Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 7 Recap

They say that time heals all and that things will get better within time. But how helpful is time when one can’t forget any of their memories and experiences? Jung-hoon struggles to come to terms with his new reality and begins to question much of a burden his health condition is.

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 7 Recap

Jung-hoon secretly trails behind his father only to find himself at a funeral site for his mother. The anchorman confronts his dad about it and demands answers as to what happened to his mom. It’s then that Jung-hoon discovers about his mom’s health condition and how she had passed away from cancer. To make things worse, Mom refused to see Jung-hoon knowing fully well Jung-hoon will never forget the dying image of her in the hospital — something she didn’t want Jung-hoon to have to endure and remember for the rest of his life. So Jung-hoon is left without a chance to bid farewell with his mother who he happily saw just the night before.

Childhood memories of Mom comforting Jung-hoon as a little kid or of an adult Jung-hoon at Seo-yeon’s funeral resurfaces in Jung-hoon’s mind. Now Jung-hoon has found himself at his mother’s funeral which only makes things worse. Ha-jin catches Jung-hoon weeping alone in a room and nearly tears up at the sight of a grieving Jung-hoon (where are my tissues omg T__T).

Il-kwon heads to the funeral site to pay his respects to Mom. Ha-jin also pays her respect to Mom and hangs around at the funeral to provide Jung-hoon some support. While sitting out in the lounge, Reporter Park – the same reporter who was caught sneaking some photos of Ha-jin at her house – attempts to grab some shots of a mourning Ha-jin. Of course, neither Ha-kyung or Ha-jin is too happy with his shady tactics and actions. Il-kwon arrives just in time to distract Reporter Park and drags him outside. Thankfully, the rough conversation between the two is cut short by a haughty Ha-kyung who teaches Reporter Park a lesson and wishes to speak privately to Il-kwon. Il-kwon opens up to Ha-kyung the reason as to why Jung-hoon is suspicious of Reporter Park.

Jung-hoon’s Dad finds Ha-jin sitting outside in the lobby so he encourages Jung-hoon to keep her some company. Jung-hoon doesn’t have the energy to do so and encourages her to go home to get some rest. While walking outside to catch some air, Tae-eun expresses his support for Jung-hoon, but nothing he says can comfort a mourning and angry Jung-hoon. There’s nothing Tae-eun can do to cure Jung-hoon of his health condition and that’s what Jung-hoon is angry about. Meanwhile, Ha-jin and Ha-kyung exit the funeral and make their way to their car. Along the way, Ha-jin overhears a heartbroken mom weeping over an unfortunate situation involving her daughter. This causes Ha-jin to recall fuzzy memories of Seo-yeon’s mother weeping for Seo-yeon at her funeral. Before Ha-jin can dig deeper, she is interrupted by Ha-kyung who reminds her to go home.

Upon entering the hospital for the funeral site, Director Choi isn’t so happy with all the reporters hanging around at the lobby. She warns them to go home in which everyone abides. Woo hoo, go Director Choi! Meanwhile, Tae-eun’s family has also arrived at the funeral to pay their respects to Mom. Tae-eun’s Dad warns Tae-eun to look after and take care of Jung-hoon before he does something dangerous like he almost did eight years ago when Seo-yeon passed away. Tae-eun disapproves of his dad’s condescending attitude and manner towards Jung-hoon, but his dad has no problem being blunt about his thoughts.

Moon Chul pays a visit to Ha-jin’s house to take care of some tasks that he was assigned. Though Ha-kyung doesn’t make it obvious, she grows wary of Moon Chul after learning from Il-kwon that Jung-hoon is suspicious of both Director Ji and Moon Chul. Moon Chul could potentially be one of the people behind the threatening photos that Jung-hoon has been receiving. Moon Chul eventually leaves the house, but must inform both Ha-jin and Ha-kyung about visiting them first before entering the house from now on.

Jung-hoon, his dad, and Tae-eun lay Mom to rest. In a phone call with Tae-eun, Ha-jin wishes she could do more for Jung-hoon, but she’s unsure of how she can even comfort him. Jung-hoon rushes back to work even though he was supposed to take a week off to rest and recover. Everyone grows shocked and concerned at the sight of Jung-hoon at the news station, but Jung-hoon is keen on reporting the news that night. However, Director Choi isn’t so happy with Jung-hoon’s appearance and forbids him from doing so. Though Jung-hoon is unable to do his job for that night, he points out to Director Choi that time off of work is pointless for him. He will never forget anything anyways.

