Do You Like Brahms?: Episode 7 Recap

Whether it’s waiting for love or life, Song-Ah feels as if she’s in this standstill. She waits and she waits, but nothing seems to be working out for her. Her patience is put to the test as she realizes that maybe all this waiting might not amount to much. But what if it does? What if all this waiting is worth it in the end?

Do You Like Brahms? Episode 7: Inquieto, Restless, Unstable

It’s the day before the start of the second semester. Song-Ah takes another glance at the signed CD from Joon-young and it’s obvious she still cherishes it. However, she attempts to convince herself that it’s also not a big deal. It is just a signed CD. Joon-young meets with Team Leader Cha to request for another recital. He’s in need of $20,000 to pay for his mother’s surgery. Team Leader Cha breaks it to him that it’ll be difficult. Pianist Seung Ji-min has gotten a lot more popular so it’ll be challenging for seats to sell. However, she’ll try her best to see what she can do. Team Leader Cha’s response prompts Joon-young to meet with Professor Yoo for piano lessons. He plans on entering the Tchaikovsky competition.

After confessing to Joon-young at school, the two sit down to catch up with each other. Joon-young shares with Song-Ah details about his complicated relationships and feelings with Jung-kyung, Hyun-ho, and his piano. Because of what happened to Jung-kyung’s mother, it always hasn’t been the easiest for him to play the piano. In regards to Song-Ah’s confession, Joon-young admits that he’ll need some time to think about it. Song-Ah is willing to wait for Joon-young. He can take as much time as he needs to make his final decision.

Song-Ah spends some time practicing the violin in front of Professor Lee. After the lesson, Professor Lee recommends her friend’s daughter to Song-Ah as the piano accompanist at her performance for her graduate school entrance exam. A piano accompanist is a big deal. Joon-young too has piano lessons with Professor Yoo. His piano teacher advises him to keep doing what Joon-young is good at and to not necessarily do what it is that he wants to do. He needs to win a competition if he wants to survive and stay in the game.

News about Joon-young’s contract spreads throughout the Kyunghoo office. The CEO of the company who had originally given the management rights to the Kyunghoo foundation in Korea now wants it back. Song-Ah and her friends chat about their senior recitals during lunch when Joon-young approaches them and asks if he can sit at their table. Song-Ah’s friends are surprised by his appearance and they excitedly welcome the pianist to join them. Eventually, Song-Ah and Joon-young are left alone as the two friends leave for their lecture. Our pianist and violinist smile and giggle together as they continue to eat lunch and walk around the campus together. Song-Ah even shows Joon-young the room to the student club that she spent most of her undergraduate career in. The two eventually bid farewell with each other that evening, but they make plans to grab some ice cream together at the student union the next day. That night, Song-Ah tosses and turns in her bed out of excitement and nervousness. Just the thought of Joon-young makes her heart flutter. Hehe (omg this is so me when I think about my idols).

And so it’s time for the ice cream date! At one point, Joon-young volunteers to tie Song-Ah’s shoe laces that are untied. However, Song-Ah refuses to let him tie her shoe laces in fear that she’ll fall for him even more like how they do in the movies. As they proceed with their stroll, Song-Ah’s ice cream starts to melt and her hands get sticky. Joon-young offers her his black handkerchief (the one that Jung-kyung got him a long time ago), but Song-Ah declines the offer. She rather go wash her hands in the restroom. Meanwhile, Jung-kyung and Hyun-ho attend an information session on the vacant professor position that they’ve both applied for. After the session ends, the former lovers converse with each other for a bit. Things are still intense and uncomfortable since their break-up so they take it out on each other. Hyun-ho still can’t seem to understand or wrap his head around their separation. What did he do so wrong the last 10 years that made Jung-kyung want to leave him? Jung-kyung spins things around and defends herself. She told him that she had already been losing feelings for him. Plus, why didn’t he do anything when she told him? He should have said something or done anything to hold onto the relationship.

