Oh My Baby: Episode 4 Recap

There are moments, memories, and experiences in life that impact your life for better or for worse. These memories often serve as reasons for one’s decisions and actions in life. Ha-ri is confident in her wants, wishes, and goals, but she also has to do the hard part which is acknowledge the faults she’s committed in the process of achieving things. And just like her experiences in life, these acknowledgements can also be for the worse or for the better.

Oh My Baby Episode 4: The Time One Needs to Understand Others

Ha-ri’s curiosity in Yi-sang, Jae-young, and Eu-Ddeum automatically peaks upon reaching a realization: one of the three guys could be the potential daddy to her kid. While participating in a test photoshoot, the three guys notice her intense gaze and become uncomfortable. Eu-Ddeum and Yi-sang step out of the shots while Jae-young stays behind for some solo photos. Ha-ri imagines what her baby would be like if her kid was to take after Jae-young. Her baby would be smart, but Ha-ri gives it a second thought. Jae-young is like a brother to her. Moving on to Yi-sang: he sometimes has a bad personality, but he can be kind to her at times and she likes how curious and challenging he is. What about Eu-Ddeum? But wait, what about Eu-Ddeum is there for Ha-ri to know? She doesn’t know too much about him just yet.

Just when the three guys attempt to escape from Ha-ri, she chases them down and forces persuades them to grab lunch with her after the photoshoot. At the restaurant, the trio sits next to each other while Ha-ri seats herself across from them. It’s kind of like a speed dating situation, except there’s only three guys and one girl. Ha-ri starts off the conversation by expressing her interest in forming friendships with everyone. They should all become friends. That sounds great theoretically, but all three guys know the reason as to why Ha-ri wants to meet with them: to choose her potential sperm donator. She moves on to emphasize on the importance of health and checks in with Yi-sang and Eu-Ddeum on their health status. Jae-young’s sassiness is off-putting to Ha-ri and he’s eliminated. However, it’s clear that he’s the closest to Ha-ri out of the three guys there. They’re so close that they live together. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Ha-ri has a strict conversation with Mrs. Shim – her boss – at work about her participation in the illegal sperm donation. Although Mrs. Shim understands how desperate Ha-ri is to have a baby, Ha-ri should be prepared for any trouble that ensues from the show. Ha-ri is confident not too many people will recognize her from the show, but rumors and gossip about Ha-ri begins to spread throughout the company. Even Manager Kim wants to confirm these rumors with Ha-ri.

While babysitting Do-Ah, Mom recalls her argument with Ha-ri about Ha-ri’s plans to have a baby without marriage. Mom doesn’t want Ha-ri to be so lonely; she worries who Ha-ri will have there for her when she’s old and alone. Later on that night, Jae-young joins Mom for some drinks at the house. Mom throws out the idea of Jae-young getting with Ha-ri, but Jae-young jokingly and politely declines. Sure, he knows Ha-ri is a catch. She’s great. However, it’s him who’s the problem. Ha-ri deserves someone better than him. Back at his house, Yi-sang grows irritated and confused by Jae-young and Ha-ri’s relationship. How can they be so close and still live together? Does that even make sense? How is that possible?

Ha-ri attempts to make amends with Mom the next morning by explaining her reasoning for wanting to have a baby first instead of a marriage. However, Mom isn’t having it and she walks out of the kitchen. Ha-ri is left alone with an unimpressed Jae-young. He nags at her for not sensing the mood and atmosphere. As if that wasn’t enough, Ha-ri imagines what her little son would be like if he was to take after Jae-young. He too would be dressed exactly like Jae-young and nag at her exactly the way Jae-young is doing to her. This reaffirms her decision even more to not select Jae-young as a potential contender.

It’s another day of a photoshoot at the work studio. Yi-sang overhears Yeon-ho complimenting Jae-young’s photos from the day before so he fishes for some more details about Jae-young from her. He ends up learning that Jae-young also has a baby and he’s a doctor and he’s known Ha-ri ever since they were born. Yi-sang’s competition will be much more intense than he thought. To get rid of his doubts, he chats with Ha-ri and warns her not to make any irrational decisions. She shouldn’t just settle with any guy she comes across. Ha-ri reassures Yi-sang that she’s quite selective in the type of guys she likes so he doesn’t have anything to worry about. She then imagines what her kid would be like if she was to choose Yi-sang as the donator: her little son would pester her and ask for things like food. It’s uncomfortable for Ha-ri to think about. Lol.

