Was It Love: Episode 9 Recap

Relationships are complicated and relationships can be messy. Despite what Ae-jung and Dae-oh convince themselves about their shared history, they can’t seem to escape their haunting pass that catches up to them in the present. Just how much longer will the two be able to avoid the inevitable and how will things turn out for the two former lovers?

Was It Love?: Episode 9 Recap

Ae-jung recalls memories of her and Dae-oh’s relationship back when they were still in college. Memories that she claimed she had forgotten or erased from her memory resurface and she notes,

Your dream was especially bright in my eyes. Your passion would only light up in my presence. Your display of affection was reckless and touching. The smirk in your eyes, your whimsical nature, your naivety, and how adorable you were — I now remember it all. All the reasons why I loved you..

In the present, Dae-oh leans in towards Ae-jung for a kiss. However, she opens her eyes at the last second and abruptly pushes Dae-oh onto the ground. His hand is scratched and Ae-jung panics at the sight of his wounded hand. If she was only going to worry about him in the end, why did she even push him in the first place? With that, Ae-jung grows angry again and throws another fit at Dae-oh. The two are eventually interrupted by an announcement by the village head who calls for Ae-jung to show up at his house. He has three visitors waiting for Ae-jung and it’s none other than Yeon-woo, Jin, and Pa-do. They each take turns talking to Ae-jung upon reuniting with her, but there’s a bigger issue at hand. There aren’t any boats available at the dock to transport them back to Seoul. With that, the five have no choice but to spend the night at the village head’s house. He also reminds them that they will need the approval of all the villagers in order to film at the island. So with that being said, how can they get things moving along to streamline that process?

The village head has Ae-jung and our four musketeers pick amongst a pile of clothes to wear. Although hesitant, they eventually give in to the request and choose which set of clothing they rather wear. Meanwhile, Dong-chan invites Ha-nee to his house. While she heads in first to venture and explore, Dong-chan grabs the allowance money at the entrance of the house and then goes off to search for Ha-nee. He even goes as far as to looking inside Pa-do’s office and even treacherously entering the mini-theater where Pa-do watches clips of Tan Zi-yi (Ae-jung’s look-a-like). It’s there that Dong-chan discovers a photo of him with Tan Zi-yi next to him. Dong-chan is shocked upon seeing the photo and he eventually returns to Ha-nee after hearing her shout his name. He hands her the allowance money as a loan to help fund that DNA test. He wants to know who her father is just as much she does. Aww. Dong-chan taking after his father, I love it.

And so Ha-nee is set with her DNA test. Now all she needs is a strand of Jin’s hair. Lol. But wait, she receives a sudden phone call from Ae-jung notifying her about how she won’t be home that night. Grandma also receives a similar text from Yeon-woo and she puts two and two together. Grandma assumes Yeon-woo followed her advice and made his move on Ae-jung. Lol. Back at the village, our team sports their new work clothes and they divide up tasks with the village head. Pa-do is in charge of preparing dinner, Yeon-woo is responsible for lighting the furnace, and Dae-oh is tasked with chopping firewood (haha, I’m totally loving the ‘3 Meals a Day’ vibes!!). Meanwhile, Jin is to grocery shop for the team since the village head’s relative is the owner of the store and is a fan of Jin. Of course, Jin – being the celebrity that he is – demands for a manager to accompany him. He is a big superstar after all.

Dae-oh has a challenging time with his task of cutting firewood. Yeon-woo shows him how to properly cut the firewood shortly afterwards, but he also reminds Dae-oh to stay away from Ae-jung. Yeon-woo is certain that Dae-oh will never be able to make Ae-jung happy again. How can he guarantee that he won’t hurt her again? The sincerity and loyalty is not there and that’s why Yeon-woo will do whatever he can to protect Ae-jung. Eventually, Yeon-woo moves on with his job by grabbing some of the firewood pieces to light the furnace. Dae-oh asks for directions to the grocery store for he’s desperate to meet up with Ae-jung, but the village head assumes he wants a way out of his task. Lol. Dae-oh ends up biking his way to the grocery store (“ain’t nobody got time to chop firewood right now!”). Pa-do himself is occupied with protecting Ae-jung. However, he too comes across a little bump of his own with the village head’s wife. She asks for him to clean one of the fishes that they caught so Pa-do uses his special knife to do so. Pa-do is such an expert with knives he’s even able to hold a conversation with the village head’s wife while cleaning the fish, lol. Although the village head’s wife claims that she hasn’t seen anyone suspicious on the island just yet, Pa-do is still keen on heading to the grocery store where Ae-jung is — that is, until he finishes cleaning the rest of the fishes. Lol.

