Matrimonial Chaos: Episode 13 Recap

Dreams come true. Some of our characters experience that firsthand in a variety of ways while some others don’t even have a chance at coming close in achieving their dreams just yet. Just like all other things, everything is a process that you must put forth effort into.

Note: Yay, I’m all caught up with recaps to this drama. Scared but also anticipating the last three episodes of this drama 😦

Matrimonial Chaos: Episode 13 Recap

Jang-hyun drinks some wine on the rooftop of the building, but is soon distracted by a firefly. He chases after the firefly in an attempt to capture it and unconsciously climbs onto the edge of the building. Before he knows it, Jang-hyun steps over the edge and falls down to the ground. He’s transported to the hospital upon being discovered. Back at the movie theater, Yoo-young breaks the news to Seok-moo: she’s pregnant with Jang-hyun’s baby (WHAAAAAT?!).

Hwi-roo and Ki-wan have another discussion about her book and end up talking about Ki-wan’s life again. This time, he speaks up about his divorce and reveals that he divorced his wife because he was lonely. Sometimes you have to be alone to be able to see things from a different perspective. Ki-wan then suggests the title for Hwi-roo’s book: “Bye, Farewell.”

Seok-moo is reprimanded at work by his boss for losing one of their client’s keys. When he arrives home, he receives a phone call from Yulmae and Kay’s new foster parents that the two cats have disappeared. Afraid and panicked, both Seok-moo and Hwi-roo prepare to board on a train to visit the house of the foster parents. Fortunately, Seok-moo receives a phone call that the two cats have been found.

With the cats discovered, Hwi-roo and Seok-moo grab some food with each other at a restaurant afterwards. There, the divorced couple catch up with each other. Hwi-roo apologizes for the intense confrontation the other day at Yoo-young’s place. She also feels sorry for being inconsiderate of Seok-moo and how he felt the entire time during their marriage. Hwi-roo assumes Seok-moo and Yoo-young are still seeing each other when Seok-moo reveals that Yoo-young is pregnant with Jang-hyun’s baby.

Hwi-roo grows passive-aggressive and assumes this could be Seok-moo’s opportunity to become a father. He can take care of the child with Yoo-young since they were going to date each other again anyways, right? However, Seok-moo grows angry at Hwi-roo for misunderstanding. He’s never thought once about being the father of the baby. He also questions why he and Hwi-roo must always say mean and hurtful things to each other. Hwi-roo doesn’t respond and the conversation turns silent; she excuses herself and wishes to never meet with Seok-moo again.

Doctors at the hospital worry for Jang-hyun; they can’t seem to contact any of his family members or guardians. Yoo-young takes some time to finally contact her mother and talk to her on the phone. As for Ma-roo and Soo-kyung, they finish moving in to Sung-bin and Seok-young’s house. Things are going well for them four.

Yoo-young visits Seok-moo to reveal to him her final decision with her pregnancy. She’s going to keep the baby. She also ends things with Seok-moo since they won’t be able to date any longer. Yoo-young thanks Seok-moo for all his help and support this time. At the hospital, Jang-hyun finally wakes up. He’s been conscious for some time, but had just been faking it all along. While he receives treatment from a doctor, Seok-moo investigates on Jang-hyun’s sudden disappearance.

Seok-moo eventually gathers enough hints and arrives at the same hospital Jang-hyun is gathered. Upon returning with Jang-hyun, Seok-moo is frustrated that Jang-hyun jumped off the edge of the rooftop. However, there’s something else more important to talk about. Seok-moo breaks it to Jang-hyun that Yoo-young is pregnant with his baby. Jang-hyun reacts in excitement and he rushes to Yoo-young’s place with his hospital gown on.

Jang-hyun and Yoo-young have a talk inside of the apartment. She reveals that she’s two months pregnant and even got a sonogram of the baby. Jang-hyun wishes to see the sonogram, but Yoo-young refuses. She also refuses to let him live with her and the baby. He should just forget her and return to like how he used to live in the past. Although Jang-hyun begs and pleads Yoo-young to forgive him, Yoo-young doesn’t and she walks away.

Hwi-roo’s first children’s books arrive at the publishing company. YAAAAY! During a talk with Ki-wan, Hwi-roo can’t believe that her dream of becoming an author has finally come true. She used to lack confidence in the past and never had high hopes for any of her dreams which is why it feels so surreal to have her new book physically with her. It could also be the reason as to why she stayed with Seok-moo during their marriage and why she relied on him more than she should have.