Yi-sang heads back home to commemorate his dad’s death anniversary. Everything seems to be going fine until he and his family sit down for some food. Yi-sang’s love life is brought up in a conversation. Does he have any plans of dating someone again? Is he interested in anyone? However, Yi-sang doesn’t have any plans of meeting anyone. He feels comfortable being alone. While he quietly munches on his food, he listens in on his niece and nephew speak about his failed marriage with his former fiancee. He feels the pressure to get married and to settle down as it’s what his mom wants the most for him.

Hyo-joo is ordered by Mrs. Shim to accompany Eu-Ddeum to their storage room to grab some items. Ha-ri agrees to step in for Hyo-joo when she encounters them out in the lobby. While in the storage room, Ha-ri notices how healthy and strong Eu-Ddeum seems to be. He’s young, fit, and is in good shape. The younger they are, the more fertile they’ll be, right? Ha-ri unconsciously comments this out loud which freaks Eu-Ddeum out? Fertile? What does Ha-ri mean? LOL. Ha-ri manages to barely scrape her way out of the awkward conversation.

On the way back to the office, Ha-ri imagines what her son would be like if he was to take after Eu-Ddeum. Similar to like how Eu-Ddeum currently treats her, she imagines her little kid also talking down on her by commenting on her “old” age to other folks. Just like with Yi-sang and Jae-young, Eu-Ddeum would not be able to tolerate this kid.

Soo-cheol and Yi-sang head out for some ice cream. Soo-cheol requests for Yi-sang to keep working with them, but Yi-sang is adamant in no longer working at the studio. He’s not a big fan of children, there’s no reason for him to stay. While walking back to the studio, the duo come across a group of high school students littering on the street. Yi-sang attempts to teach them a lesson by recording them on his phone. However, the situation escalates and it only backfires on Yi-sang. Soo-cheol ends up falling and getting injured while attempting to catch Yi-sang’s cellphone. Oh nooo.

Mom sets out herself to be a matchmaker for her daughter. After failing to find any success through phone calls, she heads to several places such as the bank or a guitar class for potential suitors. However, all the guys are already either married, already have a kid, or don’t seem all that attractive. Mom has no luck in finding a guy. She also receives a reminder about her gastroscopy appointment the next day.

Ha-ri and her team prepare for an annual event while at work. Since their usual work truck isn’t available and no one in the office has an accessible vehicle, they resort to Yi-sang’s assistance to transport the items over to the event venue. Soo-cheol would have originally driven the supplies over, but since his arm is injured, he’s unable to drive. This leaves Yi-sang no choice, but to help Ha-ri and her team with their event. So much for not wanting to work at ‘The Baby’ anymore! Haha.

And so the team waits and waits for the attendees to show up to their event, but the venue remains quiet. An hour into the waiting, two Mom’s make an appearance so the team brightens up. They might finally be on to something. However, the two Mom’s only came to voice their disappointment and disproval in Ha-ri. They can’t understand why she would resort to illegal sperm donations in order to become a mom. In addition, she shouldn’t become a Mom just because she wants to be one. She should think about her kid as well and how her kid will have to grow up without a dad. If Ha-ri wants to do such a thing, she can just adopt a dog or pet.

Yi-sang grows impatient at the harsh words being thrown out at Ha-ri and he comes to her defense. Dogs are precious as well and who are these two Mom’s to criticize Ha-ri on her decision? Ha-ri eventually apologizes for her actions. Although she’s been working at ‘The Baby’ for 15 years, there are still quite many things about motherhood she’s never learned or experienced. The event draws to a close and the big boss back at the company demands to meet Ha-ri the next day at work. He wants to have a talk with her. Oh nooo.

Yi-sang attempts to get in contact with Ha-ri later on that night. He finally discovers her at the street vendor that she often frequents, drinking alone. He accompanies her for some drinks and together they chat about the incident earlier. Ha-ri ponders whether any Mom’s will ever understand her and her wish to become a Mom. Using his parents as an example, Yi-sang explains that they’ll eventually come around to understanding. One must not understand at first in order to understand later on. Ha-ri takes comfort in Yi-sang’s words and the two continue to drink.

