Oh My Baby: Episode 7 Recap

Love is not easy. It never has been and never will be. Things are slowly but surely shaping up in Ha-ri’s professionally, but new bumps and challenges arise in her love life. Just how will Ha-ri address these new concerns and will she listen to her heart or her mind to overcome them?

Note: Another week, another OST! Feel free to listen to the latest OST track from Kwon Jin-Ah while reading the recap (psttt: I’m so glad they finally released this track! I’ve been waiting for it especially ever since the ending of episode 5 :D).

Oh My Baby Episode 7: The Realistic Distance That Doesn’t Cause a Heartbreak

Ha-ri’s suspension for work comes to an end and she can finally return to the office again (without getting yelled at). Her co-workers congratulate her on her return and express their support on her letter in the most recent magazine issue. However, there’s only one issue: the Chairman of the company doesn’t feel the same way and both Ha-ri and Mrs. Shim is called into his office. He criticizes and yells at Ha-ri for not writing the apology letter like how she was supposed to. Words fly in and out of both ladies’s ears as they take in the earful from their boss. That night, the two go out to grab some drinks together to let out their stress. Mrs. Shim announces her plans to resign from the company; she needs to take care of her children especially since one of them is sick. However, she won’t leave without a fight and she’s going to make sure that Ha-ri inherits her position as Editor-in-Chief before she resigns. Sure, Mrs. Shim wasn’t always the nicest to Ha-ri, but Ha-ri understood her the most out of everyone at the company. Mrs. Shim is grateful for that and for Ha-ri’s loyalty to the ‘The Baby.’

Yi-sang sits quietly and alone at the same restaurant he visited with Ha-ri a while back. He recalls his doctor’s response when he expressed interest in the possibility of having a kid. The doctor was hesitant about the idea, but he didn’t entirely rule it out either. The treatments didn’t work for Yi-sang last time, but is he sure he wants to try again? Yi-sang had given up on the idea of ever becoming a father ever since, but after meeting Ha-ri, his feelings seemed to have changed. After drinking with Mrs. Shim, Ha-ri walks back home. She’s reminded of the moment when she, Jae-young, and Yi-sang all “fought” out in the rain and smiles upon recalling the memory. Speaking of Yi-sang, Ha-ri notices the photographer sitting by himself on a bench not too far away so she joins him.

Ha-ri checks in with Yi-sang and wonders why he’s sitting out alone. There’s been a lot that Yi-sang has thinking about in regards to his life and he wishes to find the answers to those questions. Yi-sang admits that amongst the many things he’s been thinking about, his mind eventually leads him back to Ha-ri. While walking around, Yi-sang commends Ha-ri for being so honest and vulnerable in the letter she wrote in the magazine editorial. As a way to acknowledge Ha-ri’s efforts, he softly pats her on the head just like how she had stamped his hand to commend him for his work. The pair continue to make their way around the neighborhood when they encounter Yi-sang’s mom waiting on the side of the road for her taxi after she had dropped off some side dishes to Yi-sang’s apartment. Yi-sang notices his mother and attempts to take her home. However, she’s far more interested in Ha-ri who’s standing not too far away and she assumes Ha-ri must be her son’s girlfriend. The two awkwardly greet each other, but Yi-sang tries to pull his mom away from interacting with Ha-ri. In the process of doing so, Ha-ri confesses her feelings to Yi-sang out loud and surprises the mother-son duo. Ha-ri proudly blurts out that she likes Yi-sang. The photographer manages to successfully send his mom home after her taxi arrives, but he doesn’t seem so thrilled and happy with Ha-ri’s confession.

Ha-ri solemnly walks back home after the confusing exchange with Yi-sang. She visits Jae-young and invites him to have some dinner with her, but he declines and turns her away. Alone and devastated, Ha-ri eats at a restaurant nearby by herself. She recalls the conversation she had with Yi-sang right after she had confessed to him. He confronts her about the reality of their relationship and admits that things aren’t as easy as she might think. She wants kids and he doesn’t. They shouldn’t continue to engage in a relationship where they know what the outcome will be. He warns her that he won’t be responsible for her feelings, but Ha-ri defends that she can take care of herself and hopes he won’t do anything that will mislead her.

