Oh My Baby: Episode 9 Recap

After defeating the challenging bumps in their relationship, things are much better for Ha-ri and Yi-sang. They feel the same way about each other and their feelings are mutual. Affection and emotions are reciprocated. However, not everyone is on board with the ship. After resolving their own concerns and issues amongst themselves, the new couple are now faced with additional struggles and concerns from outsiders. Love is never easy.

Oh My Baby Episode 9: The Moment That We Say It’s Love

Yi-sang and Ha-ri lock lips in front of the Han river while fireworks go off in the background. It’s the perfect scenario and mood for a romantic kiss and everything seems to be going well. Although Ha-ri enjoys the kiss, she also grows nervous. How much longer are they going to kiss for? Is Yi-sang going to say anything after they stop kissing? What’s going to happen next? Eventually, the two walk away from the river in embarrassment and Yi-sang walks Ha-ri back to her house. Before dropping her off and bidding farewell, Yi-sang clarifies his feelings for Ha-ri: he likes her. Instead of worrying about their future, they should focus on what’s in store for them next. The two take turns saying bye to each other before separating. Our ship has sailed. Hehe.

Director Joo grabs dinner with Cheol-joong. He plans on hiring someone from outside to inherit Mrs. Shim’s position as editor-in-chief. He’s not so sure he wants to hand over the position to Ha-ri. Although Cheol-joong expresses that Ha-ri’s proven herself with her work, and would, therefore, be best fit for the role, Director Joo’s glare causes him to think otherwise. Director Joo doesn’t want Ha-ri to be Editor-in-Chief. Ha-ri’s in a good mood when she wakes up for work the next morning. She’s all smiles and she can’t stop thinking about her kiss with Yi-sang. However, one visit to her bathroom changes everything and she grows upset over Jae-young invading her laundry basket again.

She confronts Jae-young later on about it when the two exit the house together. After some bickering, Ha-ri is picked up by Yi-sang who has plans to drop her off at work. Jae-young grows suspicious over seeing the two so lovey dovey together and he carefully watches them interact. Yi-sang and Ha-ri act all giddy and adorable around each other, but they attempt to not be too obvious about it. Before entering the company building, Ha-ri admits that she doesn’t want to make their relationship public just yet. She wants to keep things on the down-low for now. Yi-sang agrees, but he also wants to be able to brag about Ha-ri to others. Omggg, this is too cheesy for meeeee. Yi-sang remains honest with Ha-ri once again: he hopes she’ll never stop liking him. He’ll continue to be honest with her on his feelings and thoughts and he’s going to work hard to not disappoint her. The two make a promise to have a sweet and loving relationship with each other and to not get caught as a couple. However, it doesn’t take long for others to find out about our two lovebirds. Yeon-ho, Hyo-joo, and So-yoon watches as Ha-ri and Yi-sang flirt with each other outside. Hahaha. Speaking of Hyo-joo, she comes across Eu-Ddeum when she gets into the office that morning. He’s changed his source of transportation to a bike for now so he can save up money for the ring he plans on purchasing.

When Yi-sang arrives at the studio, he discovers Soo-cheol’s arm bandage laying on the table. Wait, so that means Soo-cheol’s arm recovered and he’s no longer injured anymore. Has he been pretending this entire time? Soo-cheol admits that he was faking his injury so that Yi-sang could spend more time with Ha-ri. He’s prepared to get yelled at by Yi-sang, but to his surprise, Yi-sang gives him a huge hug instead. Yi-sang is thankful for Soo-cheol’s work; thanks to Soo-cheol, Yi-sang was able to get to where he is now. Lol. While walking up the stairs to his desk, Soo-cheol follows up with Yi-sang about his new relationship. Ha-ri has no plans for marriage, but what about kids? To that, Yi-sang pauses and gives it a thought. That part will require a miracle in order for it to happen. Even at work, Jae-young can’t stop thinking about what he witnessed between Yi-sang and Ha-ri earlier that morning. He grows jealous and he calls Ha-ri to ask her to go on a movie date with him. She’s confused as to why he’s so pushy, but she doesn’t think too much about it. Instead, Ha-ri is worried about who exactly knows about her and Yi-sang’s relationship.

