Kkondae Intern: Episode 4 Recap

History continues to repeat itself for Yeol-chan and Man-sik. They find themselves reliving similar situations and issues as they did years ago, and although the two seem to have moved forward from their traumatic past, their past doesn’t want to let them go just quite yet.

Kkondae Intern: Episode 4 Recap

Yeol-chan suffers an allergic reaction after giving mouth-to-mouth to actress Hye-soo’s puppy while at the filming site. While the puppy is alive, Yeol-chan is close to fainting and he begins to run out of breath. Just as he witnesses Man-sik slowly lean down towards him to also give him mouth-to-mouth, Yeol-chan pushes him away and demands for his allergy shot. Thankfully, Man-sik hands it to Yeol-chan just in time and our General Manager is saved. The situation concludes with Hye-soo commenting that she’ll consider filming a product placement with Joonsoo Foods since Yeol-chan rescued her dog. And so the product placement filming eventually happens a few days later. Everyone in the team watches the specific scene in her drama where Hye-soo eats their ramen noodles. It’s a success.

Yeol-chan meets with Chairman Namgoong, Joon-soo, and Executive Goo to talk about the product placement deal with Hye-soo. While Yeol-chan claims that he sold the deal with the actress, Joon-soo comments that it was Man-sik’s personal connection with Hye-soo that got her to start in the first place. Chairman Namgoong is once again impressed with Man-sik. Joon-soo meets with Man-sik himself after the meeting. He’s content and happy with Man-sik’s performance so far and hopes they can keep up the good work. Thanks to the updates provided by Joon-soo, Man-sik’s confidence builds and he begins to rebel at work. When instructed by Jung-eun to make some coffee, Man-sik stands his ground. The two get into a small little fight in the kitchen due to Man-sik’s negligence and refusal to make the coffee. Yoon-soo eventually steps in to mediate the fight by volunteering to make the coffee, but the situation between Man-sik and Jung-eun remains intense.

During a staff meeting, Yeol-chan instructs that everyone, including the interns, is to write up a proposal for a new limited product that Joonsoo Foods could possibly put out. Each of our interns go about their own ways to come up with several ideas. While Yoon-soo draws out a mind map of his ideas and Tae-ri tries out different spices for the ramen, Man-sik is confident in his idea of doing a dried pollack ramen flavor. He shares with idea with Assistant Manager Oh and how he came about with the recipe after mixing ramen with dried pollack soup for a meal before. Assistant Manager Oh is quite interested in the idea and offers to write up Man-sik’s proposal for him. Yoon-soo watches the exchange between the two carefully.

Yeol-chan reviews everyone’s proposals during their next staff meeting. However, it’s ultimately Man-sik’s idea who he likes the most. Of course, since Assistant Manager Oh wrote up the proposal himself, he takes the credit for the dried pollack ramen noodles that Yeol-chan approves of. In an effort to prove that the idea was actually his, Man-sik puts both Tae-ri and Yoon-soo on the spot since they were there when Man-sik explained his idea to Assistant Manager Oh. Although Yoon-soo was present during that time and was paying attention to Man-sik and Assistant Manager Oh’s conversation, he lies that Assistant Manager Oh didn’t steal Man-sik’s idea. Man-sik is in disbelief and he refuses to interact with the rest of the team for lunch. Yeol-chan returns to the office where Man-sik is stationed and checks in with him. When Man-sik doesn’t respond, Yeol-chan carelessly walks away.

To prepare for his meeting with board members and upper management, Yeol-chan calls Man-sik to print out some copies of an email back in the office. Man-sik logs into Yeol-chan’s computer and opens up the email that Yeol-chan wanted him to print copies of. However, Man-sik also wreaks havoc by exploring the rest of Yeol-chan’s email and opens one that ultimately shocks him. While presenting during the meeting, Executive Ahn learns about a ransomeware that has infected 19 computers, including the ones in the Marketing and Sales Department. The virus came from Yeol-chan’s computer so the anger and frustration is directed towards the General Manager. Everyone else in the office panics upon learning about the infected computers and they watch as Man-sik explains himself to the IT director. The IT director warns Yeol-chan that he’ll have to replace all the infected computers which won’t be easy or cheap. As everyone stresses out about the situation, Man-sik takes a peek at IT intern, Han-gil — the same man who worked with Man-sik as a security guard prior to their internships at Joonsoo Foods. Han-gil remains silent as he stands in the office and listens in on the conversation.

