Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 7 Recap

The same process continues for our three characters. However, it’s now much more obvious for Yi-hyun and Kim Geum on how they feel about Ok-nam and where they stand in regards to her current situation. Thoughts and feelings they might have denied in the past come to life in this episode.

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 7 Recap

While out shopping, Kim Geum gives Ok-nam a back hug and adds that he’s afraid Ok-nam will fly away and leave him. The same words were uttered by husband Bausae 699 years ago to Ok-nam who also gave her a backhug. Kim Geum and Ok-nam sit down to have a talk after shopping; Ok-nam jokes around about the comment Kim Geum made back in the store.

Back in his office, Yi-hyun checks his mail and finds a card sent by his mother wishing him a happy birthday. He grows angry and rips the card apart. He opens the curtains to the window to bring some sunlight into the office, but it only makes things worse. Yi-hyun witnesses Ok-nam and Kim Geum talking to each other outside on the bench. Yi-hyun decides to stop by the convenience store to grab some alcohol and sausage for later on at night. Kim Geum himself returns to the lab and is accused of being in a relationship given just how happy he’s been looking. However, Kim Geum refutes the accusations.

Back at home, Ok-nam hands Jeom-soon two of the floral outfits she picked out for her. Jeom-soon notices Ok-nam’s cheerful behavior and assumes she must have had a good time shopping with Kim Geum. Though Ok-nam denies the assumptions, it’s obvious she had a great time with him. She recalls once again the back-hug that Kim Geum gave her back at the store.

Yi-hyun returns home with bags of soju, snacks, and a whiskey bottle for Kim Geum’s mom. Hahaha. Kim Geum shares with Yi-hyun his shopping adventure with Ok-nam and rambles on about all the characteristics of Ok-nam he finds adorable. In an attempt to get Kim Geum to stay away from Ok-nam, Yi-hyun suggests that Kim Geum remain distant from her since she’s been saying odd things about being a fairy. However, Kim Geum doesn’t mind; he’ll take care of his own matters with Ok-nam himself.

The two move on to talking about Yi-hyun and the dreams he has quite frequently. His dreams often involve a young beautiful woman claiming to be his wife which excites him. But wait, what about Kim Geum and his erotic novel? Yi-hyun reads a segment out of the novel he assumes is written by Kim Geum and the two have some fun with the novel. They grab some fresh air later on at the neighborhood playground, but it’s not fun enough. The two guys decide to visit Ok-nam at her house.

So the two make their way to Ok-nam and Jeom-soon’s house while a little drunk and nervous. Once there, Kim Geum pulls out his phone and asks for Ok-nam’s number; he wants to be able to call her in the future. Ok-nam assumes Kim Geum’s offering her his cell phone so she accepts the device and keeps it. She invites the two guys for some coffee inside of her house since they’re already there anyways.

While brewing Kim Geum and Yi-hyun some coffee, the lights go out and only the light from the full moon shines into the room through the half-opened window. Rumor has it that the truth that was once hidden is suddenly visible only when the moonlight is the source of light. With that, Yi-hyun suddenly finds childhood version of Jeom-soon staring at him. Kim Geum finds himself sitting across from fairy Izy of Mizar – the same fairy who had the ability to control fire and who once lived with Ok-nam and Fairy Bausae in fairyland. The two men’s visions are interrupted when Fairy Izy lights the candle back on.

Everything returns to normal with the candles back on so Ok-nam resumes with her plans. She hands Yi-hyun the neck-tie she had bought for him back when she went shopping with Kim Geum. It’s wrapped inside of a pretty and small box. However, Yi-hyun disproves the gift and is reminded of a fearful incident when he was younger related to his mother. He also wishes to never be visited by Ok-nam again in his dreams after he glances at her jade ring resting on the shelf behind them. Yi-hyun storms out of the house and is followed by Kim Geum.

While Kim Geum urges Yi-hyun to apologize for his harsh behavior towards Ok-nam just seconds earlier, Yi-hyun is focused on something else. He catches a glimpse of Kim Geum as Fairy Bausae and panics. He’s suddenly reminded of the moment when Fairy Izy of Mizar was punished and banished from fairyland as a result of disobeying some rules. It was Fairy Bausae who had betrayed her and caused her to get punished.

