Oh My Baby: Episode 10 Recap

Ha-ri and Yi-sang thought they had solved it all. They thought they overcame all the mysteries, concerns, and issues in the process of getting to know each other. However, not all the bumps have disappeared just yet. Although the two are now in a happy relationship with each other, there’s still one more issue that they come to learn will be their biggest and most challenging struggle just yet.

Oh My Baby Episode 10: The Moment That We Say It’s Love 2

Life is great for Ha-ri. She’s been now promoted to Editor-in-Chief! Woo hoo! Momma is proud of her baby daughter and so is the Editing team as well as Yi-sang. Ha-ri celebrates the good news with all of her supporters, but just like with everything else, the celebrations don’t last for long. After spending an entire night at work, Ha-ri washes herself up at a sauna. Yi-sang then picks her up outside and together they walk to the office together. Back at home, Mom worries for Ha-ri whose spent the entire night at the office working. Is she ever going to get married if all she focuses on is work? She’s also curious as to whether men really do donate their sperm in which Jae-young questions if Mom would be okay with Ha-ri raising a kid all on her own. Mom isn’t so happy with the idea; she would want Ha-ri to start a family after marriage. Jae-young then pitches the idea of him living with Ha-ri. They’ve technically have been already doing that, nothing much would change. Jae-young goes to get Do-Ah ready for daycare. Mom is in surprise at Jae-young’s proposal.

Yi-sang drops Ha-ri off in front of the office. Prior to separating, Ha-ri jokes around with her boyfriend and teases him to control himself. From make-out sessions in the elevator to intentional visits to her office just to see her, the two lovebirds has done it all. There are many things that Yi-sang would like to say to Ha-ri, but he holds back from saying anything. The two give each other a tight hug before going their own ways. Being Editor-in-Chief hasn’t changed much for Ha-ri. She’s still the strict, tough, and stern woman she’s always been and it doesn’t come as a surprise to her junior colleagues. Ha-ri stops by the Advertising Department to have a talk with Cheol-joong about work. Of course, Eu-Ddeum is excited and nervous at the sight of Ha-ri. He has a brief talk with her later and teases the Editor-in-Chief into having lunch with her. Ha-ri eventually gives in and she accepts.

Soo-cheol is a busy man. He’s been taking up many different side projects and part-time gigs in order to make money and financially support his family. In a friendly conversation with Yi-sang, he lists out the various ways he’s been keeping himself occupied. Yi-sang commends him for his efforts to do so many things all at once. Although Soo-cheol appreciates the comment, he also reminds Yi-sang that he should be worried about himself; he is the one who’s in a serious relationship with Ha-ri. Ha-ri and her team pulls another all-nighter at the office to finish up on a big project. When permitted to go home, Ha-ri calls Yi-sang to inform him and he walks her back home. However, Ha-ri wants to do things differently this time and she doesn’t want Yi-sang to go home just quite yet. She requests if he would be willing to change one of the lightbulbs inside her room. Yi-sang is shy and thrilled at the thought, but the two are interrupted by a suspicious Jae-young who was hiding outside from the couple. He interjects and volunteers to change the lightbulb for Ha-ri instead. Ha-ri eventually enters her room without neither guys entering, but the competition between Jae-young and Yi-sang is still strong. Haha.

With Ha-ri inside her house, Jae-young seizes the opportunity to visit her. He grabs some stew that Mom made for her daughter and brings it up to Ha-ri. Of course, he just needed an excuse to spend time with Ha-ri so they chat about her job. Ha-ri has been busy with work due to several projects in addition to it being her first month as Editor-in-Chief. Exhausted, she knocks out while Jae-young is talking to her. He’s ready. He’s ready for what Ha-ri has been asking for all this time (AKA marriage), but just as he’s talking to her, Ha-ri falls asleep. Jae-young places a blanket over Ha-ri and leaves her to get some rest. He contemplates on his life and his current situation that night. Things are stressful for him.

