Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 5 Recap

The chase after Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband only gets harder and more confusing as Ok-nam furthers her search. Things aren’t all as they seem to be and Ok-nam has to be especially careful of that when she’s already so confident on who she believes is her reincarnated husband.

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 5 Recap

Kim Geum carries an ill Ok-nam back to her house and rests her on the ground. It seems like Ok-nam’s suffering from a stomachache as a punishment for denying that she’s a fairy – a fairyland rule she wasn’t supposed to break.

Ok-nam dreams about her past in fairyland. Along with two other fairies – Bausae of Dubhe (an immortal portrayed by Kim Geum) and Izy of Mizar-, the three reached a realm in fairyland at the same time. In a conversation with Izy and Bausae, Izy complains about an incident of injustice that she witnessed and wishes to address this incident herself. She has the ability to control fire while Bausae has the ability to control wind. Though things had been going well for the three of them in fairyland, Bausae and Izy suddenly disappeared one day.

When Ok-nam awakens, she finds Jeom-soon staying next to her side. We learn that Geum-soon assisted in taking care of Ok-nam overnight by bringing her some peach juice to cure her of her stomachache. Jeom-soon also wishes to tell Ok-nam about the email she received from the publishing company, but she holds back on that news for now in fear that Ok-nam will panic.

Yi-hyun has a dream where he’s visited by an eelworm. The eelworm wishes to speak to Yi-hyun, but it soon disappears. Ok-nam appears in Yi-hyun’s dream instead. She explains that the jade ring on her finger allows her to visit people’s dreams so she decided to visit Yi-hyun. Furthermore, she adds that she and Yi-hyun used to be connected to each other in the past; they were a married couple. Yi-hyun reacts in shock and surprise, but he wakes up from his dream thanks to Kim Geum’s mom.

When Yi-hyun visits the kitchen, he finds Kim Geum’s Mom cooking while singing a song. Kim Geum’s Mom updates Yi-hyun about Kim Geum’s situation with Ok-nam which is why he couldn’t come home the night before. When Yi-hyun heads to work, he decides to stop by the coffee shop for some coffee. Just like many of the other customers, he becomes disappointed and shocked to find Bong-dae there and not Ok-nam like he had expected. He orders himself a drink from Ok-nam’s menu and asks Bong-dae about Ok-nam’s age. Not too far away, Ok-nam stares lovingly at the pouch that her husband gifted her 699 years ago. Ok-nam recalls certain characteristics that her husband exhibited back then.

Wizard Park, Fairy Oh, and Teacher Gu all receive a second chance at getting things right in Mokpo. After throwing a magic bean into the air, the three return to the morning after they arrived in Mokpo. They recall how Teacher Gu’s wallet had gotten stolen from a thief so they utilize this second chance to chase after him. It’s not until Fairy Oh locks eyes with the thief that she realizes he’s her husband from 300 years ago who ran away with her fairy clothes. Lol.

Speaking of husbands, Doctor Lee grows jealous that Ok-nam claimed Yi-hyun as her husband. She confronts Yi-hyun about it back in her office. There’s no way Yi-hyun can be Ok-nam’s husband. Although Doctor Lee claims she isn’t jealous, it’s obvious that she is. Even when she’s at the gym, she continues to think about the husband statement. She’s so bothered she accidentally falls down from her cycling machine. Gyeong-sul stations himself on a treadmill not too far away and begins recording her shortly after her fall.

Yi-hyun steps outside to take another peek at the coffee shop just in case Ok-nam has returned, but she’s no where to be found. Back at home, Kim Geum eats some home-made food cooked by his mom. They have a conversation about relationships and love. Mom seems a little bit worried about Yi-hyun’s love life since it seems like he’s not so lucky with that, but Kim Geum reassures Mom that Yi-hyun’s a popular guy. What about Kim Geum? Mom is okay with any woman that Kim Geum likes.