Man-sik overhears Seung-jin, Assistant Manager Oh, and Jung-eun gossip about him in the office. Stressed, Man-sik takes a break and grabs some lunch with his former security guard colleague who he used to work with. Everyone else in the office is concerned of Man-sik’s whereabouts, but they fail to get in contact with the senior intern. Eventually, Man-sik gives in and he picks up one of the calls. Yeol-chan is furious and demands to meet up with Man-sik. The two meet up later on that evening on the company building’s rooftop. In their fight, they argue about Man-sik’s decision to just suddenly run away and disappear. Man-sik claims he can just quit and resign, but Yeol-chan informs him that only employees can resign, not interns. Plus, Man-sik only wants to quit to run away from all the mess he’s created. Yeol-chan thought Man-sik might have changed from his old days, but he’s still the same person. Man-sik takes a few jabs back at Yeol-chan. He still views Yeol-chan as the same loser he was back then during their Ongol days. Nothing much has changed even though Yeol-chan now has a title to his name.

Yeol-chan re-enters the office after his fight with Man-sik. After thinking things through a little bit more, he recalls that he was the one who opened up the virus email, not Man-sik. As much as Yeol-chan hates to admit it, he realizes that he has a habit of blaming Man-sik for every issue within the office. So if Man-sik didn’t open up the virus email, then which email did he open up? Yeol-chan discovers that Man-sik had opened up an email with ideas and details on how he can intentionally mess with his subordinates and make them listen to him more.

While driving home, Yeol-chan makes a pit stop at a restaurant. Although he has food in front of him, Yeol-chan needed a person to rant to and vents to the cook about the situation he’s in. He doesn’t want to feel guilty for what he did to Man-sik; he feels as if Man-sik wouldn’t have lasted at the company anyways even if he wasn’t working under Yeol-chan. However, the cook puts Yeol-chan in his place and encourages Yeol-chan to really think about things. How is he any different from Man-sik? Speaking of Man-sik, he meets up with Executive Ahn and Joon-soo late that night. They want Man-sik to continue his internship under Yeol-chan. He’s been performing well so far and they want him to stay much longer. They’re so close to achieving their goals of overthrowing Yeol-chan. Although Man-sik initially declines, he eventually gives in at the thought of possibly becoming Vice President of Joonsoo Foods.

The next morning, Yeol-chan prepares to make the announcement of Man-sik’s resignation to his team. However, just as he’s about to say something, he receives a text from Man-sik who apologizes for the incident the night before. The senior intern enters the office shortly after sending the text message and dramatically apologizes for his actions by getting onto his knees in front of everyone. To make up for what happened the day before, Man-sik offers to buy everyone coffee. He’s memorized everyone’s orders, including Yeol-chan’s complicated one. Haha. However, Yeol-chan decides to shake things up by suggesting a different drink. He wants some milk tea so he has Man-sik get them some drinks from a nearby milk tea shop. Just like with coffee, Yeol-chan has a complicated and meticulous order so Man-sik has to resort to recording it so he can order correctly. Lol. He even has to shake Yeol-chan’s drink for 15 seconds before his boss can drink it. Haha. Finally! Some beverage diversity in dramas other than coffee and alcohol! Milk tea, FTW!! (And also, the milk tea looks sooo good!).

An audio recording of Man-sik sharing his idea about the dried pollack ramen to Assistant Manager Oh appears on the community forum the next day. Someone had secretly recorded the conversation between the two and uploaded it. Man-sik confronts them about the recording and proves that he was right about the idea being his. However, Yeol-chan steps in to defend Assistant Manager Oh. Just because Man-sik shared the idea verbally doesn’t mean it was his idea. To truly claim an idea as yours, you should also write up a complete proposal and present it. Later on that night after work concludes, Assistant Manager Oh and Seung-jin stay behind to search for a recording device. Since Yoon-soo and Tae-ri were the only ones in the office during that time with Assistant Manager Oh and Man-sik, they ramble through their desks to find something. Assistant Manager Oh eventually discovers a recording device disguised as a pen on Tae-ri’s desk and assumes she was the one who recorded his conversation with Man-sik.