Jae-young joins Ha-ri at the restaurant after initially turning her away. He’s curious as to why she’s eating alone in which Ha-ri doesn’t say much. She spent her life thinking that she didn’t need a man, but her outlook in life changed because of someone she was interacting with (aka Yi-sang). Now that she’s 40 and it’s been so long since she’s had a partner, she’s moved by even just a single gaze or touch. Jae-young jokes around that Ha-ri is better off living alone, but he eventually grows frustrated that she would fall for a guy who didn’t reciprocate her feelings back to her. What is it that she really wants if she doesn’t want marriage, but also isn’t happy with any of her relationship? Is it romance that she wants? Ha-ri wishes she could go back to the days when she was in her 20’s. Things were more simple back then. She has trouble processing her sudden confrontation and separation with Yi-sang.

The next morning, Yi-sang and Hyo-joo collaborate on a photoshoot. However, Yi-sang’s work ethics conflict with Hyo-joo’s wants and the two bicker with each other. Ha-ri enters the studio during this time and advises Yi-sang to listen to Hyo-joo and to follow her instructions. After the photoshoot ends, Ha-ri and Hyo-joo have a private talk amongst themselves outside. Ha-ri might have made it seem like she was on Hyo-joo’s side, but she was doing it so Hyo-joo could take responsibility for her own work. She wanted this to be a learning opportunity for Hyo-joo. Ha-ri is aware that Hyo-joo wants to quit her job, but she advises her junior colleague to improve herself before she leaves. Hyo-joo is to come up with a portfolio that includes all of her work that she’s done at ‘The Baby’ before she is to leave the company.

Ha-ri then has a discussion with Yi-sang alone inside the studio once she wraps up her conversation with Hyo-joo. They clarify about the fight that took place the night before and where they stand in terms of their relationship. Yi-sang confesses that he’s been wanting to live alone and not get married after he broke up with his ex-fiancee. Although he did enjoy spending time with Ha-ri, he also still wants to be alone so he apologizes for confusing Ha-ri. She too pretends to be okay in all of this. She agrees with Yi-sang and feels as if their relationship is too complicated. After addressing the elephant in the room, the two agree to not be awkward with each other moving forward before they go their own separate ways. Ha-ri runs out of the studio, hopeless and dispirited. Yi-sang stays inside the studio and reviews the photos he took of Ha-ri back when they were on their trip to Mureung City. Things are going to be hard for him too (NOOO I WANNA CRY. MY SHIPPPP).

Hyo-joo and Eu-Ddeum have a meeting with Manager Cheol-joong and Mrs. Shim about a children’s toothpaste they’ve received from a partner company. They planned on gifting these items to their subscribers, but there was a mistake with the communication and now they can’t because the toothpaste expires in six months. When Mrs. Shim scolds Hyo-joo for not doing her job correctly, Eu-Ddeum takes the fall for her and blames himself for the mistake. Hyo-joo notices and acknowledges his behavior after their meeting. Was he helping her? However, Eu-Ddeum claims that he was just merely trying to prevent Hyo-joo from getting scolded again since she seems to get scolded a lot at work. Lol. They move their relationship up a level and agree that they can create small talk the next time they see each other instead of just simply saying hi.

Jae-young waits outside of Ha-ri’s workplace so he can have a talk with her. He wants to grab lunch with her. While at a restaurant, Ha-ri grows suspicious and assumes Jae-young wants something from her. However, he just wants to eat some lunch with her out of concern. After reading her letter in the magazine, he’s even more concerned for her now that he knows she’s diagnosed with a condition. Oh yeah, but also, he wants to help her so he pitches the idea of them getting married. Ha-ri gives it a thought, but she shutters at the sight of her being nagged by Jae-young and taking care of him. She wouldn’t want that. Ha-ri’s thankful for the idea, but she also doesn’t want to risk their friendship. Jae-young admits that his mind and feelings have been all over the place lately and asks for Ha-ri’s support in helping keep him on track.

Mrs. Shim has a discussion with Director Joo about her resignation. He encourages her to take a break, but she declines the idea for she needs to take care of her kids. Director Joo then suggests that she can keep working until they find a replacement for which Mrs. Shim also declines. She’s going to hand over all her work and the position over to Ha-ri, even if the chairman of ‘The Baby’ isn’t so happy with her at the moment. As a way to conclude the meeting, Mrs. Shim warns Director Joo to either stay loyal to his boss or to advocate for his subordinates. He can also try to do a mix of both. It’s up to him to decide.