Ha-kyung comes clean to Ha-jin about Jung-hoon’s suspicions of Reporter Park, Movie Director Ji, and Moon Chul. Any one of them could be the person behind the threatening photos. Director Ji hasn’t let go of the idea of collaborating with Ha-jin on his upcoming movie and threatens CEO Park to let him work with Ha-jin again for the movie. It doesn’t help that Ha-jin and Ha-kyung encounter nosy Reporter Park, creepy Director Ji, and confused Moon Chul at their company building. The two sisters just can’t seem to catch a break from the three guys. CEO Park isn’t so thrilled at Director Ji’s movie plans and shares the update with the Ha sisters.

Tae-eun attempts to get in contact with Jung-hoon, but even he is being ignored by Jung-hoon. Tae-eun brings this to Ha-kyung and Ha-jin’s attention so the two rush over to Jung-hoon’s house. Just when Ha-jin is about to call the police, Jung-hoon opens the door and lets her inside. Once inside, the two argue about Jung-hoon’s existence. While Jung-hoon blames himself for being a burden on his mother’s life, Ha-jin reassures him that she always put him first because she loved her son. It’s natural to be sad about someone who you loved because you had loving memories of them. But Jung-hoon argues that Ha-jin can’t relate since she easily forgets her memories. The comment throws Ha-jin in surprise and she exits Jung-hoon’s house in shock. Later on that night, Ha-jin has a dream where she’s sitting with Seo-yeon at their ballet studio while listening to Seo-yeon’s favorite song together. She awakens from her dream in confusion.

Ha-jin’s stalker sends some photos of Ha-jin with Jung-hoon to Seo-yeon’s stalker, Moon Sung-ho. He takes a glance at the photos within his cell at the psychiatric hospital. NOOOOOO. The next morning, Ha-kyung heads to the convenience store to grab some food. While there, she encounters Il-kwon breaking up with his girlfriend so she treats him to some breakfast to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Ha-jin quickly meets up with Tae-eun to chat about the dream that she had. In her dream, she was at a ballet studio with a familiar woman whose face she can’t seem to remember. Tae-eun doesn’t think too much about it and encourages Ha-jin to not let the dream consume her mind too much.

Ha-jin returns home from meeting with Tae-eun, but she quickly reunites with him again after discovering that Jung-hoon has left his house. While the two track Jung-hoon down thanks to a tracking app that Tae-eun installed on Jung-hoon’s phone during the funeral, Jung-hoon enjoys his time with his mom at her burial site. Though he has many questions he wants to ask her, there’s one thing that he wishes to know the most: was she ever truly happy with him? Snow begins to sprinkle right at that moment which is too much for Jung-hoon to process. Tae-eun and Ha-jin eventually arrive at Mom’s burial site, but Jung-hoon is nowhere to be found so the two split in search of Jung-hoon.

Thankfully, Ha-jin discovers Jung-hoon first and gets to him just in time. Tae-eun follows shortly afterwards and the two manage to get Jung-hoon to Tae-eun’s house safely. Jung-hoon falls in and out of his sleep, but he recalls seeing Ha-jin waiting by his side before going unconscious again. When he wakes up, he eats some porridge that Ha-jin had gotten him before she left. Speaking of Ha-jin, she makes it home safely, but she doesn’t feel too well. She’s catching a fever herself so she gets some sleep for the night. While sleeping that night, Ha-jin’s stalker secretly manages to break into her room and quietly approaches Ha-jin while she’s sound asleep.

My Thoughts:

AHHHHH, NOOOOOOO, WAKE UP HA-JIN. WAKE UP!! NOT HA-JIN!! Our two lead characters have already been going through a lot in this episode, no more please!!

This episode was a really interesting episode with the way that it progressed after Mom’s death. I think I went in expecting Ha-jin to be the person to help Jung-hoon bounce back from his hurt, his pain, and his grieving so when that didn’t necessarily happen in this episode, I was a bit shocked but also glad it didn’t happen? I hope to be able to eventually see Ha-jin provide Jung-hoon with the kind of support that he wants and he needs, but I liked that his grieving and his mourning wasn’t rushed. In a way, he actually pushed Ha-jin away because he needed time alone and he needed his own space and he needed to be able to process everything that happened within such a short amount of time. This process was beautifully painted and shown and I liked how realistic it was.

