Matrimonial Chaos: Episode 10 Recap

There’s second chances for some things and no second chances for others. While Seok-moo finds himself constantly fixing his relationships with others, he also learns the risks of trying to fix other people’s relationships for them.

Matrimonial Chaos: Episode 10 Recap

Seok-moo’s boss watches as Seok-moo writes some lyrics to a song in his car during work, lol. Yoo-young and Hwi-roo encounter each other at the grocery store on accident. They head to Grandma’s cafe afterwards to catch up and talk about their relationships. They end up talking about Seok-moo and his love for animals as well as music. Hwi-roo wasn’t aware that Seok-moo liked music since it didn’t seem like something Seok-moo would pursue.

Yoo-young also notes that Hwi-roo is similar to Seok-moo; that must be what happens when you live with someone for many years. However, Hwi-roo comments that she’s different. They’re all different from one another. It comes as a surprise that Seok-moo dated someone as intelligent and charismatic as Yoo-young, because Hwi-roo isn’t like that at all.

Seok-moo performs a routine security alarm check at a local club he used to perform at back in college with his band. There, he reunites with Shi-ho who also used to be in the same band as him. Shi-ho reminisces the days they used to perform and also recalls the moment when Seok-moo suddenly disappeared. Shi-ho was left with Seok-moo’s notebook full of lyrics and ended up performing Seok-moo’s song. Because it was his most successful song yet, Shi-ho felt nice, but he also felt guilty for stealing Seok-moo’s song.

Seok-moo doesn’t blame Shi-ho and doesn’t grow mad that Shi-ho stole his song. He once performed the same song, but received no attention for it so he doesn’t care that Shi-ho gained success with it. He encourages Shi-ho to cheer up and to not feel so guilty about the past; Hwi-roo would find it difficult to be with him if he keeps up the behavior. Just when Shi-ho is about to break it to Seok-moo that he and Hwi-roo have ended things, Seok-moo bids farewell to return to work.

After returning back home, Hwi-roo receives a phone call from a publishing company she had sent her script to. The company is interested in her work and wishes to see more of her manuscript. Hwi-roo visits the publishing company and meets with the representative who contacted her. His name is Oh Ki-wan (Lee Jong-hyuk) and the two have a discussion about her book as well as the book ‘Charlotte’s Web.’ Ki-wan believes that it’s necessary for children to experience sadness when reading books. As seen with ‘Charlotte’s Web’, sad books and stories can sometimes make you feel okay because the ending will never change no matter how sad the book is. 

Seok-moo is sent on another mission – this time to a warehouse that’s rumored to be haunted. He feels compelled to call Hwi-roo since he’s too scared to walk alone in silence. It doesn’t help that there’s random noises as well as items falling around in the warehouse. However, Seok-moo receives an unexpected phone call from Jang-hyun instead. Seok-moo doesn’t mind though and he’s grateful for the call.

Ki-wan drives Hwi-roo home. On the car ride home, they discuss about Hwi-roo’s script to her children’s book as well as about the history behind Ki-wan’s publishing company. Seok-moo, on the other hand, converses with Jang-hyun about marriage. Since women and men are so different from each other, men should just marry men and women just marry women. LOL. At that moment, Jang-hyun asks Seok-moo to meet with him so Seok-moo goes to where Jang-hyun is located.

At the shop, Yoo-young takes a break from working and decides to call it a day. She checks her phone and finds seven missed calls from Jang-hyun which she didn’t answer. She deletes his number and blocks him on her phone, but she soon finds herself questioning afterwards if it was the right thing to do.

Seok-moo finds himself in an escape room since he wanted to meet with Jang-hyun. Jang-hyun himself is inside the room by himself and pretends to look around for clues and hints on how to escape. Seok-moo at first questions Jang-hyun about his relationship with Yoo-young, but he ends up being the one engrossed in playing the game. Jang-hyun himself has no plans of escaping though; he feels more comfortable being trapped inside the room than leaving.

Ki-wan finalizes plans with Hwi-roo before bidding farewell with her. They’ll work on her script a little bit more and she’ll just have to make some edits accordingly. Hwi-roo also vows to return the outfit that she borrowed from Ki-wan earlier that day the next time they meet. Seok-moo assists Jang-hyun by going with him to visit Yoo-young. Seok-moo pleads Yoo-young to allow Jang-hyun to at least grab some clothes from the apartment. Though reluctant at first, Yoo-young eventually gives in. She still gets upset with Seok-moo though for the way he intervenes in their relationship and continues to help Jang-hyun out.

Yoo-young hands Jang-hyun some clothes before being joined by him in the apartment. Like before, Jang-hyun wishes to start over with Yoo-young, but she has no plans of doing so anytime soon. She suggests they live together for the time being since he also does have belongings in the apartment. However, they won’t sleep with each other. Yoo-young heads down to her shop to sleep there for the night instead.

