Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 9 Recap

Jung-hoon and Ha-jin attempt to not let their past dictate their future, but they slowly find themselves at a predicament when experiences in the past catch up to them in the present. Can they escape from these painful memories or will they fall back into the trap that they tried so hard to let go of?

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 9 Recap

Jung-hoon receives a threatening phone call from Seo-yeon’s stalker, Moon Sung-ho, to take good care of Ha-jin before he loses her. Jung-hoon demands for answer as to who Ha-jin’s stalker is since Sung-ho is locked up inside of a psychiatric hospital, but Sung-ho gives him no answers. When Ha-jin follows up with Jung-hoon on the phone call, he lies that the call was work-related and makes Ha-jin a cup of tea. He’ll spend the night with her and then drop her off to Ha-kyung the next morning. Speaking of Ha-kyung, she receives a visit from Il-kwon (without almost hurting him of course). I love these two!

To help Ha-jin calm her mind, Jung-hoon chats with Ha-jin about their hobbies and interests. After getting to know each other a little bit better, Ha-jin can’t help but feel happy in this moment she has with Jung-hoon. She enjoys spending time with just the two of them alone. Back at the hospital, Il-kwon helps Ha-kyung pass time by watching a horror movie with her. Ha-kyung herself begins to question her feelings for Il-kwon when he helps tie her hair up into a ponytail so she doesn’t look so ghostly. OoOooOh, I think someone’s falling in love~

Jung-hoon drops Ha-jin off to the hospital the next morning to reunite her with Ha-kyung. Of course, Ha-kyung panics when she discovers herself asleep on the sofa with Il-kwon asleep in her hospital bed. LOL. They manage to pretend as if everything is fine when Jung-hoon and Ha-jin arrive in the room. It’s not like Il-kwon slept over or anything. In fact, he got to the hospital room shortly before Ha-jin and Jung-hoon did. Hahaha, omg, I’m loving this! While Il-kwon drops Ha-jin and Ha-kyung off back to his house, Jung-hoon goes to visit Sung-ho at the psychiatric hospital.

Jung-hoon’s visit with Sung-ho is short and brief. Sung-ho makes his message clear to Jung-hoon: Sung-ho doesn’t know who Ha-jin’s stalker is. They’ve ever only exchanged letters and a few photos. However, that’s not the point. Sung-ho comments that Jung-hoon should feel bad and guilty for what he did to Seo-yeon. If he hadn’t gotten in between Seo-yeon and Sung-ho, she wouldn’t have died. Plus, how would she feel with the way that Jung-hoon is now treating Ha-jin and taking such good care of her? His comment angers Jung-hoon.

CEO Park visits the Ha sisters to provide them with the next steps they should take to protect themselves. She encourages them to get the police involved to investigate Ha-jin’s stalker. The threatening photos and letters that were sent to Jung-hoon will not be counted as evidence so it’s best not to turn those in since it might just backfire by piquing the public’s interest. Ha-jin and Ha-kyung agree to CEO Park’s plans and place their trust in her.

While driving back home, Jung-hoon can’t get Sung-ho’s harsh words out of his head. In a phone call with Ha-jin, they remind each other to be careful and to stay safe. Ha-jin also informs Jung-hoon of CEO Park’s plans to get the police involved to investigate the stalker.

Director Choi worries for Ha-jin, but she also pitches the idea of reporting about Ha-jin’s stalker case to Jung-hoon. Maybe he can report about it on the news to bring awareness about the dangers of stalking and its consequences. However, Jung-hoon is more concerned about Ha-jin’s safety than about the stalker. Plus, him reporting any news about Ha-jin’s case might just provoke the stalker even more. Jung-hoon refuses to take any chances. With the police now involved in the investigation, it doesn’t take long for Reporter Park to be caught. After saving all the photos of Ha-jin onto an external hard drive, he barely manages to escape from the police by running away. However, Reporter Park has no choice but to turn himself in. Jung-hoon has recording evidence of Reporter Park admitting his involvement with Ha-jin’s stalker so he either turns himself in now or Jung-hoon will do it himself. Go Anchorman Jung-hoon! Woo hoo!

