Was It Love: Episode 5 Recap

Ae-jung becomes more involved with all four male protagonists as she resumes with her movie. Although she has all the puzzle pieces, it’s still a challenge to put those pieces together and create something out of nothing. Just how will Ae-jung fare with both her work and love life becoming more and more intertwined and blurry?

Was It Love?: Episode 5 Recap

Dae-oh drags Ae-jung to the rooftop of the school building to discuss his feelings to her. Yeon-woo catches up to them and he grabs Ae-jung’s other wrist. The two men confront each other and Yeon-woo takes notice when Ae-jung addresses Dae-oh by his real name. The P.E. teacher recalls the moment when he caught Dae-oh’s name on a music player that once belonged to Ae-jung back in college. Ae-jung distances herself from both guys and suggests to Yeon-woo to head back down to the parents. She’ll figure things out with Dae-oh.

Meanwhile, Jin and Ha-nee greet each other in front of the school entrance. Upon Jin’s arrival, Ha-nee bursts into tears and she introduces herself as Ae-jung’s daughter. Yes, that’s her. She’s Ae-jung’s daughter. She’s also Jin’s daughter and they both shed tears upon reuniting (OMGGG WHAAAAT). However, it’s just a short daydream and Jin snaps out of it (omg okay. I was screaming my head off in confusion). He hurries inside the school to assist Ha-nee in dealing with the frustrated and upset parents. Thankfully, all the parents quiet down upon seeing Jin’s grand entrance into the school and in fact, everyone celebrates at the sight of the famous actor. Even all of Ha-nee’s classmates take a peek at the celebrity and Jin introduces himself as Ha-nee’s mom’s college friend. Back on the rooftop, Ae-jung makes things clear with Dae-oh. As curious as Dae-oh is about her and her current life since it’s been 14 years that they’ve cut off contact with each other, he shouldn’t be. In fact, her husband is dead so he should stop mentioning about it. With that, Ae-jung walks back down to Ha-nee’s classroom.

Everyone is super excited and elated with Jin as the guest lecture. The students are curious about his love life and whether he has a girlfriend (in which Jin answers that his fans are his girlfriend hahaha, classic answer!) or who his first love was. Right as Jin is about to answer about his first love, Ae-jung appears at the back of the classroom. The two make eye contact and notice each other immediately. Jin then goes on to describe his first love as someone who inspired him to pursue acting. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be the grand actor he is in the present. Ha-nee and Yeon-woo also notice the strange exchange between Ae-jung and Jin and they sense that something is up.

While Jin hosts a small little fansign in the classroom after his lecture, Ha-nee is still suspicious between Yeon-woo and Jin. She even asks Dong-chan who she resembles more between the two, lol. Jin’s event eventually concludes early by Manager Myung who drags the celebrity out of the school. While in the van, Manager Myung stresses out about the photos and rumors that’s spread about Jin. People assume that he must be the dad of one of the students. Although Manager Myung wants to escape from the school, he encounters one more obstacle: Ae-jung. She manages to stop him from driving after showing up in front of the van and is greeted by Jin who jumps out of the vehicle to greet her. Although it’s been 14 years, it’s as if nothing has changed between the two. Their eyes lit up upon talking to each other and reuniting. But wait, how did Jin know that Ae-jung would be at the middle school? How did he find out about this guest lecture?

Right as Jin is about to give things away, he catches Ha-nee and Dong-chan standing not too far away. Ha-nee quietly signals for Jin not to reveal anything to Ae-jung so Jin struggles to come up with a response. Caught up in the difficult situation, he declares that he’ll do the movie with Ae-jung. He’ll star in her movie. Ae-jung is excited at his answer while Manager Myung isn’t so happy. He reminds Jin that CEO Song is in America to meet with the director of Jin’s upcoming Hollywood movie in hopes of solidifying Jin as the main protagonist for the movie. All of that will blow over if Jin is to do this movie with Ae-jung. Plus, if Jin is discovered to be the father of an illegitimate kid, that won’t look so good with his public image either. But it’s not like Jin has a kid, right? Right?!

Back at the school, Yeon-woo contemplates on whether or not to send Ae-jung a text. He eventually changes his mind, but he still hasn’t forgotten about Dae-oh who he met earlier at the rooftop. He’s reminded of the year 2006 when he visited Ae-jung at her university. He had planned on confessing to her on that day with a poetry book and card he wrote for her, but he changed his mind and got his heart broken upon noticing a music player with Dae-oh’s name on it that read “Oh Dae-oh is Ae-jung’s property.” For Yeon-woo, it was too late. The timing just wasn’t right.

