Matrimonial Chaos: Episode 6 Recap


Hwi-roo and Seok-moo strive to relay the news about their divorce to the rest of their families, but just like all the other times they find that this is much harder to do than they expected. Things get especially more difficult when their respective families are determined to become even more intertwined and connected to one another than they already are.

Matrimonial Chaos: Episode 6 Recap

Seok-moo and Hwi-roo finalize their divorce at the courthouse. As they make their way back to the neighborhood, Seok-moo and Hwi-roo attempt to adjust to their new status as divorcees. Seok-moo is going to treat Hwi-roo as if she’s a stranger from now on, but he still uses the phrase “see you later” when they bid farewell. As if that wasn’t enough, he’ll visit Hwi-roo’s dad in the hospital later on after Dad’s surgery. Lol.

Jang-hyun shows Yoo-young the amount of phone calls from Seok-moo that he received the night before. Jang-hyun assumes Seok-moo was calling just to hang out, but Yoo-young already knows the real reason why Seok-moo was contacting Jang-hyun. Meanwhile, Seok-moo’s parents have some breakfast with each other. Dad wants to take a new family portrait with the entire family. It’s obvious Dad doesn’t approve of Hwi-roo and never had a liking for her, but Mom adds that Seok-moo himself was difficult to care for.

Ma-roo and Soo-kyung have a talk about Hwi-roo, Seok-moo, Jang-hyun, and Yoo-young. Their conversation is interrupted though by a phone call from Ma-roo’s dad who scolds Ma-roo for not visiting him at the hospital.


Yoo-young attempts to register her marriage with Jang-hyun using their marriage registration document, but she ultimately changes her mind. Meanwhile, Seok-moo encounters Mi-ri on his way to the hospital. She invites him for lunch, but he declines. At that moment, Dong-koo encounters Mi-ri outside alone and assumes she’s waiting for him so the two have some lunch together. There, Dong-koo shares with Mi-ri about Seok-moo’s divorce and how Seok-moo is going after his ex-girlfriend now. Of course, Dong-koo has misunderstood Seok-moo’s situation and Mi-ri is given the wrong impression of Seok-moo.

Seok-moo visits Hwi-roo at the hospital where her dad received surgery. He finds her crying outside in the lobby so the two enter Dad’s hospital room. They find both of their parents there talking to one another which surprises the divorced couple. Seok-moo wasn’t expecting his parents to visit Hwi-roo’s parents. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Chan-jin also works at the same hospital Dad is in and Ma-roo enters the room a few seconds later. Chan-jin introduces himself as Ma-roo’s boyfriend to Dad, but Seok-moo’s explanation to Hwi-roo proves otherwise. Ma-roo and Chan-jin are no longer in a relationship with each other.

Ma-roo and Chan-jin have a talk with each other outside in the lobby. Ma-roo explains to Chan-jin that she never felt comfortable with him during their relationship. She then brings up the night when the two slept with each other. Ma-roo expresses discontent and disgust with what happened that night, but Chan-jin interprets the situation as something totally different. Ma-roo finally has to spell it out to Chan-jin for him to understand: he raped her that night. Instead of worrying about Ma-roo, Chan-jin focuses on himself and claims that he did nothing wrong (AHHHHH this is so frustrating).

Both parents share with Hwi-roo and Seok-moo their plans of a family portrait together. Since the two didn’t have a wedding, they should at least take a family photo. To distract their parents from talking about the family photo, Hwi-roo and Seok-moo take turns explaining why they shouldn’t take one.

Seok-moo explains that Hwi-roo can always meet a better person while Seok-moo should take the chance to meet someone who Dad actually likes. The two continue to list out different reasons or excuses until Hwi-roo’s Dad snaps. The both of them are meant for each other because no one else would want to be with them. LOL. Hwi-roo and Seok-moo eventually give up and have no choice but to take a family portrait together.

