Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 4 Recap

Ha-jin and Jung-hoon assumes they have their fake relationship figured out. Any possibility of it becoming real is slim to none. However, the two are tested when they find themselves the center of attention in a world full of love and support but also in hate and animosity.

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 4 Recap

Ha-jin and Jung-hoon are on a date at a cafe late into the night. However, the date is eventually cut short on a disappointing note after Jung-hoon expresses his wish to never see Ha-jin again. On the ride home, Ha-jin can’t help but feel sad over the rejection. In a conversation with Ha-kyung, she recalls how there was nothing that she could do but just sit and listen to Jung-hoon. The two sisters eventually return home without knowing that a sasaeng fan is busy taking photos of Ha-jin right across the street. Meanwhile, Jung-hoon glances at the one remaining photo of Ha-jin and Seo-yeon before putting it away in a folder at his apartment.

Another day means another SNS post. Ha-kyung reprimands Ha-jin to not post so much on SNS once again. Meanwhile, Jung-hoon takes a break by going on a fishing trip with Tae-eun. He breaks the news to Tae-eun that he’s cut all ties with Ha-jin and wishes to never see her again. He only did it to stop Ha-jin from getting hurt in the long run, but wonders if his rejection only made things worse for her. Although the two have cut ties with each other, everyone else still believes that Ha-jin and Jung-hoon are in a relationship. They’re inquired about it from people like reporters to colleagues to even their very own fans. Ha-jin struggles to accept her new reality while Jung-hoon is fed up with all the dating talk. It doesn’t help that the upcoming guest for an interview is the director of Ha-jin’s new movie, Director Ji.

Both Ha-jin and Ha-kyung are in disbelief at the amount of fan support and love Ha-jin has been getting recently. Her public image has completely shifted with this new movie and it all makes sense now as to why Jung-hoon fell for Ha-jin. An article about Ha-jin and Jung-hoon’s relationship is released, but Ha-jin is confused as to why the article barely came out when the photos taken from that night at the Han River happened a few weeks back.

Director Choi refuses Jung-hoon’s request to remove Director Ji as the next guest on his show. The tables have turned and thanks to Ha-jin’s movie, they can use the interview as an opportunity to gain higher ratings and give the public what they want. Jung-hoon isn’t such a big fan of the idea and definitely does not want to have to talk about Ha-jin during the interview, but he has no other choice. Director Choi even encourages Jung-hoon to watch Ha-jin’s new movie before he is to interview Director Ji.

Ha-jin prepares for a fansigning event as part of her movie promotion. She’s excited to cook and make some boxed meals for her fans, but Ha-kyung and CEO Park aren’t too confident about the idea. Ha-jin isn’t the greatest cook and well, they frankly don’t have enough time with the pace that Ha-jin is going at. So Ha-jin attends her fansigning event with just one boxed meal and a whole lot of enthusiasm and appreciation. Jung-hoon and Il-kwon pass by Ha-jin’s fansigning event; Il-kwon gushes over Ha-jin and praises her for her positivity and respect for her fans. After the fansigns concludes, Ha-jin follows up about visiting Jung-hoon since they’re already in front of his work building, but Ha-kyung sternly declines.

Tae-eun joins his family for dinner that night. Tae-eun’s younger sister brings up the topic of Jung-hoon to the table and expresses interest in dating him. However, Tae-eun’s Dad isn’t such a big fan of the idea; Jung-hoon has a health condition and he’s not in such a great position. Tae-eun defends Jung-hoon and claims that he’s doing much better, but without any test results to prove that, Tae-eun’s Dad thinks otherwise.

While Tae-eun is busy staying over at Jung-hoon’s house again, Jung-hoon is busy preparing for his interview with Director Ji. He follows his boss’s advice and goes to the movie theater to watch Ha-jin’s new movie. He watches the movie carefully, but he’s also reminded of Ha-jin’s memory loss. Jung-hoon ponders over who is the more pitiful one between the two of them: him who can’t forget any of his memories for the rest of his life or Ha-jin who had to forget her memories in order to live. When the movie finishes, Jung-hoon heads out of the theater alone. However, he finds himself suddenly swarmed by three fangirls who were with him in the theater watching the movie. After taking a few photos with him, they run away while shouting words of support for him and Ha-jin. LOL.