To celebrate the good news with Jin’s confirmation to participate in the movie, Hye-jin and Ae-jung go out to Sook-hee’s bar to celebrate. However, they’re not alone. Also invited is our intimidating but charismatic Pa-do, calm and popular Jin, and funky and funny Dae-oh. AHHHHHH! I love it! Pa-do and Jin exchange greetings with each other and all three become acquainted. While grabbing a bottle of liquor in the back room, Ae-jung and Jin catch up with each other for a short bit. Ae-jung feels thankful with Jin’s decision to participate in her movie. She also feels some pressure, but she’s determined to do well so that she won’t leave a stain on his career. Jin is grateful and happy with the opportunity too and the two are eventually interrupted by Hye-jin who’s already a bit tipsy.

It turns out she’s already been drinking with Dae-oh and Pa-do back at their table. With the five working together on this team, they acknowledge that it hasn’t been easy. Dae-oh’s still suspicious of Pa-do’s reasons for investing in the movie, Pa-do blames Dae-oh for making Ae-jung jump through so many hoops and hurdles, and well, Dae-oh notes that it wasn’t the easiest to cast Jin in the movie. However, only Hye-jin truly knows the challenges and difficulties that Ae-jung endured to get to this point. She calls Jin out for the time when Ae-jung went to his movie event and ended up just getting trampled over. As for Dae-oh? Well, Ae-jung went through a lot with all the contract issues. And as for Pa-do? He’s scary and threatening. Lol. With the three guys called out, Hye-jin and Ae-jung embrace each other for a hug. Only they know how hard it was to get to this point.

Eventually, Ae-jung has too much to drink and all three guys work together to get her home. After some assistance from a drunk Hye-jin herself as well as Yeon-woo who notices Pa-do in the neighborhood, they finally find Ae-jung’s house. Grandma shows up not too long afterwards and she discovers Jin as well as Dae-oh carrying Ae-jung on both sides. Yeon-woo eventually carries drunk Ae-jung inside the house while Grandma continues to speak to all three guys outside. Even Ha-nee runs outside to join Grandma and she also finds herself standing in front of Dae-oh, Jin, and Pa-do. However, the only one she notices is Jin and she insists on having him join them for some tea. However, Jin receives an urgent text from Manager Myung at that moment so he drags Pa-do and Dae-oh away with him. They can come back and grab tea with Grandma and Ha-nee another time. Upon being laid down on her bed, Ae-jung mutters some drunken words and she pulls Yeon-woo down towards her. Yeon-woo catches himself just in time, but he panics at their faces only being a few inches apart from each other. EEEEEEK.

That night, Jin returns to the office of his entertainment company and receives more texts from Ha-nee who wishes to get some kind of response from him. As if that wasn’t stressful enough, Jin enters CEO Song’s office to find her and the rest of his staff throw a huge celebratory party for him. CEO Song managed to convince the Hollywood director to star Jin as the main protagonist in the movie. However, Jin announces his decision to drop out of the Hollywood movie. He has another better opportunity and movie to participate in. Manager Myung arrives just as Jin relays the news to everyone and CEO Song is close to taking her anger out on Manager Myung once again. However, just like all the other times, Jin protects his manager and claims his decision as his. He then makes a call to a reporter about a possible article that will include information abuot Jin’s decision to turn down his Hollywood offer. CEO Song throws Jin’s phone onto the ground, but Jin can care less. At least things will be quiet for a while.

The next morning, Ae-jung wakes up and has a hard time recalling anything from the night before. However, it doesn’t take long for Grandma to remind Ae-jung about how she had three different guys help take her home. She must work in a great environment! Haha. While Grandma points out details that she noticed from each of the three guys, Ha-nee speaks about the guest lecture that Jin gave at her school and how he spoke a bit about his first love. Who is Ae-jung’s first love then? What type of men is her mom into? Ae-jung is hesitant in answering the question and Grandma attempts to brush the question aside by claiming that Ae-jung likes men with well-defined features. Hmm, that must mean Ha-nee doesn’t take after her father then since she has big eyes and a big nose. Grandma and Ae-jung freeze at Ha-nee’s response and Ae-jung even inquires about Ha-nee’s behavior later on when she encounters Yeon-woo after breakfast.