Yi-hyun is busy in his laboratory, studying some insects under the microscope. Of course, he begins to imagine the worm as the eelworm he saw the other day in his dream and freaks out. Doctor Lee visits his office a short while later to ask him for a request, but it’s not Doctor Lee who Yi-hyun is occupied with. He finds Ok-nam walking down the hall to drop off a gift for Kim Geum so he helps her locate Yi-hyun’s whereabouts. He’s also a bit disappointed after learning that she wanted to visit Kim Geum and not him.

Ok-nam eventually reunites with Kim Geum and gifts him with a lotus flower as a sign of gratitude for the way he took care of her the other night. Kim Geum is so fascinated with both the plant and Ok-nam he reveals to Yi-hyun that he’s growing fond of Ok-nam. Of course, the lotus flower means a lot to him as it was a sign of hope and optimism for him when he was young. He’s grateful to be reminded of his special talents and abilities thanks to Ok-nam who gave him a lotus flower. While exiting Yi-hyun’s lab, Doctor Lee witnesses Ok-nam interacting with Kim Geum.

While leaving work, Doctor Lee is reminded of Yi-hyun’s descriptions about Ok-nam and how she constantly changes appearances from Grandma Ok-nam to a fairy to just Ok-nam. Doctor Lee assumes that she’s just hallucinating though and that she really didn’t see Ok-nam’s changes in appearances either.

While walking home from work, Kim Geum asks Yi-hyun about his love life and if he’s interested in the woman that Kim Geum’s Mom recommended Yi-hyun. Yi-hyun is irritated by the constant questions about the woman and instead wants to know more about the lotus flower. Kim Geum reveals that it was a gift from Ok-nam in exchange for taking care of Ok-nam the other night she was sick. Kim Geum takes good care of the plant, placing it on the window pane where it receives plenty of energy and love from the moon.

Jeom-soon finalizes plans with the publishing company thanks to Kim Geum. He agrees to meet with the publishing company for her as well as to sign the contract with the company. Since Jeom-soon uncontrollably changes into a cat at times, she doesn’t want to risk anything and ruin the meeting.

While Jeom-soon leaves to get Kim Geum some sausages, Kim Geum wanders around the room and looks around. He notices the pouch that reminds Ok-nam of her husband, but also the egg that he saw back at Ok-nam’s cafe in the mountains. His touch causes the egg to shake so Kim Geum leaves in fear that it will hatch. The egg – whose name is Jeom-dol – speaks from within and calls out for his father.

Jeom-soon notifies Ok-nam about Jeom-dol so the two rush inside the house to care for Jeom-dol. Ok-nam knocks on the egg, but Jeom-soon encourages her mom to let Jeom-dol hatch when he’s ready. Staring at Jeom-dol causes Jeom-soon to grow emotional; she sheds some tears thinking about their life 700 years ago when he would take care of her and cheer her up from nasty comments about her physical appearance. Jeom-soon misses her brother dearly.

Our trio stop by an agency to catch Fairy Oh’s ex-husband who unfortunately escaped from them. They sign themselves up to work as fishermen so that they can work with Fairy Oh’s ex-husband and properly catch him.

Doctor Lee continues to be bothered by Ok-nam. She once again expresses jealousy to Yi-hyun and also adds that she saw Ok-nam as fairy Ok-nam, not Grandma Ok-nam like how she did in the past. This only irks her even more though because young Ok-nam is beautiful and fitting for Yi-hyun. Back at home, Jeom-soon shares with Ok-nam a summary of what happened the night she was sick. Kim Geum was a little clumsy and took quite a long time just to find Ok-nam some peaches.

Ok-nam is grateful nonetheless though. She’s also thankful for her late husband who would spread warmth around the house and to his family. Ok-nam’s just grateful to be reunited with Yi-hyun who she believes is his reincarnated husband.

Yi-hyun drops off one of Kim Geum’s books that he had borrowed in Kim Geum’s room. He glances at the lotus flower on his way out, but stumbles on the stairs as he exits. Yi-hyun is suddenly reminded of the pouch that Ok-nam keeps in her room and recalls a memory from 699 years ago. There, Ok-nam’s late husband addresses with Ok-nam about her winged fairy clothes that had gotten stolen by a deer. Curious and confused, Ok-nam asks the man for his name in which he responds ‘Bausae’, the same fairy who had disappeared back in fairyland.

