Oh My Baby: Episode 8 Recap

What is love? What are feelings? What good are relationships when all they cause is confusion, heartbreak, and pain? As challenging and difficult as relationships can be, some are also worth fighting for. Our characters learn this firsthand when they navigate the good, the bad, the ugly, and the pretty relationships in their own lives respectively.

Oh My Baby Episode 8: Maybe a Misunderstanding, Maybe a Mix Up, Maybe Love?

While waiting for his taxi with Ha-ri, Eu-Ddeum gets down onto his knees in front of Ha-ri and surprises her with a peck on the lips. Standing not too far away is Yi-sang who has Ha-ri’s journal in his hand. He witnesses the kiss and turns around before he can watch Ha-ri’s response to the kiss. She immediately pushes Eu-Ddeum away from her and yells at him for kissing her. His taxi arrives just as she’s yelling at him so he quickly makes his escape. That night, Ha-ri reflects on the kiss and grows upset at how Eu-Ddeum kissed her without her permission. It’s been ten years since she’s kissed anybody. Ten years! But wait, something feels weird. It’s as if it’s been a lot shorter than ten years since her last kiss. And that’s because it has been less than ten years! Ha-ri’s last kiss was with none other than Yi-sang during the party they first met at 3 years ago. Ha-ri freezes in shock after recalling the memory.

Speaking of Yi-sang, he takes a peek inside Ha-ri’s journal. It should be okay to just take a small peek, right? However, what he reads inside of the journal is too much for Yi-sang to process and comprehend. Other than the photo that he took himself during their Mureung City trip, he finds the page where he’s listed as a potential sperm donor. The other person listed in Ha-ri’s journal? Eu-Ddeum. He drops the journal in shock. Ha-ri herself barely gets any sleep that night. She stays awake in her bedroom after remembering about her kiss with Yi-sang.

The next morning, Ha-ri and Jae-young exit the house together. Jae-young wants to skip the birthday party for Do-Ah and just go straight to taking photos of her at a studio. After asking Ha-ri for some recommendations, he adds that they could go on a date while Mom stays behind to babysit Do-Ah. Ha-ri agrees to the ideas, but there’s a caveat: she’s actually not listening or paying any attention to Jae-young. Jae-young reminds Ha-ri not to place her concentration on some worthless guy and to rather look around her for potential partners instead. Ha-ri walks away and heads to work. While working, the Editing Team suggests they go out to eat and cure their hangover from the night before. Sure, the food is delicious, but there’s other things that Ha-ri is still worried about, such as her forced kiss onto Yi-sang. He won’t do something big like sue her, right? However, a news broadcast of a woman who was sued for sexually harassing a man airs right at that moment and Ha-ri’s concern grows even more. Eventually, Yi-sang and Soo-cheol themselves appear at the same restaurant as the Editing Team so Ha-ri rushes out of the restaurant to avoid Yi-sang.

While walking back into the office, Ha-ri comes across an apologetic and guilty Eu-Ddeum. He apologizes to her for his reckless behavior the night before. He misunderstood and thought she liked him based off of the conversation he heard between her and Yeon-ho. However, Ha-ri makes it clear that they were simply referring to Ha-ri’s plan for a sperm donation. She doesn’t blame Eu-Ddeum for his action nor is she upset with him.

Eu-Ddeum gathers Yi-sang and Jae-young to meet up with him at a cafe. The three are acquainted with each other, but they’re not close enough and both Yi-sang and Jae-young make this clear to Eu-Ddeum. After rejecting his request to call them ‘Hyung’, they give him tips on how to be rejected by impress Ha-ri and confess to her. Eu-Ddeum thinks he has feelings for Ha-ri so he wants to confess to her. However, he isn’t so sure how to go about with the confession so both guys give him some tips. Eu-Ddeum should do a public confession and play some instruments like the saxophone. He can also b-boy since it looks like he’ll be good at it or he can also do the Bongsan mask dance since that’s the current “trend.” Along with some singing and dancing and instruments, he can hand her a bouquet or ya know, just a million flowers. No big deal.

