Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 14 Recap

Our characters finally learn about their past and how they are all connected to one another not only in this life but also in their past reincarnations. And although they finally have the answers they’ve been searching for, the honesty and the clarity might not always yield good results.

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter: Episode 14 Recap

After reuniting at the same waterfall where Ok-nam and Kim Geum first met each other, they head back to Ok-nam’s Fairy Cafe. There, Kim Geum also meets with Jeom-soon again and gifts her the new laptop he had bought just for her. While Jeom-soon settles down with her new laptop, Kim Geum and Ok-nam become situated with each other once again. Yi-hyun continues on his adventure to Mount Gyeryong to find Kim Geum and also gets lost. He discovers the same trail that he and Kim Geum had ventured on during their first trip to the mountain so he follows the path in hope that it’ll lead him to find Kim Geum.

Kim Geum takes his chance to communicate his thoughts to Ok-nam. He confesses that he always finds himself missing Ok-nam and is certain that she is the most precious to him. Kim Geum doesn’t feel confident that Ok-nam will pick him, but Ok-nam has already accepted her feelings for Kim Geum. She too longs for him. Teacher Gu and Wizard Park wait at the train station to travel back to Mount Gyeryong. However, Fairy Oh isn’t with them and that’s because she’s angry at Wizard Park. Five hours earlier, the three had stopped by a cafe to eat some dessert and to drink some coffee. When Fairy Oh had left to use the restroom, Wizard Park ended up criticizing Fairy Oh from start to finish which Fairy Oh heard all of. She eventually got angry with Wizard Park and separated herself from the two men. Lol.

Yi-hyun chases after the same deer he’s encountered during every visit in the mountains. Fairy Oh eventually reunites with Wizard Park and Teacher Gu at the train station and this time, she is sporting a different hairstyle. Wizard Park falls in love with Fairy Oh’s new look and the unrequited love she had for him soon disappears. Doctor Lee attempts to get in contact with Yi-hyun, but it’s to no success. Yi-hyun is busy chasing after the deer, unaware that he should just give up on Ok-nam who no longer has any feelings for him.

Things begin to escalate for Yi-hyun whose past catches up to him. As he wanders in the mountains, he suddenly ducks and shout for people to not shoot at him. In his past life as a deer, Teacher Gu chased after him with a bow and arrow as a punishment for setting the world on fire. Three ghosts haunt Yi-hyun for the same action, voicing their disappointment with him and adding that his reincarnation as Yi-hyun doesn’t change what he did in his previous life.

Meanwhile, Ok-nam and Jeom-soon feed Kim Geum at their house. Since Jeom-soon is training to become a “real human being”, she is to not eat any meat or beef since doing so transforms her into a tiger. After Kim Geum finishes eating, he stays behind in the living room as Ok-nam cleans up. Jeom-dol – who is resting in the living room – eventually hatches and appears in front of Kim Geum. He repeatedly refers to Kim Geum as his father, but Kim Geum is occupied with something else. He receives a sudden phone call from Doctor Lee who is afraid that Yi-hyun might have gotten into an accident near Mount Gyeryong. While Kim Geum goes out to find Yi-hyun, Ok-nam and Jeom-soon greet Jeom-dol who’s been reincarnated as a spoon-worm (though Jeom-dol claims he’s a blue dragon). Jeom-dol adds that he was only able to hatch thanks to Kim Geum who he acknowledges is his father.

As Kim Geum continues to look for Yi-hyun throughout Mount Gyeryong, Yi-hyun is reminded of his horrific past as an orphan. He was abandoned as a young child and locked into a shed as a sacrifice to end the drought that had been affecting the village. That could explain for the sudden flashbacks and memories Yi-hyun had received in the past of him being locked inside a shed. In the present, Yi-hyun lays on the ground next to his car after a bad car accident. He’s in severe pain and the car eventually begins to burn. When Kim Geum arrives at the scene, Yi-hyun is no where to be found, but he rushes into the mountains after receiving a tip from a person that Yi-hyun has disappeared into the mountains.

Ok-nam attempts to make sense of the new revelation by Jeom-dol. If Kim Geum is her reincarnated husband, then how did Yi-hyun also recover memories from the past related to her and Jeom-soon? She assumes he must have been someone in the past who knew both her and her family. Ok-nam is then interrupted by Jeom-dol who updates her about Kim Geum’s sudden disappearance. He left the house in search of Yi-hyun. Speaking of Yi-hyun, he stumbles his way into the mountains and eventually passes out.