Ha-jin is still heartbroken over Jung-hoon’s sudden rejection. She can’t seem to stop thinking about him even when she knows she shouldn’t. Thanks to the fangirls who saw Jung-hoon at the movie theater, Ha-jin discovers that he did watch her new movie. Ha-jin interprets this as a sign of Jung-hoon missing her so she creates plans of contacting him first. He must surely be watching her movie because he misses her right? Ha-kyung doesn’t agree with Ha-jin’s way of thinking, but she’s too exhausted to argue otherwise. Haha.

The next morning, Ha-kyung finds the entire house in a mess. She at first doesn’t think too much about it, but grows frustratingly upset when she notices that Ha-jin is gone and that she’ll have to clean everything up by herself. It turns out Ha-jin got up bright and early that morning to find Jung-hoon. She encounters him near his workplace so she picks him up for a talk. Though he’s hesitant at first, he eventually gives in when he finds Technical Director Kim walking towards them.

Over some coffee, the two have a conversation about… well.. each other. Ha-jin assumes Jung-hoon watched her movie because he missed her, but Jung-hoon clarifies that he only did it to prepare for his interview with Director Ji. Regardless, Ha-jin plans on misunderstanding Jung-hoon as well as their fake relationship. To him, it might be fake, but to her, it’s different. She’s finally getting what she’s always wanted this time: more offers, more interviews, more fan support and love, more fame, less hate comments, but somehow she doesn’t feel happy. This must be the impact that Jung-hoon has on her mood and life. They eventually conclude the chat by discussing about Ha-jin’s movie which Jung-hoon complimented her on. Ha-jin cheers up a little bit after hearing great things from Jung-hoon about her movie.

Jung-hoon and Director Choi prepare to head to an award ceremony together, but before she heads out with Jung-hoon, she scolds her husband Technical Director Kim for smoking outside when he promised her he wouldn’t. Eventually, the two colleagues arrive at the award ceremony for the ‘Program of the Year’ award they’ll be receiving thanks to Jung-hoon’s news program. Before the official award ceremony, Director Choi reunites with Ha-jin who attends the ceremony as a presenter for an award. Along with Director Choi, Ha-jin also greets Jung-hoon who she had no clue would also be attending the ceremony. Eventually, it’s time for Jung-hoon to receive his award so he heads to the stage to accept his award when he is called up. He initially gives a brief but grateful acceptance speech, but is pressured to say more given that Ha-jin is also in the same room.

Although uncertain at first, Jung-hoon eventually leans into the podium mic and stares at Ha-jin with everyone’s eyes on both him and Ha-jin. He voices some words of support to her and confidently provides her with the following message:

“I hope your days in the future will bring more happiness than in the past.”

Lee Jung-hoon

He concludes his speech by saying that he’ll root for Ha-jin before walking off the stage. When the award ceremony concludes, Ha-jin and Jung-hoon exchange a few words before he returns to the broadcasting station. She thanks him for his kind words and was touched by his supportive message. When Jung-hoon arrives at the news station, he is greeted by an applause from those in the office.

Ha-jin can’t help but rewatch Jung-hoon’s acceptance speech over and over again that night. Il-kwon also can’t help but tease Jung-hoon for the speech he made earlier that evening at the award ceremony. Ha-jin is so happy she sends a photo to Jung-hoon of them that she was about to post on her SNS account, but didn’t in fear of how Jung-hoon would react. Lol. With Ha-kyung away to work out, Ha-jin also decides to occupy herself by going out to watch a movie. While waiting for her car to warm up, Ha-jin is approached by the same sasaeng fan who had been taking photos of her at her house. NOOOOO.

While looking over some fan letters sent in to Jung-hoon at his work place, Il-kwon comes across some photos of Jung-hoon and Ha-jin with Jung-hoon’s face scratched out. Il-kwon brings the photos to Jung-hoon’s attention after his news broadcast which only brings back horrible memories for Jung-hoon once again. This isn’t the first time he’s received these type of ominous photos; there were plenty of photos of him and Seo-yeon with his face scratched out before as well. Similar to Ha-jin, Seo-yeon herself had a sasaeng fan after she assisted the man at the convenience store he was employed at. Since then, he became obsessed with her and followed her everywhere she went.