Seok-moo visits Jang-hyun at the hospital for some updates. Jang-hyun doesn’t believe Yoo-young is going to give him another chance; he plans on giving up. Seok-moo encourages Jang-hyun not to give up though; that’s how he lost Hwi-roo back then. Jang-hyun shares a story with Seok-moo about his late mother who passed away when he was younger. On the morning before her death, she reached her hand out to Jang-hyun so he would hold it. However, Jang-hyun didn’t hold her hand because he was angry that she never seemed happy around him. Jang-hyun regrets it now though and wishes he would have held out his mother’s hand when she was calling out for his help. He advises Seok-moo to never ignore someone’s hand when they’re clearly in need of support.

Seok-moo relays Jang-hyun’s feelings and thoughts about Yoo-young to her. He encourages her to give Jang-hyun another chance and to consider his feelings and thoughts for once. Seok-moo himself thought Hwi-roo would always be at his side at one point, but now she’s not. You never know what’s going to happen in the future. The next day, Yoo-young visits a bookstore and stops by the children’s and pregnancy section. There, she finds Hwi-roo’s book stacked on a table with many other books.

She picks one up and visits a local restaurant. Of course, she also finds Hwi-roo there so the two catch up with each other. After some awkward congratulatory comments and words of apologies, Hwi-roo expresses her honest thoughts on Yoo-young and Seok-moo. She felt like they were really a good match for each other. However, Yoo-young feels the opposite. Hwi-roo and Seok-moo are meant for each other because of how tough of a person Hwi-roo is.

Dong-koo shares with Seok-moo his feelings about his break-up with Mi-ri. Dong-koo wants to talk to her again, but he’s not so sure how she feels about him. Seok-moo is asked to visit her himself and acts as the messenger between the ex-lovers. However, somewhere along the conversation, Seok-moo ends up talking about himself and refers to his divorce with Hwi-roo. There’s still some things he wants to talk to Hwi-roo about, and he wishes to ask her to wait for him just a little bit longer. Mi-ri advises that Seok-moo notify Hwi-roo about these thoughts as soon as possible.

Hwi-roo shows Grandma, Ma-roo, and Soo-kyung copies of her new book and is invited to the small publishing party for Hwi-roo. They’re shortly joined by Seok-moo afterwards who also enters the cafe where they’re located. Grandma informs Seok-moo about Hwi-roo’s book while Hwi-roo invites him to the party. Hwi-roo is followed by Seok-moo as she exits the cafe; he apologizes for having never realized she was writing a children’s book back when they used to live together. Hwi-roo doesn’t mind though. It’s not like they knew much about each other anyways, right?

Yoo-young visits a resource center to gain more information and knowledge on how to raise her child alone. It seems like Yoo-young plans on raising the child alone for now. Jang-hyun processes his discharge at the hospital. While he waits for the paperwork to finish, he witnesses a couple interacting with their son in the hospital and grows envious.

Hwi-roo’s small publishing party finally takes place. After being introduced, Hwi-roo walks out and reads her book as scheduled. What she doesn’t know is that Seok-moo is also at the party; he’s just sitting alone at a table in the far back, but he’s clearly listening to Hwi-roo read the book. After the party concludes, he makes a quick visit to the restroom to avoid Hwi-roo, but he ends up meeting Ki-wan there. The two have a funny encounter with each other as Ki-wan magically reads Seok-moo’s mind when Seok-moo attempts to determine what Ki-wan’s position is. Seok-moo eventually learns that Ki-wan is the president of the publishing company.

Seok-moo exits the restroom only to come across Hwi-roo and her family. LOL, awkward. As Hwi-roo is delighted to discover that Seok-moo attended her publishing party, they’re soon joined by Ki-wan. Grandma shows interest in Ki-wan and wants to know more about him. Her strong advances towards him confuses everyone, but Ki-wan isn’t taken aback. He notes that Hwi-roo is pretty similar to her grandmother, but they inform Ki-wan that Grandma isn’t from Hwi-roo’s side of the family; she’s from Hwi-roo’s ex-husband’s family aka Seok-moo.

The six of them head out to grab some dinner together. Seok-moo and Ki-wan bicker with each other about Hwi-roo’s book, but she urges them both to interpret her book however they like to get them to stop arguing. Although the book is about Hwi-roo and Seok-moo’s divorce, Seok-moo doesn’t care about Hwi-roo or who she dates. Ki-wan takes this as an opportunity to confess to Hwi-roo which shocks Grandma, Soo-kyung, and Ma-roo.

The three leave so only Hwi-roo, Seok-moo, and Ki-wan are left. Ki-wan has feelings for Hwi-roo and wants to eventually marry her. Seok-moo grows so petty he begins to give a delusional Ki-wan some tips on what to expect from Hwi-roo. This offends Hwi-roo and she starts bickering with Seok-moo. LOL. Ki-wan can see now why the two got divorced; Seok-moo is childish and only knows how to point out the flaws in other people.