Eu-Ddeum is excited with the ideas and he writes them down in his journal. Yi-sang and Jae-young suggested a bunch of ridiculous ideas to naive Eu-Ddeum, but they worry that Eu-Ddeum could look cool and attractive while doing all of this. LOL. However, Eu-Ddeum is also well aware of why Ha-ri is interested in him. He has ten times more the amount of sperm than other men does which is why she has her eyes set on him. Now it all starts to slowly make sense to Yi-sang and he understands why Eu-Ddeum received two stars in Ha-ri’s journal. LOL. OMG, I am cracking out loud right now. Both Jae-young and Yi-sang grow concerned with Eu-Ddeum’s revelation. The competition has just become ten times more intense. Hahaha.

Eu-Ddeum begins to make his moves on Ha-ri. He utilizes every chance he gets to ask Ha-ri what her preferences are. Does she like b-boying or the Bongsan mask dance? What about songs? What’s her favorite song? Oh yeah, what about the saxaphone? Does she prefer the alto sax or the soprano sax? LOL. Ha-ri feels as if Eu-Ddeum is planning something to make up for the kiss incident so she reassures him that he doesn’t have to do anything. She doesn’t think anything about the incident. Throughout his interview with Ha-ri, Yi-sang keeps a close watch on Eu-Ddeum. He creepily stays nearby as the young rookie interacts with Ha-ri throughout the day at work (omg, these scenes are waaaaay too funny. I am literally laughing out loud right now. My stomach hurts so much from laughing).

Yi-sang hangs around the studio with Soo-cheol, Hyo-joo, and So-yoon. So-yoon discovers Ha-ri’s journal in the studio which Yi-sang intentionally placed inside for Ha-ri to find. He overhears the three chat about dating and relationships so he tiptoes his way over to listen in on their conversation. During a photoshoot with Ha-ri, Yi-sang implements some of the advice himself. He wants to show some interest in Ha-ri, but he should also play hard-to-get. He shouldn’t make his feelings too obvious. Ha-ri interprets Yi-sang’s behavior as if he’s angry and upset with her which she doesn’t quite understand. Lol. While standing beside him, Ha-ri pulls her hair behind her ear which leaves Yi-sang flustered. Was she trying to look pretty in front of him?! How dare she do such a thing?! Lol. Ha-ri is confused as to what Yi-sang is talking about and has a difficult time understanding him.

Yi-sang and Ha-ri continue to have their own internal thoughts about each other throughout the day. After the photoshoot, the two eat some lunch together. Ha-ri stares at Yi-sang’s lips while he’s eating and assumes he must have been uncomfortable when she made the move to kiss him. Yi-sang blocks his face after he notices Ha-ri’s stare and continues to eat (THIS IS SO FUNNY). While driving back to the office, Ha-ri complains about her mouth being too spicy. She did eat an entire chili pepper during lunch. It’s Yi-sang’s turn now to misinterpret Ha-ri’s actions and he assumes she must be whispering on purpose so as to attract and lure Yi-sang. According to Hyo-joo, whispering can be used as a tactic to make someone’s heart flutter which Yi-sang believes Ha-ri is doing on purpose to him. LOL. He complains for her to stop, but just like the last time, Ha-ri is confused as to what Yi-sang is complaining about. Omg, I’m totally loving this episode so far.

Yi-sang visits his urologist, Dr. Moon. Without giving any context to his doctor, he rants about how he was crossed out in Ha-ri’s journal as a potential sperm donor. All he wants is to be upgraded to a triangle. He doesn’t even want two stars like Eu-Ddeum was given. He just wants a triangle. That’s not too much to ask for, right? Lol. At work, Hyo-joo and So-yoon return to the office with a box of items from the studio. Before retreating to her desk, Hyo-joo takes a small peek at Eu-Ddeum and notices how concentrated and serious he seems (he was stressing out about his confession plan lol).