Gyeong-sul is forced to head to Mount Gyeryong with Bong-dae to come clean to Jeom-soon about his past actions. Meanwhile, Ok-nam is reunited with our trio at the fairy cafe. They immediately update her about Yi-hyun’s car accident, but is unaware that the driver was Yi-hyun. Instead, they were told that the driver was a woman with long hair and with burning flames in her hands. Ok-nam rushes out of the cafe after hearing that Kim Geum went out to search for the driver. When Ok-nam arrives at the scene, she recalls the time back in fairyland when she learned about both Fairy Bausae and Fairy Izy’s disappearance from the fairy realm. Since they disappeared without telling her anything, she never knew why they were banished or how they lived after they were gone.

In the mountains, Kim Geum chases after the deer who eventually transforms into Fairy Izy of Mazar. Encountering her reminds Kim Geum of a memory as his past reincarnation as Fairy Bausae. At that time, Fairy Izy had set the village who sacrificed the orphan boy to end the drought on fire for their injustice doing. She felt it was unfair for the orphan to be sacrificed just simply because he didn’t have a family. Since Fairy Izy had been abusing her powers, she eventually started to lose them and her skin color started to darken. As a last attempt to rescue Fairy Izy, Fairy Bausae warns her not to abuse her powers any longer, but she suggests that they can simply just return to the human realm together to escape everything.

When Yi-hyun awakens, he finds himself in a room of a house owned by a monk. The monk recognizes Yi-hyun and tells him to help him peel some acorns. Meanwhile, Kim Geum grows shocked after remembering who Fair Izy of Mazar is. She had been banished from the fairy realm after returning from the human realm and abusing her powers on human beings. Before Kim Geum can say anything to her, she disappears. While peeling some acorn with the monk, Yi-hyun receives some tips and advice from him. Though nothing about it makes any sense to Yi-hyun, Yi-hyun learns that he should not be manipulated by “them” and that his past is just an illusion and a dream. When the conversation with the monk finishes, so does Yi-hyun’s dream and he finds himself still on the ground in the mountains.

Gyeong-sul and Bong-dae arrive at Fairy Cafe and reunite with the trio. While Bong-dae takes care of the shell where Jeom-dol had hatched from, Gyeong-sul stays behind with the trio and eventually meets Jeom-soon again. Lol. When Yi-hyun awakens from his dream, he reunites with Fairy Izy and finally remembers that he was Fairy Izy in his past life who was banished from fairyland because of Fairy Bausae. He was also the orphan boy who had been offered as a sacrifice to end the drought plaguing the village.

Eventually, Yi-hyun meets with Kim Geum again. However, now that the two have remembered their pasts, Yi-hyun isn’t willing to act so nicely to Kim Geum. He lights up the trees near them in flames and blames Kim Geum for his past. Ok-nam discovers the two and urges Yi-hyun and Kim Geum to escape while they can before things get dangerous. However, only Yi-hyun approaches Ok-nam and he transforms into Fairy Izy in front of Ok-nam. Ok-nam finally realizes who Yi-hyun is and reacts in complete shock while Kim Geum stays behind surrounded by the flames.

My Thoughts:

Umm, yeah… I have no thoughts. LOL. I had lost any hope of the drama redeeming itself since episode 5 and unfortunately it just didn’t get any better even though I wanted it to so badly. Everything happened all at once at the end of this episode, and it’s unfortunate with how bad of the writing, storytelling, and execution of it all was. I guess that’s what happens when you fail to tell a story properly and wait until the last minute to expose everything. All of a sudden, Kim Geum and Yi-hyun finally realized who they were in the past (as if they had any indication before whatsoever that Fairy Bausae and Fairy Izy existed) and took out their anger on each other. Then Ok-nam was caught in the middle of it all and things just transcended from there.

Gaah, I really have no words as to how bad of an ending that was in this episode. Nothing made any sense and it felt very filler.. like pretty much how 95% of this entire drama felt. Honestly, at this point, I don’t even care how things end for our characters. I’m assuming Kim Geum and Ok-nam will eventually get their happy ending while Yi-hyun will somehow make amends for his past mistakes and actions as Fairy Izy. The drama is pretty aggravating, frustrating, and dreadful to watch and it’s unfortunate that the show just never got any better.

I guess the good thing out of this is that there are only two more episodes to go to wrap everything up. Now that we’ve finally reached the climax, all that’s left is to discover how Ok-nam reacts to the revelation and whether she chooses to stay with Kim Geum or not.

Bonus: Extra screenshots from the episode~

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