Kkondae Intern: Episode 11 Recap

In times of hardships and struggles, you come to realizing who your enemies are and who was on your side all along. Although it was confusing at times and Man-sik and Yeol-chan didn’t start off on a good note, they come to learning that they are each other’s savior. They’re on the same team.

Note: I won’t be submitting any comments after the recap section for this episode. Overall thoughts and comments for ‘Kkondae Intern’ will be posted in next week’s final episode.

Kkondae Intern: Episode 11 Recap

Things had been going too well for our interns. After successfully wrapping up their evaluation assessment, everyone is impressed with all three interns and the preparations they invested into their presentation. However, things come to an abrupt halt once detectives from the Seoul Metropolitan Police department barge into the room. There’s been news about corrupt recruitment taking place at the company so they’ll need to take in our three interns as well as Joon-soo and Executive Ahn into custody. Of course, Yeol-chan doesn’t sit well with this and he realizes the cruel actions that Executive Goo enacted behind his back. With the group of five leaving with the police, Yeol-chan confronts Executive Goo back in her office. He decides that he’ll reverse his decision and consider the managing director position again, but Executive Goo reminds him that it’s too late. The deadline to apply for the position has already closed.

When our group arrives at the police station, they’re each interrogated by the detectives. Executive Ahn reminds Joon-soo not to talk too much. His mouth might get him in trouble. During their individual interrogations, each of our interns learns the truth about why they were brought into custody. They were merely used as pawns by Joon-soo and Executive Ahn, not because they were qualified to be interns for the company. Man-sik is more concerned about Yoon-soo and Tae-ri who both aren’t taking the news so well. Unlike what the police or Executive Goo thought, Executive Ahn, Joon-soo, and the director of the HR department do not admit to any of the accusations being thrown at them. The HR Director even changes his testimony and goes back on his words. It doesn’t help that the recording to his confession that Executive Goo had recorded on her phone no longer exists. It turns out Ok-kyung worked her magic by secretly stealing Executive Goo’s phone and deleting the recording off her phone. IT intern Han-gil also played his part by deleting any CCTV footage of Ok-kyung returning Executive Goo’s phone back to her. Our senior interns are the best!

Back when our senior interns first started, Chairnam Namgoong made sure to properly introduce himself to the three senior interns. Ever since then, they’ve made sure to keep in contact with the chairman, especially Ok-kyung who unveiled to him Executive Goo’s secret plan to take over the company. Back in the present, Yeol-chan worries for his three interns. Mom, who’s visiting Yeol-chan at his place, reminds him not to judge someone so easily. Everyone has their own story. Yeol-chan then goes out to visit the three interns once they are released from the police station. Upon reuniting with Yoon-soo and Tae-ri, it’s obvious the two are devastated. Tae-ri is so heart-broken she breaks down into tears upon exiting the building. Joon-soo, Executive Ahn, and the HR Director follow not too long afterwards. Tae-ri is about to start a fight with Joon-soo for using his money and connections to hire her, but Executive Ahn and the HR director come to his defense. It turns out, our three interns had been hired for their merit and intelligence, not because they were used as pawns against Yeol-chan. Say whaaat?

That’s right! During their respective interviews, each of our three interns were able to showcase their personality and quick thinking. Tae-ri illustrated her talent by sharing about all the contests she won awards for and the awesome ideas she had in her mind. Yoon-soo demonstrated his knowledge of Joonsoo Food’s products by memorizing the ingredients on the back of their ramen wrappers. And as for Man-sik, he was chosen because he was the most experienced intern. All the other intern applicants who were also qualified weren’t selected for Joonsoo Foods because they chose Ongol Foods instead. Our three interns were chosen for their talent and merit after all. Upon learning this, Yeol-chan is reminded of his mother’s words about how he shouldn’t judge someone so easily. He reflects,

“That’s when I realized that I had been too quick to judge based on my standards without remembering how clumsy I had been in the beginning. I looked down on them just like the people who had looked down on me. They were never useless from the get-go.”

