Oh my Baby: Episode 14 Recap

Ha-ri and Yi-sang remain committed to their dreams of one day becoming parents and having a family of their own. Just when things are starting to look bright and their relationship is smooth sailing, the peace and tranquility doesn’t last for long. The couple have been able to overcome all the hardships and struggles in their relationship together so far, but will they be able to give up their life-long dream and goals of becoming parents? To what lengths and extent will they go to to get what it is in life that they want?

Oh My Baby Episode 14: Grown-Ups Only Cry For Real

Yi-sang gets onto his knees and whips out a ring box with a pair of rings inside. He proposes to Ha-ri and asks for her to marry him. Upon being proposed to, Ha-ri is at a loss for words. She’s unsure as to what to say or how to react, but she eventually gives Yi-sang her answer. She apologizes at first which causes Yi-sang to panic. Wait, why is she sorry? Sorry because she doesn’t want to get married to him? However, it turns out Ha-ri apologized for simply hesitating and then gives him her final answer. Yes, she’ll marry him. Although it’s unsure as to what will happen to them tomorrow, she’s also going to try to not worry. The two lovers place the rings on each other’s fingers and Yi-sang expresses his wish for them to be happy together (please invite me to your wedding!).

It’s a new chapter for Jae-young as well. He finishes packing some of his belongings at Mom’s house and takes a good look around the house before leaving. Back at the office, Ha-ri reviews the article that Hyo-joo penned and compliments her for her good work. She could use some improvement, but she’s doing great so far. Just then, Hyo-joo notices the ring on Ha-ri’s finger and freaks out. Our Editing triplets immediately jump off from their seats to congratulate their boss. They don’t forget to remind Ha-ri that they assisted Yi-sang with the proposal and they even speak about future plans to perform at Ha-ri and Yi-sang’s wedding, haha. After the little chat, Ha-ri is close to calling her mother, but she pauses and hesitates to press the ‘call’ button.

Mom stops by the house that night to grab some belongings. She notices the empty bedroom that once belonged to Jae-young and baby Do-Ah and grows sad. Ha-ri does the same when she arrives home after work. There’s an eerie silence and emptiness to the house and she has a difficult time accepting this new reality. She’s not a big fan of it. The next day at work, Ha-ri encourages Mom to come home and to stay away from the hospital. She’s worried Mom might get sick again and she also doesn’t want Mom to be taking care of Dad in general. Ha-ri ends her phone call with Mom right as Yi-sang approaches her. Yi-sang checks in with Ha-ri on her mom’s whereabouts to which Ha-ri indirectly answers that Mom is still with her dad at the hospital.

Yi-sang stops by the hospital later on that day to drop off some food for Mom and to catch up with her. Mom understands that Ha-ri must be angry and upset with her and she has a reason to. Dad left them when she had just graduated elementary school and she assumes Mom must have had a hard time when Dad disappeared. Because of Dad, Ha-ri never got to experience what being in a normal family was like so that’s why she’s so determined to become a mother. This could explain as to why her dream is to have a kid and live an ordinary life. After meeting with Mom, Yi-sang leaves the hospital. On the way out, he encounters Jae-young who also stops by the hospital to visit Mom and Ha-ri’s dad. They chat for a bit and Jae-young asks about Yi-sang’s infertility. What are his chances of overcoming infertility and having a kid? Although Yi-sang doesn’t have an exact percentage, he holds onto the hope that his wishes will eventually come true. That’s enough for Jae-young and he wishes Yi-sang luck on his journey.

With that, Jae-young enters Dad’s room to visit both Mom and Dad. Jae-young volunteers to stay with Dad for the night so that Mom can go home and rest. Baby Do-Ah is spending time with Jeong-won for a few days and Jae-young doesn’t have work the next day so he’ll be fine. Mom eventually leaves so Jae-young stays behind to have a talk with Dad. Sine Dad was absent from Ha-ri’s life for the majority of her life, he doesn’t know a whole lot about Ha-ri. However, Jae-young fills in that curiosity with stories about Ha-ri as well as details about his special relationship with the Editor-in-Chief. He describes his relationship with Ha-ri as close friends who are like siblings. Jae-young recalls a moment back in college when Ha-ri got dumped once again by yet another boyfriend of hers and he was there to comfort her, like all the other times. It was then during that interaction that Jae-young confessed to Ha-ri, but of course, she didn’t take him seriously. If they were to date and then break up, Ha-ri would feel like she’d be losing a family member and she doesn’t want to lose a family member again. Ever since then, Jae-young’s suppressed his feelings for Ha-ri and has never confessed to her in fear of losing her.