Ha-ri makes her way down to the studio in search of her journal. After bidding farewell with Soo-cheol, she scrambles around the studio for her journal and comes across a huge photobooth prop that almost falls down on her. Thankfully, Yi-sang arrives just in time to protect her from getting hurt and prepares to leave after. However, Ha-ri holds him back and brings up the kiss they shared three years ago on the first night they met. She now recalls that moment and how unpleasant he said he felt during that time. Although it’s now in the past, Yi-sang refutes his statement. Yes, it was unpleasant back then, but it also consoled him. He was going through a rough time back then so he was sensitive about things, but the kiss provided him with a sense of comfort. Three years ago, his feelings were Ha-ri were light, but now things have changed. Things are much more complicated now so his feelings about their relationship has also gotten more complicated. After a moment of silence and hesitation, Yi-sang gathers his courage to ask Ha-ri a question that’s been bothering him: has she ever seen him as a man? Ha-ri stares at him, expressionless.

The next morning, Ha-ri gives Yi-sang’s question some thought. He is a man, why wouldn’t she seem him as one? Lol. After eating some breakfast, Jae-young and Ha-ri exit the house together again while pushing Do-Ah in her stroller. Jae-young brings up Ha-ri’s selection of Eu-Ddeum as her sperm donor which throws her off. Is Jae-young himself possibly included in her list? When asked if he would be willing to donate some, Jae-young jokes around that he’s quite conservative. Plus, he can always marry Ha-ri if anything.

Later on in the day, Jae-young meets up with a former colleague to chat about Ha-ri’s situation. She’s successful and she’s smart and she’s lovely and she could get any guy she wants. So what’s the issue? Jae-young’s torn at the thought of her marrying a random guy as well as having another man’s child. His colleague encourages Jae-young to just date Ha-ri herself if he’s so conflicted on the situation and cuts their conversation short when Jeong-won appears nearby. Jae-young doesn’t have much to say to Jeong-won, but she holds him back to speak a few words. She at first brings up Do-Ah’s birthday party as a topic, but the subject quickly changes to Ha-ri when Jeong-won questions whether her ex-husband plans on getting married to Ha-ri. She reminds him that Ha-ri wouldn’t like it if she was to find out that he’s been using her to seek revenge on his ex-wife. Jae-young walks away without saying a word to Jeong-won’s accusation.

Eu-Ddeum is reprimanded by Hyo-joo and photographer Sang-hee when a product he was responsible for getting for a photoshoot is unavailable. Together, Hyo-joo and Eu-Ddeum embark on an adventure together to grab the product before the baby model is to arrive at the studio. Hyo-joo warns Eu-Ddeum that if she has to reschedule the photoshoot (which she will get into a lot of trouble for), she’ll nag at Eu-Ddeum everyday and even have him go shopping with her. He’ll even have to treat her to the movies! Eu-Ddeum unexpectedly agrees to all of Hyo-joo’s ideas and is even fine with buying Hyo-joo’s movie tickets for her. Lol. Thankfully, the photoshoot concludes just fine and everything goes well. However, Hyo-joo still isn’t content and she has a private talk with Eu-Ddeum afterwards. She notices that he’s been quite distracted with something so she inquires him about it. Just when Eu-Ddeum is about to reveal his grand plan to Hyo-joo, he holds himself back from saying anything. Dissatisfied, Hyo-joo devises a plan to get Eu-Ddeum to talk.

Back in the office, Ha-ri calls Yi-sang to give him an update regarding the couple who they took photos of at the fertility clinic a few weeks back. The couple has been able to conceive, but Yi-sang and Ha-ri will need to take photos of the couple again at the clinic for another photoshoot since the couple is afraid the results might just be a false positive. The two agree to meet up at the clinic on their own. Ha-ri lies that she has other errands she needs to run prior to the photoshoot so it’s best if they just meet up there. Gaaah, this is crushing my heart.

It’s time to meet so Ha-ri and Yi-sang find each other at the clinic. Once there, they have a small chat with the couple before their appointment with the OB-GYN doctor. The couple wants to be optimistic, but they also don’t want to keep their hopes up because of past experiences. However, it’s great news for the couple thanks to the ultrasound results. After the appointment, Ha-ri and Yi-sang go out to celebrate with the couple. Ha-ri gifts the new parents with some shoes and clothing for their baby. In return, Ha-ri receives a photo of the sonogram of the baby. Aww. Ha-ri and Yi-sang take a look at the photo together afterwards. They both agree that the baby will look extra pretty because of how much effort and determination their parents put into conceiving them.

