Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 10 Recap

As more and more memories begin to trigger for Yi-hyun and Kim Geum, they attempt to make sense of these memories by exploring them with Ok-nam. Meanwhile, our trio adjust to life in Seoul and form memories while in the city.

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 10 Recap

Kim Geum and Ok-nam trail behind our trio as they all walk to Kim Geum’s house. As they catch up with each other on how their day went, their hands accidentally brush up against each other’s and the situation quickly turns awkward. Kim Geum then notes to Ok-nam about the lotus flower she gave him and how it’s finally blossomed. As the two stare into each other’s eyes, Yi-hyun catches up to the pair and interrupts their beautiful and silent moment.

Yi-hyun yells at Ok-nam in anger upon getting her attention. Why didn’t Ok-nam answer his phone call? Kim Geum and Ok-nam are taken aback by Yi-hyun’s aggressive behavior and our trio disproves of his yelling. They confront Yi-hyun about his treatment towards Ok-nam, but they also become wary when they learn that he’s Kim Geum’s roommate. They might not get to sleep over at the house if they bicker with him. However, Yi-hyun eventually approves of our trio and permits them to sleep over at his place only because they’re like family to Ok-nam.

With that settled, Yi-hyun walks Ok-nam back to her house while Kim Geum takes the trio to his house. Upon seeing Teacher Gu, Kim Geum’s mom stares in awe and falls in love at first sight. LOL. When Yi-hyun and Ok-nam arrive at her house, he informs her about the vision he had earlier that evening with the deer. In the vision, he saw Ok-nam’s husband’s body laying lifelessly on the ground near a cliff. However, he isn’t so sure if he himself was the husband or not.

Before bidding a final farewell, Yi-hyun suggests that he and Ok-nam visit Mount Gyeryong. Maybe being physically at the mountain will help trigger some memories for Yi-hyun. Ok-nam smiles at the sound of the suggestion and happily agrees to go with Yi-hyun on the trip. Back at the house, our trio doesn’t have such great impressions of Yi-hyun. They make pitiful comments about him, but pretend to be fast asleep once he arrives home. Upon seeing our trio asleep on the floor, Yi-hyun questions if he should give up his bed for them. Wizard Park and Fairy Oh change their minds about Yi-hyun, but Teacher Gu still isn’t fond of him. He has a feeling Yi-hyun’s going to cause some trouble.

In his room, Kim Geum can’t fall asleep. His mind keeps tracing back to the moment his hand brushed against Ok-nam’s hand earlier that evening. He stares at the lotus flower since it reminds him of Ok-nam. Ok-nam too is having some trouble sleeping and she blushes at the thought of Kim Geum. 

The next morning, Wizard Park and Mama Kim (I’m just gonna call her ‘Mama Kim’ instead of Kim Geum’s Mom LOL) bicker with each other over who gets to use the restroom first after Fairy Oh. Mama Kim assumes Wizard Park’s a human being so she complains about his informal use of language and disrespectful tone towards her. Eventually, Wizard Park wins and gets to use the restroom after Fairy Oh, but the toilet is not a pleasant sight. LOL.

When they all convene for breakfast that morning, Mama Kim strikes up a conversation about how they’ve never met before though they live in such a small village. She and Fairy Oh repeatedly pass the bowl of meat on the table to the man of their preference (Teacher Gu for Mama Kim and Wizard Park for Fairy Oh) until Teacher Gu eventually gets to take a bite out of the bowl, lol. Yi-hyun reveals to the group that he won’t be returning home that night as he’ll be out with Ok-nam. Of course, Kim Geum wants to tag along as well so the two bicker with each other over Ok-nam. Lol.

Before leaving for work, Yi-hyun finally gives in and permits Kim Geum to tag along with him and Ok-nam. However, Kim Geum will have to find Yi-hyun right after his lecture ends or else he won’t be able to go. Ok-nam prepares for the trip by packing some food and snacks. She stops by the coffee shop, but grows worried when Bong-dae isn’t there. Bong-dae is practicing her powers behind a building. Using some bricks, she attempts to create another room like how she did for Ok-nam and Jeom-soon, but she is once again unsuccessful.

Bong-dae assumes it must be because her powers have expired. She reminisces a conversation she had with her brother in fairyland – Master of the Northern Star – prior to leaving for the human world. While playing a game of Alkkagi, her brother had voiced his concerns for 3 of the fairies who had gone missing in fairyland. He vowed to search for them since he’s been getting weaker without them in fairyland. In the present, Bong-dae plans to return to fairyland to reunite with her brother.

Since Bong-dae isn’t at the coffee shop, Ok-nam trains Jeom-soon on how to brew coffee for customers. It’s clear Jeom-soon is more interested in going out for the day and having some fun than brewing coffee as she repeatedly asks Ok-nam when she’ll return from the trip. Ok-nam scolds Jeom-soon and urges her to just make coffee. Meanwhile, Kim Geum and Yi-hyun rush for the trip. While Kim Geum finishes things up at the lab, Yi-hyun ends his class early and stops by the coffee shop to pick Ok-nam up.

