Dae Jang-geum is Watching: Episode 7 Recap

Our three siblings each have their own separate power which they learn more about as they explore these powers. Seung-ah herself wants to pick up on a power of her own and seeks the assistance of Jung-sik to help her advance her cooking skills into a strength, talent, and powers of hers.

Dae Jang-geum is Watching Episode 7: The Seventh Meal, A Fidgety Heart and a Delayed Confession

Jung-sik places his left hand on Seung-ah’s cheeks and asks if she feels anything. Seung-ah waits in confusion, unsure of what exactly she should be feeling. Jung-sik explains that his power has to do with his left hand and how it easily warms up. However, more than that, the glove on his left hand is sort of like his trademark. Seung-ah finds his left hand fascinating, but she also reminds him to focus on his cooking show. Sometimes, Jung-sik’s cooking is too unrealistic and difficult to follow along. The two bicker at each other and Jung-sik finally realizes that Seung-ah was the one who was criticizing him on his cooking show, lol.

Jung-sik decides to appoint Seung-ah as his student and teach her how to cook. Since she’s not the best at cooking, she can learn from him and cook something for someone special to her. Seung-ah grows excited at the thought of cooking a dish for San-hae. She squeals and gushes just thinking about it, but Jung-sik misunderstands and assumes Seung-ah’s happy because she’s learning how to cook from him.

Jung-sik finally returns home, but Jin-mi isn’t awake to eat the ice cream he bought for her. Instead, he joins San-hae and attempts to comfort a sullen San-hae. San-hae drinks a few more shots of the soju before leaving for bed. The next morning, Jung-sik prepares breakfast for his siblings. San-hae wakes up and seats himself at the table, but Jin-mi has left early. She has her modeling/filming for the anti-smoking campaign that day.

Jin-mi grows nervous just thinking about the commercial, but she’s also determined to become a celebrity. Min-hyuk reunites with Jin-mi at the stairs of the building just seconds before they are called for a meeting. Jin-mi grabs Min-hyuk’s hand and places it on her chest to exemplify just how nervous she is. However, Min-hyuk himself grows nervous over the physical touch. Lol.

Jung-sik begins his teaching lessons with Seung-ah the next day before work. As with everything else, the beginning of a process is always the hardest and Seung-ah struggles to make her dishes both appealing and delicious. Jung-sik reminds Seung-ah to head to work, but he also warns her not to pack the dish she just made. However, a panicked Seung-ah ignores Jung-sik’s words and rushes for work.

Back at the anti-smoking campaign, Jin-mi volunteers both her and Min-hyuk to be the main models for the commercial. They meet the star of the campaign – comedian Kim Ji-min – and are shown the outfits they’ll be wearing for the campaign. Things seem to be going well for the two until they glance at their outfits: they’ll be dressed up as cigarettes (NOOO). Jin-mi and Min-hyuk are disappointed, but they agree to relieve themselves of the stress by eating at the convenience store for lunch.

So the two eat some lunch at the convenience store and Jin-mi introduces to Min-hyuk another delicious recipe. While the two are eating at the store, Seung-ah debates whether or not to give San-hae the dish she made earlier before work. Jung-sik did warn her not to give it to anyone, but Seung-ah feels like the dish isn’t that bad. In the end, she shares the dish with Won Bin which frustrates San-hae.

He interrupts the two just before Seung-ah and Won Bin are to eat and expresses his disappointment in Seung-ah picking Won Bin over her mentor (aka San-hae). San-hae shortly leaves afterwards so Won Bin dig in to Seung-ah’s dish. Though Won Bin lies to Seung-ah about the taste of her home-made dish, it’s obvious the food isn’t that great. Poor Seung-ah!

Jin-mi and Min-hyuk start filming for the anti-smoking campaign. Out of all places to film, they’re scheduled to film at RG Motors, the same place San-hae works. Jin-mi struggles to do her job properly in fear that her brother will find her in the cigarette costume. The filming resumes though as scheduled and the two follow Kim Ji-min who interviews Won Bin for almost smoking. Won Bin states that he’s been stressed out for many reasons, with one of them being that his junior made him some food that was inedible.

Kim Ji-min offers to meet up with that junior, but Won Bin panics. Jin-mi also panics when a bunch of employees gather around the shoot to watch including San-hae. Min-hyuk, aware of why Jin-mi is hiding her face, rescues Jin-mi by reciting her lines which allows the staff to move forward with the next step of the filming process. Jin-mi is saved for now.

