Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 14 Recap

Ha-jin remains at conflict with herself. Her mind tells her one thing while her heart tells her something else. Despite the complicated and conflicting feelings Ha-jin struggles with, it’s obvious where Jung-hoon stands in all of this. Regardless of how Ha-jin feels, Jung-hoon will always care for her.

Find Me in Your Memory: Episode 14 Recap

After a desperate search for Ha-jin, Jung-hoon finally discovers Ha-jin sitting outside alone on a bench in the pouring rain. He approaches her in concern, but she too is concerned about him and herself. Ha-jin no longer wants to be by herself. She won’t push Jung-hoon away any longer; she wants to stay by his side. The two hold onto each other and give the other a hug in the rain. Eventually, they return to Jung-hoon’s place to rest and recover. However, Ha-jin changes her mind and refutes the comment that she made earlier about wanting to be by Jung-hoon’s side. She wants to go home.

However, Jung-hoon doesn’t let her get away from him so easily. He respects her decision to still want to be apart, but he’s worried about her health and urges her to change from her wet clothes and to eat some of the porridge he’s cooked for her. Jung-hoon ends up taking Ha-jin home that night, but before they bid farewell for the night, he acknowledges the pain and mistakes he’s caused Ha-jin. He clearly knew about Ha-jin’s relationship and connection to Seo-yeon, but he still kept in contact with her because he couldn’t bare to leave her. It’s all his fault. Ha-kyung greets her sister in concern and rushes her inside the house. Ha-kyung also returns the box of Jung-hoon’s gifts that Ha-jin threw out earlier. Unless Ha-jin changes her mind, she can throw the box out once again.

The next morning, Jung-hoon stops by Ha-jin’s house before heading to work. He requests for the set of clothes that Ha-jin changed into the night before and uses it as excuse to see Ha-jin, Later on that day, Ha-kyung meets up with Jung-hoon. She’s curious as to whether Jung-hoon plans on leaving Ha-jin or not, but Jung-hoon reassures Ha-kyung that he won’t abandon Ha-jin. He’s going to stay by her side.

Ha-jin’s former drama might have been dropped, but she has tons of new scripts coming in for her. Many directors and writers are interested in casting her for their respective projects. She’s kept busy with photoshoots and script reviews. While shooting a PSA advertisement about abandoned puppies, Ha-jin is surprised to also find Jung-hoon there. It turns out he will also be participating in the same shooting as Ha-jin. Jung-hoon attempts to get Ha-jin to open up to him again, but she’s still hesitant and wary around him. Eventually, the two are instructed by the director to shoot together so they gather in front of the camera side by side. Jung-hoon chats with Ha-jin before they officially start. He remains friendly with her. (Also, the puppies are sooo cute!!)

Ha-kyung spends some time with Il-kwon that night. She shows up to his apartment when he complains about feeling sick and having a fever. However, he miraculously recovers when she appears in front of him and his sickness suddenly disappears. Hahaha. The two play a game with each other while eating some spicy noodles. They’ll take turns asking each other some questions and whoever is unable to answer the other person’s question has to eat the spicy noodles. Eventually, the two lovebirds just give up when they’re unable to answer each other’s questions. Haha, I love this couple! Ha-jin receives a photo from Jung-hoon that night of her with a puppy. She re-evaluates her relationship with Jung-hoon.

Jung-hoon receives a tip about Sung-ho’s whereabouts the next day at work. Along with Il-kwon, the two hurry over to the last location where Sung-ho was seen. While Il-kwon makes a report for their news station, Jung-hoon learns from the detective at the scene that the last item Sung-ho dropped was his journal. Though they have access to the journal, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be of much help. Sung-ho is still on the loose.

Tae-eun visits his father at his father’s office. He discovers the draft to the book that his dad plans on publishing about Jung-hoon’s life. He grows upset and angry at his dad’s decision to publish a book about Jung-hoon. Tae-eun’s rage only worsens when he also learns from his father about how Ha-jin is now aware about Jung-hoon’s connections to Seo-yeon thanks to his dad. Tae-eun warns his dad to stop all his plans or else he will make him stop. He puts his dad’s plans of publishing the book to a halt when he threatens the publishing company with legal action for including his medical records in the book without his permission. Tae-eun is not going to let his dad get away. Go Tae-eun!!

Jung-hoon still continues to remind Ha-jin of his support and love for her. He sends her a goodnight text that night. Aww. The next day, Jung-hoon reunites with his dad for a short bit. Dad gifts Jung-hoon with a chair and also apologizes for the trauma and pain he’s caused Jung-hoon growing up. Jung-hoon forgives his dad and hopes to be able to let go of his past from now on. Aww.