Yi-sang walks Ha-ri back home after work that night. Since the house is empty, Ha-ri invites Yi-sang inside and they eat some ramen noodles together. Yi-sang remains honest with his girlfriend and admits that he came by the hospital earlier to visit Mom. He didn’t introduce himself to her father though since she wouldn’t want that, right? Ha-ri agrees and reiterates that she wouldn’t want him to meet her father. Yi-sang then shares a story with Ha-ri about his father. Although his father lived for 70 years, he primarily centered his life around his family and everything he did, he did for them. When he passed away, Yi-sang packed all of his dad’s belongings and managed to fit everything into 2 trash bags and one box. He wishes his dad would have done more in his life for himself.

This prompts Ha-ri to share a story regarding her parents with her boyfriend. She recalls the moment when Mom found Dad at the gambling house all the way in the countryside that he frequently visited. Upon meeting him again, she demanded for money as she was struggling to feed Ha-ri and to also pay for Ha-ri’s tuition. Mom ended up waiting the entire day for some money from Dad. Dad himself was struggling and his only source of money was from all the gambling he committed. Mom eventually took the money from Dad, but she was also upset and angry. Although she didn’t want to accept the money, she also knew it was enough to last them three months so she eventually took it. But the incident also served as motivation for Mom to work hard and make money so that she wouldn’t have to beg again. This is why Ha-ri resents her father.

Even after hearing the story, Yi-sang encourages Ha-ri to visit her father. Sure, she doesn’t have to forgive him if she doesn’t want to, but maybe she won’t hate her dad so much if she took the chance to meet him in person. Yi-sang also hopes Ha-ri will refrain from thinking about having a normal family because of her dad. Instead, he hopes she’ll focus on building a happy future with him. Ha-ri eventually asks to change the subject of the conversation so Yi-sang proceeds to giving Ha-ri a kiss. While leaning over the table, he accidentally hits his bowl of ramen noodles and it spills all over him. Ha-ri rushes to her room to grab him a new shirt while Yi-sang stays outside in the kitchen to take off his stained and burning shirt. Of course, this is also the exact moment when Mom arrives home and she discovers a half-naked Yi-sang and a flustered Ha-ri in the house together. It also doesn’t help that Ha-ri commented that all they did was just have some ramen. Hahaha. Mom turns back around to leave the couple alone. She thinks she has an idea as to what they were up to.

Ha-ri approaches her mom later on that night after Yi-sang leaves. She makes it clear that they didn’t do anything at the house. Haha. But that’s not what’s on Ha-ri’s mind. She reveals that she and Yi-sang are getting married; he proposed to her. Mom doesn’t show a big and exciting reaction which disappoints Ha-ri. Her daughter is getting married, isn’t Mom happy for her? Ha-ri blames Dad for Mom’s reaction and behavior. Mom must be exhausted and out of energy from having to take care of Dad, he seems to be just causing trouble for Mom all over again. However, Mom defends herself and wishes that Ha-ri would stop viewing Mom as a pitiful woman who was abandoned by her husband. Mom’s made peace with her past, she hopes Ha-ri will be able to do the same. She’s only helping take care of Dad for now so that she and Ha-ri will never have to see him again. He’s getting discharged the next day so this won’t last for much longer.

The next day at work, Hyo-joo receives her daily dose of Eu-Ddeum once again. She watches him as he gets a paper cut while printing out some documents from the printer. She jumps to his rescue and places a band-aid over the cut. Eu-Ddeum finally understands what Hyo-joo meant when she said that one’s actions can lead to misunderstandings. However, he won’t have to worry about Hyo-joo misunderstanding him since she already knows that he doesn’t have any feelings for her. Of course, Hyo-joo claims that she would never misunderstand him. But she knows inside that she heavily mistakened his kind actions for her for feelings and that’s what got her confused. Hyo-joo is still determined to work things out with Eu-Ddeum. She volunteers to go with Eu-Ddeum to attend the opening of a new baby store that weekend.

