Oh My Baby: Episode 15 Recap

Love conquers all. It’s a common phrase that is heard often and a statement that Ha-ri personally believes in. However, what happens when love doesn’t fix all? What happens when it takes so much more than love to repair a relationship? What is love to begin with? Ha-ri and Yi-sang’s trust and love for each other is tested once again in the aftermath of everything. The truth can be too much to bare for some.

Oh My Baby Episode 15: Love, What Can We Do About It?

Yi-sang takes a break outside to reflect on the scene he witnessed of Ha-ri crying her heart out in the office. She’s given up her dreams of ever becoming a mother and it’s too much for her to handle and bare. Yi-sang picks Ha-ri up from work later on that day and the two head out for some dinner. Yi-sang is still hopeful in having a kid and informs Ha-ri that he’s been receiving hormonal therapy once again. However, Ha-ri isn’t as excited at the news. She no longer has any hopes of having a kid. She’s exhausted from the roller coaster rides and emotions. She doesn’t want to keep her hopes up with all the treatments they’re receiving only to be disappointed in the end. It’s too much for her to handle and she rather just put that dream of hers away for now. It’s not like they will succeed even if they keep trying over and over again. They shouldn’t waste their time being sad and disappointed, but rather, they should just enjoy their lives and their marriage.

Mom has a whole speech rehearsed in her mind as to what she wants to say to Yi-sang. However, the words aren’t too nice and she doesn’t have enough courage to actually say it. She feels sorry for her daughter and Yi-sang who must be going through a lot at the moment. Jae-young himself is going through a lot. He reunites with Jeong-won and baby Do-Ah and the former couple have a talk in the park. Jeong-won utilizes the opportunity to explain herself and the reasoning behind her disappearance. She was suffering from post-partum depression back then and had a hard time raising Do-Ah during her maternity leave. She missed the feeling of being at the hospital and doing her job. She missed just being able to breathe. She felt like a robot when she was home with Do-Ah. On Do-Ah’s 100th birthday, she disappeared out of Jae-young and Do-Ah’s life, but it was also one of the most relieving moments in her life. Jeong-won finally had the chance to just breathe on that day. After getting back on her feet, she had the confidence to return to Jae-young and Do-Ah’s life. Now, she’s certain she wants to stay in their lives. Jeong-won’s certain she wants to start things over with Jae-young once again. However, Jae-young isn’t so opened to the idea. He enjoys his life as a single father. It’s not as bad as he thought it’d be.

Hyo-joo and Eu-Ddeum reunite in the elevator at work. Things are awkward between the two after their last beach trip in which Hyo-joo confessed to Eu-Ddeum. He attempts to talk to Hyo-joo, but she’s not in the mood to converse with him. She remains honest in that she wants to hate him. Her feelings for him were not light and she really liked him. With that, she’s going to hate him in order to feel better and to get over Eu-Ddeum more quickly. Until Hyo-joo is able to do that, Eu-Ddeum should pretend to be miserable. Eu-Ddeum gives in to Hyo-joo’s wants and he still feels bad for hurting Hyo-joo’s feelings. When Hyo-joo arrives at her desk, she feels conflicted and she seeks advice and support from Ha-ri. There’s something Hyo-joo wants to share with her boss.

Yi-sang does some reflecting in the studio. He can’t stop replaying the conversation that he and Ha-ri had during dinner the night before. Yi-sang eventually accompanies Yeon-ho for an interview with one of their clients. Upon arriving at the client’s house, Yi-sang better understands who it is they’re interviewing upon seeing a photo. The client is none other than his ex-wife, In-Ah. AHHHH. In-Ah greets Yeon-ho first and assumes nothing is wrong. However, her face expression changes once she reunites with Yi-sang. The situation turns sour and serious, but the two former lovers attempt to hide their emotions. Yi-sang takes photos of In-Ah and Yeon-ho while she is being interviewed, but In-Ah is still uncomfortable around Yi-sang. Yeon-ho eventually leaves first to head to another schedule so Yi-sang stays behind to have a talk with his ex-wife.

