Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 12 Recap

Tensions and predicaments only continue to escalate and worsen. As much as Jung-hoon wants to forget about all the trauma from his past and to enjoy the precious time he has with his loved ones, his current situation in the present forbids him from doing so. It’s always easier said than done.

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 12 Recap

Ha-jin’s curiosity of a woman named Yeong – aka Seo-yeon – grows after she overhears the name being called while at a cafe. Ha-kyung finally dishes out some information to Ha-jin about Yeong and reveals that they were once close friends. However, the two got into a motorcycle incident which caused Ha-jin’s memory to grow fuzzy and Ha-kyung’s refrained from mentioning Yeong to Ha-jin because she didn’t want Ha-jin to remember about it. Ha-kyung ends the conversation by claiming that Yeong is now studying abroad and that she’s cut off all contact with Ha-jin. While Ha-jin goes to get some rest, Ha-kyung calls Tae-eun to arrange for an urgent meeting the next day.

Jung-hoon himself learns about the complicated situation involving Ha-jin and Seo-yeon thanks to Tae-eun. In her prior counseling appointment with Tae-eun right after Seo-yeon’s death, Ha-jin’s guilt for killing Seo-yeon stemmed as a result of Ha-jin giving Seo-yeon’s stalker – Moon Sung-ho – the passcode to her apartment because she assumed he was her boyfriend. If she had just never given him the passcode, then Seo-yeon would never have been in danger and she wouldn’t have gotten killed. Later on that night, the two love birds give each other a call. Their respective discoveries are keeping them up late and they can’t seem to fall asleep. Ha-jin reveals to Jung-hoon the details about Yeong that Ha-kyung shared with her. She feels as though she has memories that she’s going to regret remembering, but Jung-hoon encourages her not to worry about it. The past is the past and there’s nothing they can do about it.

In her meeting with Tae-eun, Ha-kyung shares how Ha-jin is slowly recovering memories involving Seo-yeon. She’s afraid Ha-jin might attempt to harm herself again once she remembers everything. However, Tae-eun advises her not to worry about it and that he’ll talk to Ha-jin later. Meanwhile, Ha-jin prepares for her upcoming role as a news anchor. She records herself reciting some lines and sends them to Jung-hoon to listen to. When he arrives to work, the final decision from the disciplinary committee for Jung-hoon, Director Choi, and Technical Director Kim is revealed. Jung-hoon and Technical Director Kim will take a 3-month wage cut while Director Choi will be reinstated in her position after facing a short suspension. Technical Director Kim doesn’t take the news so well and pleads for some money from his wife, but she refuses to give him any. Hahaha.

Love is in the air for another pair in the drama. Ha-kyung passes by Il-kwon’s apartment complex to hand him some items. However, she overhears him arguing with his ex-girlfriend who wants to get back with him. Il-kwon ends up noticing Ha-kyung so he points her out to his ex-girlfriend who isn’t so happy at the sight of another girl with Il-kwon. Shouldn’t Il-kwon be running after his ex-girlfriend? Is he playing hard-to-get? What’s going on? But Il-kwon has no intentions of doing that for the woman he likes is in front of him. He leans in to give Ha-kyung a kiss which she was not expecting at all. AHHHHHHHH! They’re officially dating now. EEEEEEK!

Jung-hoon brings his dad home after his dad has had too much to drink. While taking a walk the next morning, Jung-hoon recalls a conversation he had with Seo-yeon shortly after the motorcycle accident with Ha-jin. She feels apologetic and guilty for causing Ha-jin to get hurt; she wishes Ha-jin would be happy again. At that time, Jung-hoon encouraged Seo-yeon not to worry about it as it wasn’t her fault by any means. In the present, Jung-hoon plans on telling Ha-jin the same exact words of encouragement. It should be okay, right?