That night before bed, Yi-hyun reflects on the incident earlier at Ok-nam’s house. Though he ponders whether he was too harsh or not, he refuses to apologize to Ok-nam. Back on the ship, our trio are forced to wake up early and to start shrimping. The next morning, Kim Geum’s mom makes some breakfast for Yi-hyun and Kim Geum. However, Kim Geum has left early for work. He uses lab partner Gyeong-sik’s phone to text Ok-nam who has his phone. Lol.

Since Ok-nam is unfamiliar with the device, she seeks the assistance of Jeom-soon to navigate the cellphone. However, the both of them are confused with how it operates and grows scared at the sound of their AI assistant. Hahaha, they’re toooo cute! Kim Geum’s mom arrives at the university to give Yi-hyun his seaweed soup for his birthday. She stops by a vending machine to buy herself a beverage and contacts the company when the beverage fails to fall out. Just then, Professor Park uses the machine afterwards and pays for his own beverage. Mom and Professor Park bicker with each other over the beverage.

Yi-hyun stops by the coffee shop to apologize to Ok-nam. He also accepts Ok-nam’s gift that she got for him. The truth is that she’s been waiting for her reincarnated husband who passed away 700 years ago. All her praying seems to have paid off as Ok-nam believes she’s finally met her reincarnated husband again. Right at that moment, the two are interrupted by Kim Geum who hands Ok-nam her cellphone charger. She offers to make him a cup of coffee before he leaves, but he politely declines the offer.

As Doctor Lee walks to her office, she overhears two students chatter about Yi-hyun and Ok-nam’s serious talk outside of the coffee shop. They assume Yi-hyun has a crush on Ok-nam and, therefore, likes older women. Doctor Lee stops by the restroom afterwards where Kim Geum’s Mom is also located. The two bicker with each other after Doctor Lee rants to herself about Yi-hyun. Doctor Lee speaks impolitely to Kim Geum’s Mom, unaware that she’s his mother. However, it’s not until a few seconds later when Doctor Lee realizes who she’s speaking to and changes her attitude afterwards, lol.

That night after work, Yi-hyun can’t seem to stop thinking about Ok-nam. He also has another nightmare where he imagines himself as a little boy from 700 years ago, tied up and trapped inside of a shed. He adds that he won’t forgive those who did this to him, even if he was reborn again. In the morning, Yi-hyun visits the lab to find Kim Geum also wearing the neck-tie Ok-nam got the both of them, lol. Doctor Lee stops by shortly afterwards to grab an autograph of Jeom-soon the tiger (aka Kim Geum lol). Yi-hyun urges Kim Geum to head home and rest since it seems like he’s gotten a cold.

So the two roommates walk back to their apartment together. On the way there, they argue about Ok-nam. Does Kim Geum really believe Ok-nam and her stories about fairies, reincarnation, and immortals? He’s a scientist, he knows better than to believe in those things. However, Kim Geum does believe in Ok-nam and her stories. Sometimes, things aren’t always as what they seem. It’s not like Yi-hyun is entirely free either; he too is guilty of believing in Ok-nam. The two eventually make it back to the apartment. The first thing Yi-hyun asks about is the whiskey bottle he originally bought for Mom. Lol.

Our trio are exhausted from the shrimping adventures. After eating, they continue working. However, Wizard Park and Teacher Gu has had enough. They devise an escape plan without Fairy Oh’s knowledge. Back at the apartment, Yi-hyun and Kim Geum enjoy some whiskey together. They engage in a few ridiculous competitions before lying down to rest. There, Yi-hyun shares with Kim Geum the story behind why he doesn’t celebrate his birthday.

As a young child, Kim Geum was placed into an orphanage and was taken care of by two sisters: Sister Yesan and Sister Bo-won. At first, he didn’t suspect anything, but he one day overheard the two sisters talk to each other. It was then that Yi-hyun learned he was actually Sister Bo-won’s son. Of course, his own mother never loved him and believed that Yi-hyun should have never been born. This is why Yi-hyun dislikes his birthday and has such a bad memory of it.

That night, Yi-hyun sleeps with thoughts of Ok-nam on his mind again. Kim Geum himself has a dream about Ok-nam and is visited by her in his dream. He confesses his feelings for her in the dream and adds that his life has gotten much happier since he’s met her. However, the dream is over before the two can talk any further and Ok-nam wakes up to a knock at the front door of her house. When she opens the door, Ok-nam finds Yi-hyun standing there in front of her. Though he’s not certain if he is Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband that she’s looking for, Yi-hyun is certain about one thing though: he likes Ok-nam and has feelings for her.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Kim Geum’s lotus flower that was gifted to him by Ok-nam finally blooms.  

