Oh My Baby: Episode 6 Recap

Some decisions in life has consequences and sometimes you have to confront and accept things for what they are. Ha-ri’s past decisions and actions haunt her again as she faces consequences and repercussions in the pursuit to becoming a mom. However, despite how grim and dark her days seem, there’s comfort in knowing that she’s not alone and that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Ha-ri has her support network and a solution to the situation she gets stuck in. She’s ready for what the world throws at her.

Oh My Baby Episode 6: Hard to Hide Our Feelings

Yi-sang and Ha-ri spend their morning taking some photos of nature and wildlife together. It’s sunny, but windy and the two take refuge behind each other’s backs to protect themselves from the wind. Eventually, Ha-ri situates herself directly in front of Yi-sang and she takes a step towards him. Yi-sang responds by leaning down towards her and closing the space between their faces, but a flock of birds distract the two and Yi-sang pulls away. The two get back into the car and drive their way back home after concluding their business trip in Mureung City. On the way home, Ha-ri gets a phone call from a jealous and concerned Jae-young who pesters her about returning home. However, Ha-ri is more occupied at the moment with other thoughts such as whether she should have kissed Yi-sang or whether she should try to hit on him again. This freaks Yi-sang out who hears Ha-ri speak this thought out loud and he grows confused as to what she murmured under her breath. The two get into a small fight, but the bickering stops once they arrive home.

Before getting out of the car, Ha-ri questions Yi-sang on his ideal types and preferences. Does he happen to like men? He has been single for a while. However, Yi-sang clarifies that he’s heterosexual and that he likes women. The two eventually separate and Ha-ri walks up the stairs to her house. She’s greeted outside by a suspicious Jae-young who hides below the staircase in anticipation for her return. He nags at her for staying out with Yi-sang the past two days, but Ha-ri doesn’t listen. Instead, she ponders over whether she’s unattractive to which Jae-young stutters that she’s not unattractive. Ha-ri makes her way inside her house. Back in his house, Yi-sang beats himself up for not taking the opportunity to kiss Ha-ri. He should have kissed her.

It’s a new day which means another day of Ha-ri and Jae-young bickering. While eating breakfast that morning, they both learn that Mom’s going to embark on an overnight trip with her mountaineering group. Jae-young also expresses to Ha-ri his support in her journey to finding a sperm donor. He reminds her that she’s supposed to just find a sperm donor, not a husband (okay Jae-young, we get it! You like Ha-ri!). Rumors and gossip about Ha-ri and Yi-sang’s overnight trip begins to swirl in the office. Manager Cheol-joong, Soo-cheol, Yeon-ho, Hyo-joo, and So-yoon assume that something must have happened between Ha-ri and Yi-sang during their business trip. However, Ha-ri’s sullen and dejected mood makes them assume otherwise and their excitement dies down. Maybe nothing happened between them after all.

Yi-sang still can’t stop thinking about the almost kiss he had with Ha-ri and smiles foolishly upon thinking about it. He even begins to imagine various types of ways he could have dramatically pulled Ha-ri in for a kiss. As if that wasn’t enough, he even begins to hallucinate that Ha-ri is in his house talking to him. She assumes he must be sexually frustrated since he can’t stop pondering about their almost kiss which Yi-sang vehemently denies. At his age, he’s more focused on finding someone who he can spend the rest of his life with rather than finding someone who he can spend a heated night with. The Ha-ri in Yi-sang’s mind trails off to check out of the rest of his house, leaving Yi-sang to question whether he is sexually frustrated or not. Lol.

Hyo-joo is reprimanded by Mrs. Shim at work so she steps outside for a break. While walking out, she encounters Eu-Ddeum once again who reacts excitedly upon meeting Hyo-joo. Nervous Hyo-joo quickly changes her demeanor and she lays out strict rules and protocols with Eu-Ddeum. They are to remain strictly as colleagues and should only stick to greeting each other. Eu-Ddeum abides to Hyo-joo’s requests and he walks away from her, even when she needs his help for a situation she gets herself stuck in. They should stick with greeting each other only. Soo-cheol pays a visit to Yi-sang to get him to return to the studio for a photoshoot with Ha-ri. Upon arriving at his house, Soo-cheol discovers the photographer still devastated from what happened with Ha-ri. Yi-sang can’t bring himself to face Ha-ri again after their business trip incident, but Soo-cheol needs him for the photoshoot. Yeon-ho herself pesters Ha-ri at work for more details and information about the business trip. Did anything happen? What exactly happened? Ha-ri refuses to reveal anything to Yeon-ho and encourages her to just focus on work.