The two reflect on their relationship. They still clearly recall the pain and misery they felt back then during their relationship. Yi-sang assumed that In-Ah would choose him over having a baby so he felt hurt and betrayed when she left him. In-Ah admits that separating was the best for the both of them. They couldn’t handle everything that was being thrown at them and staying together would have only made them more miserable. To Yi-sang, he thought holding onto your lover was how you protect them. He was wrong with In-Ah. Before leaving, Yi-sang takes a look at the photo of In-Ah with her baby daughter. He asks her if she’s happy in which she nods her head. Upon receiving the answer, Yi-sang slightly smiles. As long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters. With that, Yi-sang walks away. Back at his clinic, Jae-young gives Jeong-won’s proposal a second thought. Should he and Jeong-won start all over again? Should they start living together again and give things a second chance?

Our Editing triplets go out for some tteokbokki. There, they chat and discuss about work as well as things in their life that is stressing them out at the moment. Yeon-ho even brings up her assumption of In-Ah possibly being Yi-sang’s ex-girlfriend because she sensed the weird atmosphere between the two earlier and noticed that something was off. Should she tell Ha-ri about her? However, Hyo-joo and So-yoon discourage Yeon-ho from saying anything to Ha-ri. It’s not like Yi-sang cheated on Ha-ri with In-Ah or anything. Hyo-joo then makes a grand announcement. She plans on quitting ‘The Baby.’ She informed Ha-ri earlier that day and explains that she has no reason to work at the company any longer. Ha-ri respects Hyo-joo’s thoughts, wishes, and decision, but she also asks for Hyo-joo to reconsider everything. Before each of our triplets is to leave, Ha-ri wants them to leave with good memories and on a good note. Ha-ri’s working hard so that Yeon-ho can be promoted, So-yoon can be more involved, and so Hyo-joo will be able to leave with a portfolio that she worked hard on. Hyo-joo is a creative and talented person. Speaking of the portfolio, Hyo-joo still hasn’t gotten around to doing it just yet. With that, Hyo-joo gives things a long thought and she talks it out with So-yoon and Yeon-ho. So-yoon and Yeon-ho plan on staying at ‘The Baby’ so Hyo-joo too will stay. If Ha-ri is going to fight the company until the very end, she’ll need as much support as possible. Our Editing triplets are going to be that source of support for one another.

Yi-sang meets up with Ha-ri that evening at the cafe they frequent. He gets straight to the point upon meeting her and glosses over her topic about small weddings. He emphasizes on the fact that Ha-ri can still get pregnant. He makes it clear to her that she can still have a normal life and have a baby and do what it is that she’s always wanted. He knows she’s only given up her dreams of becoming a mother for his sake, but what happens when the two are stuck in a predicament that even love can’t fix? They might be in love at the moment, but what happens when love can’t overcome all their problems and issues in life? Ha-ri is taken aback by Yi-sang’s honest and brutal comments; she has a difficult time comprehending where he’s coming from. Yi-sang describes himself as selfish for clinging onto Ha-ri this entire time. He suggests that he and Ha-ri thinks things through. He’ll be stepping away from ‘The Baby’ for a bit so they can spend their time apart reconsidering their current situation and relationship.

Before bidding farewell with Yi-sang that night, Ha-ri expresses her true thoughts. It’s going to be hard for them to spend time apart from each other, but she hopes Yi-sang will also give things some thought. It looks like he’s the one who needs it more. Before walking away, Ha-ri hopes that Yi-sang will regret his decision and come back to her. That night, Yi-sang returns to his house and begins to throw stuff away. First are the boxes of the oval-inducing agents that he had been taking. Then up next is the photo frame of his hand with the stamp that Ha-ri planted. He also reviews the photos that he took back during his work trip with Ha-ri. All the memories resurfaces in Yi-sang’s mind and he remains conflicted on what to do next.