Jin meets the village head’s cousin who’s a big fan of his. She rambles on and on about how talented and great Jin is and Ae-jung supports the cousin’s claims by stating that Jin has always been hard-working. Jin eventually agrees to sign his autograph for the cousin and they even snap a photo together. Meanwhile, CEO Song stops by Jin’s place in search of him. She’s not so happy when she’s lied to by Manager Myung and fails to find Jin at his house. The two end up crossing paths at Jin’s place at the same time and Manager Myung knows he’s in deep deep trouble. Noooo. Back on the island, Ae-jung and Jin make their way back to the house. While casually strolling, they bring up the past. Ae-jung notes that she used to get looks from people for being Jin’s right-hand man, but thankfully, Dae-oh lightened up the situation with his addition into the group. However, that’s the thing that Jin regrets the most. He shouldn’t have befriended Dae-oh nor let Dae-oh develop feelings for Ae-jung.

However, Ae-jung is okay with it. The past is the past and she’s no longer the 23-year old Ae-jung that he knew back in college. She’s now a single mother to a 14-year old child. She’s changed. Just when Jin is close to making a confession to Ae-jung, a loud tractor with a few villagers on it pass by the pair and it’s unknown as to what exactly Jin voiced to Ae-jung. Dae-oh also ends up finding the two so he interrupts their walk with his presence. He begins by scolding Jin for taking Ae-jung with him, but Ae-jung puts both guys in their place. She reminds them to stay professional with each other and to not drag personal matters or feelings into things. They’re here to help out with the movie.

Ae-jung, Jin, and Dae-oh return to the village to find everyone gathered for a village meeting (aka a party for Jin), lol. Everyone’s excited at the sight of popular star Jin (“he’s real after all everyone!”) and the village head uses their movie as a tactic to get them to do things. He takes full advantage of them by asking them to do things if they want to film their movie at the island. Although reluctant at first, Jin agrees to singing and holding a fansign for the villagers. The “village meeting” is held late into the night and Jin is undeniably the star of the party. All the villagers eventually agree into letting our team film their movie at the village thanks to Jin. Dae-oh watches in envy as Jin gets all the credit for getting permission from the villagers. Pa-do reminds Dae-oh that if he was so upset, he shouldn’t have brought Ae-jung to the island. Plus, they have yet to receive a written document of the approval so until then, they shouldn’t be so relaxed about it. Dae-oh is close to getting a taste of Pa-do’s special knife, but Pa-do stays calm. He instead uses his knife to cut up some fruits on a platter. Lol.

Yeon-woo joins Ae-jung and hands her some hot chocolate — something that Ha-nee personally taught him how to make. Ae-jung enjoys the cup of hot chocolate, but she has a more pressing issue on her mind. She’s thankful for all that Yeon-woo has done for her, but she also feels sorry at the same time. He helps her out so much and has done a lot for her, but there’s not much she can offer him. She feels apologetic for not returning the same type of help that he gives to her. Yeon-woo remains speechless at Ae-jung’s remarks. He watches as she walks away to join the rest of the party. And so the night is young and our villagers continue to party. Jin cranks up the karaoke machine and he sings a song while everyone else – including Pa-do and Yeon-woo – dance with the villagers. Meanwhile, Dae-oh brings Ae-jung to sit down at one of the tables to remind her to eat. She’s worked all day and she hasn’t had any food in her system yet. He reassures her that he’ll deal with the filming locations so she should just worry about eating.