And so Yi-sang and Ha-ri finally reunite after last interacting on their business trip. Yi-sang can’t stop hallucinating about Ha-ri and it requires him to physically touch Ha-ri’s forehead for him to finally realize that he’s not hallucinating about her. Ha-ri is actually standing in front of him at the studio for their photoshoot. Once inside, Ha-ri takes the opportunity to practice the tips and advice that she’s been learning from a SNS account that posts about love and relationships. She has Yi-sang sit next to her so she can rest her head on his shoulder, but he misses her cue and gets up right as she’s about to lay her head on his shoulder. Yi-sang focuses on the photoshoot while Ha-ri focuses on her failed opportunity.

Hyo-joo receives a pair of knock-off Gucci slippers by Eu-Ddeum after accidentally breaking her heels during work. Although she thanks Eu-Ddeum for the gifts and pretends as if she doesn’t like the pair of slippers, she sports them proudly around the office. Lol. Ha-ri and Yi-sang head out to a fertility clinic for their next photoshoot with a couple hoping to become parents. Yi-sang and Ha-ri sit in on the appointment and snaps a few photos of the couple meeting with the OB-GYN. While taking photos of the appointment, Yi-sang is reminded of the moment he and his ex-wife, In-Ah, learned about their infertility results as well. Yi-sang falls into a small trance with this recollection, but he snaps himself out of it shortly afterwards.

After the photoshoot, Ha-ri and Yi-sang have a conversation outside in the lobby about infertility. It seems like couples have to sacrifice a lot for a human being who doesn’t exist just yet, but Ha-ri reasons that it’s well worth it in the end. It’s admirable the ways that Mom loves their kids unconditionally and does everything they can for their kids. Although Ha-ri too wants to become a mom and knows that having a kid will make her less lonely, she’s also confident she will never choose between her kid or her lover if she ever had to. She won’t let her lover go. When Ha-ri gets home from work that evening, she gifts Jae-young with a new filtered shower-head that will be helpful when washing Do-Ah (and himself). Jae-young wants to play around with the product so he stands behind Ha-ri who’s also holding the shower-head as well. The two get stuck in an awkward position, but Jae-young plays it off so Ha-ri doesn’t think much about it. She tries to take a few photos of him using the shower-head on Do-Ah, but Jae-young’s primary focus is on Ha-ri’s presence around Do-Ah. He’s never given Do-Ah a bath around her mom so Do-Ah might not be comfortable with Ha-ri around. However, Ha-ri defends that she’s like Do-Ah’s aunt and they’re like a family so it shouldn’t be too strange. She lends Jae-young a hand in helping give Do-Ah a bath.

Mrs. Shim calls Ha-ri early the next morning and asks her to finish some work for her at the office. She’s unable to come into the office that day since she needs to stay with her baby at the hospital. While taking care of her baby and trying to get some work done, Mrs. Shim receives a phone call from her older daughter’s daycare center. Mrs. Shim struggles to balance both her work life and her life as a parent. Back at the office, Director Joo wants Mrs. Shim to send him a report and demands for her team to contact her since she’s not in the office. Ha-ri leaves the office upon getting yelled at Director Joo so she heads to the studio afterwards. However, a sudden phone call causes her to change her mind and Ha-ri makes a detour.

Soo-cheol and Yi-sang wait for Ha-ri to arrive at the studio and become suspicious when she doesn’t show up. Jae-young is busy checking up on Eun-young’s kids at his clinic. The two bicker with each other like usual until Jae-young receives a sudden notification on his phone that distracts him. There’s an article out about Ha-ri and her involvement with the illegal sperm donation. The article even coins her as the ‘sperm lady.’ Calls pour into the office which Ha-ri’s colleagues answer and panic over. Even Soo-cheol and Yi-sang find out about the article, but Yi-sang isn’t happy with it. He marches out of the studio in anger. Eun-young finally manages to get into contact with Ha-ri who picks up her phone after exiting the police station. She’s filed a report with the police station to remove the article and all her personal contact information that was included in it. Eun-young sends words of support to Ha-ri and showers her with her support.

