Dae Jang-geum is Watching: Episode 6 Recap

Things are not what they always seem and Seung-ah learns this firsthand. She comes to terms with the fact that she still has a long way to go with San-hae and that their relationship is purely that of a professional relationship. However, things certainly always aren’t like what they seem and things could always certainly change in the future.

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Dae Jang-geum is Watching Episode 6: The Sixth Meal, Would You Like a Bowl of Delusion?

While getting ready for work, San-hae reminisces the moment Seung-ah confessed to him back at the night of their business trip. He admits that he’s good-looking, but memories of his past relationships reminds him otherwise. While eating some breakfast, our three siblings recall their past relationships. San-hae can’t kiss anyone because his tongue gets paralyzed; unfortunately, none of his ex-girlfriends understood this strange power and broke up with him over it. Jin-mi’s nose bleeds every time her heart beats over a boy so she distanced herself from her high school crush so her nose would stop bleeding. As for Jung-sik, he almost killed his ex-girlfriend after trying to hold her hand. Because of the powers that our three siblings possess, they find it hard to be in relationships.

After breakfast, San-hae heads to work and finds Seung-ah waiting outside the work building. He assumes she’s waiting for him so to avoid meeting with her, he changes work shifts with Won Bin. Contrary to what San-hae thought, Seung-ah wasn’t waiting for San-hae. She too is attempting to avoid San-hae as much as possible and also asks a co-worker to change shifts with him.

Min-hyuk has a meeting with the CEO of his entertainment company who also happens to be his uncle. In exchange for being a model of an anti-smoking campaign, Uncle will give Jin-mi an opportunity to enter the entertainment company. Min-hyuk abides and he offers Jin-mi the opportunity to model with him for the campaign.

Back at work, Manager Lee stops by San-hae’s desk and drops off a card and cake on his desk. Won Bin approaches her not too long afterwards and it’s obvious the two have some sort of connection to each other now after their business trip. When Won Bin and Manager Lee leave to head to the conference room, San-hae reads the card that Manager Lee wrote for him and catches sight of the cake resting on his desk. He assumes they were both from Seung-ah and grows agitated.

Minutes later, Seung-ah reminds San-hae of their staff meeting where everyone is waiting for him. When the meeting begins, Manager Lee doesn’t reprimand Won Bin despite his poor results and efforts at work. If it was anyone else, she would have gotten angry and mad, but she doesn’t show any frustration at Won Bin. Eventually, the meeting ends and Seung-ah learns that San-hae never treated her to beef during the time she grabbed lunch with him. It was a treat by Manager Lee who unfortunately couldn’t make it to lunch with San-hae that one time. Seung-ah slowly begins to understand and recognize that she’s not the only one who San-hae cares for; she isn’t special as she had originally thought. Seung-ah grows discouraged and embarrassed over her realization. 

Jung-sik wishes to start his live stream at home without Jin-mi around. Just when he’s about to start, she interrupts his livestream twice to recommend him different dishes he can cook. Meanwhile, Seung-ah and San-hae head to the dealership together for work. On the way there, Seung-ah feigns ignorance and pretends to not remember anything on the night she confessed to San-hae. San-hae pretends to be okay with the news, but he’s clearly bothered when Seung-ah doesn’t pay him any attention. When her close friend visits the dealership as a client, she focuses all her attention on him which causes San-hae to grow jealous. He even joins the two for lunch even though Seung-ah’s client worries that things might get awkward with the three of them.

At the restaurant, San-hae seats himself a few chairs away from Seung-ah and her client. After ordering their food, San-hae overhears Seung-ah discuss with her client about marriage. He assumes they’re engaged to each other and grows confused at how Seung-ah confessed to him just a few days ago. How could she confess to him while she’s engaged? Thankfully, the food arrives and San-hae keeps himself distracted.