Ae-jung is relieved at first upon hearing that Dae-oh will take care of all the work-related stuff. Maybe he will really just focus on work like she wanted. But things don’t last for long. Unlike Ae-jung, he can’t just turn his feelings on and off like a light switch. He’s still curious as to why she broke up with him. Why does Ae-jung hate him so much? The karaoke party is cut off abruptly when the village head turns off the karaoke machine and the silence is broken by Dae-oh’s desperate question. Why did Ae-jung leave him 14 years ago? He wants to know the reason. Upon hearing Dae-oh’s question, the villagers gossip about the former couple while Ae-jung storms off. Dae-oh follows her, but she once again pushes him away. She still hasn’t forgotten about what happened the past 14 years. Back then, Ae-jung had the option of either dying or leaving Dae-oh and she chose to leave Dae-oh because she couldn’t afford to die. So the moment she left Dae-oh was also the moment that he remained dead in her heart. And she wishes for things to stay that way. There is no chance of them ever starting over again like how Dae-oh desperately wanted. Ae-jung makes this clear to Dae-oh and she walks off again.

While reflecting on her confrontation with Dae-oh, Ae-jung admits that things aren’t as easy as they seem. Giving a reason to Dae-oh for their break-up won’t solve anything. If it was that simple, Ae-jung wouldn’t hate him and she wouldn’t have left him. Yeon-woo watches Ae-jung sit by herself in agony and he also seats himself not too far away from her. Although no words are spoken, it’s obvious both of their hearts are broken. Dae-oh too is heart-broken over his conversation with Ae-jung and he confides in Jin to have a talk about it. He now realizes that he was not the only one in pain because of the break-up. Ae-jung too must have had a difficult time and it seems as if there’s more to the story than he knows. This prompts Jin to recall the night of Ae-jung and Dae-oh’s break-up when she cried in his chest and asked him to buy her some drinks. Jin feigns ignorance and remains upset with Dae-oh. Why is he bringing this up now?

Yeon-woo reunites with Pa-do that night back at the village head’s house. Ae-jung seems to be doing alright, but Yeon-woo is curious as to why Pa-do is so kind towards Ae-jung. What’s the reasoning behind his connection with her? Pa-do simply answers that Ae-jung reminds him of someone who he couldn’t protect. He expresses envy in how close Jin, Yeon-woo, and Dae-oh all are to Ae-jung, but he also reminds them that it’s not always a good thing either. And so our team prepares to sleep that night. Ae-jung refuses to reveal any details on her fight with Dae-oh to the curious and nosy village head’s wife that night, but the village head’s wife reminds Ae-jung that the fight must have happened because they still had feelings for each other. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have fought the way they did. It’s a difficult time for our team as they all stay up that night to reflect on their current situation, hardships, and internal struggles.

The next morning, Ae-jung discovers Pa-do, Yeon-woo, and Jin at the village head’s house except for Dae-oh who took the first boat back to Seoul. Ae-jung is a bit shocked and taken aback by Dae-oh’s sudden leave. Dae-oh indeed makes it safely back to Thumb Films and he works all through the morning to prepare for the meeting they have later on that day. He’s exhausted and tired, but he’s not so worried about it. He rather be distracted and occupied so he wouldn’t have to think about anything. Dae-oh misses a phone call from Ah-rin who wants to check in with him and his condition. She can’t help but stress and worry when he doesn’t pick up her phone call. Ah-rin moves on to volunteering at an event and she makes sure to stay true to her “Angel of Asia” title. CEO Wang – Ae-jung and Hye-jin’s former boss – is among one of the attendees at the event and he gossips with those at his table about his former experiences of working in the film industry. He comes across a newspaper with Jin and Ah-rin’s movie collaboration on the front page. He also reads how the movie will be an adaptation to writer Cheon Ok-man’s popular novel “Love is Nonexistent” and he’s reminded of the time when he had Dae-oh sign the copyright contract to the novel.

Jin eventually returns home and reunites with Manager Myung who updates him on the dangerous situation while Jin was away on the island. Thankfully, Manager Myung was able to divert CEO Song’s attention and lie that the gifts Jin bought for his daughter were actually for his son. However, this grabs Jin’s attention and he hurries over to CEO Song’s office. Pa-do also receives some updates from Director Kim and learns that members of their rivalry gang is still catching onto them. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there was a group photo of Pa-do with Tan Zi Yi – Ae-jung’s look-a-like – found inside the jacket. Just what is exactly Pa-do’s relationship with the woman who looks similar to Ae-jung? Dong-chan hangs out with Ha-nee at her house. Dong-chan attempts to get some answers on Ae-jung after catching the photo of who he assumed was Ae-jung hidden in his dad’s secret room. When Ha-nee shows no interest in talking about her mother, they decide to visit Hye-jin for details on how to find the address to Jin’s house. On their way out of the house, the two middle schoolers encounter Yeon-woo and they suddenly grow nervous. They lie that the plan on visiting Sook-hee’s bar to feed their little puppy which Yeon-woo doesn’t think too much about. Unbeknownst to both him and our middle schoolers, Mama Yeon-woo watches her son not too far away in her car. Ah-rin was right. Yeon-woo does live with Ae-jung.