Hwi-roo revisits her script which is based on a true story about her and her relationship with Seok-moo. Meanwhile, working night shift proves to be difficult for Seok-moo. He heads inside a building to grab some rest. The next morning, Seok-moo enters Hwi-roo’s bedroom to grab himself some clothes from the closet. On the way out, he asks about the orange outfit that Hwi-roo had borrowed from Ki-wan the day before.

Seok-moo eventually catches up on some sleep while Hwi-roo visits Grandma at her apartment. They catch up over Hwi-roo’s relationship with Seok-moo since their divorce. Though Grandma is well aware that they’ve separated, she also feels like the two have just started with each other. Jang-hyun is reminded of Yoo-young even at work. When he returns home later on that day, he attempts to create small talk with Yoo-young. However, Yoo-young isn’t interested in speaking to Jang-hyun. The pain is too much for Jang-hyun and he cries shortly afterwards.

Hwi-roo sets out to find Seok-moo so they can eat dinner together. When she visits his room, he’s no where to be found since Seok-moo had left to go grab himself some medicine at the pharmacy to treat his gastritis. However, what Hwi-roo does find is Seok-moo’s music notebook laying next to his bed though so she takes a glance at it. Inside, she finds lyrics to Shi-ho’s song as well as a photo of Shi-ho and Seok-moo taken back in college.

Jang-hyun watches from outside Yoo-young working in her shop. He silently observes her for a few seconds and then walks away. Yoo-young also catches Jang-hyun walking away, but doesn’t think too much about it. She encounters Seok-moo a little while later so the two walk around the neighborhood together. To investigate on how Shi-ho and Seok-moo are acquainted with each other, Hwi-roo contacts Shi-ho and asks to meet up with him. 

When Hwi-roo meets with Shi-ho, he shares with her the truth about his history with Seok-moo. Shi-ho’s song that Hwi-roo thought was his was actually Seok-moo’s. However, that wasn’t the reason why Seok-moo disproved of Shi-ho; Seok-moo disliked how Shi-ho had feelings for Hwi-roo. That was the reason as to why Seok-moo would always criticize Shi-ho in front of her. Hwi-roo grows guilty for putting Seok-moo down in the past. She leaves Shi-ho behind to go find Seok-moo.

However, Seok-moo is busy interacting with Yoo-young. He gives her words of encouragement and shows her his support. Just like he did back when he was still at a record company, Yoo-young too should be hopeful and never give up. Seok-moo apologizes for saying such cheesy words to Yoo-young and walks away quickly afterwards, but Yoo-young has something to say to Seok-moo. She thanks him for the kind words and asks to have a drink with him.

Hwi-roo runs as fast as she can back home. On the way there, Shi-ho stops her to say some last few words to her. It’s obvious to him that Hwi-roo still has feelings for Seok-moo; she still wants to be with him. She should just be honest with him and tell Seok-moo how she really feels.

So later on that night, Hwi-roo ponders over whether to call Seok-moo or not when she gets home. Seok-moo is busy drinking with Yoo-young though and gushing over his favorite animal videos. When he arrives back home, Hwi-roo greets him outside and prepares to confront him about the news she learned that day. However, she notices his clumsy behavior and assumes he drank. Seok-moo doesn’t say much. Along with a giggle and an exciting smile, Seok-mo adds that Yoo-young laughed that day and treads back to his room.

The next morning, Hwi-roo tidies up the place and cooks breakfast for Seok-moo. She listens attentively to him while he talks during breakfast and even wishes him farewell as he leaves for work. Of course, there was a reason for all of this. As Seok-moo works, Hwi-roo goes shopping for groceries and flowers. She decorates the apartment with the flowers and cooks Seok-moo some food. Afterwards, she writes him a letter stating that she’s going to move out.

Since she and Seok-moo are divorced, they shouldn’t be living together anymore. Hwi-roo adds that she had many great memories and experiences with Seok-moo and even found happiness in the smallest moments like the ten minutes before their movie date where Seok-moo would always be waiting for Hwi-roo. She apologizes for placing all the blame on Seok-moo when they divorced; now that she reflects on their divorce, she realizes that maybe she was the weird one.

Seok-moo returns home that night to find the apartment silent and empty. Hwi-roo is no where to be found. When someone knocks at the door a few seconds later, Seok-moo finds Jang-hyun at the front door asking to stay at Seok-moo’s house for a few days. Lol. Meanwhile, Hwi-roo visits Ki-wan at his publishing company’s building. When she arrives, she finds him dancing in his room, but he suddenly notices her observing him and stops. The two look at each other.