After pulling So-yoon, Hyo-joo, and Yeon-ho aside into a conference room, they gush over Ha-ri’s relationship with Yi-sang. They celebrate the good news, but what about kids? What’s going to happen with that? Ha-ri comments that Yi-sang doesn’t like children, but Yeon-ho is certain he’ll come around to changing his mind. The entire nation knows about Ha-ri’s plans and wishes to become a mother, she’s sure he’ll give it another thought in the future. Although Ha-ri does want kids, she also doesn’t want to rush things. She wants her relationship with Yi-sang to last as long as possible so she pleads for the three ladies to not say anything in the office nor to keep teasing her. There might not be any plans for kids right now, but Ha-ri and Yi-sang have already had their first kiss. Things could change in the future.

Cheol-joong gets yelled at by Director Joo for not doing his job correctly. Once the meeting with him concludes, Cheol-joong steps outside to answer a phone call from his daughter. Soo-cheol too is on a phone call with his wife and both men bicker while at their workplace. There’s many things they want to do, but their workload is too demanding for them to do anything. The two guys eventually find themselves out of the office at the same time and they awkwardly greet each other. Two different people, similar situations. Meanwhile, Yi-sang and Ha-ri secretly make plans to meet up with each other at work. Since they want to keep their relationship a secret, they agree to meet in private in the building staircase. However, another couple at work is already hidden there so they change locations. Lol.

Hyo-joo checks up on Eu-Ddeum during lunch time. He’s now cooking and bringing his own meals to lunch to save up money for the ring. Still assuming that Eu-Ddeum is buying the ring for her, Hyo-joo suggests that he buy a ring that’s less expensive. She also drags him out to eat lunch with her. Yi-sang and Ha-ri eat lunch at the spicy rice cake shop near their workplace. The two enjoy their time together and they crack cheesy jokes with each other as well as consider possible nicknames they can call each other (“cutie pie” hahaha). Although the two lovebirds are having fun together, Yi-sang also worries that other people might find out about them. Soo-cheol, Hyo-joo, Yeon-ho, and So-yoon are already aware of their relationship, are they sure they’ll be able to keep things a secret? Ha-ri isn’t as concerned about it; she’s confident her team won’t say anything. Yi-sang is so in love with Ha-ri he squeezes her cheeks. However, right at that moment, Hyo-joo and Eu-Ddeum show up to the same exact shop as Ha-ri and Yi-sang. In a panic, Ha-ri squeezes Yi-sang’s cheek back and pretends that they were simply playing a game. Lol. She runs out of the shop in fear and Yi-sang chases after her shortly.

After exiting the restaurant, Ha-ri and Yi-sang walk hand in hand outside (so much for wanting to keep things a secret! Lol). Yi-sang informs Ha-ri that he has an upcoming photoshoot with Ms. Kang, but Ha-ri isn’t jealous. She’s actually okay with it; she’s a professional when it comes to work. While the two hold hands and continue to build memories together, Yeon-ho and So-yoon watches them from behind in fascination and amazement. Love is in the air for our new couple, but Jae-young isn’t liking it. He picks a fight with Ha-ri that evening when Yi-sang walks her home from work again. He pokes fun at her for dating Yi-sang and it’s obvious he’s jealous of the photographer.

The next day at work, Yi-sang and Hyo-joo discuss about a photoshoot that they have to re-shoot per Ha-ri’s suggestion. Of course, Yi-sang isn’t opposed to it since his girlfriend suggested the idea. Lol. He’s so whipped for her. Before returning to the office, Hyo-joo also sends Yi-sang a reminder. She’s keeping things at a good pace for now, but she eventually hopes to become a mother one day. Yi-sang contemplates on Hyo-joo’s words and recalls conversations he’s had with Ha-ri about becoming a dad. Our Editing triplets – Hyo-joo, So-yoon, and Yeon-ho – chat with one another on the computer about Ha-ri and Yi-sang’s relationship. Since they’re all typing at the same time, Ha-ri is certain they’re gossiping about her (omg this is me when I’m at work!). Sure enough, they get caught and they stop. However, there’s something much bigger than Ha-ri and Yi-sang’s relationship that is brought to everyone’s attention: Ha-ri has been promoted to acting Editor-in-Chief.

