Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 3 Recap


As seen in the past two episodes, love is in the air for some of our characters. However, the hard part is getting that love reciprocated when times remain confusing and puzzling for everyone. As Yi-hyun attempts to make clear of his thoughts and feelings for Ok-nam, Ok-nam is already confident on how she feels towards Yi-hyun.

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Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 3 Recap

In a private talk with Yi-hyun, Ok-nam attempts to get Yi-hyun to remember her and his memories. She grabs his hands and cups them around her face. As she tears up in hopes that Yi-hyun will recall his memory, Yi-hyun stares at Ok-nam in confusion. While the camera pans on a cheerful Ok-nam smiling at another fairy in fairyland, a voice over from Ok-nam comments that immortals like her are meant to love and respect humans.

Yi-hyun wakes up late the next morning and is 10 minutes late to his class. Since he’s late, his students encourage him to cancel class anyways. However, Professor Yi-hyun gets upset and lectures the students for wanting to skip class for the day. His students take notice of his grumbling behavior.

Ok-nam continues to share more information about immortals: they serve deities in nature and connect deities with the human world. Immortals sometimes live in the fairy world and sometimes in the human realm. They have no greed for fortune so they are free of money, authority, and reputation. Immortals live around people without anyone else knowing, sometimes even themselves.


Kim Geum carefully plans out his “Outfit of the Day” and searches through his closet for a shirt. As he looks inside his closet, he finds the pair of pants that he had bought for Grandma Ok-nam during their last interaction before she moved out of his room. Meanwhile, Yi-hyun waits for Doctor Lee in her office. While she stops by Ok-nam’s coffee shop to grab herself (and Yi-hyun) some coffee, Yi-hyun keeps himself occupied by reading Jeom-soon’s fanfic. When Doctor Lee finally enters her office, she hands Yi-hyun his cup of coffee which was given to him by Grandma Ok-nam. Yi-hyun finds it bothering that Ok-nam gave him some free coffee in her small little pink bottle.

Later on that day, Yi-hyun watches as Kim Geum and Ok-nam have a conversation with each other at the small coffee shop. It seems like he’s not the only one who sees Ok-nam as a young woman and not Grandma Ok-nam. After ordering some coffee, Kim Geum asks Ok-nam details on her barista skills. It turns out Ok-nam learned how to brew coffee from a fairy from Ethiopia back in the fairy realm. Kim Geum and Ok-nam then solidify plans to watch a movie that Saturday. Score for Kim Geum!

Teacher Gu and Wizard Park bicker with each other over packing for their trip to Seoul. Teacher Gu advises Wizard Park not to carry too many things; Ok-nam should already have many of the things they might need. Though Wizard Park refuses to at first, he ends up sneaking a few bags of rice out of his bag while Teacher Gu is distracted. Haha.

Ok-nam embroiders an image of a crane on a piece of fabric – representative of the robe that civil servants used to wear back in the days. She plans on giving it to Yi-hyun since he’s now been reincarnated as a literary scholar. After listening to her mom, Jeom-soo decides to take a break and resume with her fanfic writing outside on the school campus. While struggling to write the story, someone secretly films and records Jeom-soo from not too far away.

After filming Jeom-soo, the young man who is also a college student requests for Doctor Lee to star in his upcoming documentary. Doctor Lee revisits the files of the student who he claims she treated a few years ago. His name is Um Gyeong-sul and he was seeking treatment from her for Ripley’s Syndrome – a psychological condition where the patient builds a delusional fantasy based on lies. After looking through the files, Doctor Lee accepts the offer to be in his documentary.

Kim Geum enters his lab room and have a friendly talk with his female colleague. While she complains about the team’s dinner that will be hosted that night (“he better not do another impersonation of BTS’s Jimin!” LOL), Kim Geum’s other colleague – Gyeong-sik – notifies Kim Geum to meet with Yi-hyun. While Kim Geum leaves, Gyeong-sik notices the tumbler on Kim Geum’s desk filled with Ok-nam’s coffee.

Yi-hyun and Kim Geum have a special meeting to discuss their escape plan at the team dinner. In order to avoid paying for the dinner, they’ll leave as soon as possible so that another professor – Professor Park – can pick it up instead. Yi-hyun goes on to explaining the details to Kim Geum and even maps out their plan on a piece of paper. However, their meeting is cut short by an abrupt visit by their female colleague. Gyeong-sik is acting abnormally.