While walking back home, Ha-ri fears for her life when she suspects someone trailing behind her. Afraid and frightened, she picks up her pace in an attempt to outrun the person. However, the fear dissipates when the person turns out to be just Eu-Ddeum who wanted to visit Ha-ri at her house. They also run into Jae-young and Yi-sang who was also in the neighborhood at the same time so the four of them go out for some food. They encourage her to avoid reading any comments on the internet and to take some time off of work and just rest. Everything will eventually blow over once a new scandal erupts. Yi-sang voices his support for Ha-ri and makes it clear that he’ll be there for her if she ever needs anything from him. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Jae-young and he clarifies that Ha-ri should go to him as her roommate if she ever needs anything. The two bicker with each other over who Ha-ri should go to for support with a clueless but determined Eu-Ddeum chipping in here and there. When the time comes for them to pay, the three guys all volunteer to treat and debate on who has more money to do the paying.

Ha-ri waits outside the restaurant while the three guys are inside deciding on who should pay. A group of guys notice Ha-ri based off of the article and they begin to harass her and make fun of her for being the ‘Sperm Lady.’ The situation escalates and Ha-ri stands up for herself. A small altercation takes place and she swings her purse at the man as well as yell at him with tears in her eyes. She defends herself and justifies why she resorted to what she did which surprises the group of men. Eventually, Yi-sang, Ha-ri, and Jae-young notice the commotion outside and all come into Ha-ri’s defense. They protect her and stand up for her against the group of guys. At one point, Yi-sang is close to hitting the main bully, but she stops him just in time. The fight isn’t worth it. Our three musketeers accompany Ha-ri as she walks home in silence and devastation and send her messages of support along the way. When they eventually arrive to her house, they cheer her up and continue to shower her with adorable and funny support. The mood lightens up and Ha-ri sports a smile on her face. She thanks them for walking her home and she’s joined by Jae-young as she walks up the stairs to her room. Yi-sang convinces himself that they’re just friends while Eu-Ddeum conveys his plans to be more protective of Ha-ri which throws Yi-sang off. First Jae-young and now Eu-Ddeum. Step it up, Yi-sang!

That night, Jae-young attempts to cheer Ha-ri up by bringing her some comic books for them to read. In between the reading sessions, Ha-ri expresses her honest thoughts about everything that unfolded that day. She worries about how people will perceive her and if they will ever try to understand her and where she’s coming from and her reasons for doing what she did. Jae-young reassures her that no one had the right to share her identity or to judge her. She shouldn’t blame herself or be too hard on herself for what happened. Their conversation is interrupted by a crying Do-Ah so Ha-ri rushes over to care for the baby. Jae-young watches as Ha-ri carries his daughter in her arms which prompts him to impulsively ask if Ha-ri will like to marry him (OMG, WHAT IS HAPPENINGGG). Ha-ri plays it off and doesn’t take Jae-young’s proposal seriously. He should pay her if he needs a babysitter and plus, she doesn’t need a man. Not that she sees him like that way anyways (omg, don’t play with my heart like that, Jae-young!).

Even news about Ha-ri spreads to Mom’s social circle. She finds out about the article through a friend while on a trip with her mountaineering group. Her friend criticizes Ha-ri for resorting to such strategies to have a kid and notes that she should just find a man and get married. She even goes as far as to label Ha-ri a criminal. Mom doesn’t sit still and watch as her friend berates her daughter right in front of her. A fight breaks out between the two as Mom defends her daughter and grows angry at her friend’s harsh comments (Go Mom!!). Ha-ri is called into a meeting with Mrs. Shim and Director Joo later on that evening. Before heading into the office, she has a quick conversation with Yi-sang who shows her a few photos that they took back on their business trip in Mureung City. Though not this time, they can develop the photos together next time.