With Ha-jin’s stalker case now public, she receives an immense amount of support from her fans. While leaving after a radio show, she takes photos with her fans, who also includes Technical Director Kim. Hahaha. Ha-jin also meets up with Jung-hoon after to discuss about Reporter Park. She’s grateful for Jung-hoon who was able to get Reporter Park to turn himself in. Jung-hoon once again apologizes to Ha-jin for not telling her earlier, but Ha-jin doesn’t accept his apology. He shouldn’t feel sorry; in fact, he’s been extremely helpful throughout this whole process.

Tae-eun’s Dad visits the Director of the psychiatric hospital that Sung-ho is held at. The Director hands over a USB drive to Tae-eun’s Dad which consists of recordings involving Jung-hoon. The Director also notes that whereas before Sung-ho always seemed angry by Jung-hoon’s visits, Sung-ho seemed a lot calmer than usual after Jung-hoon’s most recent visit. After the meeting, Tae-eun’s Dad begins to play the recordings on the USB drive and transcribes them onto a word document. He also inquires Tae-eun on more updates on Jung-hoon and his reasons for visiting Sung-ho at the forensic hospital. Could it possibly be because of Ha-jin? Tae-eun doesn’t comment too much about the situation, but he does become suspicious of his dad’s persistence in finding out.

Police provide Ha-jin, CEO Park, and Ha-kyung with new updates regarding the stalker. After interrogating Reporter Park, they discover that the stalker was someone who personally knew Ha-jin before she debuted. Combine that with details about the specific type of motorcycle the stalker was driving as well as how the stalker’s server was tracked to an overseas address and our police has some leads to go off of. They interrogate Moon Chul and Movie Director Ji who both participate in answering questions from the police. The police gains more information from the answers given by both guys, but they refrain from jumping into any conclusions as to which one could potentially be the stalker.

Ha-jin, Ha-kyung, and CEO Park take comfort in knowing that either one of the two guys must be the stalker, right? They’re so consumed by the stalker situation they barely remember that Ha-jin’s birthday is in a few days. Ha-jin casually brings up the topic to Jung-hoon and requests to grab a meal with him on the day of her birthday before he heads to work. Speaking of Jung-hoon, Tae-eun checks in with him to make sure that both he and Ha-jin are feeling okay.

But Jung-hoon isn’t feeling okay. He’s still unable to move past Sung-ho’s comment about Seo-yeon and finds himself staring at the last remaining photo of Ha-jin and Seo-yeon together. Ha-jin dreams about Seo-yeon once again that involves a motorcycle. In this dream, she gets injured after getting hit by a motorcycle who almost ran into Seo-yeon first. Ha-jin wakes up from the dream in confusion and terror.

Jung-hoon goes over to his dad’s place to take a look at some of Mom’s belongings that she had left behind in a box. Memories from each item resurfaces in Jung-hoon’s head and he smiles at all the good memories he had with his mother growing up. He also reads the letter that his Mom had penned for him before passing away. In it, he receives the answer to the question that he wanted to desperately know the most: Mom was always happy to have him as her son. Aww.

Even at work, Ha-jin can’t stop thinking about her dream. It felt too realistic for it to simply just be a dream so she researches for any motorcycle incidents that happened in the same neighborhood and location as the one in her dream. However, no articles pop up and there doesn’t seem to be anything about any motorcycle incidents. Ha-jin then receives a phone call from Jung-hoon who finally contacts Ha-jin back after a few days of not replying. They make plans to meet up on Ha-jin’s birthday.

Jung-hoon returns back to his house with the box full of Mom’s belongings. However, he notices right away that something seems off about his house. Sure enough, the photo of Ha-jin and Seo-yeon that was hidden in one of his drawers has disappeared. After work, CEO Park makes plans to treat Ha-jin out to some food for her birthday. Ha-kyung heads to the parking structure first to pull up her van, but she immediately notices that her van is gone. In fact, her van has been stolen by somebody and is driven away right in front of her eyes. OH NOOOO.