Seok-moo still creates a fuss with Dad over the family portrait. He’ll only be in the photo if Grandma is in it as well. Of course, this angers Dad and he grows mad at Seok-moo for even making such a suggestion. Meanwhile, Hwi-roo’s parents are excited at the thought of the family portrait. They encourage Ma-roo to invite Chan-jin to the photo session, but she disagrees. She doesn’t like him nor is she in a relationship with him. Hwi-roo supports Ma-roo’s thoughts and adds that she doesn’t like Chan-jin herself. Mom and Dad begin to change their mind upon hearing Hwi-roo’s comments.


On the ride back home, Hwi-roo and Seok-moo have a hard time believing that they’ll be taking a family portrait after getting divorced. Hwi-roo dozes off a few seconds later and rests on Seok-moo’s shoulder to sleep. The next morning, Yoo-young receives a visit from Eun-joo who tries on the wedding dress that Yoo-young has made for her. While Yoo-young tends to Eun-joo’s complaints about the dress, Eun-joo apologizes to Yoo-young for the incident at her shop with the store owner. Yoo-young doesn’t think too much about it, but she finally recognizes who Eun-joo is when Eun-joo accidentally mentions Jang-hyun’s name in front of her.

Jang-hyun is at work when his friend updates him on a high school colleague named Se-jin. Although she’s now divorced and has moved out of the country, she once ran away with Jang-hyun when they were in high school. What would things have been like for her had she stayed with Jang-hyun? Jang-hyun is then reminded of the moments when he ran away with Se-jin in high school. We also see the train traveling through the tunnel that Jang-hyun frequently dreams about.

Since Eun-joo outs herself in front of Yoo-young, she reveals to Yoo-young her true intentions and colors. She pities Yoo-young and adds that she should stop trying to act like the perfect wife. Hwi-roo overhears Eun-joo’s harsh words to Yoo-young so she warns Eun-joo to apologize to Yoo-young. However, Eun-joo doesn’t go down without a fight and she slaps Hwi-roo in the face. Since the two are even, Hwi-roo lets Eun-joo go.

Seok-moo finds Grandma unexpectedly at their guest house doing some housecleaning. She questions why he’s been sleeping in the other room instead of with Hwi-roo, but Seok-moo covers up any hints of the divorce with an excuse.

Back at the shop, Hwi-roo explains that she stopped by Yoo-young’s shop to buy an outfit for the family portrait. Yoo-young then grows curious and asks Hwi-roo if she also knew about the marriage registration situation. Hwi-roo admits that she did and learns how Yoo-young eventually found out about the document herself. Yoo-young adds that she’s feeling okay though which is relieving news to Hwi-roo.

At Grandma’s cafe, Seok-moo informs Jang-hyun about the situation. Yoo-young is now aware of how he never registered their marriage at all. Jang-hyun doesn’t have much of a reaction though which confuses Seok-moo. What confuses him even more is when Jang-hyun suddenly comments under his breath that he loves Yoo-young (“I thought you were saying that to me!” Lol). Jang-hyun apologizes to Seok-moo, but Seok-moo doesn’t blame Jang-hyun for cheating. All men – including himself – want to try it at one point. Of course, Grandma overhears Seok-moo’s comment which freaks Seok-moo out, lol.


When Jang-hyun gets home, Yoo-young shares with him a photo of her parents taken during their honeymoon. They both point out how happy Yoo-young’s parents looked in the photo. After taking a look at the portrait, Yoo-young and Jang-hyun agree to go on a camping trip together.

It’s the day of the family portrait session. When Hwi-roo and Seok-moo arrive at the location, they find their parents in Hanbok outfits. Seok-young and her family have also been invited to the photo session. Hwi-roo and Seok-moo are hesitant to tell their respective families about their divorce because everyone seems so happy.

Seok-young has a talk with her husband about their son, Sung-bin. Although it’s obvious she cares more about their kid and the family, her husband is less worried than she is and complains about his work as a prosecutor instead. Just like Seok-moo was, Seok-young too seems dissatisfied with her marriage.

