Do You Like Brahms?: Episode 9 Recap

Step aside everyone, we have a new couple in town that we need to make room for! Joon-young and Song-Ah’s relationship blossom into something more as they acknowledge and confirm their feelings for each other. From the first time they met to where they are currently, they’ve always been there for each other. It’s as if they’re soulmates of some sort; it’s as if they were meant to be.

Do You Like Brahms? Episode 9: Dolce, Sweetly

Joon-young enters the rehearsal room where Song-Ah is located and has some important news to tell her. He first addresses the topic about Jung-kyung’s recital and how he plans on playing as her piano accompanist. Song-Ah misunderstands and grows upset at how careless and selfish Joon-young is, but that’s not all he has to say. He follows it up by confessing his feelings for Song-Ah. He likes her and he repeats the phrase four times to make sure that Song-Ah understands. He then leans in for a kiss and it’s during this time that we saw how Joon-young clarified his stance on being Jung-kyung’s piano accompanist at her recital. He’s participating as the piano player Joon-young and nothing more. Jung-kyung shouldn’t expect anything from him because it’s Song-Ah who he likes.

And so our adorable couple sit down to clarify their misunderstandings. Song-Ah was too hesitant in asking Joon-young to play as her piano accompanist for her graduate school entrance exam so she wasn’t that happy when she heard about how Joon-young was going to play with Jung-kyung. As for Joon-young, he didn’t mention anything because he didn’t want to be a burden to Song-Ah. With the misunderstandings out of the way, the two promise to always bring up the most important news first before they talk about anything else (haha, yes! I second that, Song-Ah!). Joon-young hasn’t forgotten about Song-Ah though and volunteers to play with her at her graduate school exam. However, Song-Ah declines the offer and is determined to succeed all on her own. She’s grateful for his support though. So when Joon-young and Song-Ah head back home that night, they think about each other and how the day went. Song-Ah gushes over her kiss with Joon-young while the pianist puts the black handkerchief from Jung-kyung away in his drawer. Joon-young and Song-Ah belong to each other now. Hehe.

Song-Ah shares the relationship news with Min-sung as they sit on campus and wait for Joon-young. Min-sung’s happy for her friend, but she also feels a bit lonely. What about her? Who is she going to hang out with now? Haha. Just then, Joon-young discovers the two best friends sitting together so he joins them and our couple invites Min-sung for lunch. Min-sung politely declines the offer. She’d rather not be a third wheel (same Min-sung, same!). While eating lunch together, Song-Ah’s two friends join their table and mentions how Joon-young and Song-Ah are always seen together. No wonder there’s false dating rumors about the two. But wait, the rumors aren’t rumors anymore. Joon-young announces his relationship with Song-Ah and Song-Ah follows up by confirming it as well. AHHHHHH.

While walking in the hallway, our campus couple attempt to make plans with each other, but they’re both so busy individually. Song-Ah plans on stopping by the Kyunghoo office to turn in some forms so that they can utilize the art hall for Professor Lee’s chamber orchestra. Joon-young still has some lectures to attend so he won’t be able to spend much time with Song-Ah.. except he does. His lecture ends up getting cancelled so he stays in the room where Song-Ah is practicing the violin. She grows a bit nervous and shy with his appearance and stops playing the violin for a bit. Joon-young notices her handkerchief resting on her violin so he asks for it. Song-Ah hands it over to the pianist, but the pianist also wants to gift Song-Ah with something as well. Just then, an awkward silence between the two ensues and it’s as if they’re going to go in for another kiss. However, the moment is interrupted by an alarm on Song-Ah’s phone and the kiss doesn’t happen (NOOOO). After practice with Professor Lee, Hae-na checks her group chat to find out that Song-Ah and Joon-young are indeed dating. She’s not so happy with the news.

Song-Ah stops by the Kyunghoo office to turn in her application for the Kyunghoo art hall. Team Leader Cha and Da-woon are surprised at Song-Ah’s participation with Professor Lee’s orchestra chamber since she must also be busy preparing for her graduate school entrance exam. After the meeting, Team Leader Cha walks Song-Ah out and is informed by Song-Ah about her relationship status. Joon-young feels the same way about Song-Ah and it’s good news for everyone. When Team Leader Cha returns to the office, she listens in on Da-woon’s thoughts about Song-Ah’s participation in the chamber orchestra. Da-woon’s a bit disappointed in the violinist for helping out with Professor Lee’s chamber orchestra; professors usually create chamber orchestras only for their own benefits. Team Leader Cha argues that Song-Ah must be determined enough to succeed which is why she’s helping out.

That night, Jung-kyung texts Joon-young and asks to meet so that she can give him the sheet music for her recital. Joon-young agrees, but doesn’t say much else. Hyun-ho attends a high school reunion with friends from the music department. The only ones who aren’t at the reunion is Dong-yoon and Joon-young. They can understand why Dong-yoon wasn’t able to attend, but they’re a bit clueless as to what Joon-young is up to so they look to Hyun-ho for some answers. The cellist himself isn’t so sure what Joon-young has been up to, but his friends don’t mind. Instead, they’re more occupied with teasing Hyun-ho for being a part of the Kyunghoo family. They assume he’s still dating Jung-kyung, but they don’t even give Hyun-ho the chance to explain himself.