Of course, Hyun-ho couldn’t do anything since it was Joon-young who Jung-kyung had feelings for. Jung-kyung admits it and acknowledges the fact that yes, she does love Joon-young. She does love him indeed. Joon-young overhears his two friend’s talk while waiting outside of the women’s restroom for Song-Ah who had gone inside to wash her hands. He intervenes and attempts to calm the two down, but it’s of no use. Hyun-ho is curious as to whether Joon-young really did have feelings for Jung-kyung despite knowing about their relationship. He even goes as far to question what really happened on the night of the New York recital. Did they happen to sleep together? Jung-kyung boldly and carelessly admits that she and Joon-young did. Joon-young is quick to deny the accusations, but Jung-kyung pushes the limits even more. She knows that Joon-young loves her, he should just admit it. Hyun-ho is in such disbelief he walks out of the room. However, he’s not the only one who leaves the room. Standing not too far away by the door is also Song-Ah who had overheard the conversation. Song-Ah quickly grabs her violin that Joon-young was holding with him while she was inside the restroom and then walks away. Joon-young is shocked upon seeing Song-Ah and chases her outside.

He pleads for Song-Ah to trust him as nothing ever happened between him and Jung-kyung. Song-Ah is quick to trust Joon-young and she believes in him. However, she wants to know whether there is any space for her knowing just how much shared history and years Joon-young and Jung-kyung have with each other. To that, Joon-young doesn’t quite have a response and the silence gives away his answer. Song-Ah walks away heartbroken, but Joon-young too isn’t feeling great. Jung-kyung and Hyun-ho does some reflecting that day themselves and Joon-young attempts to make amends with Hyun-ho. He calls his friend later on that night to no success. He’s even tempted to call Song-Ah and check up on her, but he changes his mind at the last second.

In a phone call with his friend, Dong-yoon is reminded by his friend about the girl that she said she would introduce him to. Dong-yoon isn’t so excited about the set-up as it seems like the only girl he’s thinking about is Song-Ah. Song-Ah and Min-sung hang out together at school. Song-Ah has a lot of on her mind as well and it’s all thanks to Joon-young. The violinist shares with her best friend about her feelings for Joon-young. She’s not feeling too hopeful though and assumes Joon-young doesn’t feel the same way about her. If he did, he would have already reciprocated the same feelings towards her and she wouldn’t be in the situation she is currently. From then on, encounters between Song-Ah and Joon-young are short and awkward. They both have a lot on their minds, but not enough courage to verbally express it.

Team Leader Cha and Joon-young have a brief conversation with each other over the phone about Director Na. Joon-young checks in on Director Na’s status and is relieved to hear that Director Na is doing better. Team Leader Cha visits Director Na to update her on the situation with Joon-young’s contract. They’ll be losing their management rights to Joon-young and there’s really nothing they can do about it since the CEO isn’t willing to budge. Speaking about Joon-young reminds Director Na about his piano lessons with Professor Yoo which she understands can be an awkward topic for Team Leader Cha who used to date Professor Yoo. Director Na is aware of how her actions towards Joon-young, Hyun-ho, and Jung-kyung might be hurtful and harsh, but she hopes they’ll understand as they age. Director Na wishes to be remembered as a good person by many which Team Leader Cha reassures her about. Director Na is already perceived that way by many.

Hae-na spends some time with her boyfriend at a cafe. She steps outside to pick up a phone call from her mother who once again nags at her to apply to Juilliard. When she re-enters the cafe, a woman carrying a tray of drinks accidentally bumps into their table and Hae-na’s bag falls onto the ground. Her boyfriend catches the application packet to Juilliard while taking care of the mess and is surprised to learn that Hae-na didn’t apply to the school like how he thought she did. While walking out to the kitchen to grab some water, Song-Ah overhears her sister, Song-hee, complaining about work. Mom gets exhausted with Song-hee’s complaining and questions how she could be so different from her sister. Song-hee, of course, doesn’t take this so nicely and comments that she wouldn’t want to live like a pushover like Song-Ah. The violinist is hurt and confused by the comment.

The father and daughter pair drink some beer together in Song-Ah’s bedroom later on that night. Dad cheers Song-Ah up and voices his support for his daughter. No matter how long it takes and what Song-Ah decides to do, he knows she’ll choose a path that will make her the happiest. He even checks out the albums stacked on her desk and points out the one that Joon-young specifically signed just for her. He must be a nice guy with the way that he addressed Song-Ah on the album to which Song-Ah agrees. Joon-young is a nice guy. Joon-young practices the piano in the rehearsal room at Kyunghoo, but nothing seems to be working out for him. He cleans the piano keys with the same handkerchief that Jung-kyung had gifted him a while back and it finally clicks as to why Song-Ah didn’t accept it during their ice cream date. She knew that the cloth was from Jung-kyung.

