MaryMeKpop: Brief hiatus until further notice

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Hello friends and community! I have unfortunate news (that hopefully won’t be unfortunate for much longer), but I’ll be on a brief hiatus until further notice.

I’ve been having problems with my laptop (accidentally spilled some water on it so now it has some water damage) so I won’t be able to make any posts or recaps until my laptop is fixed. Hopefully my laptop will get fixed within the next few days so that I can catch up on recaps. reviews, posts, and many other things (I just came back from watching the BTS movie in the movie theaters so I’ll be posting about that too!). Not having the ability to use my laptop the last few days has been extremely painful and challenging, lol. I’ve been using it for almost everything everyday so now I’ve just been mainly browsing on my phone for everything. Times have truly been different and hard (I’m typing this using an external keyboard and it is not fun T_T)!

Hopefully, this hiatus won’t last for too long. You can follow the official Twitter account for MaryMeKpop for the latest updates in case I’m unable to make another updated post on this blog within the next few days.

Hope y’all have been taking care of yourself! Stay warm, dry, and safe always ❤

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