While jogging around in the neighborhood, Yi-sang comes across the aerobic class that Mom is holding outside. After the session ends, Yi-sang and Mom catch up with each other. Since they click along so well, Mom is desperate to introduce him to her daughter. She checks in with him on how things are going between him and his girlfriend and loses hope when he mentions that things are going well. Yi-sang has no interest in meeting Mom’s daughter and he awkwardly excuses himself from the conversation. Lol. I can’t wait to see their reactions once they realize they’re talking about the same person. Back at his clinic, Jae-young prepares to grab lunch. However, there’s someone else who wants to grab lunch with him. It’s his ex-wife, Jeong-won. While at the restaurant, they confront each other about Jeong-won’s involvement in Do-Ah’s life as her mom. Jeong-won still wants to be involved in Jae-young and Do-Ah’s lives, but Jae-young isn’t as accepting of the idea. He reminds her that she’s been absent in their daughter’s life and plus, he doesn’t feel the same way about Jeong-won anymore. Jeong-won follows up to Jae-young’s comment with an idea of her own: she’ll give up on Jae-young if Ha-ri has feelings for him back. That’s the only way Jeong-won will go away.

Ha-ri exits the house for a date with Yi-sang. On the way out, Mom catches her and teases her on her dating. She wants to be introduced to Ha-ri’s boyfriend as soon as possible, but Ha-ri jokes that Mom’s just gonna bring up marriage and scare him away. Ha-ri eventually meets up with Yi-sang and they spend time at a museum together. Eventually, the two are separated when Ha-ri stops to take photos for a family so they attempt to find each other in the vast and confusing museum. The couple leave it up to “fate” to decide and they eventually reunite. Ha-ri and Yi-sang chat about how fascinating it was that they found each other in the big museum and assume it was “fate” for them to meet and find each other. Maybe this so-called “fate” might not exist, but it’s a strong concept that exist in many couple’s relationships because they want to believe in it.

The two head outside to a food market where many other food vendors are selling their products. Yi-sang sits Ha-ri down and attempts to reveal the truth to her. He wants to do all the things that she wants to do so he can learn more about her. More over, he likes kids. He doesn’t hate kids and this is something that he wishes Ha-ri wouldn’t misunderstand. Just when Yi-sang is about to explain to Ha-ri about his infertility issues, Yi-sang is interrupted by the shouting of different food vendors. He’s distracted and the words are difficult to roll off his tongue. Eventually, Yi-sang gives up and he refrains from saying anything to Ha-ri. Later on that night at his house, Yi-sang beats himself up over his inability to tell Ha-ri the truth. He doesn’t want her to think he’s deceiving her so he desperately wants to Ha-ri the truth, but he just can’t bring himself to do it. Yi-sang is afraid of losing Ha-ri.

While Yi-sang has a talk with himself and his many mini-stoneheads at his house, Ha-ri has a talk with Jae-young back at home about him. He wonders what things would have been like had he not gotten married to Jeong-won. Ha-ri feels as if things would still be the same between her and Jae-young regardless. Jae-young reflects on his relationship with Jeong-won. He used to love her to death, but if he had just done better, maybe she wouldn’t have left him. Now he barely even gets to see her anymore. Ha-ri listens carefully to Jae-young’s words and thoughts. The next day, Ha-ri returns to her desk after a tough meeting with some higher-ups. In an effort to combat the decrease in sales, she and Yeon-ho brainstorm on what topics they could possibly cover in their next issue. Yeon-ho notes that many readers were interested in their article about infertility so Ha-ri agrees to the idea. She proposes that Yeon-ho send her a list of ovulation-inducing agents that they could publish and talk about in their magazine. When Yeon-ho leaves the office, Eu-Ddeum approaches Ha-ri for another request. He wants to meet up with her on Saturday. Though suspicious, Ha-ri agrees.

