Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 6 Recap

Ha-jin and Jung-hoon find themselves more and more intertwined in each other’s lives the more they spend time together and with others. What was supposed to be just a short brief fake relationship has amounted to more than the two expected and can possibly handle. How much longer will things stay this way the more Ha-jin and Jung-hoon are pressured to be more?

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 6 Recap

Jung-hoon visits the National Forensic Hospital where Seo-yeon’s stalker, Moon Sung-ho, is currently situated. Jung-hoon came by to pay a visit just to ensure that it wasn’t him who was also behind Ha-jin’s stalker situation. In a conversation with Tae-eun, Jung-hoon conveys that he can’t let what happened to Seo-yeon happen once again. He feels the need to protect Ha-jin at all costs so as to prevent her from also passing away or being in danger.

Ha-jin searches for a pair of earrings that she can’t seem to find in her closet. After finding a new pair to wear, she heads out with Jung-hoon for a dinner get-together with the writer and director of Ha-jin’s upcoming drama. Everything seems to be going fine until Ha-jin almost eats some shrimp which she’s allergic to. Fortunately, Jung-hoon stops her just in time thanks to a memory he recalled of Seo-yeon telling him about Ha-jin’s allergy to shrimp. Jung-hoon excuses himself to use the restroom while the writer – Writer Hwang (Shin Dong-mi) – takes a call outside of the room. Ha-jin is left alone with the director who isn’t so happy with Ha-jin’s casting. He had wanted another actress to play the role and insists that Ha-jin withdraw from the drama. Jung-hoon overhears the harsh conversation as he returns to the room. Once all four are reunited again, he follows up with Writer Hwang as to whether Ha-jin received the role as a news anchor because of her connections with Jung-hoon. While Writer Hwang fervently denies such accusations, Ha-jin can’t help but feel overwise.

After taking a sip of some beer that Jung-hoon got for Ha-jin from a convenience store, the two sit down on the stairs of a dark alley to talk about things. Ha-jin is aware that Jung-hoon overheard the harsh words that the director expressed to her earlier so she follows up with Jung-hoon about the topic. Does he too feel the same way about Ha-jin? Does she look cheap? Is she meant for the drama? Jung-hoon sides with Ha-jin by criticizing the director for his words. He also encourages Ha-jin to keep being in the drama and ignore what the director said to her. Ha-jin cheers up a bit after hearing Jung-hoon’s words of encouragement. Thanks to the wine and sip of beer she drank earlier, she gathers the courage to give Jung-hoon a peck on the lips (EEEEEEEK!). Jung-hoon is taken aback and warns Ha-jin not to do it again. Though Ha-jin claims she won’t have any regrets if she expresses her feelings towards Jung-hoon, he claims she will have regrets. More than he will.

Ha-jin returns home grumpy and upset. While Ha-kyung is concerned about how the meeting with the director and writer went, Ha-jin can’t stop thinking about Jung-hoon and his mixed signals. He cared for her and looked out for her and gave her words of encouragement, but he also warns her not to fall in love with him? Ha-jin can’t understand. When Jung-hoon returns home himself, he also has a hard time accepting the reality of things.

The next morning, Ha-jin and Ha-kyung make their way out of the same broadcasting station building where Jung-hoon works. Ha-kyung finds it suspicious that Ha-jin hasn’t mentioned anything about visiting Jung-hoon and it especially doesn’t help when she and Ha-jin hides behind a pole upon seeing Jung-hoon in the lobby. Eventually, Ha-jin gathers the courage to confront Jung-hoon, but her plans falter when she witnesses Tae-eun with Jung-hoon. Wait, how does Tae-eun know Jung-hoon? They’re friends? Why are they meeting up with Il-kwon for some food? Ha-jin volunteers to come along with the trio and requests to eat with them as well.

Ha-kyung and Il-kwon sit a few tables away from Tae-eun, Ha-jin, and Jung-hoon. While the two bicker about Ha-kyung’s eating habits, Ha-jin learn more about Tae-eun and Jung-hoon’s friendship. She explains that Tae-eun was her counselor five years ago when she was experiencing memory problems and memory loss. Ha-jin also discovers that Jung-hoon and Tae-eun have been friends for about eleven years. After lunch, Ha-jin and Jung-hoon spend some time alone to talk things out. Ha-jin questions whether Jung-hoon was aware about her counseling with Tae-eun to which Jung-hoon answers yes. However, contrary to what she thinks, he doesn’t pity her or feel bad for her at all. Ha-jin finds herself conflicted and frustrated with Jung-hoon. His words differ from his actions so much she’s unsure as to how to take in everything. Everything that he’s also mentioned to her sounds like things she’s heard before, but she’s uncertain exactly as from where. She finds him difficult to understand.

