Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 10 Recap

How far are you willing to go to protect someone who you know you shouldn’t love but ultimately do? How much are you willing to risk to protect someone who you can no longer deny your feelings for? Jung-hoon’s feelings for Ha-jin is put to the test in this episode when his fear of losing her overrides his conflicting thoughts associated with her.

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 10 Recap

Ha-kyung and CEO Park run hopelessly after the black van with a kidnapped and abducted Ha-jin inside. In a frantic phone call with Jung-hoon, Ha-kyung informs him about Ha-jin’s disappearance. The police are quickly involved in the search for Ha-jin, but the kidnapper is a few steps ahead of them. Police manage to find Ha-kyung’s abandoned black van with Ha-jin’s dead cellphone as well as a needle inside. However, Ha-jin is no where to be found. She’s instead laying unconscious inside of a room in the same house as the stalker.

Investigators interrogate Director Ji at the director’s studio. He claims he was at home the entire time so he had nothing to do with Ha-jin’s disappearance. Jung-hoon follows after the investigators for an update on their investigation with Director Ji. Contrary to what they thought, it seems like Moon Chul is the suspect behind Ha-jin’s kidnapping. Since Jung-hoon hasn’t received any suspicious calls either from anyone, this is the only lead to go off of.

CCTV camera footage shows what appears to be Moon Chul sneaking his way into the parking garage where Ha-kyung’s black van was parked. Police are quick to act upon checking the camera footage and head to Moon Chul’s place to search for him. Ha-kyung too is informed about Moon Chul’s involvement in all of this. He was discovered to be at the scene. Ha-kyung reacts in disbelief. Meanwhile, Ha-jin slowly begins to wake up from the anesthesia and finds herself trapped in a room full of lit candles (freaky!!). The door to the room is locked and the windows are barred to prevent her from escaping. NOOO.

Police raid Moon Chul’s studio apartment, but there’s no one inside. However, they do find a significant item inside that rules out his innocence: a pair of Ha-jin’s earrings. Jung-hoon can’t shake off the bad feeling he has about all of this. He’s reminded of the stalker situation that Seo-yeon experienced back then with Sung-ho. It feels as if history is repeating itself, but this time with Ha-jin. In a conversation with Tae-eun, Jung-hoon shares the icky and bad feelings he has about Director Ji. He feels like Director Ji is way more involved in this than it seems so far. However, Jung-hoon convinces himself that if all the evidence is pointing to Moon Chul, then he must surely be the culprit.. right?

Investigators present the piece of earring to Ha-kyung who confirms that it does indeed belong to Ha-jin. By discovering the earring inside of Moon Chul’s studio, it seems all the more likely that he is the stalker. After contacting Moon Chul’s parents and family members for his whereabouts, investigators receive a tip of where he could possibly be staying. They discourage Jung-hoon from joining them as his presence could provoke the stalker even more. Speaking of Jung-hoon, he can’t help but notice the similarities between Director Ji and Sung-ho. To confirm his own doubts, he stops by Director Ji’s place and checks his mailbox. Inside is a traffic ticket that Director Ji received while driving to a lake. Jung-hoon brings this to the police’s attention, but police is certain that Moon Chul is the culprit.

When police arrive at the vacation rental where Moon Chul is staying at, they search everywhere for Ha-jin. However, unlike what they thought and had expected, she’s no where to be found. She’s not with Moon Chul. Nonetheless, Ha-jin’s manager is arrested and brought into the police station for an interrogation. So if Ha-jin isn’t with Moon Chul, then who is she with?

Ha-jin herself learns the devastating news firsthand upon interacting with her stalker. It’s none other than Director Ji. He was the one who kidnapped Ha-jin and brought her to an isolated house right by the lake (AHHHHHH!). Now that traffic ticket he got all makes sense. Director Ji brings Ha-jin some breakfast to eat, but she obviously doesn’t have an appetite. She’s stunned at the sight of Director Ji and she threatens to hurt him. However, her fear overtakes her mind and body and she’s unable to defend herself. She’s trapped and locked in her bedroom once more.

Jung-hoon is quick to act on his own. Using the traffic ticket that he found at Director Ji’s mailbox, he heads to the lake listed in the ticket. Once there, he finds Director Ji’s car parked at a house. After peeking inside the car, Jung-hoon feels confident that Director Ji is the one who had stalked and kidnapped Ha-jin. He urges the police to come and provide him some back-up. At the police station, there are talks about announcing a public search for Ha-jin, but Ha-kyung is afraid of the consequences and effects this could have on Ha-jin if the stalker was to find out. Meanwhile, Moon Chul claims that he has no idea where Ha-jin is located.

Tae-eun’s dad listens to a recording of a conversation between Sung-ho and Jung-hoon during their most recent interaction at the hospital. He texts Jung-hoon and asks him to come in for a testing (he’s busy at the moment!!). Jung-hoon slowly makes his way into Director Ji’s house. He first shuts the electricity off using the electric panel box located outside which causes all the lights in the house to turn off. Suspicious, Director Ji heads outside to turn the lights back on. It’s then that Jung-hoon sneaks up from behind to attack Director Ji. After engaging in a brutal and gruesome fight, Jung-hoon manages to eventually lock Director Ji inside of the garage. With Director Ji trapped, Jung-hoon enters the house to search for Ha-jin immediately. Eventually, he finds himself at the room where Ha-jin is trapped and reunites with her after unlocking the door.