Assistant Manager Oh makes Tae-ri’s life a complete torture the next day at work. As part of his revenge scheme, he has Tae-ri go grab his lunch for him at a restaurant nearby. However, he doesn’t make things easy for the intern. He changes his mind several times on what meal he specifically wants and even gives her the wrong card to pay with. Tae-ri finds herself running back and forth to accommodate Assistant Manager Oh’s many changes. While Tae-ri is busy with Assistant Manager Oh’s lunch order, Seung-jin shares with Man-sik the reasons behind it. Since they found a recording device on Tae-ri’s desk, they assume she was the one who recorded the conversation between Man-sik and Assistant Manager Oh. Yeol-chan also listens in on the details from Seung-jin and keeps it in mind. When Tae-ri finally returns to the office with Assistant Manager Oh’s food, he’s not satisfied with it. After complaining for a few seconds about the food, he passes it to Tae-ri and offers it to her. However, he’s a bit too careless and the food ends up dropping onto her shoes (poor Tae-ri!). To alleviate her stress, Man-sik offers to treat out both Yoon-soo and Tae-ri to some dinner that night after work. As interns for the company, they should finally get together.

Although our three interns have dinner together, they don’t seem to get along too well. Yoon-soo is busy minding his own business and somewhat listening to Man-sik’s blabbering, Man-sik is busy lecturing and nagging the two much younger interns, and Tae-ri is busy feasting on the food. Hours into the dinner and Man-sik has had a little too much to drink. He’s still not a big fan of Tae-ri’s dyed hair so he ends up cutting one side off with a scissor. Omg, LOL. After the get-together, Yoon-soo and Tae-ri exit the restaurant together. Tae-ri now has a side of her hair cut short, but she tries not to think about it too much. When asked if Tae-ri was the one who actually recorded the conversation between Assistant Manager Oh and Man-sik, she grows confused. That was the primary reason as to why Man-sik treated them out to dinner. If it wasn’t Tae-ri who recorded the conversation, then who did?

And so the drama takes us back to the day before the recorded audio file was uploaded onto the community forum. While answering a phone call at Yeol-chan’s desk, Tae-ri begins to record the conversation due to the threatening nature of the phone call. The man is her former employer and he’s been stalking her. During her phone call which she’s recording, Man-sik is heard in the background sharing his idea of the dried pollack ramen with Assistant Manager Oh. When Yeol-chan returned to work the next day, he heard the recording on his phone so he decided to bring it to IT to see if there was a way they could extract just the conversation between Assistant Manager Oh and Man-sik. The idea eventually worked which was how Yeol-chan was able to upload the recorded audio onto the forum the next day and confront Man-sik about the ownership of the proposal. Just because he came up with the idea verbally doesn’t mean he owned it; to truly claim it, he should have wrote up a proposal for it. Yeol-chan commends himself for his efforts to keep things in his team intact: he uploaded the recording to bring justice to Man-sik’s side of the story, but he sided with Assistant Manager Oh so Assistant Manager Oh’s dignity wouldn’t be hurt. Is there anyone who’s a better boss than Yeol-chan?

Tae-ri stays late at the office to fix up her proposal. Yeol-chan checks in on her shortly before he leaves the office himself. After listening to the recording of Tae-ri speaking to her former employer/stalker, Yeol-chan grows concerned for Tae-ri and asks if she’s in any danger. Tae-ri isn’t so sure what Yeol-chan is referring to so Yeol-chan makes his support for the intern clear. He’s there for her if she ever needs any help. He wishes her to have a good weekend before leaving the office. That night, Tae-ri gushes over her interaction with Yeol-chan. She smiles and squeals over the fact that Yeol-chan ate the candy that she gave him the other day at work (GAAAAAH, I’M SQUEALING TOO!! TOO CUTE!!).

To improve on his skills and to prove his competency to the team, Man-sik attends workshops at a computer academy. Although difficult and challenging at first, Man-sik forces himself to learn and to keep improving. He spends time at the academy, the office, and his bedroom to write up a new proposal. In between all the learning, Man-sik reflects on how different things have changed for him. Before, he would have his subordinates submit proposals to him when he was at Ongol Foods, but now he has to learn how to do these tasks himself. After spending days and nights on his laptop, Man-sik finally finishes writing up his proposal. He presents the final assignment to Yeol-chan, but Yeol-chan isn’t so impressed with the finished product. It’s lengthy and out of style and he gives it back to Man-sik immediately.

Man-sik learns the next day at work about the truth behind the ransomeware for the computers. Unlike what everyone thought, it wasn’t Man-sik who had caused the computers to be infected. It was Yeol-chan’s doing the entire time. IT Senior Intern Han-gil informs Man-sik about the truth through a phone call so Man-sik gives Chairman Namgoong a call afterwards. While walking in the lobby, Man-sik comes across Yeol-chan so the two stop for a brief talk. Man-sik’s nose eventually begins to bleed and he faints. Afraid and worried, Yeol-chan carries Man-sik on his back while running out of the company. He pleads for Man-sik to not die and confesses that he was planning on telling Man-sik the truth about the ransomware eventually. He hopes he wasn’t the cause of Man-sik’s current health condition.

