Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 11 Recap

Ha-jin and Jung-hoon finally have their happy ever after… or at least what’s what they think. But as they will learn the hard way, love is not so easy. Love has its fair share of bumps and obstacles, but love is also kind and joyful and happiness bundled into one. Our couple enjoy this happiness as much as possible before things are too late.

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 11 Recap

Our Ha sisters return to their real home now that the whole stalker mystery has been resolved. It feels great to be back at home, especially for Ha-jin who can’t stop gushing over Jung-hoon. She’s in love with both the stuffed dolls he gave her for her birthday as well as the kiss they shared the night before. Hehe. Jung-hoon visits Director Ji who is now in prison. While Director Ji is confident he won’t stay in prison for long, Jung-hoon reveals that Director Ji’s connection with Sung-ho is more than enough to get him a few more years in jail. Director Ji reacts in rage at Jung-hoon’s comments.

Jung-hoon checks in with Ha-jin on the way to work. They make plans to meet up that night after he finishes work so that he can help Ha-jin with her script reading. Ha-jin begins to get ready for their little date even though she still has.. well.. 14 more hours until their meeting. LOL. Ha-kyung grows curious about Ha-jin’s relationship with Jung-hoon so Ha-jin reveals all to her sister. She and Jung-hoon are forreals dating now.. like forreals forreals dating. And the kiss they had with each other the night before basically confirmed that. But wait, what about Ha-kyung? What’s going on between her and Il-kwon? Though Ha-kyung persistently denies any rumors between her and Il-kwon, she is interested in knowing if she and Il-kwon make a cute couple or not. Lol.

Upon returning to work, Jung-hoon learns from Technical Director Kim that he, Director Choi, and Technical Director Kim are all in trouble. Since they swapped Jung-hoon out with another anchor so Jung-hoon could search for Ha-jin without notifying upper management, they now are facing the consequences. Things are especially worse for Director Choi who is being punished by the interdisciplinary committee. Director Choi isn’t panicking though and doesn’t think too much about it; she encourages Jung-hoon not to worry. Ha-jin and Ha-kyung prepare for their respective ~dates~ that night. While Ha-kyung gets ready to go to the gym for a training session with Il-kwon, Ha-jin dolls herself up for her script reading date with Jung-hoon.

Our three couples in the series all spend time with each other in their own ways. Technical Director Kim comforts his wife – Director Choi – who he assumes is crying at work, but her shaking shoulders was actually her just laughing her head off from watching a variety show, not from her crying (me with Running Man. LOL). Il-kwon and Ha-kyung bond at the gym over some jujitsu. Of course, Ha-kyung proves to be a much bigger threat and challenge for Il-kwon than he expected. Jung-hoon supports Ha-jin with her script reading that night after work like how he promised her. When the training in the waiting room becomes stale and boring, the two head out to the actual newsroom for a change in scenery. Ha-jin enjoys the new setting a lot more, but she’s not the only one who needs some training. When asked to read some lines from the script, it’s obvious Jung-hoon needs some practice himself. It’s a good thing he’s an anchor and she’s an actress. The two decide to go on another date that weekend. This one doesn’t count.

Il-kwon and Ha-kyung’s date night at the gym comes to an end. The two head out for some drinks afterwards. Il-kwon has too much to drink and he ends up passing out while Ha-kyung is sharing a touching and loving story to him about her and Ha-jin. Unfortunately for Ha-kyung, she ends up having to carry an unconscious Il-kwon back home. She throws him onto his bed, but he holds her close in his arms and refuses to let go. Ha-kyung is taken aback by his tight hug. EEEEEK!

Jung-hoon meets up with Tae-eun’s Dad now that he has some time. To start off the conversation, Jung-hoon is asked about his fears in life and whether he is still afraid of being locked in a closet. This was something he experienced often as a little kid due to his dad. Although Jung-hoon is much older now, the trauma is still existent and he still afraid of being locked inside a closet. So what about Seo-yeon then? Are his feelings for Seo-yeon still there? Jung-hoon avoids the question by indirectly answering that images of her are still vivid to him. Even though he is now in a new relationship with Ha-jin, Jung-hoon doesn’t regret anything. Just because he was once in a relationship with Seo-yeon does not mean that he cannot be in a relationship with anyone else eight years later. While meeting with Jung-hoon, Tae-eun’s Dad is reminded of a meeting he had with the publisher for his upcoming book about Jung-hoon. Though it’s not explicitly stated in his manuscript, it’s obvious who Tae-eun’s Dad’s patient is in the book: Jung-hoon. Tae-eun’s Dad eventually bids farewell with Jung-hoon, but he’s still intrigued and confused by how Jung-hoon was able to fall in love again even though his memories of Seo-yeon are still so clear. How is that possible?