Yeon-woo hasn’t been noticing anything strange recently with Ha-nee, but Ae-jung still wants to be careful. She considers attending the school parent meetings just in case. Yeon-woo notes that if anything, Ae-jung should be more concerned with herself with the way she drank the night before. Ae-jung is then reminded of how drunk she was and she grows worried that she did something “wrong.” Wrong? But wait, Yeon-woo grows confused and afraid too because of how close he was to kissing Ae-jung. Ae-jung assumes she must have done something bad while drunk while Yeon-woo grows nervous at the thought of the almost-kiss he had with Ae-jung. To make up for her strange behavior, Ae-jung promises to treat Yeon-woo out to a movie date.

Ae-jung eventually receives a phone call from CEO Song and Manager Myung and the three convene to discuss about her movie that Jin accepted over the Hollywood film. Of course, CEO Song isn’t so happy with Ae-jung and she doesn’t trust her either. CEO Song is committed to seeing how this movie will pan out and whether or not it’ll be worth Jin rejecting Hollywood for. She includes a list of top actresses that she’d like for Ae-jung to cast in the movie which Ae-jung shares with the rest of the team at a meeting. Everyone is in disbelief upon seeing the list and Jin even considers talking things out with CEO Song. Rest assured, Ae-jung is determined to work things out and to go through with CEO Song’s wants. She doesn’t to give up so easily just yet. However, Ae-jung is also reminded of the consequences if she doesn’t succeed in casting one of the actresses on the list: Jin will give up the movie and Thumb Films will have to pay the costs for breaching Jin’s Hollywood contract.

Our three movie musketeers (AKA Dae-oh, Jin, and Pa-do) have a talk outside on the balcony. Jin and Pa-do feels as if they’re responsible for the current situation so they’re determined to work things out to assist Ae-jung. However, Dae-oh puts them in their place and reminds them as to why they shouldn’t get themselves involved any further. CEO Song wouldn’t be happy with Jin and Pa-do has no idea as to how the entertainment industry works. Therefore, he is the most equipped to help Ae-jung in casting the lead actress. But wait, Pa-do and Jin points out how Dae-oh himself doesn’t seem like he knows much. He doesn’t have any top movie star’s number in his phone and he also doesn’t have any grand ideas either. Lol. I love it when these three bicker.

Yeon-woo does some digging on Dae-oh while at work. Just then, one of the head teachers announces to the rest of the teachers the vacant position for the PTA representative role and inquires if anyone will like to fill in the position in the meantime. Yeon-woo recalls Ae-jung’s interest in attending the parent meetings so he volunteers for the opportunity. However, Mr. Jang also volunteers for the position at the same time so the two battle it out in a rock, paper, scissors game outside afterwards (and Yeon-woo celebrates after winning. LOL, they’re like little kids!). Ha-nee observes Mr. Jang and Yeon-woo go at it from inside the classroom and she’s still stuck on why Jin hasn’t replied back to her. Dong-chan suggests that it might have to do with him hiding some kind of truth from Ha-nee.

Ae-jung and Hye-jin make their way over to an event that one of the actresses on the list, Joo Ah-rin (Kim Da-som), is hosting at a shopping mall. Although Ah-rin is known as the Angel of Asia, her personality in real life contradicts with her public image and she acts as her true self with her manager, Manager Do Kwang-soo (Oh Hee-joon). After comforting a confused and lost girl at the shopping mall, Ah-rin returns to her van with Manager Do. She pulls out another cigarette to smoke inside the van so he steps out to clear up her tumbler cup (aka her ashtray). However, Manager Do doesn’t get too far until he’s approached by Hye-jin and Ae-jung. They hand him the script to their movie as well as Ae-jung’s business card, but their conversation too is cut short thanks to a bunch of Ah-rin’s ahjusshi fans. Manager Do rushes back inside the van and barely manages to drive away while Hye-jin and Ae-jung get swarmed by the sea of fans. Attempt #1: unsuccessful.

So Hye-jin and Ae-jung return to Thumb Films and is greeted by a confused Dae-oh. They reveal their unsuccessful attempt in recruiting Ah-rin since all the other actresses on the list are preoccupied. Dae-oh assumes that CEO Song must have purposely chosen actresses that wouldn’t participate in the movie, but Ae-jung refuses to believe that she would do such a thing. Dae-oh feels as if he can’t stop worrying about Ae-jung; he can’t seem to leave her alone for a moment. Hye-jin assumes Dae-oh is actually worried about Ae-jung despite claiming that he’s sick and tired of her, but the two former lovers reject her assumption. That’s not how they really feel about each other and they walk away. Lol. Poor Hye-jin!