Ha-ri confronts Cheol-joong about it. How could she be promoted as merely acting Editor-in-Chief? Cheol-joong remains honest and truthful with Ha-ri. He had no other choice but to follow Director Joo’s directions or else he would lose his job too. He also wanted to hire Ha-ri as Editor-in-Chief, but there was nothing he could do if Director Joo opposed it. The two stress out over the situation, but Ha-ri remains calm thanks to a supportive Yi-sang. He shows her his support by checking in on her via text. Since Ha-ri has Yi-sang’s support, she doesn’t feel too bummed out. Yi-sang spends some time at a leather crafting workshop. But wait, Ha-ri’s Mom is also there! She initiates a conversation with him and the two converse with each other. The more they talk, the more she realizes that they have things in common. Mom appreciates Yi-sang’s outlook in life and how he participates in new activities to provide new meaning into his life. Mom feels the same exact way as Yi-sang and she inquires him for more information on his love life. You see, Mom knows this lady who’s going to be inheriting a building soon. Is Yi-sang single? Is he interested? However, Yi-sang clarifies his relationship status. He already has a sweet and pretty girlfriend who he wants to be good to so that they can be together for as long as possible. Mom’s interest in Yi-sang dies down after hearing about his girlfriend. Lol.

Ha-ri submits her resignation letter to Director Joo. She’s aware he’ll never hand over the position of Editor-in-Chief to her so she might as well just quit. Although Director Joo attempts to keep her by coming up with different reasons as to why she should stay, Ha-ri doesn’t budge. She’s determined to fight for herself and for other single, unmarried women also working at ‘The Baby.’ Her work evaluation should be based off of her character and performance. If she’s still not fit for the job once she finishes her time as acting Editor-in-Chief, then she’ll consider leaving. Before going to a cafe to meet up with Ha-ri, Yi-sang gifts Mom with a wrist brace for her hurting wrist. Mom is pretty sure that Yi-sang’s girlfriend must be the happiest girl in the world (yes, Mom, you’re right! She is the happiest woman in the world!).

Ha-ri and Yi-sang spend some time together at a cafe. Although Yi-sang commends his girlfriend for standing up for herself and resigning, Ha-ri feels conflicted about the situation. She worries for her junior colleagues. Maybe she should have thought things through. To cheer Ha-ri up, Yi-sang gifts her with a keychain that he created earlier during the leather crafting workshop. Aww. Jae-young remains distracted at work and he can’t seem to focus. He even forgets to pick up baby Do-Ah at the daycare center, but thankfully Mom’s got her. Jae-young catches up with Mom and apologizes for making her take care of both him and Do-Ah. Mom doesn’t mind all the babysitting. She feels bad for Jae-young and is willing to help out as much as she can. Back in the office, Ha-ri has a talk with the Editing triplets. Ha-ri might have submitted her resignation letter, but she surely won’t be dismissed, right? The four ladies wait anxiously for a phone call from Director Joo which eventually does arrive. They have one last chance to redeem themselves.

The challenge? Ha-ri and the team are to bring back all the readers they lost as a result of Ha-ri’s sperm donor scandal. If they manage to do this, Ha-ri will inherit the role of Editor-in-Chief. However, it’s not as easy as they think. Things feel discouraging, but the team don’t give up without at least trying. Our Editing Team brainstorm ideas of different stories and projects that they can possibly experiment with. At one point, Ha-ri leaves it up to to the triplets to think and do the work for her. She’s confident enough in her team that they’ll come up with something fun and different. And they do. They invite their readers to attend an event dedicated to playing games against Ha-ri. Whoever wins against Ha-ri in these games gets a prize! Thankfully, the mothers who unsubscribed to the magazine issue do show up to the event so Ha-ri has some opponents. Although she is just as determined and feisty as these Mom’s are to win, she has to play pretend to let them win.