Eu-Ddeum and Hyo-joo continue their conversation about Eu-Ddeum’s plan to confess. He’s had his fair share of relationships, but he wants to make sure his confession this time goes well. He’s not entirely sure he loves this person, but he figures he’ll know more once he asks her out and they take some time to develop their feelings and relationship. Hyo-joo then offers some tips and advice on how he can confess to the woman he likes: he should get her a ring. There’s no need for a public confession with candles and a heart made out of flowers. That’s doing too much. A simple ring will do the work. Hyo-joo specifies to Eu-Ddeum which ring she specifically thinks would be most fitting so Eu-Ddeum writes down all of her tips and tricks. While Eu-Ddeum focuses on the ring and the expensive price tag, Hyo-joo assumes she’s the woman who Eu-Ddeum will be confessing to. It won’t be long until she gets a ring, right? Lol.

Mom, Ha-ri, and Jae-young have a discussion about Do-Ah’s first birthday celebration. Where does he plan to do it? What is he going to dress Do-Ah in? What are his plans regarding the birthday? It’s obvious Jae-young hasn’t put too much thought into the birthday nor does he know much. Ha-ri goes out shopping with Jae-young in search of a birthday outfit for Do-Ah. Jae-young jokes around at how ugly Ha-ri looks even though it’s obvious he’s clearly smitten by her. After purchasing an outfit for baby Do-Ah, Ha-ri and Jae-young exit the shopping mall. However, they come across a sweet deal that could allow them to get a free restaurant voucher. All they would need is to provide proof that they spent $50 at the shopping mall and confirmation that they’re a family. With that, Ha-ri and Jae-young’s demeanor changes and they quickly pretend that they’re a married couple. LOL. They start calling each other terms like ‘honey’ and ‘sweetie’ and they sign up for the voucher. Nothing can possibly go wrong.. except that it does. Ha-ri and Jae-young are exposed when Yi-sang reveals their true colors. He’s also at the same shopping mall as them and happened to witness them in the midst of their act. Lol.

The three adults plus baby Do-Ah go out for lunch afterwards. Jae-young manages to get Ha-ri some food first and even begs Ha-ri to feed him some food since he’s busy holding onto Do-Ah. However, Ha-ri doesn’t fall for Jae-young’s silly antics and it’s Yi-sang who stuffs a piece of meat into Jae-young’s mouth instead. Lol. Jae-young warns Yi-sang not to try too hard, especially since it’s obvious they’ll both lose to The King (aka Eu-Ddeum). They’re both well aware that Ha-ri’s objective is not to find a boyfriend, but to find something else instead (aka a sperm donor). Yi-sang is well aware that he’s not Ha-ri’s first option, but he questions if anything will change even if he’s not her first option.

After lunch, Yi-sang takes a walk around the neighborhood. He notices a poster promoting a leathers craft workshops and grows interested in the workshop. He’s also fascinated by the older lady standing beside him also staring at the same poster. It’s none other than Ha-ri’s Mom (OMGGG). Back in the office, Ha-ri grows suspicious about the whereabouts of her journal. Since So-yoon found it in the studio, that means Yi-sang must have discovered the journal and possibly looked inside of it. Ha-ri confronts Yi-sang in the studio about her journal. She’s confident he read her entries. Why isn’t he angry at her? Shouldn’t he be mad? Ha-ri clarifies that she didn’t mean to judge or evaluate him, Jae-young, or Eu-Ddeum. That was never her intention with her journal entries. She just simply thought that out of all guys, them three would be the most understanding and willing to help. Unlike what she assumed, Yi-sang isn’t angry or upset at her. There’s nothing he could do to help her anyways so he has no reason to be upset (oof, that hurt). Plus, she gave him five stars for personality so there’s nothing to be upset about. Lol.