Ha-jin tries out a bunch of outfits for her upcoming character as a news anchor. Things seem to be going fine at her house until Moon Chul shows up. He immediately gets down on his knees to apologize for his past actions. He was desperate for money with the death of his dad and the increasing amount of debt that his dad owed. Moon Chul had no other choice. Ha-kyung refuses to buy into Moon Chul’s apology, but Ha-jin remains sympathetic. Jung-hoon meets with Tae-eun to discuss about his meeting with Tae-eun’s Dad. Jung-hoon doesn’t mind being interviewed by Tae-eun’s Dad; he’s grateful for all the support and help he’s received from Tae-eun’s Dad growing up. However, there is one thing that’s changed for Jung-hoon and that’s his feelings for Ha-jin. Jung-hoon admits that he and Ha-jin are in a serious relationship and he plans to stay with her even if Ha-jin’s memories return. He won’t shun her or push her away just because there’s a possibility that she’ll recover her memories. Tae-eun grows disappointed in his best friend’s decision.

Ha-kyung and Il-kwon chat over the phone about the other night where they were drinking together. Il-kwon didn’t do anything silly right? Ha-kyung denies any wrongdoing, but it’s obvious she’s still nervous over how tight he clung to her on the bed. Il-kwon himself can’t stop thinking about the moment she was on hovered on top of him while at the gym. They make plans to do another training session together that night. Upon learning about Ha-jin and Jung-hoon’s relationship, Tae-eun checks up on Ha-jin. How have her dreams been lately? Does she still have reoccurring dreams like she used to before? Ha-jin claims she hasn’t been having as many dreams lately; it must be because of how happy she is with Jung-hoon.

It’s the weekend which means it’s date time for Jung-hoon and Ha-jin. YAAAAA! I LOVE THIS COUPLE!! Ha-jin arrives at Jung-hoon’s house a few hours early to help him decide on an outfit. Not that she wasn’t a fan of his wardrobe choices before, but he should wear something nice for their first date. After trying out a few outfits, Jung-hoon finally finds something fitting to wear and they make their way to a cherry blossom trail a few hours away from town. At first, the couple attempts to conceal their identities, but it doesn’t take long for fans to notice them. Ha-jin grows concerned and uncertain about continuing their date, but Jung-hoon is fearless. With the face masks now off, the two can freely enjoy their date without having to worry about hiding. They walk hand in hand on the trail with many cherry blossom petals falling all around them. Although he knows the answer, Jung-hoon hopes that Ha-jin will never say goodbye to him or leave him. He hopes she’ll stay with him no matter what. Ha-jin promises to never leave Jung-hoon. They confirm this vow once again with yet another kiss.

Jung-hoon drops Ha-jin off that night after their first date. She changes the lockscreen on his phone to a photo of them together and even video calls him that night because she missed him so much. They’re so cute! Ha-jin and Ha-kyung prepare to go out for some late night snacks after the video call. The two bicker back and forth about the desserts they’re eating, but the fun stops just as abruptly as it began. While Ha-kyung steps away to grab some coffee, Ha-jin overhears two ladies in the cafe greet each other. One of the girl’s name is Hana – the same exact name that Seo-yeon referred to Ha-jin as when she was still alive. This causes memories to trigger in Ha-jin’s mind and she suddenly remembers the name ‘Yeong’ – the name she would call Seo-yeon by when they were still best friends. Suffocated by the confusion, Ha-jin stops Ha-kyung to ask her about this so-called Yeong. Ha-kyung knows who she is, right? Ha-jin urges Ha-kyung to be honest with her on who this person is.

Meanwhile, Jung-hoon too has an intense discussion with Tae-eun that night. Tae-eun reveals a bombshell to Jung-hoon that he had been holding back this entire time. The reason as to why Ha-jin felt so guilty upon learning out about Seo-yeon’s death was because.. well.. she was the reason as to why Seo-yeon died. Jung-hoon is close to tears upon learning the truth from Tae-eun.

