Record of Youth: Episode 4 Recap

Things are looking brighter and brighter for Hye-jun. Although it might seem like things aren’t changing much in his life and he’s still having to walk on eggshells around people, he reminds himself that it’s the small steps and progress that truly counts.

Record of Youth: Episode 4 Recap

Dad unleashes his anger and frustration out on Hye-jun when he learns that his son has accepted a role for an upcoming movie. Mom has to restrain Dad from getting to Hye-jun, but she releases him when he shouts for her to let go. She does as he says, but Mom isn’t so happy either. She’s upset with Dad and disproves of the way that he’s been treating Hye-jun. Hye-jun quickly retreats to his room as Mom and Dad take it out on each other. Mom reminds Dad to let Hye-jun do what it is that he wants and to give him time to achieve his dreams. They’re both working parents because Dad provides for the family, but also because Mom wants Hye-jun to be able to live the life that he wants. Mom pleads for Dad to stay out of Hye-jun’s plans which Dad reluctantly agrees to. However, if things go sour and bad, he warns Mom not to blame him for not doing anything about Hye-jun prior.

Mama Hae-hyo and Hae-hyo’s Dad have a conversation that night about their kids. Hae-hyo’s Dad checks in with Mama Hae-hyo about Hae-na’s plans for law school in which Mom responds that she expects Hae-na to get accepted. Mama Hae-hyo points out how distracted Hae-hyo’s Dad seems with their kids and indirectly encourages him to be more involved in their lives, but he doesn’t think much about it. Mama Hae-hyo plays a much bigger role in their lives, but she explains the reason behind this. Hae-hyo’s Dad doesn’t have anything good to say about her and she expresses envy for all the other couples who are happy with their marriage.

While going over his movie script that night, Hye-jun takes some time to express his gratitude and appreciation for his Mom. He gives her a warm and tight hug and thanks her for her support. Mom reasons that she’s only standing up for Hye-jun so that he doesn’t despise her later on when he gets older, but Hye-jun knows it’s really because Mom cares about him. The mother and son pair share another hug and it’s a beautiful night. The next morning, Jeong-ha prepares to head out to do some busking out on the streets. She’s a bit taken aback by how Hye-jun hasn’t called or contacted her and she’s close to contacting him herself. However, she changes her mind at the last second and prepares to leave her house. Just when she’s given up, she receives a phone call from none other than Hye-jun. Haha, talk about timing! She picks up the call in a hurry and together, the two make some plans to meet up later on that day. After finalizing plans, Hye-jun updates Grandpa on his job search. He presents Grandpa with a membership ID to an academy that gives modeling lessons to senior models. Grandpa’s not so sure he’s right for the job, but Hye-jun reassures him repeatedly that anything is possible. He shouldn’t give up so easily and should rather go for it.

Hye-jun heads over to Manager Min-jae’s place to deliver her his decision. From the elevator to her apartment, he shares the exciting news that he’ll participate in the movie. Although Min-jae is excited, she’s shocked by the news as well and it’s hard for her to believe it at first. Eventually, they make their way inside her apartment to discuss about the contract. The contract will last seven years and they’ll divide up the money 70-30%. Min-jae figures Hye-jun will need it more since he’s enlisting in the military. However, Hye-jun wants to change a few things around in the contract. He proposes that the division be 50-50 and the contract length last up only to a year. Min-jae listens to the only celebrity under her company and vows to change the contract. It’s a good thing he won’t be dating anyways so nothing controversial should happen. Nothing’s ever certain, but Min-jae does grow curious as to why Hye-jun broke up with Ji-Ah who he had strong feelings for. This prompts Hye-jun to be reminded about his former relationship.

At that time, Hye-jun had stopped by the library to walk Ji-Ah (cameo by Seol In-Ah) home after what was a late night of studying. He called her, but Ji-Ah purposely set him up so that he would find out that she was cheating on him. Hye-jun confronted Ji-Ah about it when she found him standing outside of the library and expressed his disappointment in her. He didn’t fall for her tricks and that’s how the two broke up. In the present, Hae-hyo and Mama Hae-hyo stop by the salon to get their hair and make-up done. Hae-hyo automatically searches for Jeong-ha who’s taken the day off of work. It’s obvious he only wants Jeong-ha to do his make-up, but Jin-ju informs him of the bad news. She’ll need to be requested beforehand for appointments. Mom has some tea with Hae-hyo later on at the salon. She warns him to be cautious of his requests; it’s one thing to want Jeong-ha to be his only make-up artist, but to make it obvious every single time could be a cause for disaster. He should be more careful. Hae-hyo disproves of his mom’s overbearing behavior, but Mama Hae-hyo knows her son appreciates it deep inside. She’s the only one who will protect him during times of trouble.