Eu-Deum meets up with Hyo-joo afterwards at a cafe shop. She inquires him for more details on how things are coming along for his confession. Eu-Ddeum is confident and updates that he’s planning to confess on Saturday. On the day of the confession, Hyo-joo prepares by going to a hair salon to get a makeover. After the makeover, she heads to the same cafe that she visited with Eu-Ddeum the day before and waits anxiously for a phone call from Eu-Ddeum. Eu-Ddeum himself gets ready for the big day. He’s dressed up in a nice suit and he stops by the jewelry shop to pick up the ring. After learning of Ha-ri’s whereabouts through a phone call, he shows up to the restaurant where both Ha-ri and Yi-sang are waiting.

However, things aren’t like what he expected. Along with sitting opposite each other at the same table, Yi-sang and Ha-ri are even holding hands. The sight throws Eu-Ddeum off and he freezes in shock. Yi-sang eventually comes to clean to him about his relationship with Ha-ri which pushes Eu-Ddeum to walk away. On his way out, he stares at the ring that he had bought for Ha-ri. Back inside the restaurant, Yi-sang and Ha-ri worry about everyone else who might know about their relationship. Furthermore, Yi-sang grows worried about Eu-Ddeum and Jae-young. He doesn’t want Ha-ri to meet with them on her own, but she reassures her boyfriend that nothing will happen. There’s nothing she can do about living with Jae-young since her mom has permitted him to live with them so Yi-sang will just have to put up with it.

Eu-Ddeum is at a loss for words upon finding out about Ha-ri and Yi-sang’s relationship. He can’t help but stare at the ring he bought for his crush. Hyo-joo isn’t having the best day either. She goes home heart-broken and dejected upon no contact from Eu-Ddeum. Yi-sang and Ha-ri spend another date at a restaurant nearby her house. While snacking and drinking some beer, Yi-sang’s drunk side comes out and he starts to act cute (“hello there again! – Ha-ri hahaha). Drunk, he brings up how he and Ha-ri are driving their cars at two different speeds; they’ll eventually get into a car accident. Ha-ri doesn’t quite understand Yi-sang’s reference, but he changes his subject. He invites Ha-ri over to have some ramen at his house, but the two are interrupted by a sweaty and haughty Jae-young. Lol. He’s soaked in sweat from all the running and rushing he did to get to the restaurant. He urges Ha-ri to go home and disproves of the idea of Ha-ri going over to Yi-sang’s house to eat some “ramen.” With Jae-young ruining the date, Ha-ri calls it a day.

Later on at home that night, Ha-ri and Jae-young fight it out. He updates Mom on how Ha-ri was about to go over to her boyfriend’s place to have some ramen. Mom doesn’t understand what the big deal is; Jae-young should stop intruding on Ha-ri’s personal life (you go, Mom!). Jae-young still doesn’t think it was right for Ha-ri to even consider going to her boyfriend’s house so soon into their relationship. There should be an order to things. And plus, if her boyfriend really was ready for this next phase in their relationship, he would have done something already. The comment clicks in Ha-ri’s mind and she assumes Yi-sang must feel pressured since he knows she wants kids. Mom gives things a thought and recalls Jae-young’s request for him to live with Ha-ri like how they’ve been doing. She feels conflicted knowing that her daughter is in a happy relationship with someone else, but she also wants to settle for comfort knowing that Jae-young is a possible contender for her daughter. Now that Ha-ri realizes the potential pressure she’s putting on Yi-sang, she begins to grow paranoid. She recalls the speeding reference that Yi-sang gave her the night before at the restaurant and it all begins to slowly make sense to her.

That night after work, Ha-ri goes over to Yi-sang’s house. They each dress up for the occasion and takes things slowly at first. Ha-ri takes a look at the pictures on the shelf in Yi-sang’s living room and notices a picture frame of Yi-sang’s hand with the stamp that Ha-ri gave to him. Ha-ri then brings up the device that she wanted Yi-sang to help her install in his bathroom: it’s a toilet cleaner. She did use it as an excuse to come over so they have to do something with it. Ha-ri installs the device in the toilet and pretends to care about it, but they both know that they have bigger things on their mind. So the couple sits down on the couch and address the elephant in the room. Ha-ri wishes for Yi-sang to not feel pressured; Yi-sang is the most important thing to her at the moment. With that off her chest, Ha-ri and Yi-sang slowly lean in to each other for a kiss. However, they’re quickly and surprisingly interrupted by an announcement that the security office has set off in all the units of the apartment complex. The announcement is unable to stop and our couple is left with no choice but to save the special moment for another time. When Yi-sang drops Ha-ri off back at home, he follows up on another opportunity to try things again. What about that lightbulb that Ha-ri brought up last time? Is it still broken? Does Ha-ri still want Yi-sang to help replace it? Ha-ri catches onto Yi-sang’s suggestion so she invites him into her room. However, right at that moment, Jae-young exits her room with the lightbulb so the couple has run out of options again. So much for changing lightbulbs! Yi-sang runs back home, shouting in frustration along the way. Lol.