Grandma is relieved and excited to reunite with Yeon-woo when he returns home. She expresses her gratitude to the P.E. teacher and she’s thankful that he takes good care of both Ha-nee and Ae-jung. Yeon-woo doesn’t react much to Grandma’s appreciation and he heads to his room to get some rest. When Ae-jung returns to Thumb Films, Dae-oh reacts indifferently to Ae-jung which she isn’t too comfortable with. He brushes her off during their staff meeting and he strictly focuses on work only. Even Hye-jin notices Dae-oh’s strange behavior and points it out to Ae-jung. Later on that day, Ae-jung and Dae-oh have a small talk about it in the kitchen of the studio. Dae-oh is doing his best to hold himself back from saying or doing anything. He’s well aware that doing what he wants might cause Ae-jung to run away again and that’s not what he wants. He pleads for one more chance to get things right with Ae-jung. This time, he won’t focus on himself, but rather, he’ll help Ae-jung heal from her broken heart. Ae-jung is conflicted at Dae-oh’s proposal and she has a hard time deciding what to do next while waiting at the bus stop.

Ha-nee and Dong-chan eventually make it to Thumb Films, but Ae-jung nor Ha-nee is there. The only person present at the office is Dae-oh and he has a brief talk with them. He’s curious as to what Ha-nee and Dong-chan’s relationship is in which Ha-nee simply claims that they’re just friends. Dong-chan has something else on his mind and he glimpses at a photo of Ae-jung and Ha-nee resting on Ae-jung’s desk. He excuses him quickly afterwards so Ha-nee is left with Dae-oh. The two grab some coffee and snacks at a cafe nearby and it’s there that Ha-nee continues her investigation as to who her father is. She learns that Dae-oh and Ae-jung used to attend college together so she takes the opportunity to ask Dae-oh regarding Jin’s relationship with her mother. Dae-oh doesn’t comment much about Jin and Ae-jung’s relationship and he also avoids the question when asked whether he knows who Ae-jung had feelings for in the past. Ha-nee doesn’t think too much about Dae-oh’s hesitance and instead, just assumes as it being that Dae-oh isn’t that useful. Lol (I love that she didn’t even consider Dae-oh as a possible contender because she’s so certain that Jin is her father).

Ae-jung has a drink at Sook-hee’s bar to clear off her mind. Just like how Sook-hee told her before, there’s a price that one pays when they love someone. Ae-jung is well aware of how painful one’s consequences can be so she aims to never make the same mistake again. However, Sook-hee reminds Ae-jung that Ha-nee isn’t the price that Ae-jung paid so why exactly is she hesitating? With that, Ae-jung recalls Dae-oh’s plead for a second chance and she gives things a second thought. Meanwhile, CEO Song receives photos of Jin and Ha-nee at the hospital from a few nights ago on her phone and she doesn’t seem too happy. Ae-jung eventually decides to meet with Dae-oh again so she heads to Dae-oh’s place. Upon ringing the doorbell, it’s not Dae-oh who answers, but instead Ah-rin (UGHHHHHHH). Both ladies are shocked to see each other at Dae-oh’s place and it doesn’t help when Ah-rin notes that Dae-oh isn’t at home at the moment. Just when Ah-rin is about to close the door on Ae-jung, Ae-jung doesn’t give up so easily. She holds the door open with her hand and demands to meet with Dae-oh. She has something pressing she would like to talk about with the popular writer.

