Oh My Baby: Episode 13 Recap

Life is unpredictable and you never know what’s going to happen. Ties that you thought were broken were never really shattered at all and missed opportunities that seemed like regrets at one point were actually blessings in disguise. Sometimes, you have to learn things the hard way, but that’s what life is all about.

Oh My Baby Episode 13: Why Life Brings Us Hardships

Ha-ri and Yi-sang enjoy their time together at the vacation house. After spending the night together, the couple share their morning teasing each other and Yi-sang even gifts Ha-ri with a pretty necklace. After leaving the room for a bit so Ha-ri can get ready, the two enjoy their breakout outside while sitting side by side. Although Ha-ri finds it a bit strange that they’re sitting next to each other instead of across from each other, she’s just happy to be with her boyfriend. They eventually drive back home and hold hands while doing so. Our couple is happily in love.

Ha-ri arrives home to find her mom out. She inquires Jae-young for more information, but his reaction to seeing her isn’t so great. He recalls how he walked away from almost knocking on the vacation house that Yi-sang and Ha-ri were staying at and avoids Ha-ri by returning to his bedroom to take care of baby Do-Ah. Mom herself does some thinking after her aerobic class. She recalls reuniting with Ha-ri’s dad after what was decades and asking that he never contact her or anyone from her family ever again. She grows even more upset when Ha-ri’s dad follows up on Ha-ri and how she’s doing. Ha-ri’s dad was never there for her when she was younger, he shouldn’t even be thinking of himself as her father. Mom hands Ha-ri’s dad an envelope with money before walking away.

Mom eventually returns home after checking in with Ha-ri. Who knows what Ha-ri is doing nowadays with her boyfriend, haha. Mom and Ha-ri brew some tea together in the kitchen and chat about Yi-sang. Mom just seems happy and relieved that her daughter is in a happy relationship. She notes that Ha-ri should be wise and get married to a man who cherishes her, unlike what happened with her and Ha-ri’s dad. Ha-ri takes Mom’s words into consideration, but she also feels a bit sad with Mom’s words.

While taking a stroll around the neighborhood, Yi-sang comes across a shop selling wedding attire. He stares at the bride and groom mannequins placed in front of the window and smiles at the thought of his own wedding one day. Ha-ri and Hyo-joo head into work together. On the way to the office, they encounter Eu-Ddeum who gifts Ha-ri with some pomegranate juice. Jealous, Hyo-joo pulls Eu-Ddeum aside for a private talk. Shouldn’t it be time that Eu-Ddeum get over his feelings for Ha-ri? Eu-Ddeum responds that he has been letting his feelings for Ha-ri go gently. Although she didn’t accept his love and confession, he still believes his unrequited love for her was beautiful. His feelings for her were genuine and pure. Eu-Ddeum associates his love for Ha-ri as a beautiful moment in his life and he proceeds to entering the office afterwards. Hyo-joo is convinced once again that she likes Eu-Ddeum.

Once inside the office, Hyo-joo sports the fake Gucci slippers that Eu-Ddeum got her a while back. She feels happy and cheerful just wearing them simply for the fact that it was Eu-Ddeum who got them for her. Inside the studio, Soo-cheol manages a wedding photoshoot with a couple. Yi-sang is impressed with the photos and once again ponders at the thought of marriage. Soo-cheol warns him that the marriage life is not like what he assumes or thinks, but Yi-sang is okay with it. He’s okay if marriage is exhausting. His primary goal in life is to love Ha-ri as selfishly and shamelessly like how he has been doing. Yi-sang wants to make her happy in life. He goes on to imagining a photoshoot where he and Ha-ri take some wedding photos together.

Jae-young treats Mom out for lunch after her guitar lesson ends. Jae-young announces his plans to move out of Mom’s place. It’ll be difficult for him to face Ha-ri from now on and plus, there’s nothing he can do any longer in regards to his feelings either. Mom apologizes for being too greedy with Jae-young. He was too good to pass up on so she took him in. However, Jae-young responds by apologizing in return. He was the greedy one. To lighten up the mood, the two joke around about Jae-young and Ha-ri’s relationship. Since Mom and Jae-young’s mom were best friends, they should have made a promise that Jae-young and Ha-ri would get married once they were older. Better yet, Jae-young and Ha-ri could have been an arranged marriage. Things have changed and all Jae-young can do now is thank Mom for all that she’s done for him.