Ha-ri meets with her OB-GYN doctor for an updated appointment. Ha-ri shares that she no longer plans to find a sperm donor as she now has a boyfriend. Her OB-GYN doctor then decides to stop prescribing painkillers for Ha-ri and will instead replace it with injections that will induce Ha-ri’s ovulations. Therefore, Ha-ri should try her best to get pregnant on her ovulation day. Ha-ri isn’t so comfortable at the thought of rushing things with Yi-sang, but her OB-GYN doctor has no comments at Ha-ri’s reluctancy. It’s either now or never.

The next day at work, Yi-sang gives things a thought. The pressure to reveal the truth to Ha-ri about his infertility issues grow and he calls Ha-ri for a time to meet up. He wants to make Ha-ri’s wishes come true so they both agree to meet up after work that day. When the phone call ends, Ha-ri goes back to focus on work. She’s given a list of ovulation-inducing agents for their upcoming edition on infertility and goes to grab a contract for work. Back at home, Jae-young forgets to grab Do-Ah’s stroller which throws Mom off. He usually never forgets about Do-Ah’s stroller. Mom senses that something is off about Jae-young and questions if he has feelings for Ha-ri. Jae-young doesn’t avoid the question and instead remains honest with Mom. He does. He does like Ha-ri and he’s not so sure what to do about it.

Ha-ri stops by the studio to assist So-yoon, Soo-cheol, and Yi-sang for a photoshoot. They need a couple to pose behind a screen as part of the photoshoot so that they can capture the couple’s silhouette. Ha-ri volunteers to join her boyfriend so the two hide behind the screen. They then take the opportunity to address things since they’re alone (behind the screen) and urgently express what is on their mind. Ha-ri starts off first. She wants to have both children and marriage, but her first priority is children. She can’t postpone things much longer. With that in mind, she wishes for the father of her kids to be someone she loves. She would like Yi-sang to be the father to her children. However, Yi-sang’s nervous face says it all. He loves Ha-ri, but things won’t be easy for the both of them. Yi-sang confesses that it’s hard for him to have kids. The smile and excitement on Ha-ri’s face fades while Yi-sang waits for some kind of reaction from his girlfriend.

My Thoughts:

GAAAAH, my heart! This was going to happen sooner or later and I’m glad that Yi-sang had the courage to finally say what was on his mind. It wasn’t easy for him at all and the earlier attempts to reveal the truth to Ha-ri in earlier moments just didn’t feel right. Although I would like to think that the timing to his confession inside of the studio was the best shot he had, I also have to acknowledge that it was probably the only shot he had left. There will never be a right timing for such a big and groundbreaking announcement. His comment about not being able to have kids will always hurt both him and Ha-ri because he understands that it hinders Ha-ri’s dreams of becoming a mother. Regardless of when he finally had the courage and confidence to tell Ha-ri, it won’t change the impact and pain that the both of them will feel. Ha-ri has the right to be hurt because she desperately wants to become a mother and she assumes she finally had the chance to become one thanks to Yi-sang. Yi-sang is just as hurt because he too wanted to have kids and he wanted to be able to make Ha-ri’s dreams come true. The both of them will hurt and it’s going to take some time and effort for the both of them to heal.