Eventually, Dae-oh and Ae-jung exit the office together that night. On the way down the stairs, Dae-oh warns Ae-jung not to fall in love with him because of what he said earlier. Ae-jung is confident that she won’t do such a thing; Dae-oh seems so full of himself. But Dae-oh believes that he has the right to brag. Look at him, he’s relatively tall (well, not as tall as Yeon-woo, Jin, and Pa-do) and he’s handsome (well, maybe not as handsome as his competitors), but best of all, he’s a sensible man. Just as he finishes his bragging, it begins to rain and Ae-jung rejects Dae-oh’s idea to accompany her home. She runs out in the rain, but Dae-oh catches up to her with an umbrella that he’s purchased at a convenience store. While hovering the umbrella over her head, he reminds her that he no longer has to steal the huge patio umbrellas like how he did back when they were in college. Ae-jung pushes Dae-oh away and she chooses to get soaked over using Dae-oh’s umbrella.

On the bus ride home, Ae-jung is reminded of the specific memory that Dae-oh was referring to just seconds earlier. It was the year 2005 and it was pouring rain on that day. Dae-oh came to her rescue by stealing one of the huge patio umbrellas on campus and using it to protect the both of them from the rain. They ran and ran with the huge umbrella while everyone else had regular umbrellas with them. As silly and ridiculous as this was, it also served as a warm and funny memory for the two and Dae-oh reminisces this specific moment as he drives back home.

Chief Editor Hong has a meeting with Dae-oh to discuss with him the newest and latest challenge that he volunteered Dae-oh to participate in. It’s similar to the Ice Bucket challenge where you can nominate someone of your choice to be the next one to participate in the challenge. Chief Editor Hong has no hopes of Dae-oh participating in the challenge, but the author gives in to doing it. It’ll be his perfect opportunity to connect with Ah-rin.

Manager Myung stops by Jin’s place to drop off his fixed work phone. With Jin taking a shower, Manager Myung takes the opportunity to glance at Jin’s personal cellphone thanks to a bunch of incoming text messages from Ha-nee. Ha-nee still wants to know if Jin is aware of who her dad is and even sends a screenshot of the text that Ae-jung had sent to Jin 14 years ago. Manager Myung takes it upon himself to call Ha-nee and he suggests that she stop her search for her father. There’s nothing Jin can do to help her so she should just call it quits and halt her plans to find her father. Ha-nee – unaware that it’s Manager Myung on the phone and not Jin – doesn’t react so well to the call. Jin steps out right at that moment and grows angry with Manager Myung for saying such a thing to Ha-nee. Manager Myung feels as if it’s best they just cover things up and deny any claims that come through, but Jin doesn’t want to hear any of it. After Manager Myung exits, Jin attempts to contact Ha-nee once again, but she’s not in the mood to talk to him. She cries and argues why he would discourage her from trying to find her father before hanging up on him. Poor Ha-nee.

Jin takes a look at the screenshot of the text that was shared by Ha-nee. He’s reminded of the time Ae-jung cried into his chest on the rainy night she broke up with Dae-oh. The next morning, he woke up alone on the bed in a room and found a yellow sticky note with the words “Jin, I’m going home. Let’s forget about yesterday” on the dresser next to the bed (GASP! WHAT?!). In the present, Ae-jung and Yeon-woo go on their movie date like how Ae-jung had promised him. Yeon-woo is nervous and he brings with him the same poetry book and card that he had with him back when he first planned on confessing to Ae-jung.

Dae-oh makes his move to recruit Ah-rin to star in the movie. He nominates Ah-rin to participate in the “Transcript Relay Challenge” by joining him in his debut movie. Upon watching Dae-oh’s video, Ah-rin opens up her high school yearbook and questions Manager Do as to whether he believes Dae-oh would recognize her. After comparing her high school photo to her current appearance as well as considering Ah-rin’s fake name and age, Manger Do feels as if she wouldn’t be recognizable to him. When asked whether there was something going on between her and Dae-oh, Ah-rin avoids the question and she simply accepts to doing the challenge with Dae-oh. Better yet, she’d like to meet him in person. Dae-oh receives Ah-rin’s confirmation to participate in his movie as well as to meet him in person. The author is excited at the news and the first person he contacts to share the great news with is Ae-jung.