My Thoughts:

I’m so mad at myself because I should have known. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that Ah-rin would be the one to open that door and not Dae-oh. I mean, the drama has been following a familiar recipe that we’ve seen plenty of times in K-dramaland and up until the very end of this episode, we were going in circles with everyone – especially Dae-oh and Ae-jung. Therefore, I’m not surprised that it was Ah-rin who opened that door and I would even like to think that something similar happened 14 years ago that lead to Dae-oh and Ae-jung’s break-up. Maybe it was Ah-rin and Dae-oh who Ae-jung saw in the cellar and that’s why she was hurt and heart-broken that night. Despite everything, what gives me hope is knowing that Ae-jung won’t give up so easily this time and that she demanded to meet with Dae-oh even though it was Ah-rin who opened the door. What gives me hope is the fact that Ae-jung wants to at least talk things out with Dae-oh and that Ah-rin won’t stop her again like how she might have 14 years ago. Like Ae-jung mentioned in this episode, she’s not the same person she was back in college. She’s changed now and this transformation will be life-changing.

Surprisingly, this episode was one of the better episodes that we’ve had in a very long time (aka, since episode 2 for me to be honest). One of the reasons being that we finally stepped away from the city life and had some fun watching our team engage in some funny and crazy shenanigans on an island. It’s always bound to be fun and adventurous when you’re doing something different somewhere else (it kind of reminds me of ‘Kkondae Intern‘ when they traveled to the countryside in search of inspiration for a new ramen recipe). The same vibes and atmosphere was present in this episode which was why I really enjoyed it. It made for a refreshing change of view and scenery. While the content wasn’t so different (Ae-jung and Dae-oh still fought and bickered, Yeon-woo was still caring for Ae-jung, Pa-do and Jin were careful and cautious around Ae-jung), I like the fact that they were in a different location in this episode.

I also appreciated the change in pacing. We finally got some progress and details on Ae-jung and Dae-oh’s relationship which had been dragging this entire time. We watched the two go back and forth on their feelings for each other and Dae-oh pleading how ever many times for Ae-jung to give him another chance and Ae-jung continually rejecting Dae-oh over and over again. I don’t blame her for doing so, but as a viewer, it was redundant and repetitive and became not as interesting after a while. Therefore, I was really excited to see the change in both Dae-oh’s attitude and demeanor towards Ae-jung after he left the island as well as Ae-jung’s determination in giving things a second thought with Dae-oh. It didn’t hit her until her conversation with Sook-hee as well as Dae-oh’s indifferent behavior towards her that she acknowledged her feelings that she had been suppressing all along. If anything, this just showed that you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. It’s not that Ae-jung took Dae-oh’s love for her in the present for granted because again, she didn’t necessarily ask for it, but I think she felt like he would continue to act that way around her forever. It wasn’t until he brushed her off or remained strictly professional with work that she finally realized that he too can turn off his feelings like a light switch if need be.

However, as we saw, Dae-oh doesn’t want to act this way around Ae-jung. It’s difficult for him to ignore his real feelings and emotions for her. He really is earnest in starting things over with Ae-jung. Somewhere along the way 14 years ago, they fell apart and separated without any closure of some sort and more so than wanting closure to their break-up, I think Dae-oh wants a new beginning to their relationship. Sure, learning the reason as to why they broke up would be nice to know for Dae-oh, but like Ae-jung mentioned, it’s not going to change anything. It’s not going to change the past and what’s happened already and it’s definitely not going to make things easier in the present as well. While Dae-oh definitely still seems stuck in the past, he also learned in this episode to push his feelings aside and to just focus on Ae-jung in the present. What are her needs and what are her boundaries and how does she want to move forward with their relationship? It took a good verbal confrontation in order him to finally understand where she’s coming from, but it was well worth it for it made the both of them realize how they truly felt about their relationship. Dae-oh wears his heart on his sleeves and he’s definitely a lot more outspoken and clear on how much he wants to be with Ae-jung. On the other hand, Ae-jung has been more quiet and reserved about this possibility, but she never completely rode it off either which says a lot about how she feels about Dae-oh.

Sure, Ae-jung might not be as desperate as Dae-oh is in wanting to start things over and she still holds some sort of resentment towards him, but she too acknowledges that she does miss him and that she does still remember good memories from their relationship. Feelings, emotions, experiences, and memories that she had been denying or suppressing all along can no longer be ignored and Ae-jung is slowly starting to open up to the possibility of that fresh new start that Dae-oh desperately wants. In his eyes, he envisions it happening and to Ae-jung, it’s a future that she too can imagine given how she reacted at the end of this episode. If she had no intentions of doing anything with Dae-oh, I don’t think she would have showed up at Dae-oh’s door or demand to speak to him. Although it’s uncertain as to what exactly Ae-jung wants to talk to Dae-oh about, the fact that she even physically showed up at his place and thought about it was a small first step to what is hopefully many more meaningful and healing steps to a new beginning.