However, Jeom-soon isn’t back from the restroom yet so Ok-nam can’t leave the cafe unattended. Our trio volunteer to look over the coffee shop for Ok-nam while Jeom-soon is away. With that, Ok-nam and Yi-hyun make their escape to the mountains. While driving away the coffee shop, Yi-hyun finds Kim Geum running after him so he speeds up. However, Kim Geum eventually catches up so Yi-hyun has no choice but to bring him along. Lol.

In the car, Kim Geum eats some of the boiled eggs that Ok-nam prepared for their trip. Jeom-soon eventually leaves and has Fairy Oh look after the coffee shop for her. Fairy Oh is eventually visited by Doctor Lee who wishes to know where Ok-nam is. After pretending to be Ok-nam’s friend, Doctor Lee discovers that Ok-nam’s gone on a trip with Yi-hyun to some place far away.

Yi-hyun, Ok-nam, and Kim Geum finally arrive at Mount Gyeryong. However, just like last time, the three get lost so they eventually get out of the car to wander around. Upon following a path, they come across flowers that reminds them of fairyland. Yi-hyun approaches one of the flowers and finds it familiar. The drama then takes us back to fairyland when Fairy Izy was scolded by Master of the Northern Star for failing to return to fairyland after visiting the waterfall. He assumes she probably stayed in the human world to get her revenge on human beings.

While Master of the Northern Star scolds Fairy Izy, Fairy Izy gets distracted with the appearance of Ok-nam. They smile at each other upon seeing each other, but Fairy Izy’s smile fades when she watches Ok-nam place a flower on Kim Geum’s ear. The flower is the same exact one that Yi-hyun noticed in the mountains. Kim Geum finds another batch of flowers not too far away that also feels familiar to him. Just like how she did in fairyland, Ok-nam places a single flower on Kim Geum’s ear, but Kim Geum doesn’t mind. Yi-hyun minds though and he’s bothered by their short romantic moment. He throws a rock at Kim Geum and suggests they take another path to venture on. Lol.

Back at the university, Doctor Lee checks in with Jung-min and Gyeong-sik to ask for the whereabouts of Kim Geum. They don’t know anything much other than that he’s gone with Ok-nam somewhere far away. Doctor Lee grows irritated that neither Kim Geum or Yi-hyun are picking up her phone calls. At the coffee shop, our trio are allowed to head home since Bong-dae’s decided to close the shop for the day. Fairy Oh worries for Jeom-soon who’s out having some fun with Gyeong-sul.

Back at the mountains, our love triangle continue to wander around on different paths and trails. Just as they’re about to leave and return to the car, Yi-hyun finds the same exact cliff that he saw in his vision with the deer. As he walks to the edge of the cliff, the same exact deer approaches him and walks towards him. The deer eventually reveals to Yi-hyun its identity and claims that it is Yi-hyun. Yi-hyun is the deer; the deer is Yi-hyun. Yi-hyun’s foot slips from the edge of the cliff in response to the news and he falls onto the ground.

Yi-hyun assumes he’s dead since he’s unable to move, but he’s not. Instead of falling off the edge of a cliff, Yi-hyun had just fallen off a small boulder. However, he’s sprained his ankle so Kim Geum carries him back to the field of flowers they visited earlier. While Ok-nam tends to Yi-hyun’s sprained ankle, Kim Geum cares for Ok-nam and hands her his jacket for her to sit on. Aww.

Our trio walk back home to Yi-hyun and Kim Geum’s house. Once they get home, they find Doctor Lee at the house as well. Back at the mountains, Kim Geum volunteers to charge Yi-hyun’s dead phone in the car so that they can call for rescue. Yi-hyun encourages Ok-nam to go with Kim Geum, but she’s adamant in staying behind with Yi-hyun. However, Ok-nam doesn’t forget to remind Kim Geum to watch his step as it’s dark and the trail is rigged.

While on the way back to the car, Kim Geum overhears Ok-nam’s voice telling him to be careful of the snow. It was the last words she voiced to her husband before he went out for work and unfortunately passed away. As if that wasn’t enough, Kim Geum encounters the same exact deer that Yi-hyun saw earlier at the edge of the boulder. Kim Geum feels as if he’s met the deer before, but before he can dig into more details, the deer treads away. The deer is none other than Fairy Izy of Mizar.

Our trio, Mama Kim, and Doctor Lee all drink some alcohol together and ramble on about history. Of course, Doctor Lee is crazy over Yi-hyun and is bummed out over his disappearance. Ok-nam worries that something’s happened to Kim Geum since it’s taking him a while to return from the car. However, Yi-hyun reassures Ok-nam that nothing’s happened to him. Knowing Kim Geum, he probably had to go back and forth because he forgot to do a few things. Ok-nam must be worried as losing her husband was a traumatic event for her and she doesn’t want to have to go through that again.