Ha-ri finally meets up with Eu-Ddeum while at the office. He showers her with support and compliments for her column in their latest magazine issue. He admires her for knowing what she wants in life. Eu-Ddeum, like many others, is still trying to find that meaning in his life and what his goals and dreams are. For that reason, he can understand Ha-ri and her reasons for wanting to become a mom. He finds her amazing.

The next day, Eu-Ddeum is sent to meet with the Director of the toothpaste company to resolve the issue that they learned about earlier that week at work. However, he’s been unsuccessful at meeting the director and has been stuck waiting at the company for the past day and a half. Ha-ri then steps in to assist Eu-Ddeum in his quest. After learning from Hyo-joo herself about Eu-Ddeum’s tight situation, she visits the company and requests to meet with the Director. In order to maintain the relationship between the two businesses, it’s best if they meet. She also points out the mistreatment towards Eu-Ddeum and suggests that they treat him with respect even if he’s just a rookie. Eu-Deum watches in amazement as Ha-ri fiercely and effectively works her magic. She secures that meeting with the director.

After saving the day, Ha-ri exits the company building and makes her way back to work. Along the way, she witnesses Yi-sang across the street happily greeting another lady. She enters the same cafe as them and seats herself at a table next to them to eavesdrop on their conversation. LOL. It doesn’t take long for Yi-sang to notice Ha-ri and he awkwardly introduces the lady he’s meeting with, celebrity Ms. Kang, to Ha-ri. The two pretend to get along, but it’s obvious there’s a sense of rivalry. Ms. Kang requests Yi-sang to be the photographer for an upcoming photoshoot she has since he’s worked with her for many years and can easily work with her this time again. Ha-ri grows jealous and flustered at the sight of Ms. Kang grabbing onto Yi-sang’s hands as she’s pleading for his help. When the meeting concludes, Yi-sang and Ha-ri walk out of the cafe together. After having a small chat about ideal types (in which Yi-sang casually lists traits that perfectly describe Ha-ri), Yi-sang admits that he’s not feeling so comfortable around Ha-ri and that he’s only forcing himself to because that’s what they agreed on. On the other hand, Ha-ri pretends as if she’s feeling comfortable around him and as if she isn’t hurt by what happened with their relationship. It’s only until Ha-ri leaves Yi-sang behind to head back to work that Yi-sang has the courage to express his true feelings. He doesn’t feel comfortable around Ha-ri or about their relationship because he still wants to be around her (omg, I’m gonna cry).

Back in the office, Ha-ri sits alone at a table with her journal and crosses out Yi-sang as a potential contender. He’s no longer an option as a sperm donor. But just when one door closes, another one opens. Eu-Ddeum joins Ha-ri shortly afterwards and makes a grand announcement: he’ll allow her to have some. He’ll donate some of his sperm to her, but since it can be a bit embarrassing to say the actual term, they can use codes like ‘swarm’ or ‘spam.’ LOL. Ha-ri grows more and more nervous by the minute, not because of Eu-Ddeum’s decision but because he has his hand firmly planted on her journal which she hopes he won’t read. She eventually manages to get Eu-Ddeum to let go by warning him to stop talking. Things just doesn’t feel right so she excuses herself to sit out in the lobby alone.

Ha-ri is still heart-broken over her relationship with Yi-sanng. She pulls out a photo in her journal that Yi-sang had taken back during their trip to Mureung City and stares at it with a sense of fondness. Just then, Yeon-ho and So-yoon joins Ha-ri with some coffee so they all take a break to catch up and talk. Yi-sang catches Ha-ri inside the lobby and watches her from outside. He glances at her warmly before entering his car. Meanwhile, Jae-young receives some visitors at his clinic. The first one is Mom who swings by to offer to take Do-Ah home. However, she returns home empty-handed since Do-Ah is still at the daycare and since, well, Jae-young’s ex-wife, Jeong-won, makes a stop at the clinic herself. Jae-young isn’t so thrilled or excited at the sight of his ex-wife or the congratulatory gift she has gotten for him.