Speaking of Sung-bin, he argues with Ma-roo after sticking his cell phone camera up her skirt during a live stream. She grows upset at him and attacks him with harsh words after he calls her an ugly woman with a bad temper. Ma-roo pulls out a mirror and shows Sung-bin the reflection of his face. She claims that he’s just as ugly and that he doesn’t even have the brains to make up for his looks unlike his dad who is at least a prosecutor. LOL, omg Ma-roo is so petty but I love her! The family eventually take a family photo together once everyone arrives at the studio.

Hwi-roo has no luck or success in becoming an author. No publishing company is willing to accept her work. Hwi-roo grows discouraged and throws out a box full of her work outside next to the trash. She’s shortly greeted by Shi-ho who’s stopped by the house to pick up his motorbike. Shi-ho encourages Hwi-roo to keep trying with her dreams of becoming an author. She shouldn’t give up no matter how difficult it can be. In order to cheer her (and himself) up, the two head out to have some fun with each other.

The two have so much fun together Shi-ho accidentally spills some of his coffee on his shirt. Hwi-roo invites him over to the apartment to change since he has work that day. While Shi-ho changes in the apartment, Grandma also arrives at the apartment to give Hwi-roo some delicious side dishes that Mom’s sent her. Shi-ho accidentally appears in front of Grandma after Grandma quietly enters the apartment which causes Hwi-roo to panic. Grandma is too shocked to say anything she hands Hwi-roo the side dishes and quickly leaves afterwards. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Seok-moo has dinner with Mi-ri like how he promised her. While eating, Seok-moo admits that he finds himself bothersome and annoying, but Mi-ri feels otherwise. She confesses that she likes him and tests his reaction to her confession by indirectly inviting him to sleep with her that night. However, Seok-moo is uncertain with his feelings and needs some time to think things over.

When Seok-moo arrives home, Hwi-roo updates him about Grandma. Though Hwi-roo got caught in the act instead of directly telling Grandma herself, Grandma is now aware about their divorce. Seok-moo grows frustrated at Hwi-roo for inviting Shi-ho over to their place and especially for getting caught by Grandma.

To make up for their mistake, the two have a conversation with Grandma that night. Seok-moo attempts to clarify the situation with Grandma, but she gets straight to the point. She wants to know if Hwi-roo and Seok-moo are divorced. Seok-moo eventually has to admit that he and Hwi-roo are which Grandma isn’t happy with. She will never condone divorce after all that she had to go through as a divorcee herself.


Grandma closes the cafe for the next day. Hwi-roo updates Ma-roo about the news, but Grandma isn’t mad at Hwi-roo. In fact, Ma-roo invites Hwi-roo over to the cafe that night to spend some time with Grandma. They’ll be having a little get-together with just them and no men allowed. After informing Hwi-roo about the small party, Ma-roo returns her focus on Soo-kyung. Seeing Soo-kyung reminds Ma-roo of their first interaction ever. Soo-kyung had signed the lease for the apartment after Hwi-roo moved out, but she allowed Ma-roo to live with her since Ma-roo needed a place to live. Ever since then, they’ve been roommates and close friends.

While at work, Yoo-young reminisces about the moment when her mom showed her as a young child her dad having an affair with another woman. Later on that night, Seok-moo and Jang-hyun stop by Grandma’s cafe, but end up grabbing drinks at a bar instead since the cafe is closed. There, Jang-hyun invites Seok-moo to go camping with him and Yoo-young. It’ll be fun and exciting.

Grandma, Ma-roo, Soo-kyung, and Yoo-young all throw a divorce party for Hwi-roo at the cafe that night to celebrate the end of her marriage. LOL. After having an intelligent and critical conversation about marriage, divorce, and gender roles, they all bring the attention back to Hwi-roo. Hwi-roo admits that she originally wanted children with Seok-moo, but she herself wasn’t too sure why.

It’s all over now though since Hwi-roo is divorced. Grandma shows Hwi-roo her support and adds that the divorce is not the end, but simply the beginning to a journey filled with many more challenges. However, Grandma knows herself just how hard it can get and just how much support is needed which is why she threw the divorce party for Hwi-roo. To relieve themselves of their stress, Grandma suggests that they all dance to some music.