I also liked seeing new sides of Jung-hoon that he had been suppressing before. Him actually drinking alcohol when he never did prior, him questioning his role in his mom’s life, him being frustrated with his health condition which he blamed for things — Jung-hoon was truly conflicted about all these moving parts and I found this struggle so bittersweet. To anyone else, it was obvious that Mom cared for her son and loved him so much in her own way that she made the final decision to not see him in her last moments, but to Jung-hoon, he just saw himself as a burden. He didn’t necessarily feel the same way. He struggled to come to terms with the fact that his definition of love differed from the way Mom expressed her love and it was this difference that threw Jung-hoon off. Jung-hoon will probably never completely bounce back from his mom’s passing and in fact, he tried to force himself to move forward too fast, but he’s going to have to do deal with the reality alone before he can allow anyone else into his world to help him.

Things slowed down for Ha-jin and Jung-hoon in this episode which was nice to see. So far, things had been steadily growing between them so their relationship was tested in this episode with the passing of Mom. Things aren’t so smooth and great for them as Ha-jin might have thought and I think the two learned a few things or two once they encountered something as pressing like Mom’s death. They individually weren’t so sure how to tackle a situation as big as this which is why they both took a step back from each other and tried to handle their feelings in their own way. Yes, things had been looking nice for the fake couple, but there will be instances such as Mom’s passing where things won’t be so bright and cheerful for Ha-jin and Jung-hoon. They will have their up’s and down’s and we saw how the two reacted in such situations where things were difficult and challenging. Just as they are there to experience the happy and good times with each other, they also endure and share the heavy and exhausting moments as well. That’s the beauty in their relationship.

Another aspect about their relationship that was beautiful to witness in this episode was how silent and subtle and impactful Ha-jin’s love for Jung-hoon was. So far, she’s been the more outspoken and honest one in regards to her feelings for Jung-hoon and their (fake) relationship. She has always been honest with him on her thoughts and emotions with everything so it was really nice but sad to see her honestly express herself in this episode. Ha-jin saw Jung-hoon struggling and wanted to do more to help him, but she didn’t know how or what kind of support he needed. She wanted to be there for him, but she also realized that she didn’t know him as much as she thought she did. There are still many sides of Jung-hoon that he has yet to show her. I think this was a good wake-up call for Ha-jin that yes, her feelings for Jung-hoon are still as strong and grand as they always were, but there still remains so much more work that needs to be done to break down his walls. The most she could do was respect his space and protect him from afar like how she did in this episode. That was the only kind of support she could provide him at that moment and that was okay. It was more than enough for Jung-hoon.

We know that Ha-jin is eventually going to recover her memories of Seo-yeon which the episode hinted a little bit throughout its hour run. Of course, I don’t want it to happen so soon because there’s just going to be so much angst and pain when it does happen, but I’m also slowly preparing myself for it for the grand revelation. I’m glad that the drama is teasing it bit by bit instead of having it happen all at once. I do wonder what it is specifically that’s going to trigger Ha-jin to completely recall who Seo-yeon is and Seo-yeon’s involvement in her life. Small bits resurface in Ha-jin’s mind for now, but I’m curious as to what it is that will cause Ha-jin to finally recall who Seo-yeon is and how the two were involved in each other’s life.

The stalker situation continued once again in this episode which I still feel the same way about. I don’t care too much for who the stalker(s) is and I rather wish for it to be resolved sooner than later. I really only want to watch Jung-hoon and Ha-jin grow individually as well as with each other so when I’m reminded of things like Ha-jin’s stalker, I grow a bit disappointed because of how unnecessary and out of place it feels in the grand scope and scheme of things. You’re so in tune and engaged with watching Ha-jin and Jung-hoon together and then you’re suddenly reminded that there’s a person threatening our lead couple from being together. I don’t know.. I think the stalker premise could be woven into the overall story a lot better so I just hope it ends soon so we can completely focus on Ha-jin recovering her memories.

With how heavy and painful this episode was to watch, I appreciate the comedic moments that the episode provided with scenes between Ha-kyung and Il-kwon. It seems like the drama is setting up the two to become acquainted and eventually romantically involved with each other. Even if the two don’t end up as a couple, I really enjoy just watching the two spend time together and providing that comedic relief for us viewers after all the crying that we might have done in this episode. It’s nice to see that even in moments where things seem hopeless and gray and overwhelming, there’s still hope and light shining from somewhere.

Extra screenshots from this episode~

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