Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 5 Recap

Ha-jin and Jung-hoon plan to stay in a fake relationship until the end of Ha-jin’s movie promotions, but for how much longer can the two keep up the act the more they interact with each other?

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 5 Recap

Jung-hoon rushes his way across the street past several cars in order to get to Ha-jin. After almost dying safely arriving in front of Ha-jin, he pulls her in for a hug. However, the two are quickly interrupted by three guys who Ha-jin got into an altercation with. Luckily, they aren’t upset with Ha-jin as they are fans of hers and they attempt to settle things out. While Ha-kyung is left with taking care of the guys, Ha-jin and Jung-hoon bid farewell with each other for the night. He warns Ha-jin to not trust people so easily and to be careful when going out. He doesn’t want to worry about her again. I think someone’s in loveee~

When Ha-jin gets home, she checks her SNS account for any photos that might have been taken of her and Jung-hoon earlier that night. She also gushes over the fact that he introduced himself as her boyfriend to the group of guys earlier. At that moment, Ha-kyung receives a strange text from Jung-hoon so the two talk on the phone in private. Jung-hoon informs Ha-kyung of the threatening photos he’s been receiving where his face is scratched out in photos of him and Ha-jin. The two agree to keep the information hidden from Ha-jin and to update each other if anything happens.

Jung-hoon attempts to track the location of where the photos of him with Ha-jin were taken. He’s also informed by Il-kwon that there was more mail that came in for him, but none of them seem suspicious. Back at the company office, CEO Park delivers a bunch of scripts that has been offered for Ha-jin. Since her popularity has grown exponentially, she should only choose projects with her as the female lead. Since she’s also a lot more popular now, she has security guards around to protect her and one of her fansigning events was cancelled. Ha-jin finds everything a little suspicious so she pressures Ha-kyung to come clean to her.

Ha-kyung eventually reveals the truth about the photos to Ha-jin. Concerned about Jung-hoon, Ha-jin calls him later on that night to check up on him. She encourages the both of them to be careful since the threatening photos are alarming and asks for Jung-hoon to start sending her texts after work so that she knows he’s safe. She also requests for him to tell her directly about information like this instead of going to Ha-kyung directly. Ha-jin’s a professional; she can handle news like this. After ending the phone call, Ha-jin takes a good look at the photos again. Oddly, the photos trigger a memory in her brain to click and suddenly a man’s voice resurfaces. In the fuzzy memory, the man claims that he’s madly in love (OMG, WHAT IS GOING ON?!).

It’s time for Jung-hoon’s interview with Director Ji. Instead of the usual waiting room where his interview guests stay to get ready, Jung-hoon is called into Director Choi’s office since that’s where Director Ji is currently located. Jung-hoon enters her office to find Director Ji taking photos of Director Choi with his camera, but stops once Jung-hoon encourages him to get ready for the interview. Once Director Ji leaves, Director Choi sits down with Jung-hoon and expresses her concern. Director Ji kept on mentioning to her about Jung-hoon’s fake relationship with Ha-jin, it was a little odd.

Jung-hoon eventually suffers the same fate. Minutes before they are to go live, he chatters about how fake and staged Jung-hoon and Ha-jin’s relationship looks. Jung-hoon remains quiet and refrains from saying anything or making any comments. Back at home, Ha-kyung and Ha-jin tune into the live interview. When the interview finishes, Ha-jin receives a phone call from Director Ji for plans to meet up later that night. Jung-hoon also receives an invitation and finds himself in a meeting with both Director Ji and Ha-jin.

Director Ji starts off the get-together by pressuring Jung-hoon to drink with him. Concerned about Jung-hoon’s alcohol allergy, Ha-jin gulps the shot of alcohol for him instead (hahaha, these type of scenes are sooo cliche but funny). Eventually, Director Ji gets drunk off of the alcohol so he goes to the bathroom to sober up. While he’s gone, Jung-hoon notices a bag close to the door in the room. While Ha-jin keeps an eye out for Director Ji, Jung-hoon quickly searches through the bag and checks the photos in Director Ji’s camera for any suspicious photos. His time is cut short when Director Ji returns to the room so Ha-jin and Jung-hoon quickly return to their seats and pretend to act normal. Director Ji isn’t so happy upon seeing Jung-hoon and Ha-jin so close in the room and bursts in outrage. He demands that he wants to spend some time alone with Ha-jin, but Jung-hoon swoops in to defend Ha-jin. He throws Director Ji onto the ground and Ha-kyung is eventually called to take Director Ji home afterwards.

While Ha-kyung takes care of Director Ji, Jung-hoon drives Ha-jin home that night. It’s obvious that Jung-hoon suspects Director Ji of being the person who sent him the threatening photos, but Ha-jin denies the accusations. Jung-hoon reminds Ha-jin to not be too trusting of people and to be wary of everyone she meets. While the two are on the road, a suspicious person manages to successfully enter into Ha-jin’s house and even sneaks inside her bedroom (CREEEEEPY)!. The person panics upon seeing Jung-hoon and Ha-jin arrive outside the house so they hide.