Thankfully, Man-sik is alive. While being carried on Yeol-chan’s back, Man-sik mutters in his ears about the incident involving the man at the ox head rice soup restaurant five years ago. Unlike what Yeol-chan thought, the owner of the restaurant isn’t actually dead. He didn’t shoot himself like how Yeol-chan thought he did. Yeol-chan stops running upon learning the truth and he even drops Man-sik onto the ground. The two men exchange glances at each other in silence. Yeol-chan is speechless.

My Thoughts:

Gah, that was quite the ending, wasn’t it? The ending to this episode was an interesting one for several reasons and I’m afraid as to what’s going to happen to Yeol-chan or why Man-sik brought things up at that particular moment. This drama has remained wacky and comedic for the most part which I enjoy and love, but I also get scared when things turn serious in this show. The owner of the rice soup place who Yeol-chan assumed had shot himself years ago is actually alive which means Yeol-chan has been living a lie this entire time. Our general manager already has a hard time digesting his past and remaining strong from the trauma he’s suffered from years ago, but it seems as if he can never escape. Things have gotten increasingly more difficult with the presence of Man-sik back in Yeol-chan’s life who played a big part in that trauma for him.

There wasn’t as much happening in this episode as there was in episode 3, but I appreciate the learning lessons that our character gained with the many situations that happened at work. Our interns finally gathered together for the first time since they were all targets for their mentors to poke fun at and to criticize. The truth about the dried pollack ramen idea came out so everyone learned to not underestimate Man-sik like they did prior. Yeol-chan unconsciously found himself blaming Man-sik for every problem there was at work which I’m glad he caught onto in this episode. It was also interesting to see him deny his feelings at first and the realization of it all, but eventually give in to the fact that he too makes mistake and he should be responsible and accountable for his own actions. Yeol-chan’s dislike towards Man-sik is strong and he wants to keep seeking revenge on the senior intern, but he shouldn’t be blinded by his dislike. Yeol-chan shouldn’t let his anger towards Man-sik cloud his thoughts and feelings. Yes, Man-sik has done many horrible things to Yeol-chan, but Yeol-chan shouldn’t blame him for things that he did not do. It was so interesting to watch Yeol-chan reflect in this episode and I love it that he did. He’s more aware of his own actions and beliefs now and can shift things around so that things don’t backfire on him again. The truth will eventually set them all free.

Compared to episode three, I wasn’t as big of a fan with this episode, but I did absolutely enjoy watching Tae-ri and Yeol-chan’s short interaction. I mean, Tae-ri was definitely not the only one gushing when she discovered that Yeol-chan had eaten her candy for I was definitely screaming too. Again, I might be overreacting, but I think this speaks volumes about how Yeol-chan feels towards Tae-ri. Him checking in on her after hearing her conversation on the phone was Yeol-chan speaking as her boss, but him eating the candy she gave him was definitely Yeol-chan’s doing as Yeol-chan. I don’t want to keep my hopes up too much at this point with their relationship because of the iffy power balance, but I do enjoy their interactions together.

I don’t have too much to say about this episode other than that things pretty much remained the same. There wasn’t anything too new alongside the work politics, the rivalry between Yeol-chan and Man-sik, and our team still learning to get along with each other. I’m still not a big fan of Assistant Manager Oh who I personally believe is the pettiest one out of the whole team. To torture Tae-ri and have her run errands for him to seek revenge for something that she didn’t do in the end was so frustrating to watch. If there’s any difference in this episode that I appreciated being implemented compared to the last episode would be the fact that Yeol-chan finally realized his own mistakes. He didn’t admit it just yet so that accountability part is still missing, but I like that he at least is now more aware of the dangerous habit that he has been forming. Whereas the last few episodes have centered around making Man-sik the primary target of things, this episode honed in on having the other team members realize that they too can make mistakes. No one is perfect nor is it bad to make mistakes. What’s important is being accountable for your own actions and decisions and trying to improve yourself so you don’t commit them again. I appreciate the effort and work that Man-sik is putting in to improve himself on his end (such as him going to the computer academy). Now it’s up to the other team members to hopefully do the same.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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