Ha-ri prepares for a photoshoot with a little girl in the studio. The little girl mistakens Ha-ri to be her mom which throws both Yi-sang and Ha-ri off. The little girl eventually reunites with her real mom, but the incident sticks to both of their minds. After the photoshoot, Ha-ri and the Editing triplets gather all their props and return to their office. However, they head back inside the studio due to Ha-ri’s forgetfulness. She forgot her ID back inside the studio. Unbeknownst to Yi-sang and Soo-cheol, the four ladies are listening in on their conversation regarding Yi-sang’s proposal. Omo, omo. Yi-sang plans on getting Ha-ri a ring and wants to hold their wedding in a cathedral. Soo-cheol recommends that he somehow figure out the size of Ha-ri’s ring finger and what her religion is before he is to finalize anything.

Our Editing triplets are excited upon hearing the news. Yi-sang’s going to propose to Ha-ri! Yay! But Ha-ri herself has trouble processing the news. Her boyfriend is going to propose to her. She’s not sure what to think or how to act. So Ha-ri can’t help but grow suspicious and paranoid that Yi-sang is going to propose to her any minute. From picking her up at work to driving her home, she’s afraid he’s going to pop the question to her at any given moment. The pressure is just too much for Ha-ri and she asks for Yi-sang to drop her off instead of grabbing dinner together. She feels uncomfortable at the thought of getting married and asks for Yi-sang to also reconsider whether this is something he wants. With Ha-ri’s sudden reaction, Yi-sang grows clueless as to whether it was the flower or the restaurant he made a reservation at that she didn’t like. Lol. Yi-sang doesn’t quite get it, but I love it.

In a conversation with Eun-young that night, Ha-ri learns why she’s feeling so hesitant and afraid to be proposed to. Eun-young describes it as cold feet: a kind of fear you have before getting married. Maybe Ha-ri’s afraid that her marriage life will turn out differently than what she’s dreamed of all her life. But yet, it doesn’t make any sense to Ha-ri. She’s always wanted to get married and to have a family like everyone else. She’s always wanted a normal family so why would she be afraid? Eun-young notes that maybe it’s because Ha-ri’s never had any knowledge of experience of what having a normal family is like that she’s afraid. But Ha-ri disagrees. Although her dad left her when she was young, not everything was bad. Her dad did treat her nicely when he was around in her life. If this is the case, then Eun-young assumes that it must just be that Ha-ri’s afraid that Yi-sang will propose to her weirdly. Lol. Ha-ri assumes this must be the reason as to why she has cold feet, but Eun-young also commends her for her behavior. Having cold feet isn’t such a bad thing; it’s good that Ha-ri’s reconsidering her situation before things are too late.

The next morning, Ha-ri attempts to make amends with Jae-young. She has something weighing on her mind and she seeks his advice and support. However, Jae-young rejects her request and comments that he can’t be her friend at the moment. He’s not in a position to be one. Back inside the house, Mom calls his sister to warn her to never interact with Ha-ri’s dad ever again. But things aren’t as easy and simple as Mom thinks. She learns that Ha-ri’s dad had actually asked them for Ha-ri’s phone number. Ha-ri and Yi-sang take a short break from work. While walking to grab some coffee, they chat about the infertile couple they’ll be interviewing later on. Yi-sang’s concerned about how Ha-ri feels about the interview, but Ha-ri reassures him that she’ll be fine.

And so our couple grab some coffee together. On the walk back to the office, Yi-sang hopes that he can serve as a source of support and comfort for his girlfriend, especially through times of hardships and difficulties. He also pitches the idea of him and Ha-ri living together. I mean, don’t they want to spend everyday together? Right at that moment, Yi-sang drops onto one knee and places his cup of coffee down on the ground. Ha-ri panics and assumes Yi-sang’s going to propose to her at the moment in public. She quickly walks away from her boyfriend and pretends to not know Yi-sang. Yi-sang grows confused at Ha-ri’s weird reaction. Is there something wrong with getting on his knees to tie his shoes? He simply just wanted to tie his shoes. Hahaha.

While walking to the studio, our Editing triplets approach Yi-sang with the answers to the burning questions on his mind. Ha-ri’s ring size is 11 and she’s not religious so they shouldn’t get married at a Cathedral. They also hand him a note offering him their support just in case he has any more questions that he need answers to. Lol. When they return to the office, Hyo-joo makes sure to get her daily dose of Eu-Ddeum. After putting on the fake Gucci slippers he got her, she walks over to the Advertising office to peek at him. She reunites with him later on in the office lobby to just chat and catch up. From asking him to get dinner with her to attending church together, Eu-Ddeum somehow manages to smoothly weave his way out of Hyo-joo’s requests. He declines her offers to spend more time together. It seems like she’ll need to try a little bit harder if she wants to impress Eu-Ddeum and find a way into his heart.