Jeong-ha receives a phone call from Jin-ju during her busking session about a staff training later on that day. Although it’s Jeong-ha’s day off of work, Jin-ju still wants Jeong-ha to attend the session. Since Jeong-ha’s already made plans for that day, she declines the invitation. It’s another rough day at work for Jin-woo. While preparing for Hae-hyo’s photoshoot, he’s humiliated by the photographer in front of everyone for failing to do his job correctly. Jin-woo’s had enough and he fires back at the photographer. It’s not the smartest choice as it leads to Jin-woo getting dismissed, but he doesn’t mind. Even in a talk afterwards with Hae-hyo, Jin-woo isn’t in the mood to chat with his friend. He’s embarrassed and he’s had enough. The photographer enters the room to make up with Jin-woo and to persuade him to stay, but Jin-woo doesn’t budge. He’s going to quit.

Grandpa attends the senior model academy that Hye-jun had introduced to him earlier that morning. He’s a week early as his session doesn’t begin until the next week, but something comes out of his visit to the academy. He’s approached by an elderly man who sparks up a conversation with him. Grandpa isn’t so sure who the man is and why he’s conversing with Grandpa as if they know each other. Lol. Hye-jun watches highlight clips of soccer player Son Heung-min (<3) in an effort to make more him ambitious and competitive. In their meeting earlier, Min-jae had reminded Hye-jun about his lack of ambition and how he needs to be more competitive. He needs to overcome his fear of competing against others. Eventually, Hye-jun is reunited with Jeong-ha who joins him not too long afterwards. They chat a bit about each other and about Jeong-ha being Hye-jun’s fan. They soon settle on getting food together since Jeong-ha’s hungry. Hye-jun assumes they can go to Jeong-ha’s house since she’s not a fan of eating out, but Jeong-ha adds that she might want to go to Hye-jun’s house.

So with that, our two friends settle on eating out at a restaurant. Lol. While munching on tteokbokki, Jeong-ha still can’t believe she lied to Hye-jun the very first time they met. Moreover, she also notices the little things that Hye-jun is doing for her such as feeding her, patting her on the back when she choked, and the way that he’s staring at her. The two go out for some drinks afterwards and Hye-jun gets a glimpse of a tipsy Jeong-ha. After some rambling and jokes, Jeong-ha’s honest thoughts come pouring out to Hye-jun. Sometimes, some people pretend to be more cheerful when they’re going through rough times. Jeong-ha herself must be experiencing hardships since she seems cheerful at the moment, but that only gives her more reasons to be thankful for Hye-jun. She told herself that she would thank Hye-jun if she was to ever meet him in person because of all the support she’s provided him. From her younger days to the present, Jeong-ha fangirled over Hye-jun because she liked how relatable he was. His family is an ordinary family and she and Hye-jun were the same age. Jeong-ha admits that fangirling over Hye-jun is therapeutic for her, but Hye-jun too is grateful that he was able to help someone.

And so Jeong-ha and Hye-jun continue to chat over some alcohol (it’s Jeong-ha doing all the drinking by the way since Hye-jun wants to stay sober for safety reasons). She doesn’t believe that stars and fans should have a real-life relationship so she’s ending her fangirl life with Hye-jun since they’re now friends. But rest assured, there still must be plenty of fans who like Hye-jun, right? He is handsome, right? Hye-jun admits that having the looks helps, but it doesn’t necessarily make up for everything. In fact, there was even one point in his life where he disliked his look because Dad would constantly put him down for it and discredit his hard work. Fast forward to the present and Jeong-ha assumes it must be because Dad isn’t handsome that he understands how valuable looks are in society. Lol. She also adds at the very end of their dinner date that she’s quite talkative in the first 30 minutes when she’s drunk. Lol. Just the first 30 minutes though.