Jae-young meets with Jeong-won the next morning to communicate his final decision with her. Sure, he’s over Ha-ri, but just because things didn’t work out with her doesn’t mean that he’s going to go back to Jeong-won. So with that, he encourages her to be a good doctor and he’ll continue to do his best to be a good dad to Do-Ah. They should live apart for now. Speaking of being apart, Ha-ri attempts to get in contact with Yi-sang, but he doesn’t pick up her calls. She rushes down to the studio and learns from Soo-cheol that Yi-sang’s quit his position at ‘The Baby.’ She hurries to his apartment which is also empty and vacant. No one is inside. The only thing inside is his engagement ring. Ha-ri is heart-broken and devastated at the thought of Yi-sang leaving. She breaks down into tears across the street from his apartment complex. Standing on the other side of the sidewalk is Yi-sang who tears up at the sight of a sobbing Ha-ri. He wants to go to her and comfort her, but his feet stays frozen.

3 months past and ‘The Baby’ still up and running. However, time is almost out and Ha-ri is warned by Director Joo that she’ll be hearing from upper management soon. With that being said, Ha-ri and Eu-Ddeum go out to work some magic. They meet with different advertisers in hopes of striking contracts for their magazine. They need to stay afloat somehow. Meanwhile, Soo-cheol and Cheol-joong grab some lunch together. While eating, Cheol-joong watches a video of a girl group performing. Soo-cheol simply perceives it as Cheol-joong being a weirdo who likes to watch videos of younger girls performing, but Cheol-joong defends himself. It’s rather the opposite. He enjoys watching young people passionately pursue their dreams. Things aren’t so easy for him to do at his age so he receives joy from it when watching these videos.

Ha-ri and Eu-Ddeum wrap things up after an entire day of scouting and meetings. Eu-Ddeum plays around a little bit with Ha-ri by dropping the formality and speaking to her in a casual tone. Eventually, the two bid farewell to go back home. Ha-ri reminds Eu-Ddeum that she was comforted by his words and to never forget about this even during his most doubtful moments when people underestimate him. Eu-Ddeum hopes Ha-ri will also have confidence in herself and the fact that he really did have feelings for her and looked up to her when she has doubts about herself. The two fist bump each other before going their own ways. That evening, Ha-ri checks Yi-sang’s SNS account for any potential updates. However, he hasn’t posted anything in a while so Ha-ri is clueless once again as to where he is or what he is up to.

Eu-Ddeum, Hyo-joo, and Soo-cheol prepare for a photoshoot the next day in the studio. Unlike what Eu-Ddeum expected, Hyo-joo isn’t mad at him anymore. She doesn’t hate him. Although Eu-Ddeum is relieved that Hyo-joo doesn’t hate him, he also feels disappointed that she doesn’t harbor any feelings of anger towards him. Lol. Soo-cheol then pulls Eu-Ddeum aside for a talk. Does Cheol-joong possibly make Eu-Ddeum watch videos of girl group, Precious, too? Lol. Eu-Ddeum admits that Cheol-joong doesn’t, but there’s a bigger reasoning behind why he watches their videos. He and his daughter’s relationship had gone downhill so he watched videos of his daughter’s favorite girl group in order to bond with her and to strengthen their relationship. Soo-cheol grows sad for Cheol-joong and feels apologetic for the comment he made the other day during lunch. He cheers Cheol-joong on that night and even recites the group’s fanchants to show Cheol-joong his support.