The event is successful and Ha-ri wraps things up with a brief message. She hopes that the event was a good learning experience for the Mom’s who stopped reading and supporting ‘The Baby’ solely because of Ha-ri. She might not be perfect and she certainly isn’t a mother, but she hopes they’ll understand her after reading her column. She’s interacted with many Mom’s over the 15 years she’s worked at ‘The Baby’ which has only made her want to become a mother even more. Ha-ri strives to improve as a journalist and to keep sharing information with the readers to their magazine. She asks for the Mom’s at the event to subscribe to their magazine once again.

With Ha-ri busy with her event, Jae-young is left to handle Do-Ah’s first birthday photoshoot by himself. However, he doesn’t remain at the birthday photoshoot alone for too long. Jeong-won joins the father-daughter pair shortly into the photoshoot thanks to Ha-ri who gave the address of the photoshoot location to Jeong-won. Although Jae-young isn’t thrilled at the sight of his ex-wife, he lets her participate in the photoshoot. They snap a few photos together with baby Do-Ah.

Ha-ri spends some time doing inventory in the storage room. She panics and freaks out when she spots a pair of eyes staring at her from across the room. Rest assured, it’s only Eu-Ddeum and he approaches her right afterwards. Ha-ri comments how she can never get mad at Eu-Ddeum even though he can make her upset sometimes. Eu-Ddeum then randomly pulls out a pair of scissors and slides the open hole into Eu-deum’s ring finger. Although she’s confused as to why he’s doing this or what exactly he’s doing or who he’s doing it for, she lets him test out her ring finger with different types of scissors. Eu-Ddeum eventually stops with the ring testing and follows up with her about his sperm donation. Before, he was willing to donate some to her simply for the fact that it was her. However, he’s not so sure he feels the same way anymore.

Jae-young confronts Ha-ri that evening at her house. How could she think of contacting Jeong-won for Do-Ah’s photoshoot? However, Ha-ri argues that she only did it for Do-Ah so Do-Ah wouldn’t feel sad when she saw the photos later on in her life. Jae-young pours out his frustration and voices his thoughts on Ha-ri’s relationship with Yi-sang. Ha-ri might not feel uncomfortable with Jae-young potentially restarting with Jeong-won, but he doesn’t like seeing Ha-ri with Yi-sang. It just doesn’t sit right with him. The two are interrupted by Eun-young who joins the two that night for some drinks and snacks. She updates Ha-ri on her cheating brother-in-law and the situation related to him. Although he cheated, he and Eun-young’s sister will still remain together for the sake of their children. When you have kids, your relationship doesn’t end even when you get a divorce. Eun-young rejoices and celebrates with Ha-ri for getting into a new relationship, but Jae-young still isn’t happy. He warns her not to go overboard. She sounds excited and things are going well at the moment with Yi-sang, but her relationships have never ended on a good note historically.

After leaving the house, Eun-young has a talk with Jae-young about his feelings for Ha-ri. She makes it clear to him that even if Ha-ri was to break up with Yi-sang, she would never choose Jae-young. She simply doesn’t see him that way. Does he still want to risk his friendship with Ha-ri knowing that Ha-ri will never feel the same way about him? If he still wants to be friends with Ha-ri, the best he should do is just stay quiet and let his feelings fade away. That night, Jae-young thinks carefully about Eun-young’s words as he watches Ha-ri play with baby Do-Ah.

Ha-ri and Yi-sang remain the lovey dovey couple that they are. They update each other on how their day went and make plans for another date. The next day, Yi-sang spends some time alone outside at a park. He observes a mother hanging out with her daughter and reconsiders his stance on not having children. In an appointment with his urologist, Yi-sang announces his plans to become a father. To combat his infertility concern, he’s advised to take hormone injections at least twice every week for three months. Regardless of how long it might take, Yi-sang is willing to keep trying. He hasn’t told Ha-ri just quite yet about his condition and situation, but he’ll eventually get there.

And so it’s time to see if our Editing Team’s event with Ha-ri was effective or not. They anxiously wait for all 30 Mom’s who attended the event to enter a chatroom that they’ve created specifically just for them. One by one, all the Mom’s enter the chat and it’s a success for our team. They’ve managed to successfully gain back the readers who they lost back during Ha-ri’s scandal. Director Joo commends the team for their work and adds that the Chairman would like to speak with them too after watching a video that they posted of the event. The video spreads online and even Yi-sang catches a glimpse of Ha-ri’s successful event. The two lovebirds meet up that night at the Han River and check in with each other. Ha-ri is in a good mood and she feels as if everything is slowly coming together for her. Being happy only made her miss want to see Yi-sang even more. She then gathers her courage and confesses the words, “I love you.” Yi-sang is taken aback by the sudden confession, but he repeats the phrase back to her as well. The two sit next to each other, hand in hand and hip to hip.