However, as heartbreaking as it was to watch Yi-sang reveal the truth to Ha-ri, there’s also this relief knowing that the weight on Yi-sang’s shoulder has been lifted. He no longer feels the heaviness on his chest and the suffocation of waiting, but instead can breathe a little easier now. Sure, there’s still the reaction part that’s scary and that provides lots of uncertainty in and of itself, but I’m glad he was able to be honest with Ha-ri. I’m glad he didn’t drag things out for much longer. Again, it’s not like he was holding back intentionally or anything. As we saw, Yi-sang wanted to come forward and be honest with Ha-ri about his health from the start. However, it just didn’t feel right or he was always interrupted by something else so he couldn’t quite get around to it. I’m also not completely sure how Ha-ri will react. A part of me feels like there’ll be this sense of sadness inside of her knowing that she might not become a mother with someone who she loves, but another part of me also feels like she’ll be understanding. Yes, she’s in a rush to have a kid and to become a mother, but she also loves Yi-sang enough to respect him and his health. Like she mentioned in an earlier episode, she’s not going to choose between her kid and her lover and if she does, she would choose her lover. She’ll choose Yi-sang in the end.

There were quite a few heartbreaks in this episode as well. Of course, the biggest one for me was Eu-Ddeum who planned a huge confession for Ha-ri only to be disappointed in the end. I don’t know what would have been more heartbreaking: Eu-Ddeum being rejected by Ha-ri because she didn’t feel the same way about him or Eu-Ddeum being rejected because he discovered about Ha-ri and Yi-sang’s relationship at a cafe and saw the two of them holding hands. Regardless, Eu-Ddeum is now lost and hopeless and I feel for the naive, innocent, and clueless man. He might be a hardworking and clumsy man making enough money to purchase a ring, but he’s a kid at heart. My heart hurt for him. Of course, the other person my heart hurt for was Jae-young. It was touching to watch him be the one to share his worries and concerns in life to Ha-ri. Whereas before, it had primarily been the other way around with Ha-ri mainly venting to Jae-young and sharing her thoughts on motherhood with him, the tables have turned now and he’s the one carrying a load of conflicting thoughts in his head. The scene where he questioned the decisions he’s made in his life and how it’s lead him to where he is at the moment was such a heartbreaking sight. With every passing interaction that he witnesses between Ha-ri and Yi-sang, it becomes more and more of a wake-up call for him that things are too late. It’s too late for him to possibly be with Ha-ri. She’s found herself in a happy and healthy relationship and there’s nothing he can do about it. His past decisions has paved the way to his current situation and I think that’s what Jae-young was trying to grapple with in this episode. He was trying to process the fact that he’s lost Ha-ri because of the decisions he’s made both in the past and the present. He didn’t take the opportunities he had when he had them and now there’s nothing he can do. Jae-young struggled to come to terms with his feelings.

Ha-ri and Yi-sang remain ever so adorable, but they also have a lot more work to do if they want things to remain as sweet and happy in their relationship. Along with facing external factors like Jae-young, they have also internal issues and factors that they will have to take into consideration and overcome. The biggest one is Yi-sang’s issue with infertility which will prove to be their biggest challenge just yet. However, miracles do exist and possibilities are endless. Maybe through all of this, Ha-ri and Yi-sang will realize what they truly want in life as well as in their relationship; maybe through all of these bumps on the road, they will realize that what matters most: their love for each other.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

3 responses to “Oh My Baby: Episode 10 Recap”

    • Hi Lerlypop,

      Are you talking about the scene where Ha-ri goes over to Yi-sang’s house? If so, it’s called ‘Like a Star’ by Kwon Jin-Ah 🙂

  1. Ep. 11 preview breaks my heart but I think teasers are meant to tease and I’m hopeful that the Ha Ri who said she knows finding a lover is a miracle too, and that she wouldn’t let him go, will come back soon. Of course it’s tough to find out the trust about Yi Sang but he is hurt too (and got his confidence crushed in the past, because of this), and hopefully they will be each other’s source of strength to go through their respective problems.

    And I also hope the fact that Yi Sang and Ha Ri’s mum budding friendship will help them to overcome this hurdle!

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