However, it seems as if it’s been an eternity when it comes to Jeong-ha’s drunk habits. While walking back home, Jeong-ha receives a phone call from Jin-ju and she rants about her co-worker to Hye-jun. Jeong-ha’s good at her job and clients like her so she can’t quite understand why Jin-ju is targeting her and making her seem like the bad guy? Jeong-ha is so upset and drunk she almost runs into the street, but is thankfully pulled back by Hye-jun in time (thank goodness for Hye-jun and thank goodness there’s no Truck of Doom!). It’s too much for Jeong-ha and she breaks down in front of Hye-jun. Maybe she did something to trigger Jin-ju to target her and point her out; it’s not like someone bullies someone else just for fun, right? There must be a reason as to why Jin-ju keeps outing Jeong-ha, right? Hye-jun is shocked at Jeong-ha’s breakdown, but he cheers her up by doing the same exact thing she did to him earlier. He makes a pun using his name and does the sign of the cross on Jeong-ha to forgive her (since his name sounds similar to the word forgive). After staring at each other for a few seconds, Jeong-ha lightens up and it confuses Hye-jun. The two eventually walk off together.

Hae-na and Jin-woo go on a date and spend some time together in Hae-na’s car. Jin-woo pitches the idea of them possibly going even further in their relationship which Hae-na agrees to. Grandpa arrives home that night and overhears Mom, Dad, and Gyeong-jun talking about him and Hye-jun. Dad and Gyeong-jun enjoys it more without Hye-jun and Grandpa around, but with Grandpa home, it doesn’t last for long. Grandpa too announces his plans in starting something new which (just like all the other times) upsets Dad. Gyeong-jun notes Grandpa’s age and suggests he just settle down and not do too much. Even Mom indirectly agrees with her husband and son and encourages Grandpa to just lay low. He needs to make sure he stays healthy and she worries for him. She wouldn’t want him to get hurt and she’ll take care of him. Although Grandpa appreciates the concern, he can see through Mom and the real message she’s attempting to relay.

Hye-jun and Jeong-ha exit the bus together and hides under a convenience store to protect themselves from the rain. A conversation about likes and dislikes ensues and the topic of dating and relationships is brought up. Jeong-ha admits that she’s never loved anyone before in her life. She’s not picky but rather just a difficult person when it comes to relationships and she’s really only been a fangirl all her life. A fangirl with a bad drinking habit equals sadness to Jeong-ha. She also feels as if the person whoever receives Hye-jun’s love will be lucky. Of course, she wasn’t implying anything, but wouldn’t it be nice if she was that person?

Hye-jun and Hae-hyo stop by an OB-GYN clinic the next morning to join Jin-woo for an appointment. Jin-woo’s getting vaccinated against cervical cancer as requested by Hae-na. She wants to make sure they’re both healthy and clear before they dive deeper into their relationship. Hye-jun and Hae-hyo are confused at Jin-woo’s decision to get the vaccine because of his girlfriend, but he has to remind them that the vaccine isn’t just for women. Luckily, Jin-woo doesn’t get caught and Hae-hyo nor Hye-jun find out exactly who Jin-woo’s girlfriend is. However, what they do find out at that moment is that they too will be getting the vaccine. Hye-jun is called into the room to get his shot. Lol.

After the vaccinations, Hye-jun is picked up by Min-jae since they have plans to grab lunch together. He updates his two friends on Min-jae’s position as his manager before hopping into the backseat of Min-jae’s car. Hae-hyo doesn’t have too much confidence in Min-jae and he doubts her abilities as a manager, but he tries to think positive. With just Jin-woo, the two friends go out to get lunch together. Jin-ju scolds Jeong-ha once again at work for not picking up her phone call from the night before and for disrespecting her. She puts Jeong-ha down for thinking she’s better than everyone else and grows even more upset when she learns that Mama Hae-hyo wants Jeong-ha to do her hair and make-up for her appointment. Mama Hae-hyo arrives shortly afterwards and she has a private talk with Jin-ju first. She likes Jin-ju and feels as if she’s competent and experienced enough, but that’s not necessarily how Hae-hyo feels about the salon. Why exactly did Jin-ju mean when she commented that Hae-hyo chooses comfort over competence?

Min-jae updates Hye-jun on all his upcoming schedules. He’ll head to the salon to get his hair and make-up done as well as participate in some interviews and an audition for that day. Min-jae is working hard to build connections and to make advances so that Hye-jun can stay in the game. Hye-jun has plenty to keep himself busy, but it still feels all so strange for him. Min-jae also trains Hye-jun to start thinking as if he’s a star. That’s the sole reason as to why she had him sit in the back of her car. However, Hye-jun still has values to uphold and he has Min-jae pull over so that he can sit in the front seat. The two reach a compromise when Hye-jun and Min-jae talk things out. He appreciates that she’s doing all these things for him, but he still has values such as humility and modesty that he wants to uphold in his life. Even if it might not get him far like Min-jae is claiming, these values are important to him. The manager and her star agree to listen to each other; Min-jae will focus on business and Hye-jun’s values will be respected.