So while our five ladies dance out and about in the rain outside without caring about anything in the world, Jang-hyun and Seok-moo observe the ladies dance so effortlessly. They’re a bit scared and too shocked to utter a word or to interrupt the group.

My Thoughts:


Haha, Seok-moo and Jang-hyun’s reaction to the dancing was too hilarious! While I found the dancing scene a bit random and odd (it felt a little out of place to me and also gave me some ‘Age of Youth’ vibes), I can understand why the drama incorporated it and the message that it was sending viewers. Hwi-roo are surrounded by a bunch of strong, confident, and intelligent ladies who are well aware of their wants and needs in life. That could explain for why Hwi-roo herself is so strong and confident as well and although the life as a divorcee is widely unfamiliar to her right now, there’s peace and content in knowing that she’s not alone thanks to the support of her family and friends.

Sooner or later, Grandma was going to eventually find out about the divorce so I’m glad that we got that out of the way. I also liked Grandma’s reaction to the divorce because I thought it was realistic and true to her character. Although she didn’t approve of the divorce or didn’t like the way that she found out about it, she still gave Hwi-roo her support because she knows just how hard it is as a single woman and divorcee. She doesn’t want Hwi-roo to go through the same challenges she went through so she tries her best to support Hwi-roo as well as to show Hwi-roo that she didn’t make the wrong choice in getting the divorce. Obviously, Hwi-roo has many mixed and conflicted feelings about the divorce and might even feel like it was the wrong decision, but Grandma and the rest of the ladies were there to remind Hwi-roo that it’s final and that she did the best that she could. There’s no turning back now and there shouldn’t be. There can only be good days ahead.


It makes me sad to know that Hwi-roo and Seok-moo are actually officially divorced now though. I know it was going to happen and the fun part is watching the two still be affiliated with each other even after separating. However, it just breaks my heart to see the two quietly yearn for each other in their most vulnerable ways and in the least unexpected moments. They’re constantly reminded of each other and are constantly thinking about the other. Of course, the misunderstandings never stop and they still have a hard time understanding each other, but their love for each other never actually disappeared. If anything, the divorce only proved to them both just how much they still want to be in each other’s lives. Whether it’s Seok-moo indirectly rejecting Mi-ri’s feelings or Hwi-roo staring at Seok-moo as he watches them dance in the rain, small moments like these say so much about how they feel about each other.

Of course, there’s also the hilarious and comedic antics where Hwi-roo and Seok-moo are more involved in each other’s life after getting divorced. The family portrait was just a hilarious example out of many illustrating how close and tight-knit the two are to each other. There are many things that are bound to result from three years of marriage and a strong family bond between Hwi-roo and Seok-moo’s respective families is definitely one of them.

Ma-roo and Chan-jin’s relationship is so interesting not only because it’s a different type of relationship compared to the rest of the relationships in this drama (they’re not married and neither of them are cheating on each other with someone else), but also because it brings up so many good points about relationships in general. Ma-roo wasn’t afraid to break it to Chan-jin that he raped her the night that they slept together and I found that so incredibly brave and commendable of her. Chan-jin remains a frustrating, annoying, and irritating character for forcing himself into Ma-roo’s life and for still pushing for a relationship that clearly isn’t existent anymore. He knows no boundaries and it’s unclear what’s going to make him finally realize that he needs to stop once and for all (hopefully Soo-kyung will be the one to put him in his place).

Now that Yoo-young is aware of the marriage registration situation, I doubt she will be holding her silence and tongue for much longer. She’s attempting to find ways to console herself, but she’s also testing Jang-hyun’s reaction to all of this. Should she stay with Jang-hyun or should she end things with him once and for all? There are many questions that she has about him and their marriage and the doubts and concerns are starting to show on her face, but things still remain relatively quiet for now. Maybe that camping trip that she and Jang-hyun plan to embark on will prove to Yoo-young just where Jang-hyun stands in all of this and how he truly feels about her.

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