It takes them a few seconds to process the reunion, but they give each other a tight hug and squeeze after a few nerve-wracking seconds. Jung-hoon is relieved to find Ha-jin safe inside of the room. They quickly make their way out of the house and escape from Director Ji. The police and Ha-kyung also fortunately arrive at the same time as the couple’s escape so they head to the garage to capture Director Ji. Ha-kyung and Ha-jin burst into tears upon being reunited. They’re finally together again at last.

Director Ji is brought into the police station. Many reporters crowd around him as he enters the station, including Il-kwon himself who reveals Director Ji’s face to everyone as he knocks Director Ji’s hat off his head. Moon Chul explains his reason for keeping a piece of Ha-jin’s earring in his studio apartment. Since he was desperate for money, he sneaked inside her house to steal some of her belongings which he was going to sell for money. He had nothing to do with Ha-jin’s kidnapping and he is just as shocked as everyone else is when he discovers that Director Ji was the kidnapper.

Ha-jin is hospitalized after fainting. Even though her birthday might not have started off on such a good note, she awakens to a bunch of presents and the company of her sister and CEO which is more than enough for her. Meanwhile, Jung-hoon returns to his house after transporting Ha-jin to the hospital. He recollects the moment he discovered the last remaining photo of Seo-yeon and Ha-jin together at Director Ji’s house and stores it back at his house like before. Sure, Ha-jin is safe and well now, but he risked his life for whom essentially is Seo-yeon’s best friend. Jung-hoon can’t get that thought out of his head. In a phone call with Tae-eun, Jung-hoon requests for Tae-eun to support Ha-jin as best as he can.

News of Director Ji’s identity as Ha-jin’s stalker quickly spreads and Director Choi and Technical Director Kim are among the latest to find out. Director Choi plans to visit Ha-jin so she encourages her, her husband, and Jung-hoon to all go visit Ha-jin at the hospital whenever they can. Ha-jin debates whether or not to contact Jung-hoon first. She wants to wait for him to reach out to her, but his silence is killing Ha-jin. However, she resists the temptation to contact Jung-hoon first by getting some sleep. With Ha-jin asleep, Ha-kyung now has some more free time to do other things.. like hang out with her favorite: Il-kwon! YAAAAY!

To make up for not communicating with Il-kwon on Ha-jin’s abduction (in real time), Ha-jin treats Il-kwon out for some delicious food. They also head out to an arcade to have some fun. Il-kwon’s talent in a shooting game earns him a stuffed doll which he gifts Ha-kyung (remind me whose birthday it is again?! Is it Ha-jin’s or Ha-kyung’s?! Hahaha). They’re so cute! But yes, it is indeed Ha-jin’s birthday which her team definitely did not forget about. CEO Park, Ha-kyung, and Il-kwon all celebrate Ha-jin’s special day by bringing her a cake at the hospital. Technical Director Kim eventually joins in on the celebration shortly afterwards. Il-kwon is surprised to see his co-worker at the hospital instead of at the work office.

While Technical Director Kim is with Ha-jin, Jung-hoon is back at work. With Director Choi’s assistance, he was able to take the day off to search for Ha-jin. However, he has to return to work before the both of them gets into any further trouble. Though Jung-hoon will have to report some news that night about Ha-jin’s situation, Jung-hoon is ready for it (THAT’S MY BOY!). Il-kwon eventually reunites with Jung-hoon at work when he arrives at the office later on that night. He reminds Jung-hoon about Ha-jin’s birthday by speaking about the surprise birthday party they threw Ha-jin earlier at the hospital.

Sung-ho also learns about Director Ji’s arrest as Ha-jin’s stalker. He’s reminded of the moment when Director Ji visited him at the forensic hospital to inquire about Sung-ho’s methods and strategies to threatening Jung-hoon’s life. Similar to how Sung-ho felt about his obsession with Seo-yeon, Director Ji wants to do the same with Ha-jin. He hates the idea of anyone else – especially Jung-hoon – being with Ha-jin. If Sung-ho collaborates with Director Ji, it’ll be a win-win for the both of them. Director Ji will get to finally be with Ha-jin and Sung-ho will finally seek revenge on Jung-hoon. This was the primary reason as to why Sung-ho agreed to work with Director Ji afterall. However, now that Director Ji has been caught, Sung-ho will have to do all the work himself.

To cheer up a somber and sad Ha-jin, Ha-kyung takes her sister outside to get some fresh air. While Ha-kyung leaves to go grab them a blanket, someone else approaches the popular celebrity. It’s none other than Jung-hoon! Ha-jin isn’t so happy to see him even though she had been waiting to hear from him this entire time. His silence the past few days made her worried. To make it up to Ha-jin, Jung-hoon presents her with a birthday gift, but even that doesn’t cheer Ha-jin up. Does she not like the stuffed dolls that he got her to help her with her nightmares? However, that’s not the reason as to why Ha-jin seems down.