However, Ae-jung can’t be reached since she’s at the movies with Yeon-woo. Yeon-woo is nervous and he pays more attention to Ae-jung than he does to the movie. At one point, he stuffs himself with popcorn to avoid Ae-jung’s gaze and grows even more nervous when she removes a small piece of popcorn stuck on the side of his mouth. After the movie, the two wait at the bus station to head back home. Ae-jung is curious as to what his thoughts on the movie are, but Yeon-woo can’t think properly. He doesn’t have much to say. To avoid the awkwardness, Ae-jung pulls out her phone to contact Grandma to see what she and Ha-nee has been up to. However, Ae-jung notices the number of phone calls that she’s received by Dae-oh which Yeon-woo also notices.

Yeon-woo shifts Ae-jung’s attention towards him and he grabs her wrist to stop her from calling Dae-oh back. He explains that he couldn’t focus on the movie. He doesn’t remember anything from the movie because he was too caught up in focusing on Ae-jung. Yeon-woo harbors the courage to confess to Ae-jung and to admit his feelings for her. He likes her. Ae-jung is shocked and surprised by the confession, but she doesn’t have much time to react. Instead, she catches a vehicle pulling a reverse on the lane right next to them and the two are splashed with water because of the car. Inside the vehicle is none other than Dae-oh who’s not so thrilled at the sight of Yeon-woo and Ae-jung together.

My Thoughts:

Is it just me or did this ending feel as if it was one longer scene and the director just randomly cut in the middle of it to end the episode? Haha. Regardless, this episode felt similar to episode 3 in that it wasn’t as interesting or compelling and it felt flat to me throughout most of its run. However, just like the ending scene for episode 3, there were a few standout scenes in this episode that I definitely enjoyed.

First and foremost, I guess we can address the elephant in the room. We received a few more hints in this episode about Jin’s role as Ha-nee’s potential father. I mentioned in episode 4 how I wasn’t too convinced just yet that he was the father, but it wasn’t until we saw the scene of him the morning after he chased Ae-jung in the rain that it made me second guess myself. I’m assuming that he and Ae-jung had a one-night stand after she broke up with Dae-oh which explains why Jin could possibly be Ha-nee’s father. Even the beginning scene in this episode of him and Ha-nee crying over being reunited completely threw me off. I was so scared and mainly confused as to why Ha-nee was addressing Jin as her father. I even believed it for a split second and I was freaking out, but then I snapped myself out of it and realized that it was just Jin’s imagination in which it did turn out to be (phew, which I’ll admit, I was relieved to see).

I do remain cautious though because it seems as if the drama is leading us to believe that Jin is the father. Ha-nee is primarily contacting him for details and answers so it’s as if the drama is setting him up to be the father. Given, she only suspects Yeon-woo and Jin for now which explains all the constant pestering, but it’s still interesting to watch how much she contacts Jin for answers. I don’t know if I should take these hints seriously or if I’m just reading too much into it or if I should just take things as they are on a surface level. I’m afraid that the drama is giving us false leads, hints, and hopes and that Jin somehow isn’t the father even though the drama was alluding to it this entire episode. I’m afraid that the drama is going to pull a Reply 1994 and that the father isn’t who we thought it was. I’m uncertain as to how I should interpret all these hints that the drama is throwing at us and whether I should think that Jin is the father or not. Right now, it seems as if the drama is setting him up to be Ha-nee’s father (with the whole one-night stand, Ha-nee’s constant pestering, Jin questioning his public image and career if he was known to have an illegitimate child, how Manager Myung wants to cover things up and deny things, etc.), but I’m also going to stay open minded. Maybe things aren’t as they seem.

Moving on, I guess we can talk about my absolute, most favorite thing in this entire drama: Son Ho-joon. Watching him in this show has completely revived my love for him to the point where I’m currently watching his variety show “Coffee Friends” with Yoo Yeon-seok and completely enjoying it. He’s so good in that only he can manage to play the haughty, arrogant, and snotty Dae-oh without being such a complete turn-off. With Dae-oh, you can see his external shell when he pretends to act as if he doesn’t care about Ae-jung or as if he’s not worried about her, but you can also sense the sincerity in his feelings as well as his cautiousness to not be too obvious in showing it. I love how Dae-oh acts as if he doesn’t care for Ae-jung or as if he’s only concerned about the movie and not about her when really you can tell that he’s doing all of this for her. Only Son Ho-joon would be able to play such a conflicting and interesting character which speaks volumes about how great and talented of an actor he is. My favorite scene in this episode definitely had to be the umbrella scene both in the present as well as in the past. I love how he bragged about being tall and handsome, but then quickly took those words back when he compared himself to the other three guys. I mean, it’s even more hilarious with the comparisons because to me, Son Ho-joon is the cutest out of all of them. Sure, he might not be the tallest so that part rings true, but he’s so handsome and charming and talented and out of the four guys, he’s most definitely and easily my favorite.