Meanwhile, Ha-jin and Jung-hoon prepare to bid farewell for the night. However, there’s a pressing issue on Ha-jin’s mind and she’s desperate for answers. She first reveals that she suffers from an underlying condition where she can’t remember memories that she should remember or where there are moments when she remembers something that she knows nothing about. So why is it that Jung-hoon is so concerned about her? Have they met before? Did Jung-hoon play a part in her life, but her memories blocked out those specific moments with him in it?

To answer Ha-jin’s question, Jung-hoon explains that the first time they interacted with each other was in the waiting room at the news station the night of their interview. Additionally, he’s concerned for Ha-jin because a friend of his went through something similar so that’s why he worries about her. At that moment, the two are suddenly interrupted by Moon Chul who was demanded by Ha-kyung to keep Ha-jin company while she was away. Things don’t seem too alarming until the three hear an item fall not too far away from them and a man jolting. Jung-hoon immediately chases after the man after urging both Ha-jin and Moon Chul to head inside the house.

Jung-hoon loses track of the man at first, but eventually catches him not too long after. Moon Chul leaves Ha-jin alone in the house to assist Jung-hoon and to provide him with some extra support. It turns out the man Jung-hoon captured was just a reporter who was assigned to take photos of Ha-jin. Jung-hoon takes the memory card away from the reporter before permitting the reporter to leave. Back at the house, Ha-jin hears a noise coming from up in her bedroom so she goes to check out the noise (NOOOOO! DON’T DO IT!! This is how characters in horror movies dies!!). Thankfully, Ha-jin finds nothing in her room so she heads back downstairs only to find Moon Chul home. So where did Jung-hoon go?

Jung-hoon waits outside of Ha-jin’s house to bid farewell to her. The two have a sweet and encouraging talk before separating for the night. Jung-hoon encourages Ha-jin to not feel bad if she doesn’t remember her past; what’s important is focusing on the present. In return, Ha-jin wishes that Jung-hoon wouldn’t let what happened to his friend affect him too much. It wasn’t his fault by any means. Like Jung-hoon has been doing all the other nights, he sends her a text once he gets home. Ha-jin gets ready to go to sleep while Jung-hoon checks out the photos in the memory card. It doesn’t seem like Ha-jin is off the hook just quite yet as the same man who was in her room earlier returns to the outside of her house. NOOOO, leave her alone T____T

Jung-hoon has Il-kwon gather some information on the top two suspects he believes was responsible for the threatening photos: one of them is staff Moon Chul and then the other is Reporter Park – the man who Jung-hoon caught taking photos of him and Ha-jin. Jung-hoon is determined to find the person behind those photos before it’s too late. Yes, Jung-hoon, yes! You go boy!

CEO Park delivers yet another script for Ha-jin that’s too good to be turned down for two reasons: one of them being that the script is penned by a very popular writer and secondly, the female lead’s role is an anchor. This is the perfect opportunity for Jung-hoon to participate and help his girlfriend prepare for her role! He’ll give her some tips and also provide some support to the director and writer of the drama. Surely, Jung-hoon will do that right? Ha-jin and Ha-kyung have some doubts, but they remain optimistic. Ha-jin can at least ask Jung-hoon if anything.

Jung-hoon and Tae-eun pay Jung-hoon’s parents a visit. During lunch, Jung-hoon’s Dad pressures Jung-hoon to introduce his new girlfriend to them. It’s about time he gets married. HAHAHA. Meanwhile, Ha-jin has growing concerns about the script for her upcoming drama. In a phone call with Jung-hoon, she encourages him to think of any favors that he might have for her because she herself has a huge favor that she would like from him. Things should be equal between the both of them.

Though Jung-hoon and Ha-jin seem to be getting along a lot better than they initially did, Jung-hoon is still honest with his mom about the fake relationship. Contrary to what she and everyone else thinks, his relationship with Ha-jin is fake. They’re only putting up the image for now since Ha-jin’s movie is out, but once her movie promotions end, they’ll make the announcement about breaking up. Mom is sad and disappointed with the news (and I am too).

Director Choi is willing to do anything for high ratings, including recruit Ha-jin and Jung-hoon to narrate a documentary for their TV station. LOL. Jung-hoon has no other choice but to participate so he rings in his favor from Ha-jin. The two reach a consensus and agree to help the other out: she’ll narrate with him for the documentary while he’ll offer her limited support to prepare her for her upcoming drama. Ha-jin is elated and excited at the news and gives Jung-hoon a tight squeeze. Aww, someone’s happy~

Things begin to worsen with the threatening photos. Jung-hoon once again receives the same blue envelope that he did before with additional photos inside of his face scratched out. As if that wasn’t bad enough, one of the photos includes a message claiming that Ha-jin loves “that person” (the person who sent the photos) more than she does with anyone else. Suddenly, memories of Seo-yeon’s death flashes back into Jung-hoon’s mind and he remembers the entire ordeal that Seo-yeon went through with a stalker as well.

