jeom walks into the convenience store which is perfect timing for Jin-mi. She manages to get him to cover for her for an hour while she attends her audition. Jin-mi cooks Ui-jeom some ramen noodles as a sign of gratitude.

Seung-ah is still nervous over the kiss and San-hae’s avoidance of the topic. While he interacts with customers at their dealership, Seung-ah observes him working and watches him in awe. He approaches her shortly afterwards and asks her to check up on the scratch on one of the cars. Seung-ah mishears San-hae and assumes he mentioned the word ‘kiss.’ She grows embarrassed and immediately comments that what they had was just a peck, not a kiss. Of course, San-hae has to correct Seung-ah and she heads over to the car to check up on the scratch.

It soon hits lunch time so San-hae and Seung-ah head over to grab lunch together. After assessing the situation, San-hae decides that they’ll get something refreshing to eat to cure Seung-ah’s hangover. Upon arriving at the restaurant, it’s clear the restaurant owner is a hip-hop fan. Though the price on the menu are low, the food is still as tasty and delicious. Seung-ah is still worried about the kiss so she distracts San-hae with questions about food. However, those conversations are short-lived and the tension between the two quickly get awkward again. Thankfully, their ‘milmyeon’ dishes arrive so they dig in and eat.

The noodle dish is so delicious San-hae performs in his mind to describe the taste. OMGGGGG. THIS IS HILARIOUSSS. However, he’s just eating the noodles normally on the outside and Seung-ah can’t help but watch him eat his noodles deliciously. San-hae performs yet another rap with his second noodle dish and stir-fried pork (LOLOL). While he uses rap to describe the taste and his thoughts about each dish, San-hae compares the dish to celebrities. Lol. Same difference, right? After eating the food, San-hae decides to give the restaurant a score of 3 out of 5.

Mom’s ingredient for this episode are ramen noodles. Jung-sik is a bit confused on the ingredients, but he’s also excited. The only thing is that there are too many options and recipes on how to cook ramen noodles. He takes a look in the fridge to decide on what he’ll use to cook with the ramen noodles.

Back at the convenience store, a bunch of fangirls swarm inside and outside of the store. It turns out Ui-jeom is a popular idol trainee himself. Hahaha. Meanwhile, San-hae goes for a test drive with a customer. Seung-ah is then left to handle customers by herself at the dealership. A couple enters the dealership shortly after San-hae leaves, but they’re not so kind or easy to interact with. The wife in particular is quite the picky, dramatic, and jealous type and asks to go on a test drive.


Because the couple are VIP clients, the wife makes many demands and she gets what she wants. San-hae returns to the dealership to find that Seung-ah has been disappeared with the VIP clients for an hour and a half. It turns out that the couple stopped by a department store on the way during their test drive, lol. San-hae contacts Seung-ah to check up on her, but she lies that she’s doing fine. Seung-ah doesn’t want San-hae to worry about her. The couple finally exits the department store so Seung-ah approaches the two. While walking towards them, Seung-ah accidentally trips over her feet and lands in the husband’s arms. The wife grows jealous and assumes that Seung-ah is flirting with her husband.

After the test drive, the trio returns to the dealership. When the wife returns from the restroom and finds her husband sitting closely to Seung-ah, she grows jealous again and assumes the same thing. Seung-ah must be flirting with her husband. Furious and outraged, the wife pulls Seung-ah’s hair around and even slaps her in the face. Thankfully, San-hae arrives just in time to stop the wife from causing any more trouble and hurting Seung-ah any further.

He threatens the couple to apologize to Seung-ah or else he’ll press legal charges against them. The CCTV recordings will serve as proof as to what really happened. Though the VIP clients are stubborn and selfish, they worry more about their image and public perception so they apologize to Seung-ah. To make it up to her, they agree to buy two cars as a result.

The long and exhausting day of work is finally over. San-hae sends Seung-ah home since they live near each other. In the car, San-hae reminds Seung-ah to be careful of customers like the one they faced earlier that day. Though they were willing to buy two cars to make things up for their behavior, Seung-ah shouldn’t let things go again if something similar occurs in the future. She should have some respect for herself as well.

Before bidding farewell, San-hae finally brings up the incident the night before. He hands Seung-ah back her sandal and also comments that his tongue is a bit numb from the kiss. Seung-ah is embarrassed and ashamed that San-hae managed to remember everything.

Jung-sik starts another live stream for his cooking show. He teaches viewers how to cook three different sets of ramen noodles with simple leftover ingredients- each with their own purpose and fulfilling elements. He shares the food with his siblings which they greatly enjoy. After sharing dinner with each other, the trio agree to have some ice cream afterwards.