Speaking of Jung-kyung, she informs her dad about her break-up with Hyun-ho. Dad doesn’t have much of a reaction, but he does advise Jung-kyung to not hurt people too deeply. As time passes, they tend to remember more about the people they hurt than the people who hurt them. After finishing a cello lesson with one of his students, Hyun-ho heads to his parent’s convenience store right after and gives his mom a hug. His dad too is there and teases him for not showing any love for him and they all laugh it off. Mom even suggests that Joon-young join them for some dinner some time, but Dad also pitches the idea of inviting Jung-kyung as well. The conversation gets awkward for Hyun-ho so he brushes things off and pretends as if nothing is wrong. He bids his parents farewell and encounters Jung-kyung on the walk home.

Hyun-ho gives Jung-kyung an opportunity to talk so she speaks up. She first acknowledges the comment she made about sleeping with Joon-young and how it was all just a lie. However, the damage has been done and there’s nothing she can do about it. That comment already spoke volumes about how she felt about Hyun-ho. Hyun-ho goes on to explain why he chose to apply for the professor position at Seoryeong University. The first being that he needs a way to survive and to make a living as a cellist. But more importantly, he did it because he wanted to be on the same level as Jung-kyung and to not be perceived as an embarrassment to her. He wanted to also feel important and to look good just like Jung-kyung. But now it’s all just a waste and it’s come down to nothing. Before walking away, he pleads for Jung-kyung to never show up to his place again. Tears are spilled as Jung-kyung and Hyun-ho solidify their break-up. Is this really the end for them?

After wrapping up his piano lessons with Professor Yoo, Joon-young is asked about his relationship status and the rumors surrounding his love life. Is he seeing anyone? Regardless, Professor Yoo advises Joon-young to keep things under the radar if he is dating anyone. Gossip lasts a long time and it’ll follow Joon-young around for a while. Joon-young himself hears first-hand about the dating rumors while greeting Song-Ah and Professor Lee outside in the hallway. Professor Lee brings up the rumors of a relationship between Joon-young and Song-Ah which they both deny. However, Joon-young is a lot more adamant in denying the dating rumors. She also receives a phone call from Hae-na at that moment who can no longer attend the master class for private lessons so Professor Lee hands the opportunity over to Song-Ah. It’ll be good for Song-Ah who can use the private lesson to prepare for her entrance exam. The lesson will be taught by none other than Jung-kyung which shocks both the pianist and violinist. Song-Ah doesn’t mind though and she accepts the opportunity. Ooh.

Jung-kyung receives some tips from Professor Song on how she can best prepare for the vacant professor position. Professor Song notes that the recital is the most important and it’ll be crucial for Jung-kyung to find a talented and good piano accompanist for the performance. Song-Ah and Joon-young chat with each other about the private lessons. Joon-young’s worried that it might be uncomfortable for Song-Ah in which Song-Ah admits that it will be. However, she wants to take advantage of all the opportunities available that will best prepare her for her entrance exam. Sure, she has feelings for Joon-young, but there are also other things that she likes and wants to pursue. Graduate school is definitely one of them. Song-Ah also addresses the dating rumors that Professor Lee mentioned to them earlier. It was oddly upsetting with the way that Joon-young kept on denying the rumors in front of Song-Ah. She didn’t feel so good about it. Joon-young argues that he only did it for Song-Ah’s sake because he was concerned that she was being put on the spot.

Still, Song-Ah didn’t like it. Every word or action that Joon-young commits makes her worried and she doesn’t want to feel that way anymore. Just then, the two are interrupted by Jung-kyung who shows up with a special request for Joon-young. Just as Song-Ah walks away, Jung-kyung asks for Joon-young to play with her at her recital. Song-Ah stops and freezes and waits anxiously for Joon-young’s response. It doesn’t take long for Joon-young to answer and he doesn’t even bat an eye. He’s confident and bold and he declines Jung-kyung’s request. No, he will not play at her recital with her.

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