My Thoughts:

AND SO IT’S STARTING. NOOOOO. NOOOOOOO. I just want one more episode of fluffy, adorable, and humorous scenes between all our characters. Please. Just one more feel-good episode. Please?!

But seriously, we all know that Ha-jin is going to recover memories of Seo-yeon sooner or later and this was something that I think even Jung-hoon himself was hoping would be prolonged as much as possible. He wanted to spend as much time with Ha-jin as possible before eventually entering a painful phase in their relationship where things wouldn’t be so good and happy and cheerful as it was the past few months. Things are going to slowly shift and deteriorate the more Ha-jin’s memories of Seo-yeon begin to surface and it’s not going to be so pretty. I don’t want Ha-jin’s memories to ever come back. I wish they would stay hidden forever and that both she and Jung-hoon can just be a happy couple forever, but we know that won’t be the case. The next few episodes are going to be super tough.

I do appreciate how light-hearted, fluffy, and heart-fluttering this episode was. The drama took things a few notches down after what was an intense and wild rollercoaster ride with the stalker mystery. I’m thankful that the drama didn’t dive right away into Ha-jin’s recovery of her memories because then things would have gotten really intense and I’m not sure I would have been prepared for that. I liked just seeing Ha-jin and Jung-hoon officially date and acknowledge their relationship to each other and others. I loved watching Ha-kyung and Il-kwon deny their feelings for each other because it’ll be so much more fun when they’re unable to deny and hide things for much longer. Even Director Choi and Technical Director Kim was great in this episode and they too are the moodmakers in this show. This episode was so simple and easy to watch and I’m glad that we got some time to just breathe for a little bit. It’s as if the drama is slowing down a little bit before it escalates real quick real soon to give us some time to prepare ourselves as much as possible. I’m not looking forward to it, but things are inevitable and Ha-jin and Jung-hoon are going to have to confront their past in order to move forward with their lives.

I am curious as to how Ha-jin was involved in Seo-yeon’s death and what role she played in leading that to happen. From the bits we saw throughout the series, it’s obvious that the two were best friends. I wondered where things went wrong between them during their strong friendship and what Ha-jin specifically did to hurt Seo-yeon. I’m also especially curious as to how Jung-hoon will react to knowing that his current girlfriend was the reason why his first love lost her life. He had already been feeling guilty for getting into a relationship with his first love’s friend, but he tried to not think about it too much because he assumed Ha-jin was innocent in all of this. However, now that he’s aware of the devastating truth, I’m sure the guilt and conflicting thoughts of it all is going to hit even harder and he’s going to be at war with himself even more this time. His feelings for Ha-jin are genuine and he does want to protect her and care for her, but this was before he found out that Ha-jin killed his first love. Will his feelings, thoughts, and attitude towards Ha-jin change now that he’s aware of what she did? Or will he continue to stay by Ha-jin’s side regardless?

Jung-hoon might feel like he has to choose between someone who he’s currently in love with and someone who he loved more than anyone else, but he can also make a choice that doesn’t have to do with either. While on their cherry blossom date, Jung-hoon requested for Ha-jin to never leave him regardless of what happened in the future. But the real question now is whether or not Jung-hoon will leave Ha-jin for what she’s done to Seo-yeon. Jung-hoon loved Seo-yeon dearly and he still feels hurt for what she went through. He still hasn’t forgotten about her and he never will. Are these feelings of yearning for her still as strong as they were eight years ago? If so, his willingness to forgive Ha-jin will be close to none. However, if he can find the strength and courage inside of himself to let things go and to somewhat forgive Ha-jin for her actions, then maybe he and Ha-jin will still have a chance to keep things afloat. Regardless, I don’t think it’s so much a question of whether Ha-jin will leave Jung-hoon or not once she recovers memories of Seo-yeon and she finds out about her truth. I think it’s more so whether the two are willing to work things out with each other and stick through the tough times, even if that means forgetting one’s past to move forward into the present. Ha-jin and Jung-hoon are going to have to acknowledge the harsh details of their past in order to come to terms with their present. There’s going to be a lot of pain, tears, and angst in this journey of self-love and self-forgiveness before our couple can continue with the happiness they felt for each other in this episode.

Extra screenshots from this episode~

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