With Jae-young now allowing visitation rights, Jeong-won gets to spend some time with Do-Ah. Before bidding farewell, Jae-young gives Jeong-won some tips on baby Do-Ah’s habits and behavior. However, it’s not so easy for him and he has a hard time separating from his daughter. Jeong-won notices just how much effort he’s pouring into his relationship with baby Do-Ah and wishes that he would have done the same back when they were still married. Jae-young too had his faults back then, but he argues that he at least didn’t abandon his daughter. Jeong-won eventually walks off with baby Do-Ah while Jae-young is left alone.

Ha-ri and Yi-sang conduct their interview with the same infertility couple whose journey they had been following along this entire time. However, only the husband is available to chat since his wife is showing symptoms of miscarriage and is at home resting. After updating the couple on how his wife has been feeling and behaving, he shares that he does feel a sense of guilt for their situation. The both of them want a kid, but he also knows just how much harder his wife has it. She’s had to make many sacrifices to get to this point. He ultimately hopes their wishes of having a kid will be heard. When the interview concludes, Yi-sang and Ha-ri check in with each other. Ha-ri hopes that Yi-sang won’t ever feel guilty if something was to happen to Ha-ri, but Yi-sang admits that he already does feel guilty. She is postponing her surgery and there’s a chance that his treatments might not work. When that time comes, Yi-sang hopes that Ha-ri will put herself first.

While walking home that night, Ha-ri encounters Mom in the park near their neighborhood. Mom is out to get some fresh air so Ha-ri joins her mom in doing the same. They have a heart-to-heart conversation about marriage and the fears related to getting married. Ha-ri’s curious as to what Mom’s life would have been like had she never gotten married and given birth to Ha-ri. Mom doesn’t think too much about it and assumes that she would have gone on with her life in some other way. Is Ha-ri asking because she’s worried that she might not have a kid herself? Ha-ri admits that she is worried. She’s worried what her life will be like if she was to get married, not be able to have a kid, and then suddenly be left alone because her husband left. However, Mom reassures her daughter that she will always have Mom with her. They can grow old together until the very end. Aww.

Rumors of ‘The Baby’ discontinuing spreads throughout the company and Ha-ri has a talk about it with Director Joo. He proposes his plans for a “restructuring” of some sort (AKA he wants to cut down on the amount of employees working at ‘The Baby’). But wait, they’re already so short-staffed and things are already as difficult as it is. However, there needs to be a way to cut down on costs somewhere somehow. Ha-ri vows to come up with a way to save ‘The Baby’ through advertisements and sales. They agree to table the talk about downsizing the team for another time, but Director Joo still wants a restructuring proposal from Ha-ri just in case. After her meeting with Director Joo, Ha-ri has a brief talk with Cheol-joong and Yeon-ho in the office hallway. She suggests that the Editing team brainstorm on possible events and ideas they can host while Cheol-joong and his team can think of ways they can market ‘The Baby.’ So with that, our Editing team gets to work. They share multiple ideas about possible events and how they can get their name out there.

Ha-ri and her team work late into the night so Yi-sang gifts them with some snacks. Woo hoo! Yi-sang is also busy working on a project of his own and studies a book written about different types of marriage proposals. AHHH. Before munching on the food that Yi-sang sent over, Ha-ri calls her mom to update her about her situation. She won’t be home until late that night because of her project. Mom isn’t so worried. She too isn’t home since she’s out of town for an examination. Ha-ri assumes Mom is in the hospital based off of her comment, but Mom lies that she’s not. When the phone call ends, Mom is directed by a hospital staff to a room. Ha-ri can’t seem to shake off the suspicion and grows worried based off of her phone call with Mom.

When Ha-ri arrives home that night, she learns from Jae-young that Mom’s gone on a trip with her hiking club. Ha-ri just finds it suspicious that they went out mid-week since they usually never do. The two also have an awkward chat about baby Do-Ah. Jae-young answers that she’s spending some time with her mom for a few days so it’s just him alone. The two housemates eventually separate and go their own ways, but reunite shortly afterwards when the electricity shuts off that night. While searching for some candles, Ha-ri almost falls, but is fortunately caught by Jae-young who grabs onto her arm just in time to protect her from falling. The search for the candle resumes and they eventually keep each other company while in the dark.