It turns out that Ha-ri didn’t come home at all over night. Mom’s a little concerned about Ha-ri’s whereabouts, but she also tries not to think about it too much. Jae-young then pitches a spontaneous and honest proposal to Mom: what if he lived with Ha-ri? There wouldn’t be much of a change since he’s already living with her at the moment. Mom is speechless and doesn’t say much to his ask, but it’s obvious the wheels in her mind are turning. She might possibly get what she’s wanted all along.

My Thoughts:

AAAAAAAND the love triangle officially has started! I mean, it was always there, but it’s official given Jae-young’s active attempts and efforts to break Ha-ri and Yi-sang up. He not only voiced his thoughts to Ha-ri herself, but has even gone on to tempting Mom with an ask that she’s brought up to Jae-young a few times before. Ha-ri has finally found love after ten years and she’s so happy, but will Mom interject in her duaghter’s life again and persuade her to do what she wants?

I’ll just make this clear — I enjoy watching Jae-young’s reactions to our new couple, but I don’t necessarily like that he’s jealous. The way he was distracted at work or the way he quietly followed after Yi-sang and Ha-ri as they were walking off together was funny. He looked as if he was a part of the Dispatch team waiting for a dating scandal to happen. However, I felt iffy with the way that he expressed his jealousy towards Ha-ri or the approaches that he took to get Ha-ri and Yi-sang to break up. He had all these years to rekindle that relationship and romance with Ha-ri, but it wasn’t until she got into another relationship (a happy and healthy relationship at that) that he decided to finally do something about his feelings. It’s a little too late for him and I would hate to see Ha-ri and Yi-sang’s relationship go up in flames because of external factors like Jae-young. I don’t think they’re going to let anyone from the outside affect their relationship, but it also seems like Jae-young is determined to keep the two apart. Jae-young forced himself and his thoughts on Ha-ri; he’s making assumptions about her and how her relationship with Yi-sang will conclude simply because he’s seen her with her past relationships. He’s toying with Mom’s heart by pitching in an idea that she herself suggested to him a few times before which he brushed off and didn’t take seriously. I understand that Jae-young might have had feelings for Ha-ri all along, but why now? If he was afraid of risking his friendship with Ha-ri before and, therefore, didn’t want to confess to Ha-ri, why would he want want to do it now? Either way, he would still be risking his friendship with Ha-ri. Jae-young might be in that phase where he necessarily doesn’t want to be with Ha-ri, but he also doesn’t want to see her with anyone else because he’s become so used to always having her be there for him. He’s become so accustomed to Ha-ri as a single woman that now that she’s no longer available, he doesn’t know how to feel or react. He’s panicking because he feels as if he’s lost his chance. Now that things have changed, he’s uncertain as to what to do.

Our new lovebirds are so lovey dovey with each other and their ship has finally sailed. I’m glad they were able to confront and address the concerns that they were originally faced with. Yi-sang doesn’t want kids, but everyone knows that Ha-ri wants to be a mom. How were things going to work out between the two who carried such drastic thoughts and opinions about children and family? Their feelings for each other were mutual, but their feelings about children differed. What was going to happen to the two? But then the drama decided to show the two address and overcome these difficult questions in their relationship and now the two are in an official relationship. Now they can be happy and carefree without having to worry about the topic of children. I’m glad we were able to witness the two overcome their huddles first and then transition into a relationship than if it was the other way around. Sure, children is still going to be something that Yi-sang and Ha-ri will have to discuss about the longer they stay in their relationship, but as Ha-ri voiced in this episode, that talk will come at a later time. Right now, they’re learning to simply love each other and to learn more about each other and to just ultimately try to enjoy their time together as they can.