Jae-young gives Jeong-won an opportunity to speak to him. However, instead of asking about Do-Ah and her condition, Jeong-won centers their conversation around her. She wants to throw Do-Ah a birthday party to celebrate her first birthday together and pitches a few ideas as to what they could do. Jae-young reminds her that they’re divorced and that Jeong-won had essentially abandoned both him and Do-Ah. She doesn’t act like her mother and if she did, she would have asked Jae-young about Do-Ah and how their daughter was doing. Jae-young expresses his regret in letting Ha-ri go back then to get into a relationship with Jeong-won. He should have stayed with Ha-ri.

That night, Jae-young has a little brief talk with Do-Ah after giving her a bath to express his feelings and thoughts on their situation. He thanks her for being such a good baby even though she only has her father in her life. It’s been just the two of them for a while now and they only had each other once Jae-young and Jeong-won divorced. Although she doesn’t have her mom in her life, she is loved by Daddy Jae-young, Aunty Ha-ri, and Grandma. Everything will be fine for the two of them (omg, I’m gonna cryyy. Someone give me tissues please T___T).

Eu-Ddeum swings by the Editing department for a work-related question. He needs to find the size to some document that Ha-ri has so he takes a peek at her desk to search for the document. Per Yeon-ho’s suggestion, he even grabs Ha-ri’s journal that has her written entries about Yi-sang, Jae-young, and himself in it. Thankfully, Yeon-ho stops him just in time from looking through the journal for she has access to the document herself and will send it to him. Ha-ri returns to her desk while Eu-Ddeum makes his way out. She finds it a bit suspicious that her journal is out on her desk, but she doesn’t think much about it. At that moment, Mrs. Shim makes a grand announcement to the entire Editing team: she’s quitting. Hyo-joo celebrates by letting out a small squeak which doesn’t sit well with the others, especially Mrs. Shim. Hyo-joo is the happiest with the news.

The Editing team head out to a spicy rice cake shop after work. Soo-cheol and Yi-sang also happen to be at the same exact shop so they all discuss about Mrs. Shim’s resignation. After feasting and chatting, Yi-sang and Soo-cheol head out first. Before leaving, Yi-sang grabs another cup of water just for Ha-ri and adds that he’s uploaded some B-cuts from their photoshoot the other day. The editing team thanks Yi-sang for his hard work and goes back to eating the spicy rice cakes (it looks so good!). However, things doesn’t sit well with Ha-ri and she storms out of the shop to chase after Yi-sang. Soo-cheol gives the two the space and privacy they need to discuss things and so they do. Ha-ri drew the line with Yi-sang so she wishes that he would stop confusing her. It wasn’t easy for Yi-sang either to cut things with Ha-ri, but he knows it’s for the best. It’d be too dangerous and risky for them to keep getting involved and wanting more. If quitting is the best thing to do, then so be it. Yi-sang painfully walks away from Ha-ri.

The next day at work, Ha-ri and Yeon-ho have a conversation about how her investigation into finding a sperm donor is coming along. Unlike Ha-ri, Yeon-ho and her husband are content with not having kids. It’s a huge responsibility and finance also plays a big role in everything. Ha-ri eventually dishes out that she’s been eyeing Eu-Ddeum as someone she’s interested in. She tells Yeon-ho to keep it a secret, but what she doesn’t know is that Eu-Ddeum himself heard the entire conversation. He’s also at the library with them and heard them chatting about Ha-ri’s interest in him.

‘The Baby’ staff throw a farewell party later on that night for Mrs. Shim and gift her with a portfolio that she can keep as a memory. After a few hours into the party, Mrs. Shim quietly leaves to pack up her belongings back at the office. Ha-ri notices her disappearance so she follows her boss and sends her away on behalf of everyone else. Mrs. Shim reminds Ha-ri that she will do all she can to ensure that Ha-ri inherits her position as Editor-in-Chief. The two bid a final farewell outside after loading Mrs. Shim’s boxes into her car. Ha-ri initiates a hug with Mrs. Shim and thanks her for all that she’s done for her. Mrs. Shim reciprocates the love and also thanks Ha-ri for all her work. Eventually, Mrs. Shim’s chauffeur arrives and so it’s time for the two to separate. Ha-ri sheds a few tears upon saying goodbye to her boss.

When Ha-ri returns to the restaurant, she finds everyone outside acting drunk and wild. She stuffs her Editing team into a taxi cab while Yi-sang tries to deal with Soo-cheol and Manager Cheol-joong. Ha-ri returns to take care of Eu-Ddeum who also has had a little too much to drink. While carrying her purse with her, Ha-ri accidentally drops her purse so all her belongings, including her journal, falls out. She manages to only pick up a few things before hurrying to take care of drunk Eu-Ddeum. Yi-sang offers to also assist, but he’s instructed to take care of Soo-cheol and Manager Cheol-joong while Ha-ri and Eu-Ddeum head out to a bus stop to wait for their cab.

