Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 13 Recap

What’s happened in the past is in the past, but it can also quickly catch up to you in the present. Jung-hoon and Ha-jin have to learn to navigate a new and confusing phase in their relationship where things aren’t so pretty and things continue to remain risky. How will everything pan out for our couple who – up until this point – remained so strong and connected to each other?

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 13 Recap

After interacting with Sung-ho at her fansign event, Ha-jin grows pale and faints shortly afterwards. Ha-jin is transported to the hospital and is quickly accompanied by Jung-hoon. In a conversation with Jung-hoon, Ha-kyung states that she didn’t notice anyone suspicious from the crowd; no one stood out to her. However, it’s obvious that Ha-jin’s life is in danger once again. While sleeping at the hospital, Ha-jin begins to dream about Seo-yeon once again. This time, she dreams about Seo-yeon visiting her at the hospital after their motorcycle incident. Since Ha-jin took the hit for Seo-yeon, she was declared unable to dance ballet ever since. Ha-jin also dreams of the moment she first met Sung-ho who disguised himself as Seo-yeon’s boyfriend which was how she ended up giving him the passcode to Seo-yeon’s apartment. Memories of Seo-yeon’s funeral also comes to light.

When Ha-jin wakes up, she grows furious at Ha-kyung for lying to her this entire time. She demands to visit Seo-yeon’s memorial site. Meanwhile, Jung-hoon has an urgent meeting with his team at work. They brainstorm on what content to broadcast for the news as well as what their next plans are. While watching CCTV footage of Sung-ho’s most recent whereabouts, Jung-hoon gives Ha-jin a phone call, but she’s occupied. Ha-jin is busy visiting Seo-yeon. She bursts out in tears upon greetong the urn with Seo-yeon’s ashes. She apologizes for visiting so late.

Tae-eun visits his dad in the hospital. He too is furious at his dad for getting involved with Sung-ho and Sung-ho’s escape. He warns his father that he won’t let things go if either Ha-jin or Jung-hoon gets hurt because of Sung-ho. OOOH! He is mad! Ha-jin yearns for some alone time from her sister in order to process everything that’s happened. She also requests to take a look at her old diary and photos of her with Seo-yeon. Ha-kyung hands everything over to Ha-jin since she’s kept them this entire time. Memories of Seo-yeon dating back to their childhood ballet years comes to mind. Meanwhile, Jung-hoon requests for some documents and photos of Sung-ho from the Director of the Forensic Hospital that Sung-ho was stationed at. He wants to capture Sung-ho as fast as possible.

Jung-hoon also stops to pay Ha-jin a visit, but gives her a phone call before arriving at her house. However, Ha-jin isn’t as welcoming or cheerful to Jung-hoon as she once used to be. The phone call with Jung-hoon triggers Ha-jin to connect all the puzzle pieces together: Seo-yeon was Jung-hoon’s first love. She confronts Jung-hoon about the discovery when they meet shortly after the phone call. She’s aware that Seo-yeon was his first love and worries about all the pain she must have caused Jung-hoon, especially since she was the one pursuing him in the beginning of their relationship. Ha-jin feels conflicted on what to do.

Jung-hoon and the entire news team put together a broadcast about Sung-ho. Using photos of the stalker, they urge viewers to call with any information they might have about Sung-ho in order to capture him as soon as possible. The broadcast is extremely popular, with calls and tips coming in heavily during the broadcast. However, catching Sung-ho proves to be more challenging than expected even with all the calls pouring in. Speaking of Sung-ho, Sung-ho catches himself on TV while shopping at a convenience store. He quickly escapes once again to be out of people’s sight. At a bar restaurant that night, Director Choi learns from Jung-hoon about his personal connection with Sung-ho. He reveals that Sung-ho was the person responsible for first love’s death so he wants to remain as involved with the case as possible. Jung-hoon also meets up with Tae-eun that night to discuss about the current situation. While Jung-hoon learns that Tae-eun’s dad was the person behind Sung-ho’s escape, Tae-eun learns about Ha-jin’s recovery of her memories. The moment he had been dreading all along has finally happened. Ha-jin is aware about Jung-hoon’s history and relationship with Seo-yeon.