Then after all the bragging came the rain once again (it’s always raining in this drama which makes me think about the type of role that it plays in the show) and Dae-oh rescuing Ae-jung with the umbrella. How hilarious was it when Dae-oh showed up with the huge patio umbrella to protect both him and Ae-jung from the rain back in college? I mean, come on, that scene in itself was SO hilarious and funny and silly and ridiculous, but combine that with Son Ho-joon’s great comedic timing and it just made everything ten times funnier (again, Son Ho-joon is SO good!). I was cracking up watching that scene because of how silly it was. Dae-oh could have just bought an umbrella somewhere on campus, but he decided to steal a patio umbrella for both him and Ae-jung. However, I think that’s also something great about their relationship that the drama was attempting to showcase to us. Dae-oh and Ae-jung might not have had a lot back then, but they were so happy together and created such wonderful and loving memories with each other when they were still in love.

Similar to what I voiced in my last recap, I’m glad that Jin gave in to doing the movie. Sure, he might have said it on a whim without really meaning it at that moment, but it was a decision that he genuinely and strongly felt about. There’s always going to be doubt in the back of his mind as to whether the movie will be worth it (since he is choosing it over his Hollywood movie which CEO Song worked so hard to get him the main role for), but Jin feels as if it’s worth it for now because of Ae-jung. He too hasn’t forgotten about his past with her and he also wants to make things right with her this time around since he never got the opportunity to do so in the past. Jin realizes that he has a shot at expressing his feelings for her now given that she’s no longer with Dae-oh (which I believe prevented him from doing anything in the past). It’s ultimately up to Ae-jung as to who she wants to be with (if she wants to be with anyone), but it’s also important to note that all four guys are on the same playing field now in the present. While Pa-do has other reasons as to why he’s involved (which the drama has yet to explore) and I’m surprised at how much emphasis the drama is placing on Yeon-woo’s character, anything is possible at this point. Jin could be the father, Yeon-woo has confessed to Ae-jung, and Dae-oh is determined to make up with Ae-jung.

I’m surprised at how much time Yeon-woo is being given with Ae-jung in potentially setting him up as her lover. ‘Was It Love?’ is doing something that I wished ‘Oh My Baby’ would have explored which was giving each of our male characters time with our female lead. In ‘Oh My Baby’, Eu-Ddeum had a one-sided crush on Ha-ri, but the drama quickly dropped his storyline with her and never really developed any potential of a romantic relationship between the two. In ‘Was It Love?’, I kind of perceive Yeon-woo to play a similar character in that he’s the one with a puppy, unrequited love on Ae-jung who he’s had a crush on since forever but just never had the right timing to confess. I like that the drama is actually giving him a lot more time and attention. I was afraid that he would just merely be more of a supporting character and that the drama would mainly focus on the love triangle between Dae-oh, Ae-jung, and Jin. While it’s still too early to say, I didn’t expect Yeon-woo to have this much time with Ae-jung and yet, I enjoy it. I like seeing him with Ae-jung and him being given the chance and potential to be on the same playing field as the other guys and to also have the opportunity to be Ae-jung’s love interest. It makes things so much more fun and interesting and it definitely makes me curious as to what role he had as well in all of this complicated history.

I like how now all four guys have seen each other and know each other and are aware that they’re all connected to Ae-jung somehow. Even Ah-rin is now in the picture which should prove to be interesting. She seems like the typical second female lead character so nothing too surprising there. I just hope she doesn’t play too much of a big role and that her character is limited in this drama. We already have enough going on with Ha-nee’s investigation for her father and Ae-jung being involved with all four guys while trying to achieve her dreams of becoming a movie producer. Ae-jung’s going to do whatever it takes to get it done and as we saw in this episode, she’s making things happen step by step. Some of it is due to Dae-oh while a lot of it is thanks to Hye-jin and herself, but she gets things done regardless. The movie is close to happening and when it does, it’s going to be beautiful chaos.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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