When all the chaos and commotion finally dies down, Yi-sang looks back to double check that everything’s good. That’s when he discovers Ha-ri’s journal laying on the ground and goes to pick it up (OMGGG). Back at the bus stop, Eu-Ddeum gathers his liquid courage and he kneels down in front of Ha-ri. He’s younger than her, but he’s made up his mind. He wants to impress her. Eu-Ddeum leans in to give Ha-ri a peck on the lips while she’s busy worrying about their cab. She freezes in shock as a response to the kiss and is uncertain as to what to say or how to react. She can’t help but just stare at Eu-Ddeum. Not too far away stands a heart-broken and speechless Yi-sang with Ha-ri’s journal in his hand.

My Thoughts:

There is so much to unpack in this episode. So so much and I don’t think I have finished processing all that’s happened within the hour. I don’t even know where to start. This episode had to be the juiciest episode so far and for many reasons.

I’ll just start off by saying this: kudos to Yi-sang and Ha-ri for being adults about their relationship and entire situation and actually talking about their relationship like an adult would do. I actually was not expecting the two to confront and address the issue so soon or to bring it up at this phase in their relationship. I actually thought they were just going to pretend like there was nothing bothering them or as if they were just going to avoid things as if nothing was wrong. But oh was it a pleasant surprise when they did bring up their complicated relationship. At the same time, it’s not like they really had a choice. Before they were to dive deeper into their relationship and fall for each other even more, they needed to discuss the biggest factor that was preventing the both of them from doing even more which was the topic of children. Ha-ri wants to have a kid and to be a Mom whereas Yi-sang has persuaded himself to believe that living alone is the best for him. A part of it could be because he does enjoy living alone and there is a sense of comfort that comes from doing so, but the other part could be because of the trauma that he experienced after his break-up with his fiancee. He’s closed down his walls and shut himself off after the failure of his relationship with his ex-fiancee. He almost made Ha-ri the exception, except he didn’t. Things were going well and he almost let her into his world only to close the door on her before she could even take a step inside. He caught himself almost changing his mind and considering a new chapter in his life and that was something that he wasn’t ready for. Yi-sang was afraid that history might repeat itself and that the same issues that he faced in the past will replay again with Ha-ri. He doesn’t want to burden her with his issues of infertility so he rather just stop and not do anything at all, even if it pains him to do so. Nonetheless, I’m glad the two had a talk about it and addressed their situation now than later. I’m glad the two had a talk about things and stopped themselves from engaging with each other even further. Things were already complicated, but things would have definitely been even more complicated if Yi-sang and Ha-ri continued to fall for each other. Though as we saw in this episode, their feelings for each other didn’t disappear just because they said so.

In fact, I think the opposite happened to both Ha-ri and Yi-sang in that pretending as if they weren’t hurt only made things worse. It only made them more hurt. It only made them miss their past even more. It only made them miss spending more time together. I think this episode allowed for our two leads to decide and consider which scenario was going to cause them less pain in the end: cutting things off now when they’re in the beginning stages of being interested in each other or cutting things off later on when the two have already fallen in love and their relationship is public? Regardless of which scenario the two chose, it’d be painful either way. Yi-sang and Ha-ri have this bond and connection with each other rooted in a common interest in each other and stemmed from an interaction three years ago. However, the only thing that’s keeping the two apart are their wishes and wants in life in regards to children and marriage. No one is right or wrong in this case; Yi-sang and Ha-ri are entitled to what they want in their own life. The only question then is whether their love for each other will prevail and the two will compromise or if this way of subtly ignoring each other is how they want to keep things between them.