The more that I think about this episode and debrief on it, the more I have to admit that this episode was a pretty nice one. I enjoyed the comedy provided with our team being on the island. There were definitely a few tears almost shed upon watching Dae-oh and Ae-jung confront each other about their situation and tough relationship. It killed me to see Dae-oh act so indifferent and harsh towards Ae-jung when he and we all knew that it wasn’t like him to do so. And it killed me even more when he admitted himself that he didn’t like treating Ae-jung the way he did because 1) it’s not like him to do so and 2) he’s not so sure how else to get Ae-jung to notice him and to give him another chance. Dae-oh can be a really petty, childish, and irritating character, but I can’t help but feel for him when he spills his entire heart out for Ae-jung. The entire episode was pretty much me screaming internally because it was hard to watch Dae-oh constantly be rejected by Ae-jung (and once again, I don’t blame her for her lack of response or reaction to his persistence. They each have their own reasons as to why they’re acting the way they are). Sometimes, it’s hard to root for Dae-oh, but then you also see just how genuine and sincere he is about Ae-jung and the things he’s doing for her so I can’t help but just be on his side.

Sure, sometimes Dae-oh does too much. He doesn’t have to do everything for work as there are certain responsibilities and duties that Ae-jung is tasked with as the film producer. Sure, he can tone it down a few notches in his attempts to get Ae-jung to notice him or the amount of times he questions why she broke up with him 14 years ago. But at the very end of the day, Dae-oh is doing it for Ae-jung and because he cares about her (and I also have to credit Son Ho-jun’s stellar acting as another reason as to why I’m on Dae-oh’s side). That’s not to say that Yeon-woo or Jin or Pa-do aren’t sincere in the way they treat or view Ae-jung, but she doesn’t necessarily have the same kind of complicated history with them that she did with Dae-oh. Her relationship with Dae-oh was both a beautiful and hurtful one with plenty of misunderstandings mixed in between, but it was also this complicated relationship that made her view Dae-oh differently from the other guys. Each of our guys have their own reasons for wanting to be with Ae-jung, but it doesn’t change the fact that her relationship with Dae-oh is what separates him apart. Ae-jung’s complicated relationship with Dae-oh explains why she feels a lot more strongly about him than she does about the other guys.

There were plenty of developments or hints in this episode on a variety of things which was another reason as to why I enjoyed this episode. The drama is really amping it up with Pa-do’s story and now Dong-chan himself is involved in an investigation of his own into finding out the truth to his mother’s life. CEO Song is getting scarier and scarier with how focused she is on Jin and getting down to the nitty gritty details of things. Even Mama Yeon-woo is slowly learning more about her son and it won’t take long for her to figure out that her son is still involved with the same woman who he was in love with 14 years ago. And yet, the biggest mystery of all is what exactly happened 14 years ago that prompted our lead couple to break up and still be so affected many years later. What is it that Ae-jung saw that she can’t forgive Dae-oh so easily and what was it about their relationship that Dae-oh can’t seem to let go of Ae-jung as easily?

Ultimately, I really want to see the next episode so I’m glad episode 10 will be coming out tomorrow. Hopefully, Ae-jung doesn’t misunderstand and that she does get the opportunity to speak with Dae-oh. I would HATE for Ae-jung to go back to ignoring Dae-oh again because she encountered Ah-rin in his apartment. That means we would go back to even before square one and I am not willing to go back that far to start everything over again. I really hope Ae-jung has more of a push this time to bring about some change and a different ending for both her and Dae-oh. If she wants this enough and as much as he does (in which it seems like she does or if she doesn’t just yet, hopefully she eventually warms up to it), she’s going to have to work for it and fight her way through. Ae-jung might not wear her heart on her sleeves like how Dae-oh does and she does a good job in hiding her emotions, but if she wants to work things out with Dae-oh and prove to him that there is potential for a new beginning, she’s going to have to put in a little bit more effort than what she’s shown so far. Of course, it took Ae-jung a little bit longer for her to get to this realization (which once again, I don’t blame her for), but now that we’ve arrived at this point, I hope things remain this way and that things only go up from here. Ae-jung, make it count!

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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