Jung-sik grabs some ice cream from the convenience store. Seung-ah is also at the convenience store to eat some ramen noodles and keeps herself busy by watching Jung-sik’s live stream from earlier. However, she expresses disappointment in Jung-sik and finds that his dishes are too difficult to cook. Jung-sik grows offended by her comment upon reading it. Back at the house, San-hae finds Jung-sik’s wallet sitting near them so he heads out to give it to Jung-sik at the convenience store.

Jung-sik uses an app on his phone to pay for the ice cream before San-hae can get to him. Seung-ah is still in front of the convenience store watching the live stream, but receives a phone call from her mom. Though Seung-ah should be proud of the great results she achieved that day at work, she conveys her honest thoughts about work to her mom. Seung-ah is struggling at work and it’s not as easy as she thought it would be. Seung-ah just wants to do a good job and to excel at her position, but she’s already facing plenty of challenges within the first few days. This is common for those with their first jobs right?


Standing not too far away is San-hae who listens intently on Seung-ah’s conversation with her mother. He watches as she cries to her mother over the phone on the challenges and problems she’s facing at work.

The ending statement for the episode recites:

If it’s you, I can forgive even an entangled day like today. If it’s you, my suffocated heart can be healed. If it’s you, I’d like to keep you by my side for a long time regardless of reason.. if it’s only you.

My Thoughts:


Oof, that last scene hit home for me because it was a similar feeling that I experienced and went through not too long ago. Seung-ah is clearly struggling with her job because.. well it’s her first one and she’s never done anything of this sort ever before. Things aren’t working out as well for her as she would like which frustrates and disappoints her because she wants to do well. She wants to excel in her job, but her lack of experience and expertise makes things challenging and difficult for her. These feelings are all too familiar and I could relate to her as she cried to her mother over the phone (fun fact: I also cried to my mom on the phone over my first job as well LOL).

I think that’s the aspect about this drama that I appreciate and enjoy the most. The drama is relatable and realistic on some levels. Maybe all the fighting and bickering and slapping between customers and employees might be a little too over-the-top and incorporated for dramatic purposes, but I would say that the struggles and issues that our characters face are quite realistic. Jin-mi wanting to still debut as a celebrity, Seung-ah wanting to do well in her first job, San-hae having to look out for Seung-ah because she’s a new hire. These are situations that are relatable to some extent and are stories that I believe viewers can resonate with. The drama feels organic in this way and that’s why I enjoy it wholeheartedly.

I’m also really loving San-hae and Seung-ah’s relationship development. It doesn’t feel forced and their relationship rather feels organic as well. They’re slowly learning more and more about each other the more they spend time together, but they’re also still respecting the boundaries of being in a senior-junior relationship. Though I assume the two will eventually form romantic feelings for each other in the future, they’re taking things slow for now and I like that. Their relationship isn’t rushed and the two are taking minor steps in getting to know more about each other. Small things like how San-hae recognizes Seung-ah’s squeal after every bite or like how Seung-ah thanked San-hae for covering her body with his jacket are minor steps that will add up eventually and contribute to their overall relationship. The two remain adorable so far and are carefully treading in between that fine line of being co-workers plus neighbors.


I enjoy how comedic, sweet, bright, and heart-warming this drama is, but I also sometimes find myself questioning the plot devices that the drama uses to achieve a certain purpose. In this episode, the situation with the dramatic VIP clients was obviously incorporated to make San-hae care for Seung-ah a little bit more and to give Seung-ah another reason to worry more about her job (which then ultimately lead to the ending of this episode). However, I felt like the fight between the wife and Seung-ah in this episode was a little too dramatic and over-the-top.

I know the drama’s intention with the stubborn and jealous wife was for comedic purposes, but I also felt like her characterization was a little too much. She was portrayed as the jealous, angry, and crazy wife and I didn’t find her portrayal to be all that necessary. You didn’t need the wife to be pulling at Seung-ah’s hair or to even rip Seung-ah’s shirt apart. And while the wife was going crazy, the husband barely said anything to defend Seung-ah or barely did anything to stop his wife until San-hae threatened them with charges. The wife was the crazy one while the husband was the calm and relaxing one who was willing to compromise. I don’t know. I didn’t like how the situation unfolded. It just felt too dramatic and distracting. Hopefully this is something that the drama will improve upon in future episodes to come.

Despite my small small hiccup with this episode, everything else within the one-hour episode made for a great, enjoyable, and relatable watch (can we just talk about San-hae’s raps though? LOL. That was so hilarious and unexpected!). I’m in love with this drama, from San-hae and Seung-ah’s relationship to Jin-mi’s strive in achieving her dreams to Jung-sik’s cooking live streams. While I was relieved at first that the drama only aired one episode a week, now I’m wishing that it was your typical drama that aired twice a week. If we’re only going to get one episode a week, can we get twice the amount of live streams from Jung-sik and twice as many raps from San-hae at least? 😉

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the episode~

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