All the pretending between the two is what hurts me even more because it’s so obvious that Ha-ri and Yi-sang still want to spend time together and get to know each other better. The entire time I was watching this episode, I wanted to pull my hair out. I just kept on yelling at my screen every time Yi-sang popped up, “Just tell her you love her! Just tell her you want to be with her! Say something!!” Lol. The silence between our two leads in this episode was suffocating and heart-breaking. You can see it, everyone else can see it, and our two leads can even see it themselves, but they can’t bring themselves to do anything. All they can do is hide behind their tears and their facade and pretend as if everything is okay when really it’s not. Eu-Ddeum’s kiss with Ha-ri only intensifies the situation even more. Does Yi-sang still feel as if he has competition even though he’s technically out of the race now? He and Ha-ri drew the line with each other and he was the one who initiated their “break-up” so will he still feel jealous when he sees Ha-ri with Eu-Ddeum or with Jae-young? Even if that line was drawn, him still feeling for Ha-ri doesn’t mean that he should guilty for it or that he should force himself to stop. It only reaffirms how he truly feels about Ha-ri which is that he loves her and wants to be with her. Yi-sang might have been hurt in the past, but things can be different this time. Maybe he and Ha-ri can learn to move past their differences and compromise on a new beginning if they truly want to be together.

I’m glad the episode also focused on other characters in this episode, including Mrs. Shim whose farewell with Ha-ri was probably one of the main highlights in this episode. I too teared up like Ha-ri upon watching them bid farewell with each other. Mrs. Shim was such a strict, stern, and blunt Editor-in-Chief and boss to her Editing team, but you could tell that she truly loved her team and always stood up for them as a leader when she needed to. She stayed true to her words and never abandoned them even if she wasn’t the nicest to her team. I think it’s that fine balance of not wanting to be too kind because you can get taken advantage of and not be respected by others, but it’s also understanding that there are certain requirements you have to do as a team leader. You should stand up for what’s right and teach your team when they do wrong. Mrs. Shim exhibited these leadership traits and so much more. Through her years as the Editor-in-Chief, she was confident, strict, and stern, but she was also a warrior. She cared for her team even if her actions and thoughts didn’t necessarily seem that way. I’m sad that Mrs. Shim is leaving because she taught her team (and us viewers) so much in her struggle to balance motherhood with a career, but this will also be an opportunity for Ha-ri to step up her game and be in control of things. Sperm lady? No! I only know Boss Lady!

I’ve been honest in my past recaps that I’ve been a fan of Jae-young and his story. This episode only solidified that even more and made my love for him even bigger. I enjoy watching Jae-young’s journey as a divorcee and single dad with a baby daughter. There’s so much warmth, love, and lessons his story provides and I love how everything isn’t clear-cut. He’s not a pro at fatherhood, he’s not an expert in taking care of his own kid, he’s not the brightest father out there. But he’s trying the best that he can for his daughter given the situation they were thrown into and that’s what makes him a great dad. Sure, there are many times where he’s ditsy and silly, but he’s still learning. He’s learning not only how to be a dad, but how to be a dad without his baby’s mom present. Just like how it is for Do-Ah, it’s new for him as well and he only has Do-Ah. She too only has him and that’s something that Jae-young is trying to make sure she feels comfortable with. He wants to provide his baby daughter with the best type of love and support that she needs, even if that means not having a mom to do some of that leg work. Jeong-won’s sudden return in this episode threw me off just as much as it did for Jae-young and I’m glad he drew the line with her as well. As much as Jeong-won wants to claim that she’s Do-Ah’s mother, the reality is that she divorced Jae-young (which is fine given that we didn’t know their situation) and that she’s not as involved in her daughter’s life anymore. She made an attempt in this episode to finally start that involvement, but Jae-young isn’t so opened to the idea. It just depends on whether he’s willing to work things out with his ex-wife or keep things the way they are at the moment.

I want Yi-sang and Ha-ri to work out. I want them to work out so bad because it’s so obvious how much they like each other and it pains me to see them apart. I want to see them together as much they themselves want to be together. At the same time, Jae-young and Eu-Ddeum are also interesting matches for Ha-ri in their own subtle ways and I want to see how that will pan out for Ha-ri. Jae-young’s second proposal to Ha-ri again in this episode almost made me fly out of my chair and pull on my hair again and as much as they want to joke around, I know a part of Jae-young is serious when he’s proposing to Ha-ri. He’s lonely and any help would be appreciated, but he also wants that company from one person and one person only which is Ha-ri. Ha-ri is involved and affiliated with three different guys who are supportive of Ha-ri in their own ways. However, it seems like there’s one person who her heart has been reserved for. Will things improve between Ha-ri and Yi-sang or will that small little spot in her heart transfer over to someone else?

Extra screenshots from this episode~

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