Ha-kyung attempts to get in contact with Ha-jin, but she’s not picking up her phone. By then, it’s too late and Ha-jin enters the van first while CEO Park steps aside to take a phone call. Alone in the van, the driver covers Ha-jin’s face so she’s unable to see anything. The driver also turns off her phone so that so no one will be able to reach her. Ha-kyung and CEO Park run after the van, but they can’t catch up. They watch as Ha-jin is abducted in the racing van. The only thing they can do is update Jung-hoon who calls them at that very moment to inform him about Ha-jin’s abduction. She’s gone.

My Thoughts:


Just kidding, I don’t even know if what happened at the end of the episode can be considered makjang, but it sure was dramatic! Everyone’s biggest fear has come to life and Ha-jin’s life is at an even bigger risk now than before. She’s been kidnapped and abducted and her team is left uncertain as to what to do next. How will Ha-jin be found and will she be rescued in time?

This episode gave away pretty big clues as to who Ha-jin’s stalker is. I didn’t want to acknowledge it at first, but now I’m more inclined to believe that the stalker is Tae-eun (or at least that he has some sort of involvement in all of this). I feel like there’s multiple people working together to wreak havoc in Ha-jin and Jung-hoon’s life. I’m thinking that Tae-eun might be the mastermind and he’s just hired either Director Ji or Moon Chul to execute the plans. The drama has been too obvious with the stalker simply being just either Director Ji or Moon Chul it makes me feel like there’s a bigger set-up here than what the drama is misleading us to think. The drama wants us to think that the stalker is either Director Ji or Moon Chul, but I feel like the stalker is someone who we aren’t expecting to be the stalker which leads me to think it’s Tae-eun. I’m not completely positive it’s Tae-eun himself who’s doing the stalking necessarily per se, but I do think he has a much bigger role and involvement in all of this than what we think. The two biggest clues that gave away this theory was how the stalker already knew who Ha-jin was before she debuted. In this aspect, Tae-eun was Ha-jin’s doctor and counseled her before she debuted as an actress. Plus, he’s the only one who has access to Jung-hoon’s house given that he’s been over at Jung-hoon’s house plenty of times before and knew about the photo of Seo-yeon and Ha-jin together. He’s the only one who can be applied to both hints. Also, now that I think about it, Tae-eun is the only one who knows Sung-ho so it makes sense that he was able to get in contact with him by letter. Moon Chul and Director Ji doesn’t know who Sung-ho is so how could they have been in contact with him?

I know Jung-hoon is going to eventually be the one to rescue Ha-jin from the evil hands of her stalker so I can’t wait for when that happens. He’s going to be so determined and reckless and do all that he can to save her even if that means putting his own life at risk. He’s been mindful of his developing relationship with Ha-jin and the dangers that come with that especially considering just how much pain and anguish it’s going to cause Ha-jin once she finally realizes Jung-hoon’s connection to both her and Seo-yeon. However, Jung-hoon can’t help but find himself thinking about Ha-jin and feeling the need to protect her. A part of it is because he genuinely cares for Ha-jin and his response is a reaction in part to his feelings, but the other half of it is because he feels the need to protect his loved ones after failing to do so with Seo-yeon whom he so dearly loved. He’s learned his lesson, he’s learned from his past, and he’s going to apply it to the future. He’s not going to let history repeat itself once again.

Once again, Ha-kyung and Il-kwon remain ever so adorable with every interaction. Ha-kyung is definitely developing some feelings for the reporter (and I don’t blame her because who wouldn’t?). Ha-jin and Jung-hoon also grow closer to each other with every passing interaction and provide each other with such great support. They can depend on each other during times of hardships and continually express their support to each other. Small things like chatting before bed to help Ha-jin ease her mind or reminding the other to stay safe at all times highlights just how warm their relationship is. Ha-jin and Jung-hoon’s relationship has been slow to build, but that’s because they truly adore and cherish each passing moment together.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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