Yeol-chan has a talk with Chairman Namgoong about the situation. Chairman Namgoong admits that he used Yeol-chan as bait to capture Executive Goo once he figured out what she was doing secretly behind his back. He didn’t want to have her go up against Joon-soo so he used Yeol-chan as her target to reveal her true colors. Nonetheless, it worked and now Executive Goo’s plans have gone to waste. An article detailing the truth about the recruitment and hiring process for our three interns is released and it concludes that they were hired fair and square. Yeol-chan is determined to become Managing Director or even President in order to defend his team and to prevent Executive Goo from becoming the next Chairman. Meanwhile, Executive Goo isn’t thrilled at the sight of the article.

The next day, Chairman Namgoong holds a meeting with Executive Goo and Yeol-chan. Yeol-chan’s candidacy for the junior Managing Director position is reinstated and Executive Goo has no choice but to include him as a candidate. During her meeting with the interview committee, half of the board members voice their support for Yeol-chan while some others (including Executive Ahn and Joon-soo) aren’t so happy with Yeol-chan’s performance. They don’t feel as if he is deserving and fitting for the position. Executive Goo reminds everyone about the aftermath if Yeol-chan were to become junior Managing Director. They decide that they’ll interview Man-sik as another possible candidate for the same position.

Speaking of Man-sik, he spends some time drinking milk tea with Tae-ri and Yoon-soo. Although their evaluations are being assessed and they’re waiting for the final results, it’s nice to just be able to rest and relax for a bit. They’ve worked hard the past six months. Back in the office, Yeol-chan, Assistant Manager Oh, Jung-eun, and Seung-jin all continue to work. However, it’s noticeably empty without our interns there and they can feel the difference in the atmosphere and mood. While out with Yoon-soo and Tae-ri, Man-sik receives a surprise call so he leaves the two behind. Tae-ri and Yoon-soo then explore the shopping mall they’re at and Tae-ri rewards herself with a new bag for all her hard work with the internship. The employee assumes the two are a couple, but Yoon-soo clarifies that he and Tae-ri are just friends. Of course, this catches Tae-ri’s attention and she likes the fact that they’re now friends, not competitors. After hanging out with Tae-ri, Yoon-soo stops by the office to drop off a bag that he bought just for Jung-eun. He feels guilty and apologetic for not being able to do anything for her so he hopes the bag will have some kind of impact.

Man-sik grabs dinner with Joon-soo. He’s warned by the man that he should becareful with his words or else he might be the one who gets fired. Either way, it’s going to be either Man-sik or Yeol-chan who gets fired regardless. Just when Man-sik finishes grabbing dinner with Joon-soo, he’s picked up by Executive Goo who threatens him with blackmail. She has photos taken of him with Joon-soo as well as recordings of Man-sik conspiring against Yeol-chan. How would Yeol-chan feel if he was to learn about Man-sik’s true colors and that he was working as a “spy” for Joon-soo? Upon bidding farewell, Executive Goo warns Man-sik to think about his daughter. Tae-ri sure does seem to enjoy working at Joon-soo Foods, they should make sure things stay that way, right? Later on that night, Man-sik thinks long and hard about his next steps. He recalls the experiences and memories that his daughter created during her internship and just how much fun she had at the company. What is Man-sik going to do next?

The next day, Yeol-chan arrives at the office to find both Tae-ri and Yoon-soo there. Waiting at home and not doing anything hasn’t been that great so they rather be in the office to help out. The two interns are welcomed with kindness and warmth and Assistant Manager Oh has no problem assigning Yoon-soo some assignments. Just then, Seung-jin runs into the office to announce Man-sik’s interview for the junior Managing Director position. During the interview, Man-sik is exposed for having worked with Yeol-chan before at Ongol Foods and being involved in the incident regarding the ox head rice soup owner. Man-sik makes it clear that everything was his fault and to not blame Yeol-chan for anything. It was all him. He also warns the board members to not mess with Yeol-chan or else.