Jung-kyung, Director Na, and Professor Song are among some of the people attending the Board of Directors meeting for the Kyunghoo Foundation. Back at the high school reunion, Professor Lee’s chamber orchestra is brought up. All of Hyun-ho’s friends are interested in the orchestra since they’re desperate for connections and opportunities and Hyun-ho is too. He also wants to join the orchestra. His friends suggest he join Professor Song’s chamber orchestra instead since she’s close to Jung-kyung, but Hyun-ho clarifies that he and Jung-kyung are no longer together. His serious face and tone causes an awkward silence to follow and the mood dies down.

Director Na grabs food with Jung-kyung’s dad and she checks in with him about his mother. They also reminisce about Jung-kyung’s Mom before diving into talks about Kyunghoo. Director Na plans on handing the foundation over to Jung-kyung. Jung-kyung’s Dad is speechless and stunned at the announcement. Hyun-ho’s friends tease and joke around with Hyun-ho on his break-up with Jung-kyung. They’re in disbelief that she would break up with him after ten years of dating. Speaking of dating, they mention the relationship news between Song-Ah and Joon-young. There’s a new couple in town.

Song-Ah wraps up her violin lesson with Professor Lee and is complimented by the professor for her improvement. Professor Lee is also quick to update Song-Ah on preparing for the chamber orchestra and sends her a list of orchestra members to contact for their first gathering. Joon-young meets with Jung-kyung to discuss about her recital. The theme for her recital will be French romanticism and Jung-kyung originally thought of selecting a piece from Brahms at first, but she changed her mind since she was aware of how Joon-young felt about the musician. Things have changed for Joon-young and he doesn’t mind playing Brahms, but Jung-kyung isn’t okay with it. She doesn’t think she can listen to or play his pieces any longer. She also feels a bit guilty for asking Joon-young to play with her; it seems as if she can never do anything on her own. She even feels as if having Joon-young play with her at her recital is a bit excessive, but Joon-young feels otherwise. He isn’t afraid to share with Jung-kyung that he and Song-Ah are dating.

Joon-young sets clear boundaries with Jung-kyung and suggests that they practice in the Kyunghoo rehearsal room and not at Jung-kyung’s place. Joon-young also wants Jung-kyung to talk things out with Hyun-ho. Song-Ah receives a list from Professor Lee of people to contact for the chamber orchestra. Hyun-ho is also on the list so Song-Ah gives him a call to give him a heads up about their upcoming gathering. Hyun-ho is curious about Song-Ah’s relationship with Joon-young so he asks her for confirmation on whether they’re dating or not. Song-Ah stutters at first and she grows nervous to answer, but she eventually confirms the dating rumors. She and Joon-young are indeed dating. Right as Song-Ah confirms things with Hyun-ho, Hyun-ho catches Joon-young and Jung-kyung exiting the cafe together and he isn’t happy with the sight.

He pulls Joon-young inside the restaurant for a private talk and expresses his disappointment in his friend. Joon-young is playing at Jung-kyung’s recital, but she already knows that he and Song-Ah are dating. How could Joon-young say such a thing so easily to Jung-kyung? Hyun-ho is worried that Jung-kyung might get hurt from the news. Jung-kyung enters the restaurant shortly afterwards so Hyun-ho cuts the conversation short. Since his friends are still at the restaurant, he suggests for Jung-kyung to leave before they see her. He did tell everyone that they broke up. Oof. Sung-jae goes around to promote his new position with his new company upon leaving Kyunghoo. After meeting with Mr. Joo from Kyunghoo Credit Card, Sung-jae meets up with Professor Yoo next. Sung-jae’s excited for what is to come by managing Joon-young. Maybe if he’s fortunate and lucky enough, his future will change for the better thanks to the pianist.

Professor Yoo is reminded of when his life changed upon becoming Joon-young’s piano teacher. He didn’t necessarily have any good connections or a prestigious background, but he was chosen to work with Joon-young simply for the fact that he was more interested in helping Joon-young than the Kyunghoo foundation itself. He eventually earned Director Na’s trust and worked his way up after Joon-young’s successes and wins in competitions. His relationship with Joon-young isn’t on bad terms like people might have thought after all. Joon-young encounters Team Leader Cha on the way to the Kyunghoo rehearsal room. He also updates her about his relationship with Song-Ah which Team Leader Cha is happy about. She’s happy for the both of them, but she also hopes that the two will be able to rely on each other. Joon-young might not have been one to tell others about difficulties and challenges he’s facing in the past, but she hopes he won’t be afraid when with Song-Ah. They should be good to each other, but also be honest and vulnerable with each other so that they can rely on the other. Team Leader Cha gives them her blessings.

Song-Ah and Min-sung hang out at the park that night and Song-Ah updates her best friend on how she was complimented at practice earlier by Professor Lee. It seems as if things are working out well for Song-Ah. Min-sung too has updates on her love life and she’s being set up by her friend on a blind date. She’s not so sure if she should go through with the blind date; is there any other boy she’s going to like more than Dong-yoon? However, Song-Ah encourages Min-sung to go on the blind date and to meet a nice man so Min-sung agrees. Song-Ah meets up with Joon-young after hanging out with Min-sung.