Back in the lab, Gyeong-sik is seen typing his lab report at an extremely cautious rate of one page per minute. Something in the coffee must have prompted his strange behavior. Meanwhile, Bong-dae returns to her coffee shop to take a break from all her gaming. She encourages Ok-nam to also take a break from work and to tour the campus instead. Being surrounded by students also reminds Ok-nam of the days when she used to be a student back in fairyland.

Ok-nam pops in and out during Yi-hyun’s lecture which freaks him out. She speaks with him after class and hands him the gift that she had embroidered for him. Yi-hyun is more curious about her though and why she keeps following him everywhere. Now she’s even present in his lectures! However, Ok-nam defends that she once would follow the man she once loved when he was still alive 700 years ago. Now he’s been reincarnated as a literary scholar so she wants to check up on him. After handing Yi-hyun her gift, Ok-nam walks away timidly. Yi-hyun opens it to find a t-shirt with two cranes embroidered on it. Haha.


Ok-nam skips down the sidewalk after giving Yi-hyun the gift. A day in fairyland translates to a year in the human realm. Ok-nam will wait for Yi-hyun as long as she has to. She’s already been waiting 699 days so far.

Back in the lab, Kim Geum’s female colleague visits Bong-dae’s cafe to also order herself the same coffee drink that Gyeong-sik drank. However, it’s not Ok-nam, but Bong-dae instead who brews her the coffee. Meanwhile, Wizard Park, Teacher Gu, and Fairy Oh all arrive at the train station to head to Seoul. Times have truly changed as they find out they have to take the KTX to get to Seoul, not the Train Pigeon which they used to take in the past, haha.

Kim Geum’s female colleague drinks Bong-dae’s coffee, but nothing happens to her. Bong-dae ended up brewing her the same drink she usually does. Haha. Kim Geum makes his way to the office department to run an errand. On the way there, he notices Jeom-soon (in her human form) and fears for cat Jeom-soo’s life. Did she do something to the cat? Where’s the cat? As Jeom-soo attempts to stop Kim Geum, her anger slowly consumes her and she slowly transforms into a cat. Jeom-soo has to punch Kim Geum in the face for him to finally stop.


The two clear up any misunderstandings with each other. Jeom-soo confesses to Kim Geum that she’s both a cat and a human and transforms from one to the other during certain times. With the cat out of the bag, the two befriend each other as humans. Kim Geum even offers to buy Jeom-soo a new laptop so that she can keep writing her fanfic, but she encourages him to use his money on himself.

Our trio finally gets on the train and waits in excitement to reunite with Ok-nam in Seoul. Meanwhile, Ok-nam notifies Jeom-soo about the movie date she’s going on with Kim Geum on Saturday. She also is reminded of Wizard Park, Fairy Oh, and Teacher Gu after Jeom-soo brings them up in their conversation. Ok-nam makes plans to contact them via letter.

Yi-hyun and Kim Geum attend the team dinner that night. Of course, Yi-hyun’s enemy, Professor Park, is also there. However, it’s not Professor Park who has both Yi-hyun and Kim Geum’s attention, but a group of teaching assistants sitting not too far away. They all discuss about the coffee shop Ok-nam is working at and how she keeps relaying to customers that she’s a fairy. To break the discussion, Yi-hyun encourages everyone to drink some soju instead of gossip about Ok-nam.

Our trio arrives in what they assume is Seoul, but they quickly find it suspicious when they overhear some passerby’s speak in a dialect. It turns out they’ve arrived in Mokpo instead, not Seoul. LOL. Back at the dinner, Yi-hyun drinks a little too much and argues with Professor Park about science. However, he’s still conscious enough to pull off the plan he communicated with Kim Geum and the two make their grand escape so they won’t have to pay for the dinner.

While walking over to a bench in the park, Yi-hyun complains about the road trip he took with Kim Geum. If only he hadn’t gone on that trip, none of this would have happened. Kim Geum eventually leaves to return to the restaurant to retrieve their cell phones that they left there. However, when he arrives at the restaurant, Kim Geum fails to find anyone. It’s empty. While everyone might be gone, their cell phones aren’t and the bill for the team dinner certainly isn’t either. The restaurant owner demands that Kim Geum pay. Hahaha, so much for all that planning!