Seok-moo defends himself. Ki-wan shouldn’t act like he knows everything about Hwi-roo and Seok-moo’s divorce. There was so much more to their marriage that lead to their divorce and there were many conflicting thoughts that Seok-moo had about Hwi-roo. Though there were some aspects of her that he found irritating, he also cared about her during other times. Therefore, Ki-wan shouldn’t jump to conclusions and make any strange assumptions. Seok-moo gets caught up in his emotions and apologizes after realizing what he just did.

He excuses himself and exits out of the restaurant, but Hwi-roo follows after him. She apologizes to Seok-moo and comments that their divorce was not entirely his fault; she was too demanding and also made mistakes during their marriage. Seok-moo doesn’t pin any blame on Hwi-roo and walks out afterwards. He then receives a phone call from Jang-hyun.

Seok-moo rejects Ki-wan’s feelings and is firm on her thoughts towards him. Unlike what Ki-wan assumes, there is no void in her heart and even if there were, it can’t be filled by another guy. She’s a changed person now and she doesn’t want to rely on anyone else. Ki-wan quickly accepts the rejection and returns to being Hwi-roo’s colleague. He still shows support in Hwi-roo’s future plans of another book; he’ll be there to help her just like he did with her very first one.

Seok-moo arrives at the karaoke room where Jang-hyun is stationed. Jang-hyun hasn’t received any contact from Yoo-young and Seok-moo still hasn’t been able to win Hwi-roo back. Seok-moo is proud to be single though and claims he’s enjoying his single life. However, he sings heart-breaking and depressing songs while karaoking and sings his heart out with Jang-hyun. The two single guys enjoy each other’s company since they’re unable to be with the ones whose presence they yearn for.

My Thoughts:

LOL at that ending. I’m glad we somewhat returned to the same kind of tone, mood, and atmosphere that made the drama charming at the beginning of its run. The last few episodes after Hwi-roo’s move out from the apartment was a little melodramatic and messy so I was disappointed with the aftermath. However, this episode cleared up some of my doubts about the drama a little bit more and now I feel a bit better about the drama.

I love that Hwi-roo and Seok-moo learn more and more about each other and their marriage when with other people. Seok-moo was never aware of how Hwi-roo felt about him and Yoo-young until the intense confrontation in Yoo-young’s apartment in the last episode. Similarly, Hwi-roo herself never knew how Seok-moo felt about their marriage until this episode when he expressed all his suffocating thoughts and feelings out of jealousy towards Ki-wan. Because both were never good at expressing their emotions and thoughts or good at communicating with each other, they were never able to express these kind of feelings to each other. It’s only until these feelings are put to the test that they finally say what’s always been on their mind the entire time.

I’m glad that Jang-hyun didn’t perish from his fall; I was afraid that he was going to suddenly die without any reasoning or explanation. I’m more relieved that Yoo-young’s baby belongs to Jang-hyun and not Seok-moo. While I’m all for Yoo-young making her own decisions and choosing to raise the baby alone, I’m also interested to see what she does in the future regarding Jang-hyun. It seems like every conversation with Seok-moo has her slowly changing her mind about Jang-hyun more and more and while it might still take a while for her to fully forgive him and accept him back into her life, I won’t be surprised if Yoo-young eventually warms up to Jang-hyun again.

Though the last few episodes of this drama has been hectic and odd, I like that we still ultimately gave time to Hwi-roo’s dreams and journey of becoming an author. It was something that the drama hinted to us from the beginning and I’m glad that the drama never forgot about that during its run. Hwi-roo has finally become successful, and Seok-moo finally is aware about her dream. It was heart-warming to see him at her publishing party; just when Hwi-roo lost hope and grew disappointed that Seok-moo didn’t come, we learned that he was there all along. He still supports her during both the good and rough times.

Ki-wan was a character I never really cared for and I thought his sudden appearance quite late into the drama was odd. Now it makes sense as to why he was introduced into the drama. Ki-wan was just essentially used as a plot device to get Seok-moo to realize his feelings and to finally express his thoughts about Hwi-roo. His time and impacted in the drama was short-lived, but he was also necessary in bringing forth progress in Seok-moo and Hwi-roo’s relationship. While I might not have cared for Ki-wan much, he was a useful character in bringing together our divorced couple. Maybe there was more purpose to him than I originally thought. Plus, he helped Hwi-roo’s dreams come true so he gets many points for doing that too!

It’s a little sad that the last few episodes has partially ruined my original excitement and love for this drama. I can’t even put into words the wild rollercoaster the last few episodes has been; it just felt quite different from the drama I watched at the beginning. Again, this episode returned to its roots and felt similar to the first half of the show, but it also doesn’t change the confusion and disappointment I felt towards the drama the last few episodes. I won’t say the drama has lost its charm or that I completely dislike it, but my feelings for it has changed a little bit. Hopefully I’ll be able to recover those lost feelings for the drama just like how Seok-moo and Hwi-roo have and will recognize their feelings for each other again.

Bonus: Extra screenshots~

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