Oh My Baby: Episode 5 Recap

Ha-ri is still determined in her journey to find someone she can rely on to make her dreams and wish of becoming a mother come true. Things are still just as challenging as before, but when one door closes, another one opens. Ha-ri learns that she has options available when she put her walls down, throw her heart out in the open, and open up her mind to a set of new possibilities.

Oh My Baby Episode 5: When We Wish to Believe in Fate

Yi-sang gets ready for another day of work at the studio. While getting ready, he notices the stamp of approval that Ha-ri had stamped on his hand the day before and is reminded of the exact moment in which this happened and in which he knew that he had fallen for her. Speaking of Ha-ri, she helps Mom and Jae-young interview several babysitters to help take of Do-Ah with Jae-young’s return to work soon. However, none of the woman they interview seems fitting so he has no choice but to settle with the plan of sending Do-Ah to daycare and then bringing her to his office after 3pm.

Yi-sang arrives at the studio in nervousness and uncertainty. He’s unsure as to whether Ha-ri will show up for work or not; he isn’t ready to interact with her again especially with his developing feelings. His excitement and nervous feelings die down once he learns that Yeon-ho will be leading the photoshoot that day and not Ha-ri like how he thought. With Ha-ri’s suspension, it’s best for her not to return to work.

Ha-ri visits Mom after she wraps up her guitar lessons and they go out for some lunch. There, Mom is happy that she can finally start doing things that she missed out on doing earlier in her life. Ha-ri brings up how she wants to also be able to do things now before it gets too late, such as have a kid. Although she has to get surgery to treat her endometriosis, she’s going to push through and have a kid first somehow. She’s sure she can make it happen. Mom is shocked at the news, but Ha-ri speaks nonchalantly about it. Ha-ri also shares the news with friend, Eun-young, while the two are out grocery shopping. Eun-young isn’t so fond and opened to the idea of Ha-ri getting pregnant via a consensual sperm donation. She can just try to find a man to get married to and start a family that way. However, Ha-ri is done with the idea of marriage and finding a man.

Eun-young reasons that things could change for Ha-ri like how it did for her sister who managed to find a great and loving husband. Speaking of her brother-in-law, Eun-young witnesses him at the same grocery store with another woman who isn’t her sister. Uh-oh. Eun-young chases him throughout the grocery store after witnessing him cheating. Using Eun-young’s life to motherhood as a learning lesson, Ha-ri is convinced that she needs to do something about her situation and at least start somewhere. While journaling that night, she lists out different traits to each of the guys she’s seeking as her possible contender and compares and contrasts each of them.

Jae-young isn’t bad, but he would never consent to donating his sperm to Ha-ri. Yi-sang would be a good fit for Ha-ri, but he’s clearly expressed his wishes and stance on relationships and isn’t seeking anything of that sort. That leaves Ha-ri with none other than our quirky and silly Eu-Ddeum who she deems as her only hope for now. The next day at work, she secretly pulls him aside for a quick meeting about his proposal report that he needs to submit to Manager Cheol-joong. They at first discuss about the topic of the report which is sperm donation and then move on to having a separate discussion about sperm donation itself. What is Eu-Ddeum’s stance on that? He’s aware that it’ll be difficult for Ha-ri to find a sperm donor, but she’s seeking ways to go about it legally this time.

Eu-Ddeum then ponders about the kid: what will Ha-ri tell them when they ask about their dad? Ha-ri gives it a thought and expresses that she’ll ask for the Dad’s consent if they would like to meet her child. She’s worried that her child will also want a father figure in their life even though she’s clearly capable of loving her child alone. She makes sure that when this happens, she’ll shift the conversation around so that the kid doesn’t feel blamed for not having a dad. Curious as to whether Eu-Ddeum is healthy or not, Cheol-joong butts in and suggests that Eu-Deum get the required physical for work. Ha-ri also volunteers to get her physical done as well so that she can get a glimpse of what Eu-Ddeum’s health condition and status is.

After work, Yi-sang and Soo-cheol head out for some drinks. Soo-cheol brings up In-Ah, Yi-sang’s ex-girlfriend, and questions why they broke up. Yi-sang recalls a fight they had with each other back when they used to live together and explains that they would fight over the smallest things. It was obvious that they were both tired and fed up with their relationship. Soo-cheol reassures Yi-sang that he can meet someone new and nice and start all over again, but Yi-sang is confident in his decision to be alone. It’s more comfortable to be alone and he wouldn’t want to burden someone else with the problems in his life.

Yi-sang walks home after drinking just a little bit too much and he encounters Ha-ri along the way. Still shy and nervous around her, he avoids her at first only to get caught by her in the end. It’s clear to Ha-ri that Yi-sang’s drunk habit is acting cute and he performs some aegyo in front of her which she finds cute and amusing. She requests to drink a few more rounds with him, but he kindly declines. If he stays with her much longer, something dangerous might happen so he rather avoid it. The two bid farewell and separate after the brief chat.

It’s getting closer to the opening of Jae-young’s clinic. He drops off Do-Ah to her first day of daycare — something unfamiliar to both her and Jae-young. He’s invited by the daycare employee to hang around and watch Do-Ah play for a bit, but Jae-young politely declines. They’re going to have to do this many more times so they should get used to it now. However, it’s a lot easier said than done and Jae-young finds himself unable to be away from Do-Ah for long. He quickly watches Do-Ah through the windows of the daycare facility just seconds after separating from her and even thinks about her as he’s focusing on work. Eventually, the father-daughter duo reunite once he brings her to his office. While interviewing a lady, she questions if she’ll need to also help babysit Do-Ah as part of her job duties. However, Jae-young reassures her that she won’t have to help take care of baby Do-Ah. She’s good enough on her own; it’s Jae-young who has trouble adjusting to this new lifestyle.

Eu-Ddeum and Ha-ri head to the doctor’s office together for a physical check-up. After taking a few tests as well as Ha-ri getting her blood drawn, the two finally conclude their physical. While walking around to check up on Director Joo and Manager Cheol-joong, Ha-ri overhears an unconscious Eu-Ddeum whisper some words in his sleep. He speaks about sperm donation and how it gives hope to couples who are infertile. With Eu-Ddeum awaken and all recovered, he promises to share his results with Ha-ri once he receives them.

Eu-Ddeum and Ha-ri find out the results to their physical check-up. Eu-Ddeum is healthy, and even better, he has ten times the amount of sperm than usual men do. Of course, this peaks Ha-ri’s interest and she questions what he plans to do with all his sperm. Eu-Ddeum reveals that he could donate some to Ha-ri herself, but he’ll need approval from his parents first before doing so. Since he won’t be the father to her kid, he’ll need to inform his parents and tell them about his decision. Ha-ri realizes that finding a donor isn’t as easy as she thought. Her hope in becoming a mother through Eu-deum decreases.

Mrs. Shim and Manager Cheol-joong are reprimanded by Director Joo for the low number of sales for ‘The Baby.’ He gives them one last opportunity to redeem themselves: they’ll need to promote the city of Mureung in their magazine. If they manage to do it successfully, all local government projects will be handed to them afterwards. With Ha-ri’s suspension, she becomes an easy target by her co-workers and she’s selected to visit Mureung to come up with an advertisement piece. Yi-sang himself is selected to accompany Ha-ri as the photographer. Even though he’s too embarrassed to face her in person after the drunk incident the other night, he has no option but to join her in the business trip since Soo-cheol’s arm is still injured. Eventually, the two make their way onto their flight and sit down next to each other on the plane. To comfort a frightened Ha-ri, Yi-sang holds her hand as the plane begins take-off. Aww.

Like how Ha-ri promised Jae-young, Yeon-ho and photographer Sang-hee visit Jae-young’s clinic for some photos to include in their next issue. The only issue? Ha-ri isn’t there like how Jae-young had expected. Instead, he learns that she’s on a business trip with Yi-sang which upsets him. His jealousy intensifies so he uses every little excuse to give her a call while she’s in a taxi ride with Yi-sang. Whether it’s posing with his jacket on or off, whether he should sit or stand in the photo, or smile or not smile for the photoshoot, he calls Ha-ri every time just to talk to her on the phone. Of course, Yi-sang overhears her phone conversation with Jae-young while in the car with her and also grows jealous. The two share some awkward moments in the taxi, but it’s obvious their affection for each other is growing. Ha-ri even questions whether Yi-sang is the one for her.

And so our duo embark on a tour of Mureung City. They make sure to listen to the tour guide for details as well as take some photos in between stops for the editorial. Although they build up a nice portfolio of photos, the two decide to continue their journey and scout for additional locations they can take photos of. When Jae-young returns home from work, he grows worried at how Ha-ri isn’t home yet from her business trip. She’s alone with a man, isn’t Mom worried that something will happen? But the thought doesn’t bother Mom at all. She’s clueless as to what he’s so worried about, lol.

Yi-sang and Ha-ri rent a car to drive to the beach for more photos. Since these photos and this trip will determine their future, they take it a lot more seriously than usual. Yi-sang manages to capture the perfect shot as the main photo for Ha-ri’s article which she praises him for. He’s the first photographer to take photos with the article in mind. Eventually, they stay behind a few more minutes to take extra photos. Things seem to be going well for our couple until… well, things don’t. The weather suddenly turns dark and it begins to pour. There’s even thunderstorms. Now Mom and Jae-young are extra worried. Jae-young’s fears of something happening between Ha-ri and Yi-sang amplifies even further. With all public transportation options eliminated, Ha-ri and Yi-sang will have no choice but to stay overnight in Mureung City.

Of course, Jae-young is freaking out and wonders why Mom isn’t reacting the same. Ha-ri’s going to be spending a night with a man, isn’t she worried?! Mom refutes that if Jae-young was so worried about Ha-ri, he should just marry her. But hey, Jae-young is only concerned about Ha-ri like an older brother. He doesn’t see her that way (suuuuuure he doesn’t). Meanwhile, Ha-ri and Yi-sang get into a small fight while driving to a place to stay overnight. Surely, he must have planned all of this out, right? It was his idea, right? Yi-sang is in disbelief that Ha-ri would even make such an assumption. It seems like the two are stuck in a drama. What could happen next? The two have no other option but to sleep in a ‘bed and breakfast’ place run by an old lady?

Except well… that is their only option. LOL. With nothing opened at the moment, Ha-ri and Yi-sang have no choice but to spend the night at an older and more traditional location run by a scary elder that frightens Yi-sang. He rather sleep in the car, LOL. But the elder is keen on getting them to stay so she gives them three rooms to use and even offers them some clothes to change in. Ha-ri and Yi-sang eventually adjust to their new situation and begins to cook some food for them to eat. Yi-sang returns with a batch of firewood logs that they could use to heat up their food and even start a fire afterwards (omg this is too funny, I can’t). Ha-ri watches in amazement as Yi-sang uses his skills to impress her get some cooking going for the two.

However, the place isn’t as shabby and old-fashioned as they thought it was. The owner shortly comes out after all the work has been done with a table full of food for both Yi-sang and Ha-ri. Unlike what they thought, there’s a stove that the owner cooks with. Plus, she even delivers them to the rooms of the guests like hotels do. The owner jokes that Ha-ri and Yi-sang are quite old-fashioned. Hahaha. I love it.

After eating a late dinner, Ha-ri and Yi-sang conclude the night with some delicious coffee. Yi-sang then shares how he got into photography thanks to his dad who enjoyed taking photos as a hobby. The conversation grows awkward when Yi-sang expresses his curiosity in how the two will be spending the night together that night. Uncomfortable glances are exchanged and the two go back to sipping some coffee from their bowls. Ha-ri and Yi-sang have trouble sleeping that night. It seems as if the two are desperate to talk to each other and to still be in the comfort of each other’s presence, but they’re both afraid to initiate. They miss the right timing to spend more time together that night so they head back to their respective rooms to just sleep. Gaaah, this silence is killing me! Just tell each other you want to spend more time together! Haha.

The next morning, Ha-ri gets ready to find Yi-sang already changed and gone. She finds him hidden in a field full of tall grass taking photos of some birds. Ha-ri joins him shortly afterwards and the two take some photos. While Yi-sang initially starts off with taking photos of the birds, he also catches a few snapshots of Ha-ri as she’s distracted on her phone. With the strong wind blowing in their face, Ha-ri takes refuge behind Yi-sang’s huge back. The two play around and tease each other by taking turns hiding behind each other’s backs, but the teasing stops once they find themselves standing across from each other. Ha-ri nervously takes a step forward towards Yi-sang and waits for him to make his move. Yi-sang then leans down towards Ha-ri and the space between the two grows smaller and smaller. They’re inches away from a kiss.

My Thoughts:

NOOOOOO, DON’T DO ITTTTT! I must not be the only one yelling this, right? (Oh wait, I am? Okay, it’s just me then lol). Look, I love my kisses and I also want a kiss between Ha-ri and Yi-sang too, but a kiss between them now wouldn’t make much sense and they’d just be rushing it. It’s not in them to do such an impulsive thing and plus, I want their first kiss with each other to be at a much later phase in their relationship where things are much more serious and genuine.

It’s obvious that Yi-sang and Ha-ri are falling for each other and their feelings for each other are developing. The second half of this episode was basically the two sort of trying to flirt with each other and somehow get their feelings across to each other, but also trying not to make things too obvious or awkward. I think there was also a sense of denial because the two didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that they were falling for each other. However, with how things progressed with the business trip and how this episode ended, it’s safe to say that Yi-sang and Ha-ri are a lot more aware about their personal feelings for each other. The next thing they need to do is express these feelings to each other which is proving to be the more challenging part. Ha-ri is focused on just becoming a mother while Yi-sang is enjoying his life as a single man. He’s living life comfortably so falling for Ha-ri scares him because he’s uncertain as to how all of this is going to shake up his life (in which it eventually will).

I think a really good point that was brought up in this episode was Yi-sang and Ha-ri’s mutual feelings and affection for each other, but the contrast in their thoughts and perceptions about relationships and love in life. Ha-ri wants to get married, she wants to find a man, she wants to become a mother if she’s unable to find a man. Whereas on the other hand, Yi-sang is happy and comfortable being alone and he’s in no rush to find anyone anytime soon. In fact, that’s not even in his timeline or plan in life so my heart hurts to see Ha-ri and Yi-sang grow closer knowing that this inevitable void is going to be what might drive them apart in the future. Right now, we’re witnessing the two fall for each other in the process of getting to know each other better, but the more challenging part will be what happens once they surpass this phase. Once the two establish their feelings and affection for each other, what’s going to happen when marriage and children come into play? Will Yi-sang change his stance and ways and follow with what Ha-ri wants? Or will she give everything up and just move forward with her surgery? Will a compromise of some sort be reached between the couple?

Of course, I’m questioning all of this as if there aren’t two other guys also in the same picture with Ha-ri. I don’t count Eu-Ddeum as a contender for Ha-ri just because the drama hasn’t been doing much with him and I doubt they’ll do much with him and Ha-ri. However, the love triangle between Jae-young, Ha-ri, and Yi-sang intensified in this episode and I both loved it and hated it. I love it because I like both guys individually and I think they have been great sources of support for Ha-ri as we’ve seen in past episodes, but I also hate it because I like both guys and think they match with Ha-ri in their own unique and funny ways. My mind is telling me to support Yi-sang and Ha-ri’s relationship, but my heart is going for Jae-young and Ha-ri. I absolutely enjoyed the second half of this episode with Jae-young’s jealousy and constant concern for Ha-ri and her business trip with Yi-sang. As much as he wants to claim that his concern is from a sibling’s standpoint, we all know that it’s so much more than that. Jae-young can deny his feelings for Ha-ri all he wants, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he called her a bunch of times over the most smallest things as an excuse to talk to her (and to make Yi-sang jealous) or that he was pestering Mom about it all night long. Jae-young is slowly falling for Ha-ri as well and I’m curious as to whether these feelings were developed since he was young or whether they were recent.

Jae-young’s story in this episode was by far my favorite thing out of the entire episode. He definitely learned a lot by sending Do-Ah off to daycare and then having to start his own clinic as well. He’s been accustomed to taking care of her 24/7 that now that things have changed, it’s a lot more challenging for him than he thought. One would assume that it would be the child who has trouble separating from the parent (I sure did on my first day of kindergarten), but in this case, it was Jae-young who had trouble separating from Do-Ah. I loved this little plot twist and found it so endearing, fulfilling, and adorable with the way he was constantly worried about her even when he had work to focus on. Jae-young is a dad first before he is a doctor and his number one priority is his daughter. It was beautiful witnessing him try to balance out the two different roles in this episode and him come to accepting that there could be a mix of the two as well. Things don’t have to be one or the other; Jae-young can support Do-Ah and be that father to her while also doing what he loves with his profession.

It wasn’t until I re-watched this episode a second time for the purpose of this recap that I truly realized just how gold and amazing the second half of this episode was. From Yi-sang and Ha-ri’s visit at the traditional “hotel” to Jae-young and Mom discussing about Ha-ri’s business trip with Yi-sang to Jae-young’s journey in navigating this new chapter in his life with Do-Ah’s daycare and his clinic, everything was so good and enjoyable. Sometimes, it takes a second watch to just really absorb and appreciate the small details in this drama that makes it as hilarious, beautiful, and heart-warming as it is. Here’s to hoping there are many more of these moments and scenes throughout the show. Keep it up, ‘Oh My Baby.’

Extra screenshots from the really pretty episode~

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