Ha-jin expresses her fear that Jung-hoon will leave her now that they no longer have a reason to see each other. They started off as a fake couple, but only continued their relationship because he felt the need to protect her from her stalker. Now that that’s been resolved, there’s no reason for Jung-hoon to stay in contact with Ha-jin any longer. But Jung-hoon reassures Ha-jin that unlike what she’s worried about, he won’t go anywhere. He wants to stay by her side and be there for her this time. A smile immediately forms on Ha-jin’s face upon hearing Jung-hoon’s response and she returns to the bubbly and cheerful girl like before. The stuffed dolls are not the only gift Jung-hoon has for Ha-jin as he leans in towards her to give her a kiss (twice I might add!). The two stare lovingly into each other’s eyes as they confirm their feelings and affection for each other. What was once a fake relationship between the both of them has now transformed into something much bigger and much more real as well. Love is in the air for our couple.

My Thoughts:

WAAAAAH, I don’t know how to feel about all of this! It seems like our stalker storyline has wrapped up, but has it really?! Do things really end with just Director Ji or is there going to be more? Was Director Ji just a small tease to an even bigger and more dangerous situation bound to happen in the future? Jung-hoon could handle Director Ji, but will he be able to handle Sung-ho?

I feel conflicted with the stalker storyline and how it was resolved in this episode. The conspiracy theorist in me wants to think that Director Ji was simply just used as a scapegoat and there’s more to the stalker situation than is being presented to us (I know I know, I should calm down), but the other half of me hopes that this will be the end of the stalker plot (for now). Look, I’m glad that the drama was consistent until the very end by making Director Ji the stalker. He had always been obsessed with Ha-jin and we clearly saw that throughout the series. It doesn’t come as a surprise then that he was the one who abducted and kidnapped our beloved female lead. However, because we already saw this type of behavior from Director Ji coming, it didn’t make for an entertaining watch when he was revealed to be the stalker. It was already expected and obvious so I was sort of hoping that someone else would be outed as the stalker (and not the obvious Director Ji). I think it would have been cool had the drama been able to establish someone else in the drama as the stalker and then Director Ji be there as some sort of an accomplice. However, I can see why the drama went with setting up Director Ji as the stalker because it made the most sense and the drama had already been forming that foundation from the beginning. But I can’t help but wanted it to be someone else than Director Ji just to throw us off a little bit and make the show a little more entertaining. Ahh, conflicted feelings at its best!

I really shouldn’t jump to conclusions too early and too easily! In my last recap, I voiced my opinions on the possibilities of Tae-eun being the stalker which was completely wrong as we saw in this episode. A part of it is because I want him to play a much bigger role in this drama than just being the simple and kind doctor, but I also thought that he was going to play a much bigger role. In other words, it would have been so much more interesting if he turned out to be Ha-jin’s stalker or at least somewhat involved in it. No one would have saw it coming and it would have been a total surprise given what the series had been showing us all along. However, it seems like the show doesn’t plan to do anything big with Tae-eun just yet so he’ll continue to remain as the kind doctor and friend to both our Jung-hoon and Ha-jin for now.

But with the stalker situation now wrapped up (hopefully), it gives us room to watch Ha-jin and Jung-hoon’s relationship honestly and truthfully bloom. Ha-jin brought up a really good point at the end of this episode when she expressed her worries about Jung-hoon leaving her. In a way, she is right. She and Jung-hoon were sort of thrown into this relationship and pretended to be a couple for their own respective reasons. However, they found themselves slowly falling in love and getting to know each other better through a course of crazy events that tested their relationship. They’ve gone through so much for each other I can see why Jung-hoon wants to stay with Ha-jin. He’s seen her at her most real and raw moments that not many other people has got to witness. It was these moments and experiences that made him slowly fall for Ha-jin and now that he knows her better and how genuine she is towards him, there’s no reason as to why he would want to leave. It only motivates him to be with her even more and has inspired him to actually develop real feelings for Ha-jin. There’s nothing to pretend or lie about in their relationship anymore; things are now real after all that they went through together with each other. Ha-jin and Jung-hoon had plenty of up’s and down’s in their relationship during a phase where they were just interested in each other, just imagine how much stronger they are now now that they do have confirmed feelings for each other.

And that’s what I love about our main couple. They were already tested before they were even in an actual relationship with each other. The whole stalker situation occurred during a time in their relationship where they were figuring each other out and showing interest in one another. But now that they’ve gone through this experience together and most importantly, came out of it alive and well, it gives them an even bigger reason to remain together. If they can go through something as risky and big as this, they can go through anything else together. Jung-hoon and Ha-jin can conquer the world together if they have each other. That’s all that they need. Of course, things might change once Jung-hoon’s guilt and trauma related to Seo-yeon eats at him, but for now, he seems at peace – with both himself, his past, and his future with Ha-jin. Let’s hope things stay this way for as long as possible.

Extra screenshots from this episode~

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