In an effort to better understand Jung-hoon, Ha-jin reunites with Tae-eun over some dinner that night. It’s been five years since he’s last counseled her, but she still clearly remembers some stories he’s told her, including the one time he mentioned about Jung-hoon to her. Ha-jin might not be able to remember many things, but she has never forgotten that story that Tae-eun told her about his best friend’s inability to forget any memories. It’s stuck with her ever since and now she seems like she finally understands why Jung-hoon acts the way he does. He suffers from hyperthymesia which she later discovers has no known cure.

Jung-hoon can’t seem to shrug off Ha-jin’s words about him. He talks things over with Tae-eun that night after work and learns about how Ha-jin is aware that he’s suffering from hyperthymesia. For now, Ha-jin believes that a motorcycle accident was what caused her to suffer from memory loss, but things will obviously worsen once she discovers the truth. It’s important that Ha-jin doesn’t remember about Seo-yeon or else even bigger trouble will ensue.

Jung-hoon requests to check some security footage from Ha-jin’s house so Ha-kyung has Moon Chul check the footage. After viewing the footage, Moon Chul notices a man walking out and about in the front yard of Ha-jin’s house. However, he lies to Ha-kyung that the camera settings were broken so there was nothing captured on camera. Moon Chul immediately deletes the camera footage after his phone call with Ha-kyung. OMGGGG.

Jung-hoon and Director Choi come across CEO Park, Ha-kyung, and Ha-jin at the broadcasting station building. They exchange greetings and make plans for Ha-jin to visit the next day to do some research in preparation for her character as a news anchor. The two groups eventually bid farewell, but Jung-hoon can’t seem to shake off the odd vibes he’s catching from Moon Chul who greets Ha-jin and the group a few seconds later. Something seems off about him.

Director Ji meets up with Ha-jin to go over a new movie script he’s written for her. He expresses great interest in having Ha-jin star as the lead in his movie, but Ha-jin politely declines due to her new upcoming drama. Things start to escalate when Director Ji refuses to take no for an answer and grabs Ha-jin’s wrist. Thankfully, Ha-kyung enters the room just in time to stop Director Ji. After the meeting, she provides words of support to Ha-jin and adds that she can talk to Director Ji if anything. Director Ji isn’t so satisfied with the meeting and grows angry with Ha-jin’s refusal.

It’s time for Ha-jin to do some research at Jung-hoon’s workplace. After getting a tour of the control room by Il-kwon, Ha-jin situates herself in the staff room and sits in a cubicle right across from Jung-hoon. After sneaking some peaks and glances at him, Ha-jin is finally allowed to sit next to him to go over the process of news reporting. Technical Director Kim awakens from his nap not too far away and rumbles on and on about the two being lovey dovey with each other in the staff room. LOL, he’s too funny.

While waiting for some coffee at the building’s cafe, Ha-jin overhears Technical Director Ji gossiping about her unbeknownst to him. Fed up, she quickly follows him into the lobby of the building and “accidentally” smacks him in the back of the head. She had thought he was her manager. LOL. Jung-hoon and his mother witness the scene unfold right in front of their eyes as they are also in the lobby to meet up for dinner. Jung-hoon’s mother invites Ha-jin to eat with them so they all head out together for food.

Mom enjoys eating with his son and forms a great bond with Ha-jin. After dinner, the three take a photo together at the restaurant for memories. Mom looks over the photo that they took together later on in her hospital bed. She is recommended by the nurse to get some rest in preparation for her surgery. Omg, noooo. What is going on T___T

Moon Chul drives Ha-jin and Ha-kyung home that night. They permit him to stay home the next day and to get some rest. The next day, Ha-jin returns to the news station to search for her little notebook that she’s written all her notes in. She lost it at the news station and can’t seem to find it. Of course, Jung-hoon finds the notebook first and discovers it inside his waiting room. He flips throughout the notebook and reads through all the notes that Ha-jin wrote about him while she was shadowing him at his workplace.

