Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 8 Recap

How far are you willing to go to protect someone you love? Jung-hoon’s fear of losing another loved one pushes him to new limits, even if it means putting his own life at risk.

Note: Also, isn’t the image above the cutest thing ever?! Ha-jin looks so happy and in love with Jung-hoon!! THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR MY FRAGILE HEART TO HANDLE T___T

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 8 Recap

Jung-hoon and Tae-eun make up for the small argument they had with each other during Mom’s funeral. Jung-hoon apologizes for lashing out at Tae-eun for being unable to fix his health condition for him; Tae-eun apologizes for installing a tracking app on Jung-hoon’s phone without him knowing. The two friends remain on good terms with each other. Meanwhile, CEO Park heads into Ha-jin and Ha-kyung’s house in a panic. She’s alarmed at how the security cameras outside are spray painted black. Upon bringing this to Ha-kyung’s attention, they both rush to Ha-jin’s bedroom who’s still asleep. When they finally manage to break into the bedroom, they catch a terrifying sight of photos of Ha-jin taped all over her wall.

The last conversation between Ha-jin and Jung-hoon replays in Jung-hoon’s mind. In a way, he feels apologetic for the harsh words he commented to her. Jung-hoon is then called to meet with Director Choi. She showers him with her support especially since he resumes with work again in two days. Jung-hoon also encounters Il-kwon while at the news station. It is then that Il-kwon informs Jung-hoon about Ha-jin’s new situation. Jung-hoon rushes over to Ha-jin’s house and takes a glance at the photos in her bedroom. In addition, he looks around in her bedroom in case of any hidden listening devices or cameras, but he fortunately finds nothing. Before leaving, he apologizes to Ha-jin for venting his anger out on her at his house. He didn’t mean any of the words he said. Ha-jin happily forgives Jung-hoon.

Ha-jin and Ha-kyung plans to leave their house and stay at a hotel for the meantime since they don’t feel so safe at their current house. Jung-hoon vows to find a new place for them to live instead of at a hotel. Meanwhile, Tae-eun’s dad still continues to hound Tae-eun on updates of Jung-hoon. Whether it’s through Tae-eun himself or through people close to Jung-hoon like Ha-jin, Tae-eun’s Dad only cares about Jung-hoon’s condition and wants Tae-eun to provide him with updates on the anchorman.

Jung-hoon finds a new place for the Ha sisters to stay in for the meantime. Before leaving, he updates Ha-jin on his plans to return to work so he won’t be disappearing from her again even if he wanted to. Haha. Once left alone, Ha-jin and Ha-kyung grow curious as to who the owner of the apartment unit they’re currently staying at belongs to. It turns out the place belongs to none other than Il-kwon! Hahaha. Though Il-kwon has given up his place, he gains something out of this whole ordeal with Jung-hoon: Jung-hoon’s credit card. He’s given the opportunity to sleep over at a hotel using Jung-hoon’s money. Woo hoo, it’s a win win for everyone!

While browsing throughout the house in search of an item, Jung-hoon’s Dad comes across a box. Curious, he opens it to check what’s inside. At the same time, Jung-hoon studies footage from the security camera at Ha-jin’s house the night it was blacked out. He is interrupted by a phone call from Dad which he ignores. When Jung-hoon eventually does return to work, things are still the same. Director Choi still nags at Technical Director Kim and Jung-hoon is still fed up with their bickering. Haha.

Ha-jin and Ha-kyung also make their way to the same building as Jung-hoon’s news station. Ha-jin reasons she wants to do more research in preparation for her new role, but it’s obvious she wants to visit Jung-hoon who’s finally returned to work. However, Jung-hoon isn’t inside of the waiting room like usual so Ha-jin searches for him everywhere. She eventually finds him sitting alone on the rooftop of the building. Though Jung-hoon is back at work, it’s obvious he still misses his mother very much. He reminisces the moment when his mother gave him her most treasured pen as a gift for becoming an anchorman. Jung-hoon isn’t quite finished grieving just yet. Ha-jin watches Jung-hoon quietly from afar and gives him his space by walking away.

On his way back to the waiting room, Jung-hoon comes across a cheerful and happy Ha-jin who hands him a water bottle as a sign of support. Ha-jin agrees to wait until Jung-hoon finishes with work so he can drop her off home afterwards. With Mom’s precious pen and Ha-jin’s water bottle, Jung-hoon’s confidence level increases and he feels much better in front of the camera. Seconds before he is to go live, he locks eyes with Ha-jin who’s also in the same room as him and they exchange reassuring smiles at each other. GAAAHHHHH, MY HEART. I CAN’T TAKE THIS. OMG. THIS IS TOO CUTE.