Jung-hoon worries that the same thing might be happening again but this time to Ha-jin. When he’s unable to reach her, he uses the text message he received from Ha-jin earlier that night as well as a phone call with Ha-kyung to best determine Ha-jin’s whereabouts. Eventually, Jung-hoon finds Ha-jin out on the street involved in what seems like an altercation between her and a few other drivers. Jung-hoon risks his life to run across the street and pulls her in for a hug upon getting to her. Ha-jin is at a loss of words with Jung-hoon’s sudden hug while Jung-hoon holds her firmly in his arms with a concerned look on his face.

My Thoughts:

GAAAAAAH, that ending kills me. KIIIIIIILS ME. It kills me for all the wrong reasons and yet, I still love it.

I don’t think Jung-hoon is hugging Ha-jin for the reasons that she thinks he is. The trauma he faced from going through a similar experience with Seo-yeon was what compelled him to worry about Ha-jin. I don’t think he’s hugging her because he has actual feelings for her per se; I think his past trauma caught up to him and he might have felt the need to save Ha-jin because he was unable to in the past with Seo-yeon. He didn’t want the same thing to happen to Ha-jin because going through it once was enough for him.

But I mean, I could also be wrong. Maybe Jung-hoon did pull Ha-jin in for a hug because he liked her and wanted to protect her. I don’t doubt that he was worried about her; the threatening photos he received at work hinted that she might have been in a dangerous situation. However, I’m thinking it’s more of his trauma and his past that caused his paranoia to run wild and influenced him to interact with Ha-jin the way he did. I do feel like Jung-hoon was opening up to Ha-jin a little bit more in this episode and willing to give her more of a chance so maybe his perception of her is starting to loosen up a little.

I can’t say that I’m fond of how Ha-jin treats Jung-hoon. A part of me feels uncomfortable with how pushy she is towards him and how much she forces herself onto him when he clearly stated his plans of cutting all ties. However, I can see why this determination to put down Jung-hoon’s walls is also what might have caused him to loosen up. Jung-hoon is still traumatized by his past experiences and memories with Seo-yeon so it’s reaffirming when someone like Ha-jin is determined to win him over. It says a lot when Ha-jin is still so keen on pursing Jung-hoon despite having been turned down by him twice. A part of Jung-hoon wishes to not associate with Ha-jin for the pain and hurt that will be caused once Ha-jin recovers her memories of Seo-yeon, but another part of it is that he maybe just needs someone to prove to him just how much they want him in their life. Maybe Ha-jin’s constant push is a reminder to Jung-hoon of how much love he still has to give even though he might have lost someone he loved dearly.


I found this episode to be a lot more wholesome, not because the drama looped Seo-yeon in to give us context on Jung-hoon or Ha-jin’s life, but rather in the subtle ways that Jung-hoon changed. He treated Ha-jin so much more nicely in this episode and he wasn’t as cold to her anymore. A part of him still wants to cut everything off so that both he and Ha-jin aren’t so hurt in the future, but he also can’t seem to completely disregard her from his life. In other words, he has a small small soft spot for her which could explain why he was so friendly towards her in this episode than in the past. I especially LOVED the message he gave her in his acceptance speech at the award ceremony: I hope the days in your future will bring you more happiness than your past. GUUUUUUUH, SO GOOD. SOOOOO GOOD. This quote serves as such a huge hint as to what might happen for Ha-jin and of how much Jung-hoon knows about Ha-jin’s past that she doesn’t know of. He hopes that her past doesn’t catch up to her and that if her memories was to one day resurface, she will be much happier than she was in the past. The award ceremony scene was soooo so good and well-done and I loved everything about it, especially this quote. It gives away so much and says so much about Jung-hoon’s thoughtfulness for Ha-jin as well as his knowledge of how much she’s endured in the past.

I wonder where the whole sasaeng fan plot is going. Once again, the connection between Ha-jin and Seo-yeon is there and the same person who was obsessed with Seo-yeon seems to be the same person infatuated with Ha-jin. It’s interesting how Jung-hoon seems to be caught up in the middle of all of this and can’t seem to catch a break from all the mess. I’m not excited with where the drama is going to take the sasaeng plot, but if it means more Jung-hoon rescue moments and some development of his feelings for Ha-jin, then I might buy it. Jung-hoon was helpless in protecting and saving his first love the first time around, he’s going to make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to the next person he has a potential future with: Ha-jin.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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