Mom accompanies Dad as he is discharged from the hospital. She voices her last, remaining words to him and recommends that he never contact Ha-ri ever again. He should just live the rest of his life quietly and never attempt to appear in Ha-ri or Mom’s life again. With that, Mom leaves for what would be the last time she’ll ever see her ex-husband. Ha-ri also meets up with Dad for the first and last time. While eating, Ha-ri hopes that Dad will never reach out to both Mom and Ha-ri ever again. Dad accepts the request and adds that this will be the last time he’ll be in contact with them. Although stern and strict with her dad, Ha-ri is also curious about his life and questions what life was like when he left her and Mom. With his face down towards the bowl of noodles, Dad admits that he was lonely. He doesn’t have the courage to look Ha-ri in the eyes. Before bidding what would be their final farewell, Dad gifts Ha-ri with a bouquet of flowers. Meanwhile, Yi-sang receives a text from the urology clinic that his treatment results are in so he has an upcoming appointment.

It’s the weekend which means it’s time for Eu-Ddeum and Hyo-joo to visit the opening to the new store! Once at the store, they attempt to get the store owner to be an advertiser for ‘The Baby.’ The pair work their magic and they eventually manage to get a contract with the store! Woo hoo! To celebrate, Hyo-joo suggests that Eu-Ddeum take her to the beach so the two catch some fresh air at the beach. While sitting down, Hyo-joo becomes curious about Eu-Ddeum’s vision and plan with working at ‘The Baby.’ Does he plan on working there forever or is there something else he plans on doing? Eu-Ddeum confesses that he once dreamed of being a saxophonist, but of course, such a dream is for those who actually have the talent for it so he ended up with an office job at ‘The Baby.’ Contrary to what he thought, he actually enjoys it. Hyo-joo voices her support for Eu-Ddeum; she thinks he’ll succeed due to his bright energy and intelligence. So what about her? What does Eu-Ddeum think about her? Eu-Ddeum describes Hyo-joo as someone who “bounces unexpectedly.” Lol.

So with that, Hyo-joo bounces her way to the shore with Eu-Ddeum. The two share a heart-fluttering moment and this gets Eu-Ddeum thinking. Does Hyo-joo have feelings for him? When she admits that she does, Eu-Ddeum is uncertain as to how to react or what to say. He doesn’t apologize to her since doing so would upset Hyo-joo, but he remains honest with her. He wants to be with someone who he loves. Hyo-joo is not that person for him.

Ha-ri isn’t doing so great. She wakes up to excruciating pain and symptoms of her endometriosis appears once again. Yi-sang also receives the results to his treatments and test. It’s not looking so great for him either. The treatment was ineffective and it also doesn’t help that Ha-ri is infertile herself. His doctor suggests that he goes through another round of treatment the next time. Devastated from the news, Yi-sang has an honest and harsh conversation about it with Soo-cheol. He might not be able to become a dad. At first, Yi-sang didn’t think too much about it, but now he knows how Ha-ri feels since he too dreams of becoming a parent. Yi-sang is beginning to lose hope.

Jae-young stops by Mom’s house to grab some of Do-Ah’s toys and belongings since he hasn’t completely finished packing just yet. The two mind their own business, unaware that a hurting Ha-ri is upstairs tossing and turning from her cramps. Oh nooo. Yi-sang calls Ha-ri from his house to talk to her and grows worried when she doesn’t pick up. Ha-ri eventually gets around to her cell phone and she barely manages to pick up the call before falling over onto the ground because of the pain once again. All Yi-sang can hear is a hurt Ha-ri groaning from the excruciating pain and he heads out of his house to check up on Ha-ri. Thankfully, Jae-young overhears noise coming from upstairs so he checks up on Ha-ri and finds her laying on the ground. Mom also makes her way up to the second floor of the house and rushes to her daughter’s side. They transport Ha-ri to the hospital and she’s admitted just in time.