Upon seeing each other at the park, they shyly wave and smile at each other and enjoy some ice cream together. It’s just that.. well, Joon-young’s not the biggest fan of ice cream. He only recommended ice cream for their ice cream date last time because he needed some type of excuse to spend more time with Song-Ah (EEEEEK). So the couple tease each other about the ice cream and at one point Song-Ah tries to take away the ice cream from her boyfriend. The ice cream cone ends up falling onto the ground, leaving Joon-young and Song-Ah in an awkward position. Song-Ah utilizes the awkward silence to give her boyfriend a kiss and he follows it up with another kiss (OMG I CAN’T HANDLE THIS. THEY ARE WAY TOO CUTE!). Song-Ah’s ice cream cone ends up falling onto the ground, but it’s the last thing on her mind at the moment. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t mind 😉

It’s Song-Ah’s turn to watch Joon-young practice while at school. She enters the practice room and chats with him while he’s on his break. She’s curious as to what he thinks about Professor Yoo and Professor Yoo’s piano lessons, but Joon-young doesn’t have much to say. He’s never been taught by any other teacher so he doesn’t have any comparisons to go off of, but based off of his interactions with Professor Yoo, he feels as if the professor is a good person. Song-Ah was secretly hoping Joon-young would say something else about Professor Yoo so that she could also talk about Professor Lee (LOL) but since Joon-young only had good things to say, she keeps her mouth shut. She also notifies Joon-young about her dinner plans for that evening; she’s attending a friend’s birthday party so she won’t be able to meet Joon-young. But Joon-young doesn’t have to be worried or jealous, Dong-yoon won’t be at the party.

Joon-young gives Song-Ah’s question about Professor Yoo another thought and he recalls the moment he returned to Professor Yoo for piano lessons years ago. After failing to win in a competition, he returned to Professor Yoo in hopes of receiving piano lessons from him again. At that time, Professor Yoo forgave Joon-young and accepted the young pianist back, but was also well aware of how much Joon-young despised him. He pushed Joon-young’s limits and buttons by adding that the only way Joon-young would be able to stop receiving lessons from him was if he won the Chopin competition. And so Joon-young practiced and practiced for the competition and even suffered panic attacks in between. At one point, he contemplated overdosing on his pills, but he stopped himself from acting on it. When Joon-young did win second place at the Chopin competition, things didn’t end there. After receiving a contract from a German agency, Joon-young went straight ahead in signing with them. He didn’t care about waiting for more agencies to contact him; he wanted to get out of Korea as soon as he could.

Song-Ah attends her friend’s birthday party only for Dong-yoon to show up as well which she was not expecting at all. Things take an awkward turn when Song-Ah picks up a phone call from Min-sung and puts her on speaker via her friend’s request. Min-sung isn’t shy about asking Song-Ah about Joon-young and basically gives away their relationship news to the rest of the group. It’s too late to turn things back around and Song-Ah has lots of explaining to do, in particular to Dong-yoon. So when the rest of their friends leave that night, Song-Ah stays behind with Dong-yoon to chat. They drink some beer together and Song-Ah gives Dong-yoon her response to his confession. She was never a good drinker and didn’t really drink out with their friends back then because she carried with her a secret that she was too scared to give away if drunk. However, things are different now. She likes Joon-young very much. She’s no longer afraid to tell Dong-yoon what her secret was back then. Song-Ah remains honest with Dong-yoon and how she used to like him back then. She liked him a lot. That was the secret that she kept with her that she didn’t want anyone else to know.

But now, Dong-yoon is not the only one who knows about the old secret. Standing not too far away is Joon-young and Min-sung as well. Song-Ah and Dong-yoon are shocked to find the two inside of the restaurant and Song-Ah is so shocked she struggles to say anything. With tears in her eyes, Min-sung walks away and out of the restaurant.

My Thoughts:

OOOH HOOO HOOOOOO, why is this drama so good?! I’ve already said this many times before but I’ll say it again: ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ remains an effortless and easy watch. It continues to be SO SO good and I am enjoying pretty much everything. Of course, Song-Ah and Joon-young are the darn cutest with their dates and talks and kisses, but even the angst in this drama is so well done (as seen with the ending scene in this episode). I’m liking the backstory that we continue to receive about Joon-young’s pianist career and all the new details we get about his life even as the drama has progressed. I like that there are still things about his life that we’ve yet to explore and know about and the drama continues to surprise us in many great ways. ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ is feeding us with both the cuteness and the angst and I’m loving every single minute of it.

P.S.: Fun fact! The ending scene with Dong-yoon and Song-Ah was actually filmed on (or maybe around) the day of Park Eun-bin’s birthday. On her Instagram account, she actually posted a clip of Kim Min-jae and Bae Da-bin surprising her with a birthday cake in celebration of her birthday. How cute! Now everything totally makes sense since I saw the post back when Park Eun-bin first posted it (since I follow her on Instagram). Now I know which scene they were filming in the clip. How adