Record of Youth: Episode 3 Recap

Life has a weird way of working out. Just when things seem hopeless and doors are closed, there’s sometimes that little beam at the end of the tunnel that indicates a new beginning. Maybe it’s not time to give things up just yet.

Record of Youth: Episode 3 Recap

Hye-jun and Hae-hyo collaborate on a photoshoot together, but Hye-jun is constantly reminded of how he’s in second place behind Hae-hyo. After the photoshoot, Hae-hyo is invited to a friends gathering and also includes Hye-jun in the plans. However, Hye-jun expresses his honest thoughts on receiving Hae-hyo’s support and although he’s grateful, he doesn’t feel too great. There’s something flaring up inside of Hye-jun and he wants to prove himself to certain people like Hae-hyo and his dad.

Mama Hye-jun receives some of Mama Hae-hyo’s luxurious clothes while at work. The two women aren’t necessarily friends, but they’re well acquainted enough to the point where Mama Hae-hyo can donate some of her clothes to her housekeeper. Mama Hae-hyo also doesn’t forget to bring up the rivalry between Hae-hyo and Hye-jun. She assumes Mama Hye-jun must be upset that Hye-jun’s career path isn’t going so smooth and claims that she understands how Mama Hye-jun must be feeling, but Mama Hye-jun thinks otherwise. They’re in two different situations so Mama Hae-hyo will never understand how she feels.

It’s another difficult day at work again as Jeong-ha is scolded by a bride-to-be for incorrectly doing the bride’s make-up (even though she did what they had originally agreed on). Thankfully, Su-bin sends Jeong-ha some photos from Hye-jun and Hae-hyo’s photoshoot to cheer her up. Min-jae stops by the movie studio that Hae-hyo and Hye-jun had both auditioned for and passes out her business cards to the employees there. As she will learn from one of the staff members, Hye-jun is a good actor but he just lacks the popularity. Min-jae shares this information with Hye-jun in an attempt to get him to rethink his path and military enlistment. She’ll be his manager and she will do her best to get him successful. She even created business cards for her company, Jjamppong Entertainment (yes really, it’s called Jjamppong Entertainment haha). However, Hye-jun isn’t so sold. He’s already decided to fulfill his military enlistment and he’s the only person so far under Jjamppong Entertainment so he doesn’t quite trust Min-jae just yet. He leaves the Jjamppong Entertainment CEO empty-handed.

Jeong-ha texts Hye-jun to update him on the challenge he assigned to her: don’t lose to Jin-ju. Unfortunately, Jeong-ha’s lost to Jin-ju and she’s not feeling so great. Hye-jun cheers her up by giving her some words of encouragement and they meet with each other later on that evening at a bookstore. It’s one of Hye-jun’s favorite places to visit when he’s feeling down and the two catch up with each other. Jeong-ha’s not a big spender so she initially refuses to grab some coffee with Hye-jun. However, she eventually gives in when they both reminisce statements that they used to hear from their senior employees (ya know.. the “back in my day” statements) and she compromises her value to spend more time with Hye-jun.

Inside the coffee shop, Hye-jun video calls his Grandpa and the two chat for a bit. Grandpa first checks in on how Hye-jun is doing with his job search and then is introduced to Jeong-ha afterwards who he finds pretty. The video call concludes after just a few seconds and Jeong-ha follows up with Hye-jun about Grandpa. Hye-jun shares that Grandpa is handsome and tall for his age, but couldn’t go into acting since he got scammed during that time. However, he’s in search for a job and Jeong-ha has to remind Hye-jun that it’s definitely possible.

Hae-hyo heads to his friend’s party and they tease him about Hye-jun. They’re surprised that he didn’t tag along with Hae-hyo for the party either which Hae-hyo notes is a pretty harsh comment. They also bring up his enlistment in which Hae-hyo answers that he does plan on enlisting eventually when the time comes. Hae-na and Jin-woo hang out together and tease each other about their break-up. Though together, Hae-na vows she will never beg in tears to get back together once they do break up.

Mama Hae-hyo shows Mama Hye-jun the movie script for Hae-hyo’s upcoming movie. Mama Hye-jun thinks it’s great and all, but she also brings up how kids nowadays can also do things themselves. Mama Hae-hyo fully believes she was helpful in securing the movie role for Hae-hyo and even assumes Mama Hye-jun must be doubting Hae-hyo. Mama Hye-jun isn’t necessarily saying that he’s going to fail, but rather that they just don’t know yet if the movie role will be right for him and whether it will do harm or good to his career. While conversing with Mama Hae-hyo, Mama Hye-jun thinks about all the other times when Mama Hae-hyo never understood her side of things and where she was coming from. She’s reminded of a specific memory in particular that triggered all of this.

Mama Hye-jun remembers the moment when she told young middle schooler Hye-jun the news that she was going to be Hae-hyo’s housekeeper. Hye-jun wasn’t the most thrilled upon learning the information and needed some time to think about it, but it was something that he eventually came around to warming up to. His mom’s life belongs to his mother’s and his life was for him to live. He respected his mother’s decision to work as Hae-hyo’s housekeeper even if it wasn’t something he necessarily agreed with. During this conversation, young Hye-jun vowed to make lots of money for both him and his mother. Now that Mama Hye-jun reflects on this memory many years later, she teases Hye-jun for making an empty promise. Ten years later and they’re still struggling financially. Mama Hye-jun sheds some tears as she thinks about her mother and father. She misses her parents dearly.

Dad fixes up Grandpa and Hye-jun’s broken bedroom door. When Mama Hye-jun arrives home, Dad automatically scolds her for arriving home late, but Mom’s not in the mood to talk to Dad. She was out working and she’s fed up with Dad’s behavior. Grandpa and Dad bicker with each other (once again) before Dad enters his bedroom to check in with Mama Hye-jun. Dad wants to know why Mama Hye-jun is so upset and angry at him, but he’s left clueless and guessing with Mama Hye-jun’s glares and warnings. Haha. Dad must remain patient.

Meanwhile, Hye-jun and Jeong-ha head back home after their cafe date. Jeong-ha’s not a big fan of the rain so Hye-jun hurries to buy them an umbrella. He covers her with the umbrella even with his jacket getting wet and they walk together in the rain. Jeong-ha notices just how smooth of a talker Hye-jun is and assumes he must have had an active dating life. Hye-jun responds that he’s only had two serious relationships in his life with the same girl and assumes Jeong-ha must have never been on a date before. Jeong-ha is quick to react and she argues that she has been on dates before. Haha. Oh yeah, Jeong-ha also shares that the rain makes her feel lonely, but Hye-jun resolves her concern of loneliness. He’ll call her whenever it rains. Ahhhhh, if that’s the case, I hope it rains everyday! Hye-jun also shares how he feels comfortable when with Jeong-ha as she’s an open book who isn’t afraid to talk about anything. Aww.

Eventually, the two rush to a bus stop to protect themselves from the rain. Hye-jun hands over his handkerchief and wraps it around Jeong-ha’s neck. Just as he’s about to tie it, it seems as if time has stopped and all is frozen. Hye-jun and Jeong-ha eventually realize what’s going on and Jeong-ha ends up tying the handkerchief around her neck herself. Hye-jun lets Jeong-ha keep the umbrella right as his bus is pulling up. Of course, he doesn’t actually hop on until Jeong-ha walks off as he wants to see her get on her way home. Hye-jun’s caring nature reminds her of an earlier time when she waited at a bus station in the rain by herself and received a phone call from her mother who inquired her for some money. Years have past and times have changed. Jeong-ha is alone, but she doesn’t feel lonely anymore.

The next morning, Hye-jun receives payment for the fashion show that he did with fashion designer, Charlie Jung. The amount is quite larger than he expected, but the fashion show producer adds that the payment also includes a bonus from Charlie. While at work, Jeong-ha puts on some make-up for a senior model who started modeling at the age of 65. He compliments Jeong-ha for her great skills which Jin-ju isn’t such a big fan of. She purposely interrupts and pushes Jeong-ha aside to converse with the 78-year old model, but Jeong-ha doesn’t say anything. Instead, she’s reminded of Grandpa who she remembers is looking for a job. Hye-jun himself is still looking into things for Grandpa, but he doesn’t have everything finalized just yet.

Hye-jun and Grandpa have some breakfast together. They continue to shower each other with support and encouragement and they also encourage the other person to date. But what about Grandpa’s new job? Hye-jun updates that he plans on meeting up with someone later on that day. Hae-hyo stops by the salon to get his make-up done by Jeong-ha for his upcoming drama. Jeong-ha at first declines since she’s only an assistant so she’s not allowed, but the salon director changes the policy when Hae-hyo complains. Jeong-ha will be promoted and she’s permitted to do Hae-hyo’s make-up. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Jin-ju who receives a scolding from the director. While doing his make-up, Jeong-ha chat with Hae-hyo about Hye-jun. He first attempts to create a conversation by complimenting her on her make-up skills. However, when she doesn’t respond, he changes things up by bringing up Hye-jun. Jeong-ha has always been a fan of Hye-jun’s even before she met him; she still is his fan but she’s trying not to develop feelings for him. Doing so would cause her reality and fantasy of him to clash and that’s not something she wants (a realistic fangirl?! We love to see it!).

Hye-jun stops by the salon to meet up with Jeong-ha. When he arrives, he finds Jeong-ha, the salon director, and Hae-hyo sitting together at a table. Both the salon director and Jeong-ha excuse themselves so Hye-jun and Hae-hyo are left alone together. Hae-hyo shares updates about his upcoming plans and even receives a phone call from a PD who wants him on her new variety show. Hae-hyo isn’t too sure if he can participate since he has his upcoming movie to film and he gives Hye-jun some context about the call after it concludes. Hae-hyo eventually leaves for his next schedule while Hye-jun stays behind to chat with Jeong-ha.

The two friends have some serious business to get down to. Jeong-ha pulls up her laptop to show a video to Hye-jun and to propose a job that Grandpa can possibly take up. Of course, it takes her a few tries and a few fanmade Hye-jun videos before she pulls up the correct video. It’s a video of the same senior model who she put make-up on earlier that day modeling at a fashion show. Grandpa can also possibly do the same thing and become a senior model, right? However, Hye-jun isn’t so opened to the idea. He feels as if it wouldn’t be right for Grandpa. But hey, how does Hye-jun know that? He’s only saying that because he knows his Grandpa, but things could be different. Hye-jun still isn’t fully convinced and he turns down the idea for now.

Hye-jun visits the CEO of Jjamppong Entertainment, Min-jae, at her apartment. It’s a bit messy, but they manage to find a space to sit and chat. Hye-jun hands over the payment he received from Charlie Jung’s fashion show to Min-jae. She did pay for his flight as well as the expenses for the trip. Min-jae takes a look at the envelope full of money, but slides it back to Hye-jun. He’s enlisting soon, he should take it. The two go back and forth with the money, but Min-jae ultimately reigns as the winner. She reminds Hye-jun to be more ambitious. He shouldn’t think of enlisting in the military until he exhausts all possibilities. The thing he should do right now is think about how to make money, not about achieving his wild dreams. Sure, the movie that he had originally auditioned for would have been great, but how does he know that the role would have helped him? Hye-jun doesn’t and Min-jae reminds Hye-jun to keep going. If people barely know him now, how will they remember him when he returns from the military?

Min-jae’s question gets Hye-jun thinking and he walks over to the salon. On the way there, he catches a commercial of Hae-hyo playing on the huge screen on the street and he feels as if something passionate is rising in him. With that, he makes a stop at Jeong-ha’s salon without any prior notice and asks for her to cut his hair. He’s enlisting in ten days and keeping his current hairstyle only makes him want to stay even more. Jeong-ha manages to persuade him out of it, but it’s Jeong-ha who is tricked in the end. She comes clean about being Hye-jun’s fan when he asks her about being Hae-hyo’s fan and points out how he hates liars. Of course, Jeong-ha can’t lie to her favorite celebrity and she admits that she’s his fan. Hehe. Hye-jun doesn’t say anything but just merely smiles at her confession. He already had a feeling about it inside.

While spending time with Jin-woo’s Mom at her house, Mama Hye-jun receives a phone call from Mama Hae-hyo who asks her for the location to two things: 1) the maple syrup that Hae-na is trying to find and 2) her earrings. Mama Hye-jun knows where the maple syrup is located and gives Mama Hae-hyo some suggestions on how to go about to finding the earrings. Jin-woo’s Mom is shocked at the late phone call and encourages Mama Hye-jun to once again venture and find a different job. Mama Hye-jun doesn’t necessarily hate Mama Hae-hyo and plus, she’s already learned how to be their housekeeper. She just can’t stop comparing her life to Mama Hae-hyo’s nor can she stop comparing their kid’s lives to each other. It’s depressing, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Dad and Jin-woo’s father enters the house a few seconds later and they check in on the movie role that Hye-jun auditioned for. Jin-woo’s parents are curious as to whether Hye-jun got the role or not, but a few seconds of silence and awkward stares from Hye-jun’s parents give away the answer.

Later on that night, Hye-jun’s parents go on a walk. Dad hasn’t said anything about Hye-jun to Jin-woo’s parents because well.. even if he does go off on Hye-jun frequently, it’s not like he enjoys doing it. He only wants the best for Hye-jun because he’s gone through similar experiences and challenges in life. Hae-hyo and his mother spend some time exercising together. Hae-hyo’s not a big fan of his mom hanging around with him and manages to keep her away by claiming that he’ll turn into a mama’s boy if she continues to follow him around. Of course, that’s not what Mama Hae-hyo wants and she agrees to back off. They also chat about Jeong-ha before Hae-hyo leaves. He prefers Jeong-ha over Jin-ju even if she’s newer and might not have as much experience. Mama Hae-hyo somewhat agrees with her son.

Hye-jun puts his Grandpa to the test and follows up on the possibility of Grandpa being a model. Grandpa isn’t opposed to the idea and it’s actually something that he would be excited for. He and Hye-jun take turns strutting down the bedroom as models which causes Hye-jun to realize something. Maybe it is possible for Grandpa to still become a model even at his age. Things are definitely possible for Hye-jun as well. He meets up with Min-jae and is presented with a script for a movie! It’s with the same director whose movie Hye-jun had auditioned for and although Hye-jun won’t be doing much, it’s still a great step in the right direction. Hye-jun spends time at the cafe reading over the script and it’s obvious that he’s interested in the movie.

Hye-jun delivers the information to Mom once he gets home that evening. It’s a small role with only five scenes, but Hye-jun still wants to do it. He’s determined to be in the movie. Although Mom is glad he’s gotten the role, she’s also iffy about it. She doesn’t want Hye-jun to get hurt any longer. Dad arrives home shortly afterwards from work so Mom and Hye-jun quickly conclude the conversation. Dad isn’t so happy with Hye-jun when Hye-jun fails to greet Dad. After muttering some harsh words about Hye-jun under his breath, it’s more than enough for Hye-jun to come clean about his future plans. He’s accepted the role for an upcoming movie. Of course, Dad isn’t happy with this and he throws the bag of meat he had purchased earlier straight at Hye-jun. Hye-jun manages to successfully dodge from the flying meat, but it’s then that he realized — his life was like a makjang.

Mom has to restrain Dad from chasing after Hye-jun and beating him up. Dad is so upset and angry at Hye-jun for even considering another movie role when he should be enlisting in the military instead. At one point, he’s so fed up he shouts for Mom to let him go. Mom does what Dad wants and she literally lets him go. She voices her anger and disappointment with Dad and comments that she’s done with him. She’s had enough of him. Hye-jun watches in silence as his makjang-like life intensifies even more. He’s left speechless and clueless as to what to do next.

My Thoughts:

I’ll keep this commentary very short and say that the rain scene between Hye-jun and Jeong-ha in this episode has probably got to be my favorite scene just yet from this drama. It was beautiful and breath-taking and also the sort of directing and cinematography that I was expecting. I also loved the little added touch of slowing everything down to make it seem as if time stopped. The impact and intention behind the scene was beautiful as well with how it made Jeong-ha feel less lonely because Hye-jun was with her. Things are shaping up for both her and Hye-jun and it’s nice that they’re experiencing these changes and stages in their lives together. Such a beautiful beautiful scene overall.

I also love the scenes between Hye-jun and Jeong-ha in this episode. There were a lot more interactions between them, but I liked that it didn’t feel forced or pretentious. Their relationship is odd in a sense in that it’s not your typical fangirl-celebrity type of relationship; it feels as if Jeong-ha is just Hye-jun’s friend (in which she is) and not his fangirl. Their friendship feels natural and I like that they can be comfortable around each other. I also love how realistic Jeong-ha is as a fangirl and how she keeps her expectations low. When the drama does remind us that Jeong-ha is a fangirl, she doesn’t necessarily idolize Hye-jun or place him on a pedestal. She has photos of him saved and she cheers up when she sees him in real life or through photos, but she doesn’t follow him around or stalk pester him. I like how she respects him and sets boundaries with him and that she can be honest when around him.

Of course, sometimes it’s nerve-wracking because she is still his fan in the end, but Jeong-ha’s not pushy and I appreciate that. In that aspect, that’s why I feel as if they sometimes just feel like two acquaintances getting to know each other rather than a duo whose relationship is founded off of being a fangirl and a celebrity. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop between the two, but I’m loving what we got in this episode between Jeong-ha and Hye-jun.

While episode three has improved, the overall mood of the drama still remains the same for me. Let’s just say that it took me a few days and some soju to get this recap done. Hoping episode four will provide us with many more swoon-worthy and adorable moments between Hye-jun and Jeong-ha like it did in this episode.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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