The next day, Cheol-joong and Eu-Ddeum attend a meeting with an advertiser. Before the meeting, Cheol-joong shows Eu-Ddeum the tickets for the Precious concert that he managed to grab. He’s excited at the thought of attending the concert. However, minutes into the meeting and one of the advertisers asks for the concert tickets. His kids really want to go so if Cheol-joong manages to get him concert tickets, he’ll extend their contract with ‘The Baby’ to an entire year. Although Eu-Ddeum hints to Cheol-joong to not give his tickets away, the Precious fan does it anyways. He hands over his concert tickets and the advertiser agrees to extend their contract to another year. Eu-Ddeum isn’t happy with the transaction and he pulls a Ha-ri on the advertiser. It was wrong of him to bribe Cheol-joong for the contract extension. Plus, Eu-Ddeum’s known the advertiser to be a fair and equal person, he hopes they can continue doing business together based on a fair relationship. Cheol-joong then retrieves his precious Precious concert tickets back while also getting a one-year contract extension with the advertiser. Verbal agreements are also considered legally valid. Lol. Woo hoo!

Sang-hee and Soo-cheol have a talk in the studio about photoshoots with Ha-ri joining them shortly afterwards. Sang-hee, unaware of Ha-ri and Yi-sang’s break-up, begins to speak about Yi-sang and the rumors that he’s been seen around town. Soo-cheol attempts to stop Sang-hee from speaking about Yi-sang, but she goes on anyways. Eventually, Soo-cheol manages to get Sang-hee to leave and he navigates the awkward aftermath with Ha-ri. She shares that the infertile couple they’ve been following is in the hospital for the wife is close to giving birth. They’ll need to go in during that time to capture the moment so Soo-cheol will have to accompany and assist Ha-ri. Although the project was initially taken on by both Ha-ri and Yi-sang, Soo-cheol will have to step in for the former photographer.

Eun-young and Ha-ri spend some time together at the park. Although Eun-young was offered a job, she eventually turned it down. She decided to put her kids first. Having a job with demanding projects and deadlines would cause too much of a strain on her and her family. Plus, she could hire a babysitter, but that’d require her to work extra hours and she wouldn’t want her kids to be stuck with a babysitter all day everyday. So what about Ha-ri? Has she heard from Yi-sang yet? Ha-ri doesn’t have much hope. She still hasn’t heard from him. The two good friends feel as if they’re trying way too hard to have something that they can’t have. It’s challenging for Eun-young to get a job and it’s difficult for Ha-ri to have kids. The two even tear up upon listening to each other’s struggles. Lol, friendship goals.

That night, Ha-ri heads to the tripe restaurant near her house for some food. Upon opening the door, she finds Jae-young there eating all by himself. They awkwardly exchange greetings before she sits down to join him. The two catch up with each other since it’s been a while since they’ve talked. Both Jeong-won and Jae-young have been taking care of baby Do-Ah. So what has Jae-young been up to then? Has he found someone? Jae-young answers that he hasn’t. But what about Ha-ri? Jae-young adds that Ha-ri cares too much about her lover when she’s in a relationship. She sacrifices herself for her partner and always put them first. She’s perfectly capable and qualified of finding someone to love and being loved as well. Everyone knows just how loving Ha-ri is. Jae-young hopes she will be with someone who sees all of this in her and so much more and if Yi-sang is this person meant for Ha-ri, she will surely reunite with him. After eating, the two bid farewell with each other. Jae-young jokes around that he hopes he doesn’t encounter Ha-ri too often or else it’ll be too hard for him to view her as just friends. With that, they separate.

Ha-ri doesn’t receive much of a break when she gets home. She receives a call from the husband of the infertile couple that his wife is about to give labor. Ha-ri rushes to the hospital they couple is located in and attempts to get in contact with Soo-cheol right away. However, Soo-cheol isn’t picking up and Ha-ri needs to have them record and film things at the moment. No filming will be allowed in the delivery room in case of an emergency. The man walks back in with the nurse while Ha-ri is left outside alone in the hallway. She worries when Soo-cheol fails to pick up once again, but she finally understands the reason why he isn’t picking up.

Someone else enters the hospital and approaches Ha-ri right at that moment. The man is also a photographer and he’s a familiar face to Ha-ri. Upon seeing the man, Ha-ri is taken aback. The photographer standing in front of her is none other than Yi-sang. Ha-ri is speechless and frozen upon reuniting with her former lover. The two finally meet again at last.

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