Jae-young starts off by asking Ha-ri if she’s ever had any feelings for him or has ever had a crush on him in all their years of knowing each other. While Ha-ri’s only had a temporary crush on him back in middle school, Jae-young’s feelings for Ha-ri started back when he was in elementary school. She was his first love. Ha-ri has a difficult time understanding why Jae-young would bring up something from three decades ago. It’s not like anything would have changed between the two of them. But Jae-young argues that things would have been different. They would have either stayed by each other’s sides or had a fall-out and never seen each other again. He realizes that he was just too afraid to make that leap so he kept on missing his chance to be with Ha-ri.

Ha-ri attempts to change the topic by talking about children and Jae-young’s journey as a dad, but he continues to talk about himself. He’s always led an easy life, but he began to seriously reflect on his life once things got more challenging as he got older. However, these hardships were only blessings for him and they gave him an opportunity to look back at all the missed moments and opportunities in his life. Although Ha-ri notes that Jae-young is a great dad and he should be proud of himself, Jae-young now has a better understanding of everything. He now has one last chance to get back at what he lost thanks to Ha-ri.

So with that, he musters up the courage to confess to Ha-ri. He likes her. Even the lights turning back on doesn’t phase Jae-young and he continues to express his honest thoughts to her. The only way he’ll be able to move forward in his life is if he told her the truth so he’s using this last chance to do so. Ha-ri’s afraid that she’ll lose Jae-young once again through this confession, but Jae-young reassures her that she won’t. He’ll grow up in life and use this as an opportunity to be more mature. He ends the conversation by thanking her for everything as well as apologizing and he hopes she remains happy always. Jae-young takes the first steps away from Ha-ri with tears in his eyes. This phase in their friendship has come to an end at last.

The next morning, Yi-sang grows concerned when Mom fails to show up to their leather crafting workshop so he informs Ha-ri. With this now on Ha-ri’s radar, she calls her aunt for an update. If Mom’s not at the hospital because of her stomach cancer, then why else would she be at the hospital? Meanwhile, Mom calls Jae-young to ask him for a favor. She requests for him to come pick Ha-ri up at the hospital once she arrives. She already knows Ha-ri won’t react too well once she sees what Mom has been up to at the hospital. And so, Ha-ri receives her answer not too long afterwards. When she arrives at the hospital, she discovers Mom accompanying a man on a hospital bed. It takes a few seconds for Ha-ri to register who the man is and she’s not so happy with Mom once she realizes what’s going on.

Ha-ri pulls Mom outside of the room for a talk. Why would Mom take care of Dad when he was absent from both of their lives for so long? Why exactly is she caring for him? Mom reveals that Dad is suffering from stage four liver cancer so she’s going to stay with him until his surgery passes. But Ha-ri just can’t seem to comprehend just why Mom is doing this for Dad. Mom had to endure years of hard work and labor just to provide for the both of them, she must resent Dad too. Mom defends her actions by stating that she’s doing this so Ha-ri doesn’t get hurt. Ha-ri wouldn’t want to regret knowing that her dad died sick and homeless, but Ha-ri disagrees. She doesn’t care about Dad anymore; she doesn’t even hate him anymore because she doesn’t have the time or energy to do so. Mom eventually gets Ha-ri to leave and continues to stay with Dad at the hospital.

Jae-young waits outside the hospital for Ha-ri and almost flags her down upon seeing her. However, he changes his mind at the last second and notifies Yi-sang about Ha-ri’s situation. Yi-sang runs straight to Ha-ri’s house after the phone call with Jae-young only to find her crying outside her house. He squats to be at her eye level and gently wraps his arms around her. While patting her, he voices that he’s here for her. Everything will be okay. Eventually, the crying stops and the two lovers stare into each other’s eyes. Everything indeed will be okay (omg, I’m crying too. They’re so beautiful together).

The next morning, Ha-ri returns to the hospital for her dad’s surgery. She waits in the lobby area for updates about her dad’s surgery status. After checking the monitor and seeing that her dad’s surgery concluded successfully, Ha-ri exits the hospital knowing that her dad will recover just fine. On the way out, she reflects on her family saying,

I just don’t get it. I may hate him, but he is still my dad. That’s why I get to see him whether I like it or not. But why can’t my mom sever ties with him even though they’re divorced?

When love lets me down and the one I love hurts me deeply, will I be able to stay strong like my mother?

Ha-ri then receives a text from Yi-sang at that moment asking to meet up at the studio so Ha-ri proceeds to do so. When she arrives, she discovers Yi-sang sitting on a bench in front of the backdrop. He also his camera set up for a photoshoot. They haven’t taken a photo together so far into their relationship so he feels as if this is the perfect opportunity to do so. He also hopes to be able to take more pictures together throughout their relationship. So the photographer sets his camera up to snap a few photos of him and Ha-ri in the same frame. They plaster beautiful smiles on their faces and they even share a few giggles in between. However, there’s much more to the photoshoot than Ha-ri thought.

Just when everything is going well for our couple, things get even bigger and better. Yi-sang gets down onto one knee in front of Ha-ri and pulls out a ring box with a set of rings inside. Although nervous and anxious, the photographer musters all his courage to speak from his heart. He proposes to Ha-ri and asks for them to get married. Yi-sang wants to marry Ha-ri.

My Thoughts:

Say yes, Ha-ri! Say yes! Say yes or else I’m going to! Lol, just kidding. This episode might have been one of the more wholesome and fulfilling episodes that we’ve gotten in a while. That’s not to say that the past few episodes weren’t great (because they were), but they also felt a bit redundant and less interesting with all the angst and drama. However, I felt like we finally returned to watching the show that we all loved and fell for in the first place with this episode. The entire hour was so bittersweet, but I loved everything about it.

This episode covered so many different relationships that I have a hard time choosing which one was my favorite. I was not expecting the drama to rope in Dad into the story at all; I simply thought that he was going to serve as a memory that existed in Ha-ri’s mind and nothing more. Therefore, I was surprised to see Dad be brought into the drama, but more so, I was also glad that he was. I can understand why Ha-ri was angry and upset to see Mom taking care of Dad. She thought that they had shared this common resentment and dislike towards Dad so to see Mom accompany Dad at the hospital only confused her. Didn’t they both resent Dad? Didn’t they both hate Dad for all the torture and pain he gave them once he disappeared from their life? However, I also like that Ha-ri gained a new perspective and insight on her relationship with her dad thanks to Mom. With Mom’s actions and words, Ha-ri learned that relationships are complicated and that they’re not all just black and white. Yes, Mom and Dad are divorced, but they can still be in contact with each other or they can still care for each other in their own ways. Ha-ri didn’t understand that at first because she and Mom had cut off all contact with Dad for so long. She was thrown off the moment that she saw Mom with Dad again, but as she came to learning, things change and situations change and this is what life is about.

It’s going to take a while for Ha-ri to accept and open up to the fact that Mom hasn’t completely burned her bridge with Dad like how Ha-ri thought she did. It’s going to take a while for Ha-ri to process her conflicting emotions and the fact that she can resent her dad for what he’s done to both her and Mom, but can also still have positive memories of him when he was present in her life. Like Ha-ri mentioned in this episode, she did get to experience for a bit what being a normal family was like when Dad was still there. She acknowledges that he was a great Dad to her when he was around and that he did care for her at one point. Although that changed quickly later on, Ha-ri was able to be honest with herself and the fact that not all is bad with Dad. He had his own reasons for leaving and although it’s not okay that he left during a time when Mom and Ha-ri needed him around, it’s okay that Mom chose to forgive him. It’s okay if Ha-ri also chooses to forgive Dad for his past actions because life is all about learning and growing and maturing.

I’m also really enjoying Ha-ri’s relationship with her mom in this drama. I think a big reason as to why the two are so close and can have the honest, brutal, and harsh conversations that they have with each other is because they only had each other for so long. It’s only been Mom and Ha-ri for so many years and the mother-daughter pair only had each other when they had no one else. They were that source of support and company for each other through all the years so it makes sense that they can be both the loving and supportive mother-daughter duo during certain moments, but can also be going at each other’s throats in others.