But I’ll also be honest, I’m scared that the drama is going to pull something terrible on us. We’re barely on episode 9 and our main couple is already dating. Things are going so well between them. They’re so happy and I’m glad to see them so happy, but I’m also scared that they’re so happy. LOL. What’s going to happen in the next 7 episodes? I think I’m scarred from dramas where the lead couple starts dating early into the drama because as we’ve seen plenty of times, something always go wrong. There’s either noble idiocy that comes into play or something tragic happens to either characters or their parents disprove of their relationship or something dramatic happens. My heart can’t take it. My heart can’t fathom watching Ha-ri and Yi-sang be so giddy and flirty around each other without knowing what’s going to happen to them in the future. My paranoia is running in the background, but I’m trying to tell myself that nothing bad’s going to happen. Ha-ri and Yi-sang will continue to remain in a healthy and balanced relationship and the most difficult part will be the topic about children since Yi-sang has yet to inform Ha-ri about his condition. If Ha-ri and Yi-sang are to break up one day, I hope it’ll be because they realized that they weren’t fit for each other and not necessarily because someone else influenced them to do so.

Ha-ri’s fight for her position as Editor-in-Chief was also another really interesting and enticing aspect in this episode. Even though she’s dedicated 15 years to work at ‘The Baby’, even that wasn’t enough for her to be promoted. Despite putting her heart and soul into ‘The Baby’ for almost two decades, she still wasn’t seen as worthy or valuable enough to be Editor-in-Chief simply for the fact that she wasn’t a mother herself and, therefore, didn’t have the knowledge or personal experience that Mom’s have. I’ll admit, there are certain things that one needs to experience in order to understand or empathize. However, Ha-ri has already proven herself through her performance, work ethics, and character through the 15 years at ‘The Baby.’ Plus, it’s not like she doesn’t want to become a mother herself. She does. She desperately does want to become a mom and has been in an active search to become one (which even got her into trouble!). However, none of these things matter because in the eyes of the Chairman and Director Joo, they only see her as a single and unmarried women with no children. They don’t feel as if she would know enough to be Editor-in-Chief.

I think that’s why it was so satisfying and rewarding to watch Ha-ri and her team gain back the readers who they lost because of Ha-ri. She ultimately proved both the readers as well as Director Joo wrong and gave them a reason to trust her. Sure, she might have messed up with the illegal sperm donation scandal, but she held herself accountable and fixed the chaotic situation that unfolded afterwards. Thanks to her and her team, they were able to bounce back from that incident and redeem themselves. I also love that our three Editing triplets helped Ha-ri out. They could have easily just let Director Joo recruit an outside hire to replace Mrs. Shim, but they also realized just how much they wanted Ha-ri to stay. They’ve formed this love-hate connection with her (mostly love) and they didn’t want to to see her go. Ha-ri needs them just as much as they need her and it was great to see them work together to accomplish their goals. If Ha-ri successfully achieved the challenge that she was presented with, then I think it’s safe to say she can do anything. She is deserving of the position as Editor-in-Chief.

Jae-young’s push for Ha-ri and Yi-sang to break up is only going to intensify and worsen and our two lovebirds might not be able to enjoy their relationship for much longer without other people butting in. This is Yi-sang and Ha-ri’s first relationship after many years and they’re so excited and relieved to finally be familiar with what love feels like. They’ve only been dating for a few days and they already have enemies. It’s not going to be pretty and I’m scared that things won’t remain happy for long, but I’m going to enjoy things while they last. Ha-ri and Yi-sang, hang in there!

Extra screenshots from the episode~

One response to “Oh My Baby: Episode 9 Recap”

  1. My favourite scene was also when Ha Ri handed in her resignation letter. It felt so relatable, not particularly to me but at my workplace definitely.

    And strangely, I started considering Jaeyoung as a contender in this episode but then they made him do the ‘wristgrab’. Seeing as to how the show was (I think) intentionally careful about no-wristgrab before Yi Sang-Ha Ri’s kiss in previous episode, I take this as a sign that they’re not meant to be together and the lesson we’ll get from Jae Young-Ha Ri is just on how to carefully manage your romantic feelings so as to not spoil your longtime friendship.

    Thanks for the recap by the way! Stumbled upon your site as I badly needed something to fill the emptiness while waiting for another Thursday.

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