Ok-nam grows relieved to have reunited with who she believes is a reincarnation of fairy Bausae who she separated from back in fairyland. She hugs the human Bausae and together the two leave with each other after Bausae vows to find Ok-nam’s fairy clothes for her.

My Thoughts:

AHHHHHHH, things are so confusing, but it also sort of makes sense? LOL. So there’s two reincarnations: Fairy Bausae (portrayed by Kim Geum) reincarnated into human Bausae (portrayed by Yi-hyun) and eventually reincarnated 699 years later as either human Yi-hyun or Kim Geum. Gaaah, it’s making my head spin because things are getting much more complicated and complex than I thought, but I’m also liking that we now have some sort of explanation as to how Kim Geum himself is a possible contender as Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband.

I guess that was what I was primary confused about this entire time. Until this episode, the drama had been setting up Yi-hyun as Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband so I was confused as to why they were even incorporating Kim Geum into the mix. All the hints they provided so far lead to Yi-hyun. However, with this episode and all the information we received about Fairy Bausae, it’s now plausible that Kim Geum is Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband. It’s fair game for both Yi-hyun and Kim Geum now so anything is possible. I guess this is where the fun starts, but I’m also afraid that the husband guessing game and hunt will be tiring.

I assume the drama is going to drag out the husband searching and hunting game until the last few episodes and give us an equal amount of hints for both Yi-hyun and Kim Geum as to who could be Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband. There isn’t a definite answer that human Bausae from 699 years ago is the reincarnated version of fairy Bausae (Fairy Ok-nam just assumed it was because they had the same name), but I can also see how the drama would utilize that detail to explain Kim Geum’s participation in all of this. Regardless, the drama has gotten a lot more interesting now that we also learned that Kim Geum was a fairy himself many centuries ago. I’m not so sure why it was such an unexpected plot twist for me, but it certainly was and I just remembered how my jaw dropped the moment I saw fairy Kim Geum in fairyland. I assumed he was just going to be a normal character in this drama, but he also was a fairy himself once back then. That totally gives him a shot at being the reincarnated husband which was somewhat expected in the drama. It also doesn’t help that Jeom-dol was calling out for his father when Kim Geum was touching him.

It’s this unexpected plot twist at the end that piqued my interest with this drama again. After the last two episodes, my interest and hope in the drama was slowly fading and I realized that it was not exactly the type of drama that I had wanted it to be nor was expecting it to be. The drama is slow and at times dry, and there’s not a lot going on. Plus, Wizard Park, Fairy Oh, and Teacher Gu’s storyline seems completely different from that of the main premise with Ok-nam. It just didn’t mesh well to me and it seemed like there were two completely different dramas. However, things started to improve in this episode, and I’m glad that our trio’s storyline is starting to relate to Ok-nam’s in that Fairy Oh herself is also chasing after her ex-husband. Just like 300 years ago when he stole her fairy clothes, he stole money from Teacher Gu in the present. It’s going to be fun watching our trio chase after Fairy Oh’s ex-husband.

I’m also loving that Yi-hyun was a little bit jealous of how much attention Ok-nam was giving Kim Geum in this episode. Since he’s so confused with Ok-nam’s identity and the way she keeps calling him her husband, he’s probably a little accustomed to it and continues to want that attention. It’s nice to see some kind of other reaction from him other than mild confusion and fear when interacting with Ok-nam. Now, he becomes disappointed or jealous when she asks for Kim Geum instead of him which will hopefully prompt him to act differently around her. 

I’m hoping the drama keeps up this momentum and maybe even pick up a little bit. There was so much potential for this drama to be so good and although my expectations for it has paled a little, I’m also keeping my hopes up in that it will stay consistent with this level of pacing and storytelling at least. 

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