But I also think it’s this complicated relationship between Ha-ri and Mom that makes them so realistic and relatable. I love how Ha-ri can be honest and vulnerable with Mom about anything. I love the seamless conversations the two women have about marriage and relationships. Ha-ri’s relationship with her mom isn’t perfect by any means, but they still have such a strong loving relationship. Mom feels a sense of guilt for not being able to do more for Ha-ri, but Ha-ri doesn’t feel that way and has never seen it that way. She appreciates Mom for all that she’s done even though Mom feels as if she’s the reason as to why Ha-ri grew up struggling. Mom did the best that she could given the situation she was in with Ha-ri and I wish she would be easier on herself. Mom deserves tons of credit and all the support and love she’s given Ha-ri never goes unnoticed. Mom’s gone through her fair share of struggles and has learned a lot from her failed marriage so she hopes Ha-ri will never have to go through the same thing she did. She wants Ha-ri to be able to live an ordinary and normal life that she herself never got to experience; she just wants her daughter to be happy in life and especially in love. Thankfully, Ha-ri’s found that through Yi-sang and we don’t have to worry much about Ha-ri’s relationship with Yi-sang.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about Yi-sang and Ha-ri’s relationship is how honest and vulnerable they can be with each other. I love how honest they are with each other on their thoughts and concerns regarding infertility. I love how they plan for their future by talking about the present and how they open up so easily to each other. Granted, they are in a relationship with each other so one would think that this honesty is expected, but there’s just something different about Ha-ri and Yi-sang that seems so effortless. They already started having these difficult conversations about children back in the early stages of when they were interested in each other. Fast forward through all the angst and the pain and they are still having talks about children and what that’s going to look like. Ha-ri and Yi-sang has never been one to shy away from conversations that were difficult and hard to talk about and rather addressed them head-on which I appreciate about their relationship.

Sure, these conversations might have brought about some angst and misunderstandings and tears, but they were also necessary to the development of their relationship. Ha-ri and Yi-sang needed to have these conversations in order to decide if they really wanted to be together or not or if they were going to work out or not. And it’s because they were and are able to have these kind of conversations and discussions that their relationship has improved now. Things are not perfect for Ha-ri and Yi-sang, and they haven’t completely figured everything out. The two are placing their trust in each other and in their relationship and hoping for the best, but they can worry less because they’re on the same page in their relationship. They both want kids, but they also don’t want to keep their hopes up. Yi-sang and Ha-ri are choosing to remain realistic and also choosing to love each other in this entire process. That’s why their love is so beautiful.

I’ve always generally enjoyed Jae-young’s arc and story, but this episode probably had to be one of my favorite moments from him so far into the drama. I wasn’t a big fan of the few episodes where he was pushy and clingy towards Ha-ri and I’m pretending as if those moments never happened. Instead, I’m focusing on his journey as a dad as well as the healthy side of his relationship with Ha-ri which he did a great job in wrapping up in this episode. My heart completely broke for him and I felt for him when he finally confessed to Ha-ri knowing fully well that it wouldn’t change anything and that it was already too late. But maybe that’s also why he chose to confess to Ha-ri. Ha-ri already knew about his feelings for her so there was nothing else left for him to hide. Plus, like he mentioned, he needed to get these feelings and words off his chest in order for him to fully get over Ha-ri and to close this chapter in their complicated relationship once and for all. He just needed a little bit more time to process and accept what his mind had already been telling him and I think confessing was the easiest way for him to do that.

A part of me is curious as to what it would have been like had the drama set Jae-young and Ha-ri up for a possible relationship. Given that the drama did make it seem as if there were three different contenders for Ha-ri, I can’t help but be curious as to what things would have looked like if Ha-ri and Jae-young spent more time together and maybe developed romantic feelings for each other along the way. However, another part of me is also content with the way that things generally went for Ha-ri and Jae-young. They started off as friends and I’m glad that they’re ending as friends. I think Jae-young is trying to figure out where his priorities in life lie and what his next steps are. By finally being able to get these heavy words and emotions off his chest, he can finally breathe a little bit easier now and do what it is he wants to do. There’s nothing that will hold him back any longer.

Yi-sang hugging Ha-ri in front of her house and holding her in his arms reminds me of the moment when he first comforted her as she was crying on the street. It was one of their first interactions where Ha-ri was vulnerable in front of him and Yi-sang consoled her for the first time. Fast forward a few months later and not much has changed. Ha-ri still remains comfortable enough to be vulnerable in front of Yi-sang and Yi-sang is still the caring and supportive person he was back then. From back then until now, Ha-ri and Yi-sang has always had eyes for each other. Again and again, they’ve made it clear that they choose each other every single day. With Yi-sang’s proposal at the end of this episode and Ha-ri’s dream to always get married to someone who she genuinely loves and who genuinely loves her, something tells me that Ha-ri and Yi-sang will continue to choose each other everyday for the rest of their lives.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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