Jin-mi asks the producer to change her position to that of something else. The producer eventually agrees and assigns Jin-mi to find the junior employee that Won Bin was referring to earlier in his interview. With that, Jin-mi sets out to find this junior (aka Seung-ah). While wandering around the building, she stumbles across San-hae so she panics and accidentally falls to the ground. San-hae approaches her from behind, but she successfully escapes to the restroom without him recognizing her. Jin-mi panics that San-hae will grow mad at her for lying if he found out she was participating in the anti-smoking campaign.

Just then, Seung-ah enters the restroom, causing both Jin-mi and Seung-ah to grow shocked. Jin-mi pleads for Seung-ah to not tell San-hae about her appearance at his workplace in which Seung-ah agrees. Jin-mi also asks Seung-ah to help her find the junior employee Won Bin mentioned in his interview. The two eventually reach the conclusion that this junior rookie is none other than Seung-ah so she’s the next interviewee in the anti-smoking campaign.

All the models as well as Kim Ji-min ridicule Seung-ah around her desk for being the cause of stress for Won Bin. If only she didn’t pack food for Won Bin and offer him the dish she made. Poor Seung-ah! After they finish, the production and crew move on to the next interviewee. Won Bin quickly apologizes to Seung-ah before fleeing away while San-hae stays behind with Seung-ah. Seung-ah reveals that she originally planned on giving San-hae the dish, but knew how picky he was with food so she gave it to Won Bin instead. San-hae grows relieved at hearing the news and orders Seung-ah to give him any packed food she cooks next time. He’ll be the one to evaluate and judge her cooking. Aww.

Manager Lee is the next one to star in the anti-smoking campaign. She watches a video of an anonymous employee complaining about Manager Lee and how much stress she causes others. Plus, she has some secrets that stink and smell and should be kept a secret forever. Manager Lee assumes the anonymous person is Won Bin who’s referring to their incident back on their road trip when they had to stop by the side of the road to finish some business. When the interview finishes, she yells at Won Bin for speaking up about the incident.

However, it turns out it wasn’t Won Bin who was the anonymous employee. It was another employee and he was only referring to how Manager Lee’s breath stinks. LOL. Won Bin feels betrayed and sad about Manager Lee’s misjudgment and storms out of the room. Everyone else watches in confusion the scene unfold in front of their eyes. Once the filming finishes, Min-hyuk exits the building and searches for Jin-mi.

Jin-mi’s not too far away and she excitedly shares with Min-hyuk news of her acceptance into the same entertainment agency as Min-hyuk. She thanks Min-hyuk for being her good luck charm and offers to treat him out. As she skips away first, Min-hyuk receives a notification on his phone while Jin-mi suffers a nosebleed (AHHHHH!). She assumes her nose is bleeding just because she’s exhausted, not because she has feelings for Min-hyuk. He eventually catches up to her and the two go about their way.

The next morning, Jung-sik awaits the arrival of his student, Seung-ah. San-hae quickly disappears into his room upon learning the news. Seung-ah arrives in a fancy outfit with some ingredients. However, Seung-ah isn’t the only one at the house. Mom is also present and arrives at the house shortly afterwards. They’ll be making some kimchi together. Similar to years before, Jin-mi opts out since she has some plans to attend. San-hae makes his grand appearance and also dresses up in fancy clothes with make-up and perfume on. It seems like there’s someone at the house he wants to impress 😉

Jung-sik starts his cooking live stream and introduces three of his guests. Like all the other times, he teaches viewers what ingredients are needed to make kimchi and how to make it. Mom adds in some comments here and there and since Seung-ah is there to learn how to cook, Jung-sik instructs Seung-ah with simple cooking assignments. San-hae watches from behind as his brother teaches Seung-ah how to properly prepare the kimchi.

San-hae’s constant interruptions and Seung-ah’s clumsiness frustrates Mom so she suggests that the two step outside so that they can finish with the kimchi preparations. Seung-ah and San-hae end up hanging out at a playground nearby the house. Seung-ah finally breaks the truth to San-hae about his jacket that she accidentally tore apart, but she gifts him with a new jacket in replacement for the ripped one. She assumes San-hae isn’t impressed with the new jacket, but he’s adamant in keeping it since she got it for him. Hehe.

With San-hae and Seung-ah gone, Jung-sik and Mom are able to focus on cooking. They finish with the kimchi and boil some chicken. After they finish cooking, Mom compliments Jung-sik’s amazing cooking skills and is impressed with how talented he is. Jung-sik has something else he is curious about though; were there any family descendants in the past who had problems with their powers? Seung-ah doesn’t react when Jung-sik places his left hand on her face or when he holds her hand.