While walking back home that night, Ha-ri acknowledges that Yi-sang does seem like a good guy. He’s your typical, average man and she likes that. Does he plan on being single forever? Yi-sang comments that he doesn’t want to become disappointed once again in love and relationships. He rather live silently just as he is doing now. Before the two depart for the night, Yi-sang questions Ha-ri’s intentions and reasonings on becoming a mom. Why does she want to become one? Ha-ri simply answers that she wants to be happy.

Ha-ri is reprimanded at work the next day by the higher-ups in her company. They critique her for tarnishing the company’s image with her irresponsible actions and plan to hold a disciplinary hearing to decide what to do with her. As if things couldn’t be shocking enough for Ha-ri, she’s called to the hospital to check out her mom who had gone in for her gastroscopy appointment. While waiting for her Mom to finish up, Ha-ri reflects on all the ways her mom took care of her growing up. She states,

“It’s a sad realization. Even as I saw the growing wrinkles on Mom’s face, I was indifferent and only counted my age. Because a Mom is a Mom, I always expected to depend on her. Why did I take it for granted that she was my guardian?

That moment always comes when the child become their parent’s guardian. At that moment, we have no choice, but to become an adult.”

When Ha-ri and Mom arrive back home, they finally reconcile and make up. Mom tries not to worry Ha-ri by claiming that her health condition isn’t actually all that bad or anything. She’ll be fine. However, Ha-ri wishes Mom would just let Ha-ri worry about her and take care of her. Ha-ri is perfectly capable of doing that. Ha-ri finally owns up to her mistake and acknowledges that she was irrational when she decided on the illegal sperm donation. She should also think from the child’s perspective and how they’ll grow up without a father. She was selfish and she acknowledges that. Jae-young listens in on the mother-daughter pair make up. He’s happy to finally live in a peaceful household once again.

Later on that night, Jae-young joins Ha-ri and chats with her. She questions why he’s never asked her for her reasons on wanting to become a mom, but it’s because Jae-young already knows why. It’s just in Ha-ri for her to become one. She possesses motherly instincts. Ha-ri then shares with Jae-young a memory of the day her dad disappeared from her life. It was her elementary school graduation day. With Mom at work, Dad was supposed to attend the graduation. However, he never came. In fact, he disappeared from Ha-ri’s life forever. She luckily was later on joined by Jae-young and his parents after the graduation, but Ha-ri has never forgotten the embarrassment and devastation she felt on that day. Ha-ri wishes to become an awesome person and she plans on doing that by becoming a mother, just like her mom.

Ha-ri’s disciplinary hearing reaches a conclusion. She is to be suspended for a month. Frustrated and upset at the news, Ha-ri takes a break from work and heads to the arcade to unleash some anger. She’s soon joined by Yi-sang who tries his best to cheer her up and.. succeeds. After playing a shooting game with him, Ha-ri is no longer stressed and they both return to work shortly afterwards. The two get along pretty well during a photoshoot with an adorable little baby.

After the photoshoot, Ha-ri and Yi-sang review the photos that he took. Impressed and satisfied, Ha-ri stamps a seal of approval on Yi-sang’s hand. She compliments him on his hard work and efforts. While Ha-ri is occupied with bidding farewell to the little baby model’s mother, Yi-sang is focused on Ha-ri. He switches his gaze from the stamp on his hand to Ha-ri and comes to his own conclusion while staring at Ha-ri: he’s fallen for her.

My Thoughts:

GO JOOOOON!! Damn, is that man so fine! Okay, sorry. I just had to get that off my chest once again. I’m probably gonna mention that in every single recap just to warn you guys, but it should be okay, right? LOL. Okay, seriously, moving onto the episode itself, there were so many great parts in this episode — some that weren’t all that great for Ha-ri and some that were.

I’m glad that Mom and Ha-ri made up after the intense and heated argument they had before. Ha-ri’s inability to get married only puts this strain on their relationship and then add Ha-ri’s involvement in an illegal sperm donation situation and it just made things ten times worse. Thankfully the mother-daughter pair came around to understanding each other or at least listening to what the other had to say or how they felt about things. I also think Ha-ri brought up a really good point which was that she too wants to be responsible for Mom when needed and be there for her just like how Mom was there for Ha-ri her entire life. I think Mom is so accustomed to taking care of Ha-ri and herself that it feels foreign to have someone take care of her. As we saw in this episode, the tables have turned and now it’s Ha-ri who will be taking care of Mom. The episode did such a beautiful and wonderful job in highlighting the importance of motherhood by illustrating Mom and Ha-ri’s relationship. It’s okay for Mom to take care of Ha-ri and be taken care of by her as well. (Also, I’d like to just add — Jang Nara does such a great job at portraying her relationships with her Mom’s, such as in ‘Go Back Couple’ which I absolutely loved and then now in here with ‘Oh My Baby.’ It makes me want to cry every time! Great job, Jang Nara!).