Speaking of Ha-jin, she and her team head to the script reading for her upcoming drama (YAAAY! FINALLY!). Before the meeting is to start, Ha-jin heads outside to exchange some texts with her boyfriend. His sweet messages gives her the extra push she needs and Ha-jin’s script reading is successful! Later on that night, the couple meet up to spend some time with each other. They make a pit stop at a small neighborhood and watch the beautiful view of the city below together. It’s there that they exchange their first ‘I love you’s’ with each other. AWW, SO CUTE! I’m not crying I swear!

Ha-jin sneaks out to watch a movie with Jung-hoon at the movie theater. They walk their way out to exit the theater, but discover Ha-kyung waiting in the lobby. Ha-jin assumes Ha-kyung must have found out, but Ha-kyung isn’t there for her sister. Wait, so why is Ha-kyung also at the movie theater this late then? Il-kwon pops up right at that moment and before neither of them can react, it’s too late. They have no choice, but to reveal the dating news to Ha-jin and Jung-hoon. OMGGGG. The two couples head out for some late dinner after the awkward meeting at the movie theater. Ha-jin feels relieved and satisfied seeing Ha-kyung finally have some time to herself. She’s always been so occupied with looking out for Ha-jin she never had the time to date or do anything for herself. However, things have changed now and it’s relieving to see that.

Sung-ho attempts to harm himself while at the forensic hospital. Moon Chul receives a second chance to prove himself and to make things right. His case for theft is suspended and he is to return to work the following day. However, CEO Park will ensure that Moon Chul doesn’t work with Ha-jin again and will instead assign him to do something else. Meanwhile, Tae-eun’s Dad is still keeping up in news related to Jung-hoon and continues to be intrigued by dating articles of Ha-jin and Jung-hoon. He meets with Ha-jin briefly to discuss about her relationship with Jung-hoon and her knowledge of Seo-yeon. Tae-eun’s Dad jumps straight to the point and doesn’t shy away from telling Ha-jin all about Jung-hoon’s relationship with Seo-yeon. She was his first love and he was in love with her.. he still is. However, she was murdered by her stalker so her death was painful for Jung-hoon to accept and process. Although it bothers Ha-jin internally, she expresses that she’ll be fine with everything as long as Jung-hoon is happy. When she leaves, she can’t help but ponder over all the little comments Jung-hoon hinted about his first love. Now it all begins to make sense for Ha-jin.

Tae-eun’s Dad heads to the hospital to meet up with Sung-ho. He eventually gets Sung-ho to start talking once he mentions Jung-hoon’s connections to Seo-yeon and Ha-jin. What was Sung-ho’s involvement in all of this? How is he connected to the three of them? Sung-ho tricks Tae-eun’s Dad into coming closer to him and before Tae-eun’s dad can do anything, he finds himself held hostage by Sung-ho. Using the scissors he stole from the nurse, Sung-ho threatens to kill Tae-eun’s dad in front of police officers. He eventually escapes from the hospital after leaving Tae-eun’s dad behind and manages to hide from the police officers. OH NOOOOO.

It’s time for Ha-jin to attend her fansigning event. Ha-jin first has a phone call conversation with Jung-hoon before her event; she can’t help but recall her conversation with Tae-eun’s Dad about Seo-yeon. Is Jung-hoon really happy? Is he happy being with her? Jung-hoon conveys that he is indeed happy being with Ha-jin. She too feels the same way and this brief but encouraging phone call was what she needed for her event. So she heads out to her event and things seem to be okay.. but it doesn’t last for long. Sung-ho makes his way to her event first thing after escaping the hospital. NOOOOO. As if reading news articles about Sung-ho’s escape wasn’t enough, Jung-hoon receives a video call from the man himself. Jung-hoon is alarmed and furious when he sees Sung-ho at Ha-jin’s event and rushes over to her as fast as he can. However, him being at work makes the distance a little farther away and he speeds while in his car to the event.