To that predicament, Mom answers that it might be because his hand is trying to tell him something. Since Jung-sik’s powers doesn’t work on Seung-ah, that means she must be the one for him and is fated to be with him. Jung-sik grows shy at the thought of hearing Seung-ah’s name and the word ‘fate.’

Mom eats with her kids and Seung-ah at the dinner table. The food is delicious and they all enjoy both each other’s presence and the food. Jung-sik is in such a good mood he places some food in Seung-ah’s bowl. Lol. When dinner concludes, Jin-mi leaves to drive Mom home while Seung-ah also heads home. Once they leave, Jung-sik notices the bag that Seung-ah gave San-hae earlier that day and assumes Seung-ah must have left it behind. She commented something about giving to someone special earlier.

San-hae grows alarmed upon hearing the comment and lies to Jung-sik that he’ll give the bag back to Seung-ah the next day at work so that Jung-sik won’t have to do it himself. Of course, the bag was for San-hae and he takes it to his room to try on the new jacket. He assumes Seung-ah hasn’t given up on him just yet considering how she bought him a new jacket.

The ending statement for the episode recites:

Like the salted napa cabbages, like the kimchi filling reddened with chili powder, with a calm soul I wish to fill you with my love like the kimchi filling. 

My Thoughts:

OoooOooOOOh, someone’s in love~ LOL. We’re seeing how San-hae is finally starting to fall in love with Seung-ah and it’s the cutest and most beautiful thing ever. I love how gradual and slow it is and how even the smallest comments make him happy. San-hae needs reasons to reciprocate Seung-ah’s feelings, but he also doesn’t want her to give her attention to anyone else or to give up on him so easily. I think it’s certain you like her, San-hae!

I’m a little sad and disappointed that the drama is taking us in the direction that I was hoping it wouldn’t. The drama is setting us up for a love triangle between the two brothers and Seung-ah which is a little regretful and sad given just how much potential it had by focusing on just San-hae and Seung-ah alone. I feel iffy and icky about the whole love triangle and it’s going to be messy, but I’m trusting that the drama will know how to handle the relationships well. Even if there is a love triangle and I personally don’t like it, I have enough confidence and trust in the drama that it’ll handle the love triangle just fine.

I’m glad that this episode did things a little differently with Jung-sik’s cooking live stream by adding in Mom, San-hae, and Seung-ah. Jung-sik had primarily been the only one in his live streams this entire time so it was refreshing and nice to see a change in this episode. I guess that’s what I’m the most impressed about with the drama: its ability to implement and incorporate new details and refreshing changes into its sub-plots. I was expecting to watch Jung-sik cook for another live stream, but this time he was joined by several other guests. It’s a nice (and necessary) change and I liked that the drama switched things up in this episode. I’m impressed at how simple, easy, and quick the drama pulled things off.

I’m also easily fascinated with how much new substance and content the drama can pack into an hour episode that continually remains entertaining, fun, and heart-warming. The anti-smoking campaign in this episode was so funny and fun to watch, and I greatly enjoyed its segment. It also wasn’t too random of a segment since it went in line with Jin-mi’s wishes of becoming a celebrity. The way she avoided San-hae at every chance she got was hilarious and Manager Lee’s misunderstanding of the anonymous interview was also funny. Of course, I felt apologetic to Seung-ah for basically being ridiculed in front of everyone. She might not be the greatest cook, but you don’t have to expose her like that on national television. It’s especially sad when you can see just how earnest, determined, and genuine Seung-ah is to learn and to improve in cooking. I guess it’s a good thing she’s learning from Jung-sik since he is a great cook himself.

Jung-sik assumes Seung-ah is meant for him since his powers don’t work on her. While I don’t think the drama is going to pair the two up with each other as the end couple (PLEASE! I hope not!), I do find the reasoning believable. His hand is trying to tell him a sign about something and maybe it might not be that Seung-ah is the one for him, but rather that she’s someone who’s simply destined to be in his life. Rather than Seung-ah being his girlfriend, maybe his hand is trying to tell him that Seung-ah was indeed fated to be his cooking student. Lol.

I’ve accepted the fate and reality that Seung-ah is going to be engrossed in a love triangle with San-hae and Jung-sik. While it might not be the funnest and best thing ever, I trust the drama enough to make the right decisions in executing this sub-plot accordingly and properly or else I might just appear on the anti-smoking campaign as a stressed and exhausted drama viewer.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the episode~

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