We also got a little bit more context on why Ha-ri is so keen on becoming a mother. She’s seen and witnessed and felt just how much her mom has been there for her so she too wants to do the same for her child. She wants a relationship similar to the loving relationship that her and her mom had growing up. Ha-ri also doesn’t mind going the unconventional route with having a kid first before marriage because she doesn’t want her kid to potentially grow up without a father. There’s no guarantee that her husband won’t run away or that they won’t get a divorce even if she was to get married first and then start a family. She doesn’t want her kid to experience the betrayal and resentment she faced growing up. Ha-ri rather cut out the middlemen which is marriage and jump straight to the end and have a kid. I think a part of the reason as to why she is okay with not getting married and just having a kid first is because of the resentment and built-up anger she has for her father that stemmed from the moment he disappeared from her life (which was on a very important day as well I might add).

The romance in this episode was so good once again and I can’t help but compare Ha-ri’s relationship with Yi-sang to her relationship with Jae-young. They’re both so different, but they’re also similar in that both guys are always there to provide Ha-ri with support and care. They both do it in different ways and styles, but they’re there for Ha-ri when she needs them the most. It took a while for Yi-sang to prove that his support for Ha-ri was genuine, but now that he’s made it clear to Ha-ri, it comes so naturally to the both of them. Whereas before Ha-ri was hesitant in having him there for her and showering her with all this attention, she now welcomes it and has become accustomed to it. She didn’t push him away when he joined her for drinks or when he accompanied her at the arcade game. Ha-ri likes the support that Yi-sang gives her. Just like how Ha-ri receives support and care from Yi-sang, I like to think that she reciprocates that back to Yi-sang as well. The biggest giveaway for this was when they both were just chatting about life over some drinks at the street vendor that they frequent. During that moment, Ha-ri was obviously embarrassed and sad over the confrontation with the two Mom’s. However, Yi-sang too had a lot on his mind so it was comforting to be there with Ha-ri just to clear his mind a little bit. Although we often see Yi-sang there for Ha-ri at her most vulnerable, embarrassing, and heart-breaking moments, she too provides him with just as much support and attention in the most subtle ways.

Jae-young and Ha-ri continue to be the most funniest and adorable couple with their bickering and sibling-like antics. However, they also understand each other so so well. I think a part of it is that they’ve grown up knowing each other ever since they were little so they are well aware of what the other person is like and what their language is. It’s the two of them knowing each other so well that make them so compatible and adorable together. I think it was so interesting how both Yi-sang and Jae-young learned about Ha-ri’s reasons on becoming a mom in this episode, but learned about it in different ways. Whereas Yi-sang explicitly asked Ha-ri, Jae-young already was aware of her reasonings and, therefore, never bothered to ask her. He already knows her so well that he didn’t feel the need to ask these type of questions. As I mentioned in my recap for episode 3, I’m totally loving and enjoying Jae-young and Ha-ri’s relationship. I especially love it when the two are just chatting with each other in a very down-to-earth and genuine way. No bickering, no fighting, no nagging. Just two close friends expressing their thoughts and honest feelings about their respective situations with the other providing support as best as they can. Jae-young and Ha-ri’s relationship feels so normal and natural and that’s what I love the best about them.

Yi-sang claimed that he would never fall for Ha-ri, but here he is gushing over a stamp of approval that she simply stamped on his hand. He’s been whipped for Ha-ri since he returned to Korea, but I think he’s even more whipped for her now that the two have gotten closer to each other, have actually gotten to know each other better, and have been vulnerable with each other. Just like how whipped I am for Go Joon, Yi-sang is as whipped for Ha-ri and it’s going to be so much fun and interesting to see where he goes from here. Will his competition with Jae-young (which Jae-young doesn’t even know about or perceive things as) heighten or will Yi-sang earn a spot in Ha-ri’s heart? Will she finally be the woman that will shake Yi-sang’s life up and potentially change his mindset on relationships and love? Will Ha-ri be the reminder to Yi-sang that love and miracles do exist if you open your mind, heart, and eyes to all beautiful things around you?

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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