My Thoughts:

Yes yes yes, finally! Yi-hyun, you finally did it! Maybe the drama will start getting better from here on out now that he’s made his late but anticipated confession. Yi-hyun had been denying his feelings for Ok-nam, but he knew that he had feelings for her. He just didn’t want to believe in it. Thanks to Kim Geum, Yi-hyun woke up to reality and confronted his feelings for Ok-nam. All those nights of dreaming and thinking about her has lead Yi-hyun to this moment.

Is it a little sad that this drama only becomes enjoyable when I take breaks from watching it? I find each episode frustrating and irritating to watch in one sitting, but if I watch it in intervals with breaks in between, the episode actually isn’t that bad, lol. For the last few episodes, the drama has been primarily filled with fluff and fillers and there hasn’t been much substance or content. Similar to the ‘Reply’ series, tvN is dragging on the whole husband search and it’s not a delightful journey to watch. ‘Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter’ hasn’t been doing or offering much so far so you feel like each episode is a filler episode which isn’t what you want to present to your viewers. We get a few additional hints every episode as to why both Kim Geum and Yi-hyun are the contenders to Ok-nam’s husband, but even then these hints only make things more confusing because they don’t really do anything.

Speaking of hints, we did get a few good hints in this episode that provided us with more insight on who is who. Yi-hyun is possibly the reincarnated version of Fairy Izy of Mizar who hung out with Fairy Ok-nam and Fairy Bausae back in fairyland. Though we don’t know why or how she got banished from fairyland, we know that it has to do something with Fairy Bausae who exposed her actions to the rest of the fairies and deities. Yi-hyun himself saw child Jeom-soon when he was at Ok-nam’s house which could serve as another hint that he was her father. I especially loved the moment in this episode when Yi-hyun and Ok-nam were outside of the coffee shop and she was almost so confident he was her reincarnated husband, but then Kim Geum showed up right at the moment she asked Yi-hyun the question. It was kind of as if the drama was showcasing to us that Kim Geum is also potentially the husband; that we must also not forget that a whole Kim Geum exists as well because he is also in the same situation as Yi-hyun and has seen plenty of things himself related to Ok-nam and her former life as a fairy. While things are still obviously in the air and either guys can be Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband at this point, all these hints remain interesting and confusing.

I wished the drama wouldn’t use Yi-hyun and Kim Geum’s faces to play the characters in the past as it then gets confusing with all the mixing and matching. I assumed Yi-hyun was Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband in the beginning of the drama because her husband 699 years ago was portrayed by Yi-hyun. However, that clearly isn’t the case and the past versions of the characters does not mean that is who they are in the present. I have to remind myself that just because Yi-hyun has the same face as Ok-nam’s former husband does not mean that he is her reincarnated husband in the present. Similarly, just because Kim Geum portrayed Fairy Bausae back in fairyland (meaning they have the same face) does not mean that he was the husband Bausae or that he is the present Kim Geum. It’s strange that the drama decided to make the fairies and husband Bausae be acted by both Kim Geum and Yi-hyun. It only mixes things up and makes things more confusing, lol.

We learn a little bit more about Yi-hyun’s background in this story too which is nice. While we still don’t know what his nightmare of him locked inside of a shed is all about, we finally understand about the moment back at the church that the drama referenced a while back. Yi-hyun doesn’t celebrate his birthdays because he affiliates it with a bad memory that he wishes to forget. His mother essentially abandoned him and left him to be raised with other children. Yi-hyun might have never felt loved by his mother or by anyone really so he had to grow up all by himself. He’s turned out to be talented and smart and he’s doing well now. However, Yi-hyun didn’t have the best childhood which is still a past that affects him in the present.

I don’t expect to receive any answers on who Ok-nam’s husband is until the very end of the drama (as if in the last 20 minutes of the very last episode) so I’m hoping the husband-searching journey will be well worth it. While it has remained frustrating and dry for the most part since the beginning, maybe things will get better in the latter half of the drama.

Bonus: Extra screenshots 🙂

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