Ha-ri then gives Yi-sang an answer on the burning question he asked her the other day in the studio and whether she viewed him as a man or not. On that day, she was hesitant to give an answer because she was afraid she would make a mistake. However, she now knows what she thinks and how she feels: she has feelings for Yi-sang. She likes him. She gives Yi-sang the time to process her confession and to think things over. Ha-ri’s aware this confession came about abruptly, but she also wants to give him an opportunity to come up with an appropriate response that won’t cause him to lose her. While Ha-ri steps out to get some fresh air, Yi-sang stays inside the studio with Soo-cheol. Soo-cheol encourages Yi-sang to just give in to his feelings. He knows he likes Ha-ri. He should forget about his past and just give things a chance. However, it’s not as easy as Soo-cheol makes it out to be. Ha-ri wants kids while Yi-sang doesn’t like kids. They want two different things in life. They’re just too different from each other. However, Soo-cheol advises Yi-sang to just listen to his heart and to follow what his heart is telling him to do. Things are different now than they were in the past.

That night, Yi-sang gives everything a thought while at home. He reflects,

“I also want to follow my heart and just hold your hand like all the other couples do, Ha-ri. I want to get swayed and get closer to you as if it were a mistake. I also wanted to hold your hand. I closed my heart because I didn’t want to get hurt. My heart ached when I saw you cry like a little child. And to be honest, when we first met back then, I was determined not to fall in love again, but you totally made me forget that. Just like you, I also want to be happy. And just like you, I also want to be honest about how I feel. But I’ve been through enough to know that it’s not just me who ends up getting hurt. The other person get hurts as well. You may have entered my heart and stirred me up like this, but all I need to do is just ignore it. I just need to make sure my heart doesn’t flutter again.”

While reflecting on his relationship with Ha-ri at home, Ha-ri herself is out near the Han River watching some fireworks. She captures the moment by taking a few photos on her phone. Yi-sang himself does the same by also driving to the Han River to take some photos of the beautiful colors with his camera. However, it doesn’t take long for him to notice someone else in his frame other than the fireworks: it’s something even more beautiful and amazing. It’s Ha-ri. He watches as she walks closer to him and the space between them lessens. Ha-ri herself notices Yi-sang as well, but she purely describes their encounter as just purely coincidental. Although she attempts to walk away from Yi-sang, he stops her from motioning further away. He’s in disbelief at how pretty she is, but Ha-ri isn’t satisfied with just the term pretty. So what if she’s pretty? What else comes after his compliment?

As a response, Yi-sang takes a leap of faith and leans in towards Ha-ri to give her a kiss. With the big fireworks still exploding in the background, it’s a moment that Yi-sang and Ha-ri will never forget. Yi-sang has given Ha-ri his answer in response to her confession. His feelings are mutual.

My Thoughts:

GAAAAH, so much pretty in the last 10 minutes of this episode! I basically screenshotted everything because there was just too much pretty and beauty everywhere. Anywaysss, moving onto the episode itself. Lol.

I’m not exactly sure why. I don’t really know why. I’m a bit confused as to why the past two episodes were so emotional for me. They were a lot more emotional for me than all the other episodes combined and I can’t seem to pin my finger down on why. In my recap for episode 7, I commented that it mainly had to do with Mrs. Shim’s farewell to ‘The Baby’ and Jae-young’s struggle in raising a daughter as a single dad. And then there was also all the back-and-forth and push-and-pull between Ha-ri and Yi-sang. Okay, now that I think about it, I might have just answered my own question. But still, episodes 7 and 8 have proven to be such emotional and fulfilling episodes for me, even if the content itself wasn’t supposed to be heartwarming (it was actually in fact heartbreaking with all that was going on with Yi-sang and Ha-ri). I think the past two episodes have done a really great job in ringing out the rawness and colors of our characters and the traits that make them relatable. They’re humans with their own wishes and wants in life. They don’t have any superpowers, they aren’t CEO’s and Directors of a conglomerate, they aren’t perfect. There are traits from our characters that make them real and raw and I think the past two episodes did a wonderful job in highlighting that. Along with all that was going on plot-wise in the show, it was also nice to just see our characters be true to themselves.