Director Joo demands for Ha-ri to write a letter of apology in the editors column for their next issue. Mrs. Shim isn’t so accepting of the idea and refuses to let Ha-ri take up an entire page of the magazine, but Director Joo gives them no choice. Their company has been heavily affected since the scandal and they need the apology to hopefully keep advertisers and readers. Ha-ri is to apologize in their next editorial or else Ha-ri will get fired if sales for ‘The Baby’ continues to lower. When the meeting concludes, Ha-ri calls it a day and leaves work. It’s obvious that everyone in the Editing Department has been suffering from the scandal which is discouraging them from wanting to work.

Later on that night, Ha-ri prepares to write her apology letter, but nothing seems to be coming to her mind. She then is greeted by Mom who’s come to drop off some squid after her trip. It’s obvious that Mom is well aware of the article and all the negative comments being said about Ha-ri, but she voices her support to Ha-ri indirectly. She may sound angry, but she makes it known to Ha-ri that she shouldn’t blame herself for what she did despite people’s reactions. The next morning, Soo-cheol inquires Ha-ri about her apology letter. It’s the deadline, did she already write out her letter? Ha-ri isn’t so certain an apology letter is going to change people’s mind about her or the situation. They’ve already formed a perception and idea of her so she has another solution that she’s going to implement instead of the apology letter.

While seated at her desk, Ha-ri writes out her letter. It’s not an apology. As Mom, Yi-sang, Jae-young, Eu-Ddeum, and everyone else in the office will eventually discover and read, Ha-ri’s letter is a journal entry of some sort. She explains and invites readers to join her in her journey to motherhood and how she can have a kid without going through the conventional route of marriage. She writes,

“I’m subfertile. I’m 39 years old and I’m not married. My love for babies prevents me from quitting my job at a baby magazine company. That’s the type of person I am. As I’m about to turn 40, I found myself at a crossroad where I might have to give up on getting married and pregnant. And that really made me want to have a baby. My doctor told me that I should get pregnant within 6 months and it felt like that was how much time I had left to live. Growing up, I was always an obedient student so I chose to listen to my doctor. If you ask me why I’m taking things this far to have a baby, I honestly don’t know what to say. I just like babies and I want to become a mom. How else can I explain that? I don’t know what’s right and wrong. I just think my efforts will become a process to find the right answer. I’d like to share my story with you every month and find the answer to this together. Am I not allowed to have a baby without getting married?”

After reading Ha-ri’s piece, Yi-sang garners the courage to visit his Urology doctor. Once inside, he nervously, genuinely, and earnestly asks his doctor on the possibilities of having a kid. Is there any way he can have a kid?

My Thoughts:


Okay, I’m overreacting and screaming my head off and pulling my hair out, but like, I can’t help it! This drama is ringing out all these emotions inside of me and I don’t know what to do with them! I don’t even know where to start.

I guess we can start off first with Ha-ri’s letter. I really like the spin and approach that the drama took with this situation and how Ha-ri handled things. Ha-ri could have easily succumbed to the pressures placed onto her by the public, by her company, and by her boss. She could have easily just apologized for a decision she doesn’t regret doing or that she feels like she shouldn’t have to apologize for. However, Ha-ri chose to twist things around by inviting readers to join her in her journey instead of simply apologizing for her actions. I really liked this approach and was glad that the drama decided to confront things this way. I was afraid that Ha-ri was going to try to brush things over by just apologizing without really knowing whether it was going to prove anything or be effective. She brought up a really good idea in that her apology might only worsen things or might not actually change anyone’s mind. It seems as if people already have their formulated opinion and perception on her and apologizing won’t change anything or the situation. So for Ha-ri to change the approach by explaining her reasoning for her decision and then inviting folks to join her in finding answers with her was so refreshing and new. I loved it. That’s essentially what we’re doing as viewers of the show, but it’s nice to see that Ha-ri won’t let the pressures of these opinions and thoughts eat at her. People will have the opportunity to witness it this time instead of just jump to conclusions through articles painting her to be this villain of some sort. Ha-ri wins yet again.