Seung-ah peeks at San-hae to learn how to properly eat the dish. San-hae does know best when it comes to food. After almost finishing their pork gukbap, Seung-ah describes the taste of the dish to San-hae and they prepare to pay for the food. Thankfully, Seung-ah’s client has already paid for the food ahead of time and the three leave the restaurant. San-hae doesn’t seem too happy watching Seung-ah and her client get along so well. Maybe he’s jealous, hehe.

Jin-mi meets with Min-hyuk to learn more about the anti-smoking campaign that he’s offered her to model for with him. Though she’s a bit hesitant at first, Jin-mi accepts the offer in hopes that she’ll immediately hit big and become famous. As a first step, the two audition for the campaign by recording a video of themselves singing to PSY’s ‘New Face’ with lyrics adapted to the anti-smoking campaign. Jung-sik encounters the two on his way back home from the grocery store and teases Jin-mi for dancing with Min-hyuk. However, he also grows worried when he notices that Jin-mi’s nose isn’t bleeding. Maybe she too is losing her powers.

Back at the office, San-hae grows more and more agitated when he witnesses Seung-ah acting sweetly with her client. After she bids farewell with him, he pulls her over to the side to have a talk with her. He scolds her for showing PDA at work with the client and questions who this man is. Seung-ah’s client enters seconds later and responds that he’s Seung-ah’s cousin. San-hae quickly grows embarrassed and overhears Seung-ah clear misunderstandings with her cousin outside the office.

Seung-ah does still like San-hae, but it’s one-sided. That could explain for why she kept on taking his side every time they talked about San-hae. Seung-ah’s cousin isn’t the biggest fan of San-hae, but Seung-ah defends him. San-hae takes good care of her and looks after her; he’s a kind man. San-hae overhears Seung-ah speak nicely about him and grows relieved and moved at her comments. Seung-ah speaks more about her feelings for San-hae outside of the dealership. Things are ambiguous between her and San-hae at the moment, but it’ll be fine. She’ll manage somehow.

Jung-sik starts his livestream since he has all his ingredients prepared. His dish for dinner that night is pork backbone stew. Just like with all the other dishes, he shows viewers how to prepare for the dish and how to cook it. And just like all the other times, the three siblings join one another for dinner that evening. However, it’s obvious that something’s wrong with San-hae. He doesn’t seem to be as lively and excited for the food.

Jung-sik and Jin-mi assumes it has something to do with Seung-ah, but San-hae doesn’t deny it. He seems sad over the fact that Seung-ah is going to quit liking him. San-hae excuses himself early from dinner so Jung-sik and Jin-mi battle it out on who will be the one getting them some ice cream. Jung-sik loses so he sets out to buy the ice cream, lol.

Seung-ah grows worried over San-hae’s torn jacket. She can’t get it fixed and she’s not so sure about buying a new one. Thankfully, she encounters Jung-sik on the way back to her apartment so the two spend some time buying San-hae’s new jacket. Of course, Jung-sik is unaware that Seung-ah is using him to buy San-hae a new jacket so he assumes she’s just buying it for a close colleague like she stated. Jung-sik tries on a few different suits, but Seung-ah eventually buys the one she believes San-hae would look best in.

Jin-mi receives great news on her anti-smoking campaign audition with Min-hyuk. Both she and Min-hyuk have passed the first round and were accepted. She shares the great news with Min-hyuk and grows excited at the thought of a second chance at success. Meanwhile, San-hae drinks alone at home and eats some of Jung-sik’s pork backbone stew. He imagines how Seung-ah would react if she was eating the stew with him at home.

After shopping for a new suit, Seung-ah and Jung-sik walk back home together. Seung-ah grows curious as to why Jung-sik is sporting the black glove on his left hand and questions him about it. Jung-sik requests to touch Seung-ah since he can’t explain his superpower in mere words. Seung-ah freaks out at first and assumes Jung-sik’s a pervert, but she eventually gives in. Unlike what she thought, Jung-sik removes his glove and touches her face with his left hand. Just like all the other times, Seung-ah doesn’t feel anything burning on her face. Jung-sik grows confused. Is Seung-ah a strange woman or a special woman?