He returns the notebook to Ha-jin and adds that he’s not offended or upset by what Ha-jin wrote about him. She doesn’t need to feel like she needs to tip toe around him just because she’s aware of his health condition. Ha-jin understands Jung-hoon’s opinion and hopes that he will respect hers. She wrote down all the notes about him because she doesn’t want to forget anything about him. Her memory isn’t the greatest and she might be forgetful about details, but she doesn’t want to forget anything she’s learned about Jung-hoon.

Jung-hoon prepares to drive home that night after work, but volunteers to drive Ha-jin since Moon Chul is unavailable to pick her up. Jung-hoon drives Ha-jin to the hospital since her friend has been hospitalized. While dropping off Ha-jin, Jung-hoon notices his father entering the hospital. Alarmed and confused, both he and Ha-jin quietly trail behind Jung-hoon’s father. They eventually find themselves in a room for a gathering that no one ever wants to be in: a funeral. Leaning against the wall is a photo of Jung-hoon’s mom.

My Thoughts:


I have no words. No words. I’m speechless right now.. I don’t even know where to start or what to say or how to even process everything that went on in this episode.

I’m not sure why the drama went the route of killing off Mom. She didn’t play too big of a role thus far in the series anyways so I’m curious as to why the drama suddenly placed her in the hospital and then write her off. I can’t seem to think of any valid and necessary excuse as to why it would happen, but I’m also curious as to where the show is going with this. Jung-hoon has gone through plenty of traumatic experiences and moments in his life, now he’s lost his mother. He has yet another memory that he will never be able to forget ever.

As much as I want to say I liked this episode, I didn’t find it as fulfilling as episode five. We got some more details on Moon Chul’s possible contribution with Ha-jin’s stalker situation which doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise to me. Sasaeng fans do crazy and scary stuff all the time, but it makes sense that there’s an insider close to Ha-jin who allows these sasaengs to have that sort of access to her. I’m not necessarily disappointed either that Moon Chul played a role in this; I’m only curious as to why he’s choosing to do all of this in the first place. What does he gain out of it? What is there for him out of all of this? Who is the person he’s teaming up with to do the stalking? Why even do all of this? With that being said, I’m not super invested in the whole stalker plot. I find it a little distracting at times from the overall premise which is watching Jung-hoon and Ha-jin try to come to terms with the respective conditions that they’re both suffering and helping each other heal in the process of healing themselves. I wholeheartedly enjoy watching Ha-jin and Jung-hoon bond and get to know each other better so it feels a little out of place when the drama shifts to the stalker issue. Hopefully Moon Chul will be caught sooner than later.

I at first enjoyed watching Ha-jin shadow Jung-hoon around at work to prepare herself for her role as a news anchor and then also realized that it was sort of.. creepy? LOL. Don’t get me wrong, it was cute and adorable how attentive and observant she was about Jung-hoon, but it also somewhat made me laugh just thinking about how uncomfortable it might be if someone I knew did the same thing to me. At first, I thought the notes she wrote about Jung-hoon was cute, but it also seemed even a little stalker-ish to me eventually. However, I can laugh it off as a joke because she and Jung-hoon are in the process of getting to know each other and more importantly, are enjoying each other’s company. Now, if say, this was episode two when Ha-jin was persistent on pursuing Jung-hoon and Jung-hoon wasn’t comfortable being around her yet, it’d be a different story. However, we have clearly seen by now just how much the two enjoy being around each other which is why Ha-jin’s shadowing of Jung-hoon at work was sorta cute. Half of it was so she could prepare herself for her news anchor role, but the other was also so she wouldn’t forget these small details about Jung-hoon that she can’t necessarily rely on her memory to process. That’s the part that breaks my heart.

I know there’s already going to be so much angst, pain, and anger once Ha-jin discovers the truth about Seo-yeon and Seo-yeon’s connection to Jung-hoon. It’s not going to be pretty and there’s going to be lots of heartbreak and tears. As much as I want Jung-hoon to still keep spending time with Ha-jin, I also can understand why he wants to keep his distance away from her and why his actions towards her conflict. He cares about Ha-jin and he wants the best for her and he wants to protect her from harm since he wasn’t able to do that with Seo-yeon, but he also knows there’s a lot of risks when doing that. His heart is telling him to stay with Ha-jin, but his mind and his memories is telling him otherwise. Only time will tell which direction Jung-hoon decides to go with and which one will cause both him and Ha-jin less pain and hurt in the end: him separating from Ha-jin and being unable to protect her from danger or him staying with Ha-jin who he is slowly opening up to and falling for but knows he shouldn’t be with?

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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