In the moments leading up to Seo-yeon’s death, both Jung-hoon and Seo-yeon was helpless as she was kidnapped by her stalker – the same man who worked at the convenience store she frequented. In a phone call with Jung-hoon, Seo-yeon pleads to be rescued, but Jung-hoon is uncertain as to where she is. Unfortunately, Jung-hoon arrives too late while searching in the area for her and Seo-yeon is dragged to the rooftop of a building by her stalker who then pushes her down to her death. Shortly afterwards, Jung-hoon manages to catch a glimpse of the stalker who made his presence known to him by yelling Jung-hoon’s name out loud. The next day, Jung-hoon unleashes all his anger out on the stalker inside of the stalker’s place. Though the stalker attempts to kill himself, he is eventually arrested by th police.

Upon recalling memories of Seo-yeon’s stalker, Jung-hoon rushes to the same psychiatric hospital where the stalker – Moon Sung-ho – is stationed. When Sung-ho awakens to find Jung-hoon standing in front of him, he lets out an evil smile. The evil man is entertained.

My Thoughts:

Oof, this episode was PACKED with so much good content and substance I’m still trying to wrap my head around things. I don’t even know where to start!

This episode was definitely the most wholesome episode so far and consisted of so many great things and I would even like to argue that it’s probably the best episode so far. The episode gave us what I wanted which was slow and organic development on Jung-hoon and Ha-jin’s relationship as well as context about Seo-yeon’s death. It seems like the drama finally returned to its roots in this episode by bringing back memories that Jung-hoon had of Seo-yeon’s passing. I enjoyed finding out more about how specifically she passed away and how her death is connected to Ha-jin’s current situation. We got a mix of both in this episode and it was great getting to see both individually as well as the two separate entities be connected to each other.

I wasn’t so sure where the whole stalker thing was going when it was first introduced in the drama. I was afraid the drama was just setting it up as a small tactic to get Jung-hoon to slowly fall in love with Ha-jin because he realized that he had feelings for her the moment he knew she was in danger. While this theory isn’t completely inaccurate, I’m glad there was more to the whole stalker situation than it just being a simple plot. There’s actually history behind it and it turns out that Seo-yeon herself went through something similar prior to her passing. Jung-hoon is terrified of the same thing happening to Ha-jin who he’s slowly caring for. He couldn’t protect and rescue his first love the first time around so he wants to ensure that Ha-jin is protected now that the same thing is happening again. The identity of Ha-jin’s stalker is yet to be revealed, but there’s no denying that the stalker is just as dangerous as Seo-yeon’s stalker (and just as creepy as well!).

I’m glad that the episode unveiled the backstory of how Seo-yeon passed away. It was a mystery that was introduced into the drama from the get go so I’m glad we finally received additional information and context on it in this episode. I actually didn’t expect to get the entire backstory so soon into the series so I’m pleasantly surprised that we know the truth about her already. Jung-hoon felt completely powerless in the last remaining moments of Seo-yeon’s life which could explain for the immense guilt he faced. He struggles internally with the fact that he couldn’t save her in time; if maybe he was just faster, if maybe he had done a little bit more looking, if maybe he did more, he could have saved Seo-yeon. Ha-jin’s sweet words of encouragement to him in this episode and her wishes for Jung-hoon to not blame himself for essentially what was Seo-yeon’s death was so bittersweet. A part of that guilt will always remain with him as in his eyes, he was the only person who could have rescued Seo-yeon. However, Ha-jin also wants to make it clear that it wasn’t his fault and that certain things were out of his control.

Ha-jin and Jung-hoon were so adorable in this episode and I felt like their relationship development in this episode felt so wholesome, smooth, and organic. It didn’t feel forced nor did I have the uncomfortable feeling of Ha-jin being too pushy with Jung-hoon. Instead, they chose to respect each other’s boundaries and limits and even compromised on simple things. Jung-hoon is slowly letting his walls down for Ha-jin and is slowly starting to open up to her which is something Ha-jin had always done to Jung-hoon from the beginning. I think it’s this reciprocation between the two that’s starting to make me feel more comfortable and squishy when the two interact. Not to say that I didn’t feel any fuzzy feelings in prior episodes, but there was always that doubt in the back of my mind that their relationship was primarily one-sided with Ha-jin obviously being more interested in Jung-hoon. However, it’s not so much the case anymore as seen in this episode which provides me with more comfort and satisfaction.

I also really loved how caring the two were to each other in this episode and the various ways they showed their support for each other. Ha-jin helping out with the narration, Jung-hoon helping out with her drama, the two sending each other’s words of affirmation and validation, the two constantly checking in with each other, the two being honest with each other about their thoughts and feelings on the whole stalker ordeal, and so much more. There were examples of all of these in this episode which is why I described this episode as wholesome — everything came full circle and we continued from where we left off in the first episode. We learn more about Seo-yeon as well as get to witness Ha-jin and Jung-hoon slowly get to know each other better. I understand that the two ~lovebirds~ are in a fake relationship, but the butterflies in my stomach and the tingly feelings in my chest tells me this relationship won’t be fake for much longer.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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