My Thoughts:

Phew, there was a lot going on in this episode. A LOT. And maybe it might have been even a little too much. There’s so much to unpack in this episode alone and I felt like suddenly everything just exploded and occurred in this episode. I’m not complaining that we received progress and updates on our characters and their relationships; that’s better than nothing at all. However, for the slow pacing and subtle details in the past nine episodes, the sudden burst of intensity and impulsive decision-making was a bit random in this episode.

I certainly wasn’t expecting Hwi-roo to move out of the apartment nor did I expect her to stay at Ki-wan’s place. Ki-wan is a character who we had no exposure to whatsoever until this episode so it feels a bit spontaneous and weird that he’s already playing such a major role based off of what we saw in this episode. He’s established as the CEO of the publishing company interested in Hwi-roo’s work (thank goodness for him!), but it seems like the drama will also be painting him as Hwi-roo’s acquaintance (and maybe even possible love interest? Idk, it seems too early to jump to that conclusion yet). Regardless, maybe it might just be me being sad and bitter that Hwi-roo moved out that I’m already feeling so iffy towards Ki-wan. He didn’t even do anything, but I’m already not liking that Hwi-roo went to him immediately after she moved out. Out of all people, she chose to go to him?What happened to Grandma?

More so than anything, this episode made me feel a bit iffy and maybe even frustrated. I was glad that Yoo-young didn’t give in to Jang-hyun once again; I was so so afraid that she was going to warm up to him again once he visited her at the apartment and cuddled with her on the couch. Thankfully, she still set a fine line between the two of them which even caused Jang-hyun to shed a few tears (as rightfully so). However, I was iffy with her relationship with Seok-moo in this episode. Though I want to be hopeful that she was just drinking with him and wanting to spend time with him out of gratitude and appreciation as a friend, I’m also worried that Yoo-young is spending time with Seok-moo because she realizes that she wants to start over with him. I don’t know. I’m trying my best not to be cynical and pessimistic here, but it’s just a fear of mines. LOL. Seok-moo seems to be providing her with additional support and encouragement that no one else is offering at the moment so it means a lot to Yoo-young to have someone caring for her and staying by her side. She’s in a rough and vulnerable moment in her life and she’s relieved to have Seok-moo by her supporting her. Plus, it also seems like Seok-moo himself is happy to be able to be next to Yoo-young and to make her laugh. The moment he returned from their night of drinking, he noted to Hwi-roo how he made Yoo-young finally laugh that night. We knew that Seok-moo has always cared about Yoo-young even when she didn’t want his support, but this time it might take on a totally different meaning.

A part of me feels pitiful for Seok-moo (in a good way). He’s aware that Jang-hyun, Yoo-young, and Hwi-roo aren’t the most fond of him at times, and find him aggravating or irritating. Because of this, Seok-moo refrains from expressing his thoughts and apologizes when he does speak his mind. It was so sad to see him apologize to Yoo-young after saying a few words of encouragement to her. He knows how irritating or annoying he can get to others so he apologizes for his words and for his actions because he assumes it’s not what people want to hear from him. Just watching Seok-moo walk away so quickly away from Yoo-young was hurtful. Sure, Seok-moo might not be the greatest husband or person in the world, but he’s a genuine, sincere, and kind man who just has trouble expressing himself. He’s someone who others quickly and easily misunderstand. This has gotten him in trouble plenty of times, but he acts with good intentions and motives. Seok-moo never intends to hurt anyone with his actions and words.

I’m glad that we got the whole Shi-ho and Seok-moo storyline out of the way and that Hwi-roo eventually learned the truth about the two. It was never a relationship that I was invested in from the start, but I can see why the drama felt it was necessary to incorporate it into the drama. It seemed fitting to wrap up their storyline since Shi-ho was going to leave (both Korea and maybe even the drama since he’s going to be traveling). Of course, with this revelation and much more, Hwi-roo has come to realizing that maybe their divorce was not entirely all of Seok-moo’s fault. Hwi-roo has always been a person of deep thoughts and personal reflections, but she did so much more reflecting this time around after learning several truths. It hurts for Hwi-roo to learn that Shi-ho and Seok-moo had a complicated history with each other, but it hurts even more to know that Seok-moo will always care for Yoo-young in a way that he’ll never care for Hwi-roo.

I guess that could explain for why Hwi-roo eventually decided to move out of the place. It’s not because she doesn’t love him anymore or that she doesn’t want to be with him. Hwi-roo is doing this to save their relationship before she resents him to the point of no return. It’s a bittersweet move from Hwi-roo, but also one that is necessary if they both want to progress with their divorce. Sometimes, some decisions are difficult to make, but these difficult decisions are hopefully for the best.

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