Jeong-ha finishes working on Mama Hae-hyo’s make-up, but Jeong-ha still wants to have a brief talk with her first. She reminds Mama Hae-hyo about the hierarchy at the salon; until she surpasses Jin-ju, there’s only so much Jeong-ha can do at work. Mama Hae-hyo better understands why Hae-hyo likes Jeong-ha so much. She compliments Jeong-ha for her intelligence and ability to stay in her place. Gyeong-jun receives a scolding from his team leader while at work. One of the bank customers he was serving voices his dissatisfaction with Gyeong-jun’s customer service so Gyeong-jun receives a warning to never let such a thing happen again.

Jeong-ha works on Hye-jun’s make-up at the salon, but there’s an intense and uncomfortable feeling in the air with Jin-ju in the room. It’s only until she leaves that Min-jae and Hye-jun can breathe in relief and talk. While Min-jae excuses herself to the restroom, Hye-jun and Jeong-ha chat with each other. Jeong-ha declines Hye-ju’s offer for help in her battle against Jin-ju; it’s something that she can handle on her own. In regards to the make-up, Hye-jun likes it since it was Jeong-ha who worked on it. He also asks for her to not drink with anyone else as she’s so cute when she drinks (aka he doesn’t want to share her with anyone else lol). Just then, Hae-hyo enters the room and requests for Jeong-ha to be his make-up artist for his upcoming movie. It’s already been approved by the salon and Jeong-ha can do both Hae-hyo and Hye-jun’s make-up since they’ll be in the same movie together. Speaking of the movie, Mama Hae-hyo meets up with some reporters to discuss about Hae-hyo’s new movie.

Jin-ju won’t leave Jeong-ha alone and she takes out her anger and jealousy on Jeong-ha once again back in the storage room. Jin-ju is confident that if one of them was to stay at the salon, it’d be her. Jeong-ha almost breaks down into tears upon hearing Jin-ju’s harsh words and actions (ugh, Jin-ju is really getting on my nerves. Can the drama just get rid of her already?). Hye-jun continues with his part-time job at the barbecue restaurant and informs the owner on his decision. He has no plans of becoming the manager for the restaurant; he has a script read-through session that he needs to attend. As Hye-jun and Min-jae make their way to the session, Hye-jun reflects on his journey and career path so far. He notes,

There’s a class theory that’s popular among my generation. Depending on how much financial support you get from your parents, you’re categorized as either a gold or dirt spoon. And according to that standard, I’m a dirt spoon. I’ve always loathed that theory. The theory is all about money. The emotional stability I’ve inherited from my parents, honesty and sincerity.. the theory completely overlooks such values as well as my motivation for success which I cultivated while watching my parents struggle.

Hye-jun and Min-jae come across actor Park Do-ha (Kim Gun-woo from episode one) who’s been casted as the lead for the movie. Accompanying him is CEO Lee whose entertainment company Do-ha is signed under. Things get awkward when the four are stuck in the elevator together and CEO Lee doesn’t waste any time in putting Hye-jun down. Min-jae defends him as Hye-jun’s spokesperson and manager which CEO Lee scoffs about. Min-jae? As Hye-jun’s manager? On their way out of the elevator, CEO Lee holds no hope for Hye-jun. If he wasn’t successful under him, there’s no way he’ll ever be successful now. The two take jabs at each other as enemies and the criticisms passes onto Hye-jun and Do-ha. Do-ha might have been casted as the lead for the movie, but it’s Hye-jun who’s excited about his role.

And the reason for this is? Hye-jun’s been casted to play the role of a corporate heir (aka a really rich guy!!). While filming for the movie, he steps out of his limousine and is greeted by his group of men. He enters a warehouse where Do-ha is beaten, tired, and tied up and confronts the actor in the scene. However, Hye-jun practices some ad-libbing which interrupts the filming. He said some lines and did some things that wasn’t originally included in the script, but the director likes it. The director is impressed with Hye-jun and even seeks further input and ideas from the aspiring actor. So while Hye-jun is practicing the scene out with Do-ha, he internally recognizes the conclusion as to why he wanted to become an actor. Sure, he at first aimed at becoming an actor at the level of Do-ha, but things have changed. Hye-jun has changed. To an actor, a spoon is just a utensil.

My Thoughts:

More bad boy Park Bo-gum roles and scenes please!! I can see why he was very happy with his movie role *__*

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