Everything seems to be peaceful for Jung-hoon until he receives a sudden phone call from Sung-ho (NOOOO!). The stalker reminds Jung-hoon about his obsession with Seo-yeon and how he will never end his love for her. After ending the phone call with Jung-hoon, Sung-ho visits the site where Seo-yeon’s jar of ashes lays to rest and breaks open the window to steal it. OMG. After escaping from the building, he gives Jung-hoon another phone call to continue the threats. By the time Jung-hoon arrives at the memorial site, it’s too late for him. Sung-ho is already gone with Seo-yeon’s ashes. (He’s crazy!!)

Jung-hoon and the police track down the location of Sung-ho using his cellphone. They finally arrive at the exact location where Sung-ho is hiding: the same rooftop where Sung-ho threw Seo-yeon off to her death. He prepares for his attack on Jung-hoon by taking out his knife and luring Jung-hoon to the rooftop. Jung-hoon eventually does get to the rooftop, but is slit by Sung-hoon the moment he arrives. Sung-hoon brings up the topic of Seo-yeon once again to Jung-hoon and voices his obsession with her. Fortunately, the rest of the police and detectives make their way onto the rooftop to rescue Jung-hoon, but Sung-hoon already has his next steps calculated. He slowly backs away towards the edge of the rooftop and expresses his excitement in being reunited with Seo-yeon before falling off the rooftop.

Ha-jin has an honest conversation with Ha-jin. She expresses her wish for Ha-jin to still remain with Jung-hoon; Ha-jin seems so happy and at peace when she’s with Jung-hoon she doesn’t want them to break up. At that moment, Ha-jin receives a phone call about Jung-hoon’s hospitalization. Both sisters rush to the hospital together and wait in anxiety and fear for the surgery results. Thankfully, Jung-hoon’s surgery goes well and he is set to recover. When Jung-hoon awakens, he finds Ha-jin sitting next to him by his side. He can’t help but be grateful and happy to have Ha-jin next to him. She’s the one he needs the most right now (omg I’m gonna cry).

Ha-jin requests for Ha-kyung to bring her some comfortable clothes to change in since she plans on staying over night with Jung-hoon at the hospital. While the two sisters are chatting, Jung-hoon takes a quick visit to the room Sung-ho is stationed in. As a result of the jump, Sung-ho is paralyzed and will never be able to do anything by himself. However, he’s not dead and Jung-hoon will make sure Sung-ho pays for his crimes before he dies. After visiting Sung-ho, Jung-hoon heads outside for some fresh air and is soon accompanied by a concerned Ha-jin afterwards. Jung-hoon is adamant in his decision to pursue Ha-jin; he won’t change his mind or leave her behind. So what is her final decision?

Ha-jin gives in and admits that Jung-hoon’s won. She won’t be able to break up with him or leave him either. She notices all the brave decisions and actions that he’s done for her. When the two re-enter Jung-hoon’s hospital bedroom, Ha-jin reveals her plans of staying with Jung-hoon that night. Jung-hoon is curious as to how Ha-jin felt the past few days when she was ignoring him. Did she ever read his texts? Did she ever miss him? Ha-jin avoids his questions and encourages him to sleep, but it’s obvious that she missed him just as much as he missed her. Aww, they’re so cute.

Reporter Park who had been arrested for working with Director Ji to take photos of Ha-jin is released from prison. Meanwhile, Ha-kyung and Il-kwon spends some time together at a cafe. He’s curious as to how many partners they’ve had in the past. While Il-kwon admits that he’s dated many girls in the past, Il-kwon is Ha-kyung’s first boyfriend. Hehe. Ha-jin attempts to help shave Jung-hoon’s beard and mustache while at the hospital. Our two lovebirds are too cute!

Technical Director Kim manages to grab a copy of Tae-eun’s dad’s book about Jung-hoon. OMG. He shares the news with Director Choi who feigns ignorance about the subject in Tae-eun’s dad’s book. A person who suffers from hyperthymesia? Who could it possibly be?! But of course, Director Choi is well aware of who the subject of the book is about and plans on reading the book before her husband can get around to finishing it. Speaking of Jung-hoon, he returns to work after being released from the hospital. However, poor Jung-hoon receives no break. Just as he enters the building to his work place, he is swarmed by a bunch of reporters inquiring about the book that is written about him. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Reporter Park joins the crowd of reporters and grabs Jung-hoon’s attention. He has a big scoop on something and it seems like it could potentially affect Jung-hoon’s life. Jung-hoon stares back at Reporter Park in curiosity and uncertainty.