While they wait for Kim Geum to return, Yi-hyun scoots himself closer to Ok-nam and places his arm around her to keep her warm. Ok-nam can’t help but point out a few times how Yi-hyun keeps radiating heat, but he merely brushes off the comments. Instead, he recounts the details leading up to the moment before he fell and sprained his ankle, but even Yi-hyun himself isn’t really sure as to what happened. As past memories continue to flood Yi-hyun’s mind, he grows more and more scared of losing Ok-nam. Since he doesn’t have her winged clothes, he wants to know if there are any other ways he can make Ok-nam stay with him.

Since Ok-nam’s appeared in Yi-hyun’s life, he’s become uneasy. Yi-hyun then leans in to kiss Ok-nam a kiss on the lips. It’s also at that moment when Kim Geum returns from the car and discovers Yi-hyun kissing Ok-nam under the light of the full moon.

My Thoughts:

My goodness, can we get some quick lighting for that ending scene? I know the lack of light was to signify the darkness and to make it obvious that it was nighttime, but you could barely even make out the shadows of our characters with that night scene. It’s also shameful that Yi-hyun and Ok-nam’s kiss (and the first kiss in this drama) was essentially hidden in the dark. I feel so betrayed and disappointed, lol.

Moving on, there are more and more clues pointing to the theory that Yi-hyun isn’t Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband. It’s odd because there seems to be enough clues hinting that Yi-hyun isn’t the reincarnated husband, but not enough clues to conclude that Kim Geum is the reincarnated husband. I don’t know. It’s a weird thing of Yi-hyun isn’t the husband, but there also isn’t enough to prove that Kim Geum is the husband either. We’re at this weird and odd point in the drama where the hints are applying to both guys, but some of the things Yi-hyun are saying also makes you doubtful of him. That comment in the ending scene where he voiced how he wished he had Ok-nam’s winged clothing makes me assume he’s not the reincarnated husband. If he was her husband, he would have her clothes and would feel more confident in being with Ok-nam because he essentially has what she’s looking for. However, he doesn’t have her clothes so there’s little to no chances of being with her which is why he questioned how he could get Ok-nam to stay with him. He knows Ok-nam’s only reason for being in the mortal world is to find her reincarnated husband and eventually her winged clothes so she can return to fairyland. However, since he doesn’t have what she’s looking for and isn’t the person she’s searching for, there’s no other reason for them to stay acquainted. Of course, that’s not what Yi-hyun wants now that he’s fallen in love with Ok-nam, hence, why he wonders if there’s any other option he can follow to get Ok-nam to keep wanting to be around him.

Ok-nam still believes that Yi-hyun is her reincarnated husband so she chooses to blindly follow him and be around him for solely that reason. However, she’s been having doubts about this for a while now and is also starting to be a lot more caring towards Kim Geum. She’s always cared for him, but I think she’s slowly starting to view him in a different light than before. She unconsciously finds herself worrying about him and thinking about him. She tells him to be careful while walking back to the car or she blushes when she thinks about small intimate moments that happened between them. Ok-nam also waited for Kim Geum at the coffee shop the entire day and became disappointed when he didn’t stop by at all. There’s an obvious shift and difference in the way feel Ok-nam feels about Kim Geum from when they first met to where they are currently. I wonder if she’s going to soon change her mind and assume that Kim Geum is the reincarnated husband since he too has been seeing things and remembering memories from the past just like Yi-hyun.

I really want to like our trio; I really do. I think they’re a bunch of funny, silly, humorous, and ridiculous group with comedic antics and adventures. However, I just can’t bring myself to care about them as much as I want to or as much as the drama wants us to. This drama is just not delivering on their front and it’s unfortunate because I think there was so much potential to make our trio more enjoyable. However, most of the times, their conversations are unnecessary, random, and wasteful. It’s great that they’ve reunited with Ok-nam and Jeom-soon, but what exactly is their purpose in this drama? Whether it’s bickering with Mama Kim or drinking alcohol with Doctor Lee, there’s really no purpose or meaning behind any of their actions or conversations. Our trio are meant to provide comedic relief, but even then, there’s not much comedy that is being provided by them and it’s a little sad. I think the same can be applied to other characters like labmates Jung-min and Gyeong-sik or even Gyeong-sul who we don’t know much about yet in this drama. Heck, even Doctor Lee has been reduced to the obsessive, crazy, and possessive second female lead character which is shameful considering she was an interesting character when she was Yi-hyun’s psychiatrist. Now all she does is cry and gush over Yi-hyun in the drama which makes you question the drama’s intentions in having her as a character in the first place. What were they planning to do with her or our trio? What are their reasons for being in the drama? Do they actually serve any purpose or are they just in here for fun?

There are many things that the drama failed to excel on (I will always be disappointed with the CGI editing and quality in this drama), but there are a few things that the drama does well. One of them being the connections that our characters have with each other. Even if Yi-hyun and Kim Geum might argue and fight over Ok-nam, they still care about each other and have known each other for so long that they know how the other is. It’s also in the ways that Yi-hyun and Kim Geum care for Ok-nam or in how the trio treats Ok-nam like family and volunteered to look over the coffee shop for her. While the drama failed to deliver in many ways, there are also a few other things that makes the drama worthy of watching. Here’s to hoping the next 3 weeks will be better and somehow logically wrap everything up for our characters.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the episode~

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