Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 13 Recap

Good things come to those who wait. Kim Geum, Ok-nam, and Yi-hyun have been patient so far with all the mysteries and questions floating around in their minds and their hearts. However, things become clearer for them as to who the reincarnated husband is and they receive confirmation on their biggest doubts and concerns.

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 13 Recap

Ok-nam leans in to give Yi-hyun a kiss, but the kiss doesn’t do anything for the both of them. Yi-hyun still grows mad after kissing Ok-nam and walks away in the rain. With Yi-hyun gone, Ok-nam finally concludes that Yi-hyun isn’t her reincarnated husband and had been delusional this entire time. Meanwhile, Kim Geum awakens from his dream and heads out to find Ok-nam. Along the way, he encounters Yi-hyun on campus so he rushes to his aid. However, Yi-hyun is still engulfed in anger and he ends up beating Kim Geum up. Fairy Izy consumes Yi-hyun’s mind and body and she grows enraged at Kim Geum who she envisions as Fairy Bausae for abandoning her back in fairyland. Eventually, Yi-hyun stops and faints so Kim Geum rushes him back home.

After calming down and taking a shower, Yi-hyun sits quietly in his room to reflect on the day. Kim Geum visits him in his room and checks up on him. Yi-hyun has no recollection of the fight that happened between them earlier that day which confuses Kim Geum. Instead, he gets scolded by Yi-hyun for not fighting back at whoever his opponent was like how he should have. Kim Geum eventually returns to his room while Yi-hyun heads to sleep.

That evening, Ok-nam tests her powers on her plants once again and just like the times before, her power ceases to exist. She then holds an urgent conversation with Jeom-soon. After her conversation with her mother, Jeom-soon heads to pay Kim Geum a visit at his house. She thanks him for helping her publish her book and adds that he can keep all the royalties. The two have a friendly conversation with each other before Jeom-soon leaves. As Kim Geum observes Jeom-soon leave his place, he feels as if he’s made some kind of promise to Jeom-soon in his past life about protecting her.

The next morning, Kim Geum stops by the coffee shop on campus only to discover that Ok-nam and Jeom-soon has left. He finds out through Bong-dae that the mother-daughter pair have returned to their home in Mount Gyeryong and that all Ok-nam has left behind for Kim Geum is a letter. In the letter, Ok-nam first apologizes for neglecting Kim Geum and mistaking Yi-hyun as her reincarnated husband. She also expresses her gratitude and thanks Kim Geum for his kind and caring demeanor towards her while she was in Seoul. Kim Geum tears up after reading the letter.

Ok-nam and Jeom-soon eventually return to their fairy cafe back in the mountains. Things are still the same and they feel relieved to finally be back home (except for Jeom-soon whose beef jerky got stolen lol). Meanwhile, news that Grandma Ok-nam has left spreads throughout campus and Yi-hyun stops by the coffee shop to check for himself. The news is indeed true as Ok-nam nor Jeom-soon is there anymore. Since Ok-nam and Jeom-soon are gone, our trio eventually conclude that they should return as well. However, Teacher Gu is a bit hesitant as he still wants to stay behind in Seoul for reasons he won’t spill. It’s obvious to Wizard Oh though that Teacher Gu wants to stay behind because of a woman.

This woman is none other than Mama Kim. Fairy Oh doesn’t see what the big deal is as Teacher Gu can just simply ask Mama Kim to leave with him back to the mountains. She’s originally from there anyways. However, Wizard Park concludes that it’ll be difficult for Teacher Gu to do so as he’s quite a shy guy. Speaking of Teacher Gu and Mama Kim, he tastes some of the cabbage juice that she made for him. However, his body doesn’t react so nicely to the juice and he sprints out of the house in panic mode.

Back at the mountains, Jeom-soon grows curious about Gyeong-sul and wonders how he’s doing. Gyeong-sul is at the coffee shop on campus and begins to receive strange texts from Bong-dae. Alarmed and petrified, he’s confronted by Bong-dae who warns him to send her all the photos and videos he’s recorded of Jeom-soon and other women. Though Gyeong-sul threatens Bong-dae as a response to the warnings, he’s obviously scared of Bong-dae and runs away.

Yi-hyun and Doctor Lee have a drink with each other at a restaurant. Yi-hyun’s stressed out and dejected over Ok-nam’s leave and assumes she left because of him. He misses her dearly and wants to be with her. Yi-hyun wants Ok-nam to be his and wishes to able to proudly tell others that she is his woman. This angers Doctor Lee and she finally unleashes all her frustration on Yi-hyun. How could he have never realized her feelings for him this entire time? Plus, the reason why Ok-nam left was because 1) she realized Yi-hyun wasn’t her reincarnated husband and 2) because she realized she didn’t have any feelings for Yi-hyun. Doctor Lee leaves the restaurant after warning Yi-hyun to never appear in front of her again.

That evening, Yi-hyun stumbles as he makes his way back home. He stops to lay down on a bench and still feels the same way for Ok-nam even after the incident at the restaurant. No one will ever know how much Ok-nam means to him. Nobody. That evening, Ok-nam heads to sleep with Jeom-soon at their own house. Aww.

Fairy Oh and Wizard Park pack their belongings to prepare for their trip back home to Mount Gyeryong. Mama Kim has no clue that Teacher Gu too is leaving until he asks her to leave with him to the mountains. She happily accepts the request. Kim Geum returns to the lab and it’s obvious that he’s not in the best mood. He has trouble concentrating and his labmates become suspicious of his behavior. While checking his phone, Kim Geum finds the last photo of Jeom-soon and Ok-nam that they took on his phone and tears up at the sight of it. At that moment, Kim Geum’s labmate Gyeong-sik asks for Kim Geum’s support in helping him lift up some boxes onto the shelf. The boxes are too heavy for them and they eventually knock Kim Geum down onto the ground.