The ending statement for the episode recites:

Heart-fluttering moments are stored in my heart one-by-one, but I cannot count them all because you’re by my side. Because you’re smiling. Because I’m having this gukbap with you.

My heart is touched by a spoonful of the soup, and my heart is moved with another spoonful of the soup. With a spoonful of this hot gukbap, I try to appease my hard-beating heart.

My Thoughts:

NOOOOOO. NOOOOOOOO. Damn it San-hae, just say you also like Seung-ah and confess to her! I have too many conflicted feelings about the relationship development between Jung-sik and Seung-ah. Obviously, he’s interested in her as he explicitly shared with Jin-mi and Jung-sik is curious about Seung-ah. What I was most afraid of this entire time is slowly coming true.

Of course, I think Jung-sik is more curious and interested in Seung-ah less romantically and more because she’s different from others. She doesn’t feel anything when he touches her with his left hand or when he holds her hand. Seung-ah should be burning or should be feeling some kind of heat, but she doesn’t feel anything. I’m hoping this is the perspective and position that Jung-sik is approaching Seung-ah from, and not from a position of romantic interest. I’ve already mentioned this before in earlier recaps, but I hope Seung-ah and Jung-sik doesn’t develop a romantic love line with each other. It’s wrong for so many reasons and in so many ways.

I’m fully content with how Seung-ah and San-hae’s relationship is building so far. It was expected that San-hae didn’t reciprocate feelings back to Seung-ah right away; he never liked her like that and never felt that way towards her originally. However, his feelings are put to the test in this episode and it’s so cute watching him act in jealousy towards Seung-ah’s cousin. The ending scene where he also imagined Seung-ah eating the pork backbone stew with him was so bittersweet. He’s had so many meals with Seung-ah it feels odd to not have a meal with her around. However, more than that, it serves as proof that he has feelings for Seung-ah and that his impression of hers has changed. She didn’t criticize him when he acted meanly towards her and instead continued to speak good about him even when he was acting rudely. This proves that Seung-ah’s feelings for San-hae are real and genuine, and that’s probably what sold him in reconsidering his feelings for her. Before, San-hae might not have had a reason to like Seung-ah, but hearing her speak kindly about him even after the whole cousin incident and how she still likes him persuades him to feel otherwise. Given the fact that Seung-ah also plans on forgetting about San-hae and moving on from him only gives him even more reasons to pursue Seung-ah now. I assume that San-hae will slowly but surely reciprocate Seung-ah’s feelings back to her. The one-sided crush she’s had for him this entire time will no longer be one-sided.

Jin-mi’s storyline is a little predictable at this point, but there’s a sense of satisfaction watching her succeed in the smallest things such as the anti-smoking campaign auditions. It’s been so long since she’s passed any audition that she automatically reacts in excitement and hope at receiving that second shot at fame when she got accepted for the anti-smoking campaign. You want good things to happen to her after all that she’s gone through the past decade, and you’re glad that good things are finally coming her way. It’s what she deserves and it’s even better that she has Min-hyuk there to support her and give her that extra boost she needs to break through.

I really hope the drama isn’t setting us up for a love line between Jung-sik and Seung-ah. I liked how Jung-sik was helping Seung-ah with picking out a new suit in this episode because it goes along with my personal wish of Jung-sik being Seung-ah’s sidekick in winning over San-hae’s heart. However, I really hope they don’t fall in love with each other as they spend more time with each other. Please, I hope Jung-sik stays as Seung-ah’s good friend who helps her with San-hae related issues. Of course, I’m curious about Seung-ah and why she’s exempt from San-hae’s powers, but it won’t kill me if I never know the reason why. What will kill me though is if there’s a love triangle between the two brothers and Seung-ah. Drama, please don’t take us there. Please! I’m begging you.

Bonus:  Extra screenshots from the episode~

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