It’s Sung-ho’s turn to interact with the celebrity. Ha-jin at first doesn’t recognize Sung-ho, but it’s not until he recites a specific phrase to her that memories of Seo-yeon begins to flood in her mind. Just like how he introduced himself to Ha-jin a few years ago, Sung-ho purposely greets Ha-jin the same exact way this time around to get her memories to start rolling: he introduces himself as the man dating Yeong. Ha-jin freezes upon hearing the words exit from Sung-ho’s mouth and everything begins to click for her.

My Thoughts:

I don’t like this, I don’t like this, I don’t like this. UGHHHH. I feel so icky and afraid seeing Sung-ho with Ha-jin. He’s finally made his way to her and it’s not pretty. It’s not good. His presence is what is going to trigger all of Ha-jin’s memories of Seo-yeon to resurface and not only will Ha-jin and Jung-hoon’s lives be in danger because of Sung-ho, but their relationship will also be at risk because of the memories.

What we’ve been dreading all along (and hoping wouldn’t happen) has finally happened and it was something that was going to happen sooner or later. We can’t turn back time and there’s nothing we can do about Sung-ho having such simple access to Ha-jin. Although I don’t want to make any assumptions, I think we can also expect Sung-ho to do something similar to Ha-jin like how he did with Seo-yeon. He’s going to kidnap her and force Jung-hoon to come rescue her. Jung-hoon is going to have to confront his past and once again come to terms with the reality that he couldn’t save Seo-yeon in time in order to be able to successfully save Ha-jin this time around. Sung-ho’s presence brings back so much trauma for both of our leads which will make things much more difficult confronting him and each other. I want to believe that Jung-hoon will be able to find Ha-jin this time and rescue her in the case that she goes missing because of Sung-ho, but I also know it’s not going to be easy – especially since he’ll be reliving what he went through with Seo-yeon. He’s going to be reminded of Seo-yeon with every passing interaction with Sung-ho and it’s going to be difficult for him to get past that. Ha-jin and Jung-hoon will need each other more than ever to defeat the stalker even if their relationship gets affected in the process.

I don’t want to even think about how painful and agonizing it’s going to be for Jung-hoon and Ha-jin once Ha-jin recovers all her memories of Seo-yeon. Once again, this is something that they’re both going to have to face individually and together and I know it’s not going to be easy at first. So far, they’ve been claiming that they’re happy with each other and that they enjoy being together, but all of this is being said given that Ha-jin hasn’t fully recovered her memories of Seo-yeon. Once she does gain all those memories back, I think their feelings about each other and their relationship are going to suffer and Ha-jin will push Jung-hoon away due to fear and an immense amount of guilt. However, I’m hoping that she doesn’t stay away from him too long and that the two can work things out to fully be able to confront their past and work towards the future together. They’ve managed to build such a strong and loving foundation and relationship with each other over the months, there has to be a way they can stick through rough times together as well. Ha-jin and Jung-hoon started off on a wrong and fake note, but came into developing actual feelings for each other along the way the more they spent time together. I hope nothing has changed for the both of them the moment the truth falls out. They’re much stronger than that, right?

I’m glad that we still receive updates on other sub-plots in the series that was covered in previous episodes. The drama can sometimes introduce many different things happening simultaneously and sometimes dedicates more time into one plot than the other, but it never leaves us hanging on any of them. In this episode, we find out about Moon Chul’s second chance at life thanks to Ha-jin. We continue to gain more insight on Tae-eun’s Dad’s plans and what he had in mind in regards to Jung-hoon. I also fully appreciate the relationship development between Ha-kyung and Il-kwon and the two remain ever so adorable (especially when they’re around Ha-jin and Jung-hoon). I just really want things to work out between Ha-jin and Jung-hoon and I don’t want to watch the two of them stray away from each other after Ha-jin learns the truth about everything. However, some things will have to get worse before it can get better so here’s to wishing and hoping that the worst isn’t too bad and that the better is as great as things can be for our wonderful couple.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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