After the interview ends, Man-sik is left alone with Executive Ahn and Joon-soo. Joon-soo isn’t so happy with Man-sik’s actions. The senior intern was supposed to be on his side, not Yeol-chan’s! Tae-ri enters the conference room after hearing about her dad’s interview. She watches as her dad is yelled at by Joon-soo and steps in. Man-sik shouldn’t just sit there and listen to Joon-soo yell at him. Upon hearing Tae-ri refer to Man-sik as her dad, Joon-soo connects the dots and grows surprised. Wait, they’re related? They’re father and daughter? Of course, all the yelling stops and Joon-soo treats Man-sik much nicer upon learning that Tae-ri, his crush, is Man-sik’s daughter. Lol. He treats the senior intern out to some dinner that night where they converse once again about Yeol-chan. However, with the assistance of Ok-kyung who joins their dinner with a presentation, Joon-soo finally understands why his target should be Executive Goo and not Yeol-chan. She’ll eventually end up as the major shareholder of the company once Chairman Namgoong leaves and transfer some of his shares over to Joon-soo. With that, she’ll end up getting the Chairman position, and therefore, control over the company. That’s not what Joon-soo wants, is it? With Executive Goo’s ulterior plan now revealed, Joon-soo devises a plan against his new enemy, Executive Goo. That night, Man-sik ponders over what Executive Goo’s next steps are. She must have a plan already.

The next day, everyone in the office receives a text from Man-sik. If any of them are in danger, they need to contact him as soon as possible. Of course, everyone is clueless about the text and they’re not so sure what he means with the message. Executive Goo’s next target is Jung-eun, but even she doesn’t fall into Executive Goo’s trap. Upon rejecting to side with Executive Goo, Jung-eun is close to contacting Man-sik and updating him about her meeting with Executive Goo. Yoon-soo finishes one of his assignments for Assistant Manager Oh and hands him a list of consumers who won Joonsoo Foods’s 55th anniversary promotional event. One of the names stick out to Assistant Manager Oh, but he doesn’t reveal any details to Yoon-soo.

Joon-soo and Executive Ahn discuss about their next steps. They shouldn’t be focusing on outing Yeol-chan. That’s not who they should be worried about right now. They should be worried about Executive Goo who has plans of her own to take over the company. They also discuss about Yeol-chan’s situation. If he doesn’t show up to the interview for the junior managing director position, then that means he won’t be considered for the position at all. Later on that night, Man-sik assists Yeol-chan in helping his move to his new place. While eating some dinner, Man-sik proposes to live with Yeol-chan. He can’t stay with his daughter forever and he does need a new place to live in. So Yeol-chan permits Man-sik to sleep over that night. Before getting some sleep, Man-sik comments that Yeol-chan shouldn’t try so hard to forgive Man-sik if Man-sik disappoints him. With that, he gets some rest.

The next morning, Yeol-chan finds himself alone in his apartment. Man-sik has gone out with Yeol-chan’s car. Lol. While driving to his destination, Man-sik discovers two cars trailing closely behind him. The cars look similar to the ones that were following Man-sik and Yeol-chan the night before as they were driving to Yeol-chan’s new place. Although Man-sik tries his best to escape from the two cars, he eventually gets trapped when the vehicles catch up to him. Oh noooo. Of course, the drivers behind the cars were hired by Executive Goo. Back in the office, everyone notices when both Yeol-chan and Man-sik doesn’t show up. They assume Man-sik just got tired of the office life while Yeol-chan went directly to his interview so they brush it off. However, Tae-ri feels as if something is wrong and she attempts to get in contact with her dad. She recalls how he sent her a text the night before that he was sleeping over at Yeol-chan’s house and that the two men would come in to work together.

While walking to his interview, Yeol-chan receives a text message titled “P.S.M.” from Man-sik. Although he finds it strange, he also doesn’t think too much about it and hurries over to his interview. Yeol-chan shows up to his interview, but he doesn’t stay for long. He finally deciphers Man-sik’s text message as ‘please save me’ so he exits his interview and gets into a car. Along the way, he receives a phone call from Joon-soo who’s assisting Tae-ri in finding her dad. She’s not so sure where he is so she had asked Joon-soo for help. Since Joon-soo had been tracking Man-sik’s location through his phone, he’s able to find the warehouse where Man-sik is trapped and held hostage. Joon-soo makes sure to update Yeol-chan so Yeol-chan arrives at the warehouse first.

Like the bada*s he is, Yeol-chan takes down all of Executive Goo’s men in the warehouse. He eventually makes it into the room where Man-sik is stuck so he rescues the senior intern. Thankfully, the two are reunited and Man-sik is doing fine, but there’s many more men that the two guys are going to have to go against. Man-sik and Yeol-chan stand back to back, ready to fight all the men surrounding them. They’ve got each other’s backs, literally.

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