My Thoughts:

Might as well bring Director Ji back into the story at this point! Haha, just kidding. He’s in prison and hopefully he stays there forever. It seems like we can never catch a break! I had actually forgotten about Reporter Park once he was arrested because the drama had been focusing on Director Ji as well as Sung-ho. And then now that the drama is done with those two characters for now, the drama decides to bring back Reporter Park!

And maybe that’s what I was a little concerned about in this episode. I don’t know what Reporter Park has up his sleeves, but I’m also not completely sure if it’s necessary to bring him back this late into the series. I rather the drama focus more on Jung-hoon and Ha-jin’s relationship (in which it did in this episode) and the two learning to still confront and accept their complicated past than the show bringing in one of its many villains into the drama. I’ve never been intrigued with the villains in this drama anyways; they’re all crazy (especially Sung-ho who escaped with Seo-yeon’s ashes!) but there’s also nothing about them that makes them interesting villains. They’re simply stalkers and that’s it. They feel superficial and two-dimensional and so when the drama looped Reporter Park back in this episode, I couldn’t help but feel a little disconnected. Can we just stop it with these villains and simply focus on our leads? Please? However, I also do have to admit that as disappointed as I was with the villains in this show, it was great to see Jung-hoon up against Sung-ho during the scene on the rooftop. It was nice to see Jung-hoon in action (sort of) and just the way he was so serious and cautious about the stalker. Kim Dong-wook is as awesome in action scenes as he is in romance!

We only have two episodes left and I want the last two episodes to focus on Ha-jin and Jung-hoon. I want to see our main couple talk about their past, focus on their present, plan for their future, and just be able to forgive themselves for something that was not their fault by any means. Although we saw the two make up in this episode, we have yet to see the two talk out loud about their past and about their respective connections to Seo-yeon so that’s something that I really want to see. I want to see the two confront and accept their past and the fact that they were not able to rescue Seo-yeon which was not their faults at all. To me, that’s the biggest topic that the drama still has to explore just yet so it was disappointing when it chose to bring back Reporter Park. I don’t know what’s the reasoning for this, but I hope it doesn’t become too big of a distraction for the final two episodes.

I’m glad that Jung-hoon and Ha-jin made up and that they’re now back to the happy, cheerful, and upbeat couple that they were before. However, I would be lying if I said that I was completely satisfied with how they made up. I know Ha-jin wanted to stay with Jung-hoon and that she too missed him during their short break, but I don’t think the drama showed us this complicated push and pull as well as it should have. I wasn’t completely sold on how Ha-jin decided to get back with Jung-hoon. We saw her talk it out with her sister and we saw her at the beginning of this episode express her wishes to stay by Jung-hoon’s side, but we also saw Ha-jin ignore Jung-hoon’s texts and ignore him just in general. A part of me feels like Ha-jin only returned to Jung-hoon because he wasn’t willing to give up on her so she felt like she needed to go back to him.

Yes, a part of it is that she does still want to be with him which is why she is, but another part of me feels as if she only went back to him because he wouldn’t leave her alone. I wanted something more raw between them; if they went on a break because Ha-jin discovered about Seo-yeon and Jung-hoon and her role in all of this, I wanted Ha-jin to get back together with Jung-hoon because they had a conversation about their past and chose to move forward together. Instead, we didn’t get any of those difficult conversations between Jung-hoon and Ha-jin about Seo-yeon. Instead, we got a conversation at the hospital where Ha-jin gave in because Jung-hoon expressed that he was not going anywhere or that he was not going to change his mind about Ha-jin. We know that their feelings for each other are genuine, but I also wanted to see the two acknowledge their past. That was what ultimately and initially drove them apart, that’s also what should merge them back together to want to be in each other’s lives.

I think I should just be glad that Jung-hoon and Ha-jin are back together and that things are well between them again, even if the method to the way this happened wasn’t exactly what I envisioned. I also really hope that Sung-ho pays for his crimes because I would have been heavily disappointed if he had actually died in this episode. The biggest thing for me is that I just want to see Ha-jin and Jung-hoon talk about their past and discuss about Seo-yeon who we know both played a big part in their respective lives. They both have a connection to her and it’s not something that they can just ignore. There’s going to be a lot more challenges that both are going to have to go through to be at peace with themselves and with others, but things can only get better once these challenges are confronted.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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