Back at the bench, Jeom-soon approaches a drunk Yi-hyun in the form of a tiger while he lays on the bench. Yi-hyun whispers the name ‘Jeom-soon’ while laying right across from Jeom-soon and recalls a memory where young Jeom-soon from 700 years ago was sitting next to a grave. Jeom-soon brings Yi-hyun home to Ok-nam so that Ok-nam can care for him.

As Yi-hyun lays on Ok-nam’s lap, he once again whispers Jeom-soon’s name and apologizes that she had to live a life without her dad. Ok-nam tears up at the sound of the apology and whispers three words of her own: my dear husband.

My Thoughts:

More Moon Chae-won and Yoon Hyun-min please! More more more! I should probably stop being so greedy since they’re our two main leads and will have many more scenes together, but I absolutely loved that ending scene. Just the way that Ok-nam continues to receive more and more reasons to believe her doubts that Yi-hyun is her reincarnated husband is so bittersweet. After 699 years (days in fairyland) of waiting, she believes she’s finally found him. All that waiting has finally paid off (or has it?).

I’m afraid that the drama is hyping Yi-hyun to be the husband too early into the drama that he won’t actually be the husband by the end. That’s my biggest fear at this point (among many things). I so desperately want Yi-hyun to be the husband, but the drama has already been focusing immensely on him and providing us with hints of his identity as the reincarnated husband that I’m afraid the drama is just trolling us. We still have 13 more episodes to go and there are already some hints that Yi-hyun might be the reincarnated husband. What’s going to happen in the next 13 episodes if we have already received some hints now?


I guess I shouldn’t be complaining that we’re receiving hints in the first place. I love Moon Chae-won and Yoon Hyun-min so much so I’m willing to sit through an hour to watch them both, but I find the pacing of each episode a little slow. This episode felt slow and dry to me, and I just don’t know if it was just me or if the episode was lacking content and substance. There wasn’t much happening, and it was the same old routine of Yi-hyun being confused, Kim Geum chasing after Ok-nam, and Ok-nam following up on her doubts and suspicions. Granted, this is the overall premise and storyline, but there wasn’t much in this episode that was gripping. I enjoy our characters, but there’s only so much you can do with the Seoul visit. I’m hoping the drama will up the intensity or pick up the pace a little bit and give us something new and refreshing.

I also am not the biggest fan of the CGI. Jeom-soon’s cat and tiger appearance is not helping at all and is so distracting. I can’t bring myself to enjoy the drama when Jeom-soon looks so odd as a tiger/cat. This even comes as surprise since it’s tvN we’re talking about here so I wished they could improve on the CGI. However, it doesn’t seem like they have any intentions of changing that so we’re pretty much stuck with this form of Jeom-soon for now. I’m also glad that we’re receiving background story and context on both Ok-nam’s former life as a fairy and her marriage with her husband. I can do without all the scenes of Ok-nam in fairyland (a little tacky for me and not completely necessary), but I’m loving the scenes of Ok-nam with her husband 700 years ago. It gives us insight on why Ok-nam believes Yi-hyun is her reincarnated husband and why she does the things she does (i.e.: following him to Seoul, cupping her face with his hands, handing him a t-shirt with cranes, watching his lectures, etc.). These are details that she and her husband used to do in the past, and she’s revisiting those memories with Yi-hyun in the present. I appreciate these small details that gives us insight on Ok-nam’s motives for her actions and decisions.


Of course, the ending scene is what’s puzzling. It seems like Yi-hyun has some memory related to Jeom-soon and her life 700 years ago. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high too early in fear that the drama will just disappoint in the end (I really hope Yi-hyun is the reincarnated husband), but there’s really no explanation for that ending scene other than that Yi-hyun himself is the reincarnated husband. How does he know about Jeom-soon and how she grew up without a dad? The whispering of the name is not what caught my attention, but rather when he apologized for making Jeom-soon live her life without her dad. That’s a specific detail that neither Jeom-soon or Ok-nam told him (right?). Things are slowly unfolding for our characters, and maybe Ok-nam will eventually find her reincarnated husband who she’s been waiting for the past 700 years.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the episode 🙂

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