Jung-hoon’s plans of dropping Ha-jin off home is ruined thanks to Technical Director Kim who wishes to grab some late dinner with Jung-hoon that night. Hahaha. Ha-jin is of course also invited, but she is just as confused as Jung-hoon is. While Ha-jin is out having dinner with Jung-hoon and Technical Director Kim, Ha-kyung returns to the apartment to find her cellphone which she had forgotten to bring out with her. After finding her cellphone, Ha-kyung heads for the front door to leave. However, she overhears some strange noise coming from the bedroom so she grabs an umbrella and quietly tiptoes to the bedroom.

She discovers a man hunched over packing some items so she begins to beat him with the umbrella with the assumption that the man is Ha-jin’s stalker. However, it isn’t until a few seconds later when Ha-kyung discovers that the person she’s beating is none other than Il-kwon who’s returned to his place to pack up his cheating ex-girlfriend’s belongings. Omg, poor Il-kwon! Lol. In order to help Il-kwon seek revenge on his ex-girlfriend, Ha-kyung plans on giving him fighting lessons he can utilize to make himself seem a more dependent and reliable man. Il-kwon finds it hard to believe at first, but it doesn’t take long for Ha-kyung to prove to him how strong she is. After just a slight twist of his arm, Il-kwon gives in. Hahaha, they’re too funny and cute!!

Meanwhile, Technical Director Ji attempts to entertain Ha-jin and Jung-hoon at a wine bar, but it’s clear that they’re not having fun (especially Jung-hoon). Even when they want to escape, Technical Director Ji forbids them from doing so. And so they have no choice but to stay with a drunk Technical Director Ji who’s had too much wine to drink. Thankfully, his wife – Director Choi – arrives to take him home and so our couple can finally head home. They take a casual stroll back to the broadcasting station where Jung-hoon’s car is located. On the way there, they chat about Ha-jin’s script reading for her upcoming drama. While discussing about the drama, Ha-jin almost slips and falls over, but Jung-hoon reacts fast enough to grab her. He’s reminded to always be on alert around Ha-jin since she can be quite clumsy at times. Ha-jin grows nervous with Jung-hoon’s attention on her (ME TOO HA-JIN, I’M NERVOUS TOO!) and clearly enjoys being cared for by him. However, she’s afraid that Jung-hoon is going to suddenly push her away again and leave her without saying a word. She plans on never saying goodbye to him ever again. OMG, THEY’RE TOO CUTE!!!

Movie Director Ji is still keen on interacting with Ha-jin. He arrives at her house with a huge portrait of her, but grows frustrated when she isn’t home. In a phone call with Ha-kyung, he demands for Ha-jin to call him back once she’s available. Ha-jin isn’t so sure how she’s going to interact with both Director Ji and Moon Chul once she sees them again. She’s a bit concerned as to how she will act around them. Director Ji isn’t the only one who’s unhappy with Ha-jin. Moon Chul grows frustrated at having to work with another actress in their entertainment company and not with Ha-jin. He reiterates to CEO Park that he isn’t Ha-jin’s stalker, but CEO Park is set on her ways.

Jung-hoon prepares to get to the bottom of things with Reporter Park. After being followed by Reporter Park in his car and discovering that many of the photos in Reporter Park’s camera consisted of Ha-jin, Jung-hoon heads over to Reporter Park’s office to confront him. After a brief chase, Jung-hoon finally catches Reporter Park and warns him to stop taking photos of Ha-jin. Afraid that he’ll get fired from his job, Reporter Park finally spills all the details to Jung-hoon. He’s not Ha-jin’s stalker; he was instead hired by Ha-jin’s stalker to take photos of her and then send them over to Ha-jin’s stalker in exchange for money. Although Reporter Park has never seen the person’s face before, he does point out that the person drives a motorcycle whose license plate is covered.

Ha-jin and Ha-kyung go out to a cafe for some coffee and dessert. Fans of Ha-jin secretly take photos of the celebrity and upload it onto their SNS account. Ha-jin’s stalker takes notice of the post and heads to the same exact cafe where Ha-jin is located. At that same exact moment, Jung-hoon also arrives at the cafe to check up on Ha-jin. He notices the black motorcycle with its license plate covered that Reporter Park pointed out to him earlier and keeps an eye out for it. However, the situation escalates when the same motorcycle pulls up from behind Ha-jin and Ha-kyung and dashes right at them. Jung-hoon runs as fast as he can to the sisters, but the motorcycle is a lot faster. Thankfully, the Ha sisters move out of the way just in time to avoid getting run over by the motorcycle. The driver disappears out of sight after almost harming Ha-jin and Ha-kyung. Another memory including Seo-yeon appears in Ha-jin’s mind again and it also involved a motorcycle almost running Seo-yeon over. The comparison is too similar to Ha-jin’s experience.