You know, if it was any other couple, I think I would have been frustrated by all the back and forth between Ha-ri and Yi-sang. It would have gotten tiring and boring and I would have been irritated by the game that they were playing with each other and the noble idiocy that Yi-sang is pulling. However, things are different here because Ha-ri and Yi-sang are confronting the reality of their relationship and trying to make things work. They’re trying to move past their differences and to unite through their feelings. They’re trying to look past their own wants and wishes in life and, rather, to be honest with themselves on their feelings. Yes, Ha-ri and Yi-sang can still want separate things in life which makes them totally different from each other, but they can also still like each other and want the best for the other person. This episode clearly highlighted this complicated relationship between the two and it only proved even more why Yi-sang and Ha-ri should be together.

I think it also helped that we as viewers gained insight on why they have such a complicated relationship. It helps that we directly and explicitly know why Yi-sang is hesitant on pursuing his feelings for Ha-ri or why he’s uncertain as to whether or not he should continue to engage with her. It helps that we don’t have to guess why our two leads are so afraid to be together. It helps that we’re not confused about why they’re confused about their relationship. We can better understand things from both Yi-sang and Ha-ri’s perspective and root for the both of them as they navigate their complicated situation. We as viewers can then understand that no matter how hard our two leads try to fight off their feelings or how much they keep up their walls, it eventually comes crashing down because their heart is telling them things they’ve been denying. Although it seems like all hope is lost with Yi-sang and Ha-ri drawing the line, no hope is ever really lost because of how obvious and vivid it is that they want to be with each other. The fertility couple in this episode served as a great example of a possible future between Yi-sang and Ha-ri. Maybe things can work out between the two if Yi-sang heals from his experiences in the past and opens up to the idea of having children. For them to witness this miracle themselves reassures them that anything is possible. The possibilities are endless.

Putting the conversation about Yi-sang and Ha-ri aside, this episode definitely ramped up the comedy which I wholeheartedly loved and enjoyed. The entire episode was funny, but I was literally laughing out loud during the first half. I literally could not stop laughing to the point where my parents had to ask me what I was watching and why I was laughing so much. From Jae-young and Yi-sang giving Eu-Ddeum “pointers” on how to confess to Ha-ri to Eu-Ddeum asking Ha-ri what her preferences are to Yi-sang and Ha-ri continually misunderstanding each other to Yi-sang creeping up on Eu-Ddeum, this episode was, by far, the most hilarious one. So many good comedic scenes came out from this episode which definitely made everything a lot more enjoyable. Of course, I also liked the moments where Jae-young was denying his feelings for Ha-ri (like usual) when in reality he’s only falling for her more and more. Eu-Ddeum’s confession plan and his innocence and naivety in it all was so funny to watch. He took all the tips he was given so seriously even though it was obvious Yi-sang and Jae-young were giving him the worst type of advice to make his confession to Ha-ri a failure. The same goes for Hyo-joo who assumed Eu-Ddeum was planning a confession specifically for her. Lol. Eu-Ddeum and Hyo-joo are a great pair for each other since they can be both ditsy and clueless about things or situation sometimes. That’s also what makes them charming at the same time.

I want things to work out for Yi-sang and Ha-ri just as much as they want things to work out themselves. I love it even more that their first interaction with each other three years ago was what lead them to where they are now. I originally thought that Yi-sang wasn’t interested in Ha-ri at all based off of what we were given so far, but as we saw in this episode, his interest in Ha-ri started from that night of the party. Although I’m on the Ha-ri and Yi-sang ship, I actually won’t be completely opposed to the other ships as well. Jae-young and Eu-Ddeum have proven to also be charming and fitting for Ha-ri in their own ways. Ha-ri still has some work to do in regards to figuring out who her sperm donor will be, but I think it’s clear she’s already set on who she has eyes for. There’s no doubt in her mind or her heart who she likes and has feelings for. Love comes in many different shapes and forms and for Yi-sang and Ha-ri, it’s the kisses that they’ve shared that confirm the reasons as to why they should be together. There’s an irreplaceable sense of comfort and peace they both feel when they’re together.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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