As he lays unconscious, Kim Geum suddenly recovers a memory from 699 years ago of when he bid farewell with Jeom-dol before heading off to work. He also remembers the moment he laid on the ground after falling off the edge of the cliff and panicking over how he won’t be able to see his family off. When Kim Geum awakens, he feels compelled to visit Ok-nam to tell her about his visions. He stops by the electronics store first to buy a new laptop for Jeom-soon.

Yi-hyun takes some time to read a letter written by Teacher Gu which he received the night before. Though the letter is short, Teacher Gu expresses his gratitude and thanks to Yi-hyun for taking care of the trio while they were at his house. Yi-hyun then receives a text from Kim Geum who notifies him that he’s borrowed his car. Yi-hyun grows confused and follows up with Kim Geum’s labmates for more information. All they know is that Kim Geum has gone off to some place called Gyeoreub which Yi-hyun eventually learns from Doctor Lee translates to Mount Gyeryong where Ok-nam lives.

So Yi-hyun also heads out to Mount Gyeryong to chase after Kim Geum. Though Doctor Lee pleads for him not to leave and threatens him with their friendship, Yi-hyun still resumes with his plans and asks for Doctor Lee’s understanding. Kim Geum eventually makes his way into the mountains and to the waterfall where he first met Ok-nam. As he stares at the waterfall, a towel falls from the skies and lands right in front of him. He eventually takes a refreshing bath at the waterfall just like Ok-nam did many months ago. However, this time, it’s Kim Geum who’s greeted by Ok-nam as she arrives at the waterfall just as he’s about to exit from it.

The two run towards each other and give each other a warm hug. No words are needed to describe the emotions they are swept up in.

My Thoughts:

Haha, that ending was cute, but it was also kind of awkward. LOL. I guess I just can’t help but be reminded that Seo Ji-hoon is only 21 years old (and I first saw him when he was 19 in ‘Signal’ two years ago) so it feels a bit weird to see him half-naked and hugging Moon Chae-won while he’s half-naked. Moving on, the ending was so sweet though and the two found their way back to each other. What both Ok-nam and Kim Geum were doubtful about at first was eventually confirmed once they reunited with each other. They were a couple 699 years ago and Kim Geum is Ok-nam’s reincarnated husband who she had been searching for all along.

I like that Kim Geum came to Ok-nam and that it wasn’t Ok-nam who came to Kim Geum even though she was sure he was her reincarnated husband even before leaving Seoul. I know her visit to Seoul was so that she could find her reincarnated husband, but I liked that she actually didn’t find him there and instead reunited with Kim Geum back in Mount Gyeryong where everything all first started. Ok-nam and Kim Geum’s history and interactions with each other first occurred in Mount Gyeryong anyways so it’s nice to see that Ok-nam found her reincarnated husband in the same exact place she first met him. That part was nice and cute and an extra touch to the drama that made it a whole lot more charming.

I also liked that Ok-nam and Kim Geum reunited with each other at the same waterfall where they first met (both as Husband Bausae and the current Kim Geum). It’s kind of as if the drama is telling us that through 699 years, in the span of seven centuries, the two were able to eventually find their way back to each other the same exact way that they first met. And just like Fairy Bausae read in the love letter he had written for Ok-nam, time may pass and mountains may separate them, but his love for her will always remain the same. The contents in the love letter rings true as Kim Geum is still in love with Ok-nam as he was in his previous lives (okay, this is making me a bit emotional now).

I feel satisfied to see Ok-nam finally receive the closure that she had been waiting 699 years for. As she mentioned to both Yi-hyun and Kim Geum, the search for her reincarnated husband was the only reason why she lived for so long. It was merely the biggest purpose for her life and I feel happy for Ok-nam who has now finally discovered her reincarnated husband. Sure, it wasn’t easy and she faced many challenges along the way, but it was ultimately well worth-it. She finally found Kim Geum and can resume her relationship with him that she didn’t get to in the past because of his unexpected death in his previous life. Now, Jeom-soon and Jeom-dol can happily live with both their father and mother.

I know I also haven’t been the most impressed with scenes of our trio, but I have to admit that it was a bit sad and bittersweet to see them bid farewell with Yi-hyun, Bong-dae, and basically Seoul. They’ve been there the past few months and was just getting accustomed to it before having to return. We’ve become used to seeing them navigate the city life and now they have to return to their life in the mountains. It was heart-warming reading the letters that both Ok-nam wrote for Kim Geum and that Teacher Gu wrote for Yi-hyun. It even meant so much more because Teacher Gu’s never really had a fond impression of Yi-hyun (he’s complained about him a few times before in the drama), but he ultimately chose to wrote him a letter of gratitude and appreciation for all that Yi-hyun’s done for them. Though our trio might not have always been on the same page with Yi-hyun at all times, they formed a sense of appreciation and liking for him for other reasons.

Of course, now that we’ve received pretty much a confirmation that Kim Geum is the reincarnated husband, all that’s left is to determine whether Ok-nam will stay with Kim Geum or leave to fairyland with her two kids. She still has to find her winged clothes which I’m not so sure if Kim Geum has or not. Regardless, if she does eventually retrieve her fairy clothes back, she can choose to stay with him on earth or return to fairyland with her children. In the original fairytale, I believe the fairy returns to fairyland after retrieving her clothes so it’ll be interesting to see if the drama stays true to the fairytale or switches things up.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the episode~

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