Ha-kyung is admitted into the hospital after the incident. Police are also brought in to investigate what had happened. After things settle down, Jung-hoon and Ha-jin return to Il-kwon’s house together. Just as Jung-hoon had promised Ha-kyung at the hospital, he vows to stay with Ha-jin to protect her. Ha-jin heads to her bedroom to get some rest, but a dream of her saving Seo-yeon from getting run over by a motorcycle is too vivid for Ha-jin and she can’t wake up. Jung-hoon overhears the noises in Ha-jin’s bedroom so he carefully enters the room to wake her up. After hearing about Ha-jin’s dream, Jung-hoon makes Ha-jin something warm to drink at the kitchen to help her calm down. However, Ha-jin nor Jung-hoon can seem to catch a break. Just as he’s making a drink, Jung-hoon receives a phone call from Seo-yeon’s stalker, Moon Sung-ho, who warns Jung-hoon to protect Ha-jin at best as he can before it’s too late.

My Thoughts:

Leave our couple alone T____T They’re already going through so much, can’t they just catch a break and get some time to just breathe for a few seconds?

Okay, no but seriously, I see where the drama is now going with the whole stalker situation which I’m quite happy about. In my recap of episode 7, I voiced my concern about how distracting the whole stalker plot seemed out of the entire series and I wasn’t too much of a fan of it. However, this episode gave us more insight what it planned to do with the stalker situation which I liked. It was able to tie itself in with the bigger plot of the drama which is Ha-jin recovering memories of Seo-yeon and Jung-hoon having to face his fears of potentially his loved ones. We got a clearer vision of that in this episode so I’m glad the drama panned out to us its goal in incorporating the whole stalker subplot.

Now it’s not just merely a stalker following Ha-jin around and being obsessive towards her and threatening Jung-hoon in the process, the stalker’s impact on Jung-hoon and Ha-jin’s life is much bigger than they expected and realized. It’s a lot more complex as well. There are many moving parts to Ha-jin’s stalker and whoever the stalker is clearly has a plan devised to ruin both Ha-jin and Jung-hoon’s life. They know what they want and how they’re going to get what they want which is scary considering just how prepared they seem about everything. They have various people involved in their plans and they always seem a few steps ahead of Jung-hoon who himself is trying his best to capture Ha-jin’s stalker.

Ha-jin could potentially be stalked by the same exact person who also attempted to harm and hurt Seo-yeon as evident by Ha-jin’s dream that she had of Seo-yeon almost getting run over by a motorcycle. At that time, Ha-jin suffered the consequences of getting hurt by pushing Seo-yeon aside, but now she finds herself in the same exact situation as Seo-yeon because she almost got run over herself. There’s similarities and parallels between Seo-yeon’s stalker situation and Ha-jin’s current situation with her stalker and we know that there’s one mastermind behind all of this: Moon Sung-ho. Despite being locked up in a cell, his evil antics is still being executed by his minions. As to who those minions are is still to be determined. The man knows no limits.


Moving past the stalker plot, Ha-jin and Jung-hoon remain ever so adorable with each other and their relationship was so beautifully highlighted in this episode. They’re not the type to have to share hugs or to kiss each other in order for you to see just how lovable and warm they are together. They express their love in other ways, such as when Jung-hoon stayed with Ha-jin at the house to protect her or when Jung-hoon kicked Il-kwon out of his house to accommodate Ha-jin and Ha-kyung or when Ha-jin was there on the first day of Jung-hoon’s return to the news station. They express their love and support for each other in such subtle and small ways and that’s the beauty about their relationship. They don’t need to go all out to show each other their appreciation or their gratitude. Instead, our couple show their love and support for each other more so through their actions to prove that actions do speak louder than words.

Not too much happened in this episode, but I was okay with that. When the episode wasn’t focused on the whole stalker plot, I enjoyed watching Jung-hoon and Ha-jin fall in love with each other unknowingly or watching Il-kwon and Ha-kyung bicker with each other. The drama reminds itself to never be too serious and to remain funny and lighthearted when it can. It’s best to enjoy all of this now before pain and angst take over completely to the point of no return.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

One response to “Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 8 Recap”

  1. Thank you so much for this recap! I love love love this drama too! So far, it is easily becoming the best drama of the year for me. The plot is not really new, but it’s written and directed so well that the story is very refreshing. Most importantly, the leads’ chemistry is amazing! KDW is such an unexpected surprise (my first time watching him) and he’s already got a special place in my heart. Who can resist that smile? MGY is soooo beautiful and its wonderful how she plays her character so well.
    The cinematography is the cherry on top. JH finally opening up to HJ make my heart warm and giddy. I must have repeated their exchange of smiles (the one just before the news goes live) too many times. To maintain my sanity while waiting for the next episodes, I’ve been trying to find sites where I could express my love for this drama and your recaps have made me much happier. Please continue recapping it. Looking forward to your next recaps! 💙💛💙💛

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