Jae-young stays next to Ha-ri’s side as she rests on her hospital bed. Meanwhile, Mom waits outside for Yi-sang who makes his way to the hospital. Ha-ri is okay for now after taking some painkillers. Just as the two are about to enter the room, Jae-young exits right at that moment and has a brief conversation with Yi-sang. He hopes he won’t ever have to worry about Ha-ri like the way he did earlier. He hopes he never has to ponder what things would have been like had she chosen him. With that, Jae-young leaves and Yi-sang enters the room to join Mom and Ha-ri. Ha-ri’s OB-GYN doctor joins not too long afterwards and she warns Ha-ri that her lump is getting bigger. She should seriously start considering getting surgery to treat her endometriosis. Ha-ri is still reluctant and hesitant because doing so would reduce her chances of getting pregnant. The OB-GYN emphasizes that it’s not entirely impossible for Ha-ri to get pregnant, but she would need to have fertility treatments as soon as possible.

While Mom steps outside to process the information, Yi-sang stays inside with Ha-ri to discuss their difficult situation. Remember how he said that Ha-ri should think of herself and put herself first if there was ever a situation where things didn’t go well between them? Well, that time is now. Yi-sang explains that his treatment didn’t go well. He could continue to receive treatments for another three months in hopes of a different outcome, but he also feels like Ha-ri’s surgery is more important. There’s still a chance she’ll get pregnant even after the surgery. Ha-ri should move forward with getting the surgery for now. They tightly hold onto each other’s hands as they attempt to keep their thoughts and emotions under control.

Yi-sang meets with Mom privately on the side and breaks the news to her. Ha-ri is postponing her surgery because of him. The thing is, he’s also subfertile. It’s hard for him to have kids. Yi-sang feels as if the only way Ha-ri will go through with getting surgery was if Mom convinced her to. Ha-ri, Mom, and Yi-sang all do some thinking on their own. All this information and news is overwhelming for them, but they also have to make a decision as soon as possible. So that night, Mom gets to work and she cooks a delicious and healthy meal for Ha-ri once Ha-ri is discharged from the hospital. Mom gets right to it and encourages Ha-ri to get surgery. Ha-ri can’t force something to happen and needs to do whatever it is she can.

But Ha-ri isn’t so sure. She’s always wanted to become a mom. She’s always wanted a kid. Getting surgery would be the equivalent of her giving up her dreams of having a child. However, Mom reminds her that Ha-ri won’t be miserable even if she gave up on her dreams. Just like what Mom realized back when she was working endlessly to support both her and Ha-ri, Ha-ri will learn that things won’t be miserable even if things don’t go the way that she wants it to. Ha-ri succumbs to the fact that this is her new reality and she stuffs herself with food with tears in her eyes. Not too long afterwards, Ha-ri goes in for surgery.

The next day, Yi-sang picks Ha-ri up for work. She greets him with a smile on her face and she reassures him that she’s doing fine. She even shows excitement for some dinner plans later on that day. When Ha-ri arrives at the office, our Editing triplets check in with her while remaining fairly cautious around her. How is she doing? Is she doing okay? Just like she did with Yi-sang, Ha-ri reiterates that she’s doing just fine and she even asks them to give her some work. What could she get started on? Yeon-ho suggests that Ha-ri sort out the list of book recommendations so she hands Ha-ri a bunch of books. The book on the top of the stack is one titled ‘My Mom’ and it catches Ha-ri’s attention.

She at first attempts to hide her emotions as she flips through the pages, but the more that Ha-ri explores the book and the drawings inside, the more difficult it becomes. It’s too much for Ha-ri and she begins to tear up. No, she’s not okay. She’s struggling and she’s devastated and she’s afraid as to what her future is going to look like. Yi-sang stops by the office to drop off some photos to the team. Upon arriving, he finds Ha-ri breaking down and weeping on her desk. He stands there and watches in silence as she wails. Yi-sang remains silent and speechless, but he understands how his lover is feeling. Yi-sang could tell that she was pretending this entire time and his heart breaks for her.

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