Jung-hoon and Ha-jin spend that night reflecting on their previous conversations with each other about Seo-yeon. Ha-jin ponders over the moment when Jung-hoon warned her not to pursue a relationship with him for she would regret it in the future. Fast forward to the present: does Ha-jin regret her relationship with Jung-hoon now that she knows everything? Ha-jin shares her final decision with Jung-hoon the next day. She wants to end their relationship; she wants to go back to the time when they didn’t know each other. Although Jung-hoon rejects the idea, Ha-jin is adamant on her decision. She feels way too guilty to both Jung-hoon and Seo-yeon to be with him even though Jung-hoon reassures her that she didn’t do anything wrong. In the end, Ha-jin was unable to keep her promise that she’ll never say goodbye to Jung-hoon. She bids farewell with him.

Unlike what CEO Park and Ha-kyung assume, Ha-jin actually wants more work to keep herself busy. She doesn’t need as much rest as they had thought. Ha-kyung is so busy taking care of her sister that she doesn’t have as much time to spend with her boyfriend. Concerned, Il-kwon meets up with Ha-kyung one night to catch up with her. After sharing details about the current situation Ha-jin is enduring, Il-kwon checks in on Ha-kyung. Ha-jin and Jung-hoon are going through a lot, but how is Ha-kyung doing? She must be so stressed as well (OMG I’M GONNA CRY!!). Il-kwon drags Ha-kyung to the Han river where they then shout out at the top of their lungs everything that’s rolling in their mind. They express themselves loud and proud for the entire universe to hear and to let everything out. Aww, I love this couple.

Although tensions are high and desperation heightens, there is no success just yet in finding Sung-ho’s whereabouts. Ha-jin keeps herself busy by preparing for her upcoming drama. Ha-kyung notices Ha-jin’s odd behavior during a test photoshoot for the drama and can’t help but worry about how her sister might be feeling about everything. Jung-hoon too is concerned about Ha-jin, but it’s obvious that Ha-jin has no plans in maintaining contact with him. She ignores all of his text messages and avoids him. Instead, Ha-jin takes the time to meet up with Tae-eun. He pleads for Ha-jin to be honest with him and her loved ones about her true feelings to everything so that he can actually help her this time. He wants to be able to support her this time around which he felt like he didn’t do eight years ago. Tae-eun ends the conversation by reminding Ha-jin about Jung-hoon and Jung-hoon’s dedication to Ha-jin. Even though Jung-hoon was aware that Ha-jin would one day recover her memories, he continued to stick with her and stay by her side. Ha-jin’s feelings for Jung-hoon begin to shift with this small comment from Tae-eun. Even though Ha-jin has pushed Jung-hoon away, Jung-hoon still cares for Ha-jin. He watches in his car as Ha-jin arrives home after a long day of work. He clearly misses her (this is sooo sad!).

Things don’t seem to be going too well for Ha-jin. After all the time, effort, and energy she’s poured into her upcoming drama, she receives the unfortunate news that the drama will be cancelled due to budget issues. With everything else that is going on, Ha-jin throws away gifts related to Jung-hoon and runs away from her house to catch a break. Ha-kyung worries upon failing to find Ha-jin so she calls Jung-hoon to assist in the search. Jung-hoon desperately visits a variety of places for Ha-jin. Just when all hope seems lost, he finally discovers her sitting alone on a bench out in the rain.

Jung-hoon quickly approaches Ha-jin and expresses how concerned he was for her. Once again, Ha-jin worries if Jung-hoon hates her for what she’s done to Seo-yeon. But Jung-hoon holds no resentment, anger, or hate towards Ha-jin whatsoever. It was not her fault for what happened to Seo-yeon. She shouldn’t feel guilty. He sits down with her on the bench and holds her hand to assure her how he feels about her. Ha-jin finally spills out her feelings about everything. She’s had enough. Even though she was originally the one who pushed Jung-hoon away, it’s clear she was struggling this entire time. Ha-jin wants to be with Jung-hoon.

My Thoughts:

How funny! I was just wondering when the drama was going to play this specific OST track since it’s been a while since we’ve heard it and then the drama ended up playing the song during the end of this episode. I love it! Anyways, OUR COUPLE IS BACK! Phew, that was a lot faster than I had expected which I am not complaining about. I’m glad the drama isn’t dragging out this whole break-up thing because who knows how long I was willing to wait before I go crazy and pull my hair out in impatience!

No, but seriously, this episode was probably the most intense one yet just because there were so many things going on with Sung-ho and then with Ha-jin and Jung-hoon. You were always on the edge because you were afraid as to what Sung-ho’s next steps and moves were, but you were also sad watching Ha-jin push Jung-hoon away for something that was not her fault. I loved, loved, loved how Jung-hoon continually reminded Ha-jin that she didn’t do anything wrong and that Seo-yeon’s death was not because of her. Sung-ho was the reason as to why Seo-yeon died and Ha-jin had nothing to do with that. I also loved watching Jung-hoon respect Ha-jin’s decision to break up. Although it wasn’t what he personally wanted, he loved her enough to give her that time to herself that she so desperately needed in order to process everything. He also gave her the space she needed to be at some kind of peace with herself.

However, as we saw in this episode, Ha-jin was struggling to come to terms with her past and the one thing she needed the most was Jung-hoon and his presence. Unlike what she originally attempted to do and thought she could do, she couldn’t be without Jung-hoon. She’s not okay without him. Ha-jin actually needs Jung-hoon there more than him not being there and that was something that she had to learn the hard way. I can see why she pushed him away and why she feels so incredibly guilty about everything. To Ha-jin, she feels as if she was the one who killed Seo-yeon simply for the reason that she gave Sung-ho Seo-yeon’s passcode to her apartment. If she had never done that, then Sung-ho wouldn’t have gotten access to Seo-yeon’s apartment and none of the kidnapping would have happened. However, what Ha-jin has yet to realize is that Sung-ho would have continued to hurt and damage Seo-yeon’s life in one way or another even if Ha-jin hadn’t given him the passcode. He was so obsessed with Seo-yeon that he was going to jump to new levels in order to satisfy his infatuation with her and that was something that Ha-jin could not control or do anything about. Therefore, Seo-yeon’s death was not her fault by any means and I hope Ha-jin can come to terms with this soon so that she can forgive herself for what happened eight years ago.

But with everything happening all at once and all these memories resurfacing pretty much all at the same time, I can see why Ha-jin feels so guilty and why she needed some time to herself in this episode. We saw her coping mechanisms and methods when she requested for more busy work. We saw her attempt to process everything when she ran out of her house without even telling Ha-kyung of her whereabouts. We saw her give in and give up to her situation when she conveyed to Jung-hoon her true feelings about him. Ha-jin isn’t sure of how to process and accept both her past and present catching up to her at the same time. She’s asking for Jung-hoon’s support in her journey to recovery because she’s attempted to do it all alone and it was too challenging for her. Maybe his support and his presence and his love will be what energizes Ha-jin to take those first few steps into forgiving herself like how she should.

There were a few moving parts in this episode, but there was a scene in particular that I really enjoyed which was the moment when Il-kwon checked in with Ha-kyung on how she’s feeling with everything that’s going on. Just like how Ha-jin mentioned in the last episode, Ha-kyung’s life pretty much centers around taking care of her sister and being Ha-jin’s manager. She’s so worried looking out for Ha-jin that she rarely ever has any time for herself, but yet she remains so strong and confident. Ha-kyung is that type of person who is always looking out for others and putting others before herself that she might not have anyone looking out for her which is why it was so touching when Il-kwon asked how she was doing. Because yes, Ha-jin and Jung-hoon are going through a lot, but Ha-kyung too is there to help her sister every single step of the way. She too must be going through a lot, but refrains from sharing or saying anything because she feels responsible for supporting her sister. I just loved watching Il-kwon be that person for Ha-kyung and check in with her, not just as a boyfriend but just as a friend. It’s important that Ha-kyung also have someone to be there for her when she’s that source of support and comfort for Ha-jin and CEO Park.

I’m glad the drama didn’t drag things out between Ha-jin and Jung-hoon. That’s the thing I’m the most relieved about because if there’s anything we know and have seen plenty of times in K-dramaland, it’s that dramas love to drag out the break-ups between the lead couple in their shows. Now that Ha-jin wants to be with Jung-hoon together again and he’s definitely not going anywhere, it’s now up to the two to confront their past together and conquer the world. I foreshadow our couple coming together to defeat Sung-ho, Jung-hoon stepping things up a lot more than before to best protect Ha-jin, and Ha-jin slowly come to terms with her past. Things aren’t easy for our lead couple, but together, anything is possible.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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  1. Hello, I’m glad I discovered your blog. I really liked the way you do recaps on the Kdramas.
    Thank you for your hard work. I’m just now catching up on Find me in your memory.
    Excellent, clear concise recaps.
    Stay safe and be well.

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