I honestly thought the whole ‘illegal sperm donation’ thing had blown over so I was a bit surprised that it was brought back up in this episode. However, it was a whole learning lesson for everyone involved and if anything, it brought our characters closer together than before. Ha-ri was able to see who was on her side in between all of the mess, trouble, and chaos and it was clear that those closest to her are who the ones who care for her the most and truly see her for who she is. She doesn’t have to apologize to them or worry about what they think. Yi-sang, Jae-young, and Eu-Ddeum make it clear that they’re in support of her and they’re on her side. In this episode, Ha-ri felt her whole world tumbling down and she felt as if the entire universe was against her. However, she wasn’t completely alone for she had three guys ready to defend, protect, and accompany her in between everything. They’re proud of her and they’re not embarrassed to be associated with her. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about in the first place, but our three guys had to make that extra clear to Ha-ri whose self-esteem and confidence had teetered. Like they reiterated many times throughout, she shouldn’t blame herself for something that she wanted and did. It wasn’t her fault and people who don’t understand will choose not to understand. That says more about them than it does about her and she shouldn’t let what others think get to her.

In between all of the love triangle and the jealousy and the bickering, the drama has done a good job at shedding light on parenting and the many challenges that mom’s in the workforce face or that single dad’s like Jae-young encounter. I’m thankful that the show has been bringing these kinds of situations and challenges to our attention and isn’t afraid to be so honest and raw about it. Mrs. Shim has been a big example in this drama of the types of issues that mom’s in the workforce have to worry about. They’re expected to excel as parents and to care for their kids and to be great at their role as a mother, but they’re also held to super high standards while at work. It takes so much time and effort and Mom’s continue to face many obstacles as they balance out the two which is what we ultimately saw from Mrs. Shim in this episode. On top of that, her leadership position requires her to always be on top, to be more careful, and to do even more so she often places herself last. She has a team and a family she has to look out for and she’s learning how to be both a mother and a leader at the same time. This is a real common issue that working mothers face as they support their families financially.

Compared to previous episodes, we saw Ha-ri with Yi-sang, Jae-young, and Eu-Ddeum the longest in this episode which was refreshing and interesting to see. We’ve see the four together before, but it was quite brief and general. Not too much happened then. However, all four are reunited together again as a result of what happened to Ha-ri and it was interesting to see how each man reacted to the scandal. It seems as if Eu-Ddeum’s feelings for Ha-ri aren’t as well-defined as say Jae-young and Yi-sang’s are. Those two guys are clear on how they feel about Ha-ri and they both crave her attention, but Eu-Ddeum didn’t really feel that way before. I think this incident finally opened his eyes a little bit and made him realize that he should be more involved with Ha-ri in the future which could potentially open up his lane into the love triangle. I’m not the biggest fan of jealous Jae-young when he nags at Ha-ri for spending time with Yi-sang or when she does things that he doesn’t approve of. His controlling nature and attitude isn’t great and she’s a grown woman who can hang out with anyone she likes. However, moving past that, I generally still like Jae-young, especially when he continues to be a source of support for her or when he wants to get her to notice him. The biggest moment in this episode for me was when he asked Ha-ri to marry him. Although she misinterpreted it just as a joke, I felt like Jae-young genuinely meant it at that time with how serious he was. Given their sibling-like relationship, I don’t think Ha-ri will consider Jae-young romantically anytime soon although she has considered Jae-young as a sperm donor. Like Jae-young did mention in this episode, Ha-ri’s wishes of becoming a mom could come true with Do-Ah around. It’s just whether Ha-ri wants to have a kid with Jae-young or whether she chooses Yi-sang who she obviously is leaning more towards.

Ha-ri’s sincerity and determination in becoming a mother is what Yi-sang is so attracted to which is why he visited his Urology doctor at the end of this episode to see what his future could potentially look like. He’s opened to the idea of having kids because he knows Ha-ri who desperately and genuinely wants to become a mother and he’s spent enough time with her to know that it’s not just something she feels temporarily for now. No, Ha-ri has always wanted to become a mother and her attempts to get an illegal sperm donation illustrates that. Yi-sang sees Ha-ri and feels for her; it’s in her to be a mom and he wants to make that dream come true for her. Of course, things will impact him as well which is something I hope he is prepared for. The trauma he’s suffered from his past and past marriage hasn’t quite disappeared just yet, but through meeting Ha-ri and getting to know her better, it’s obvious he’s willing to change things up and try something new. Yi-sang might not be able to change what happened in the past, but he can always take advantage of the present and prepare for the future.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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  1. The recap makes vivid pictures of each of the character’s behavior, feelings, and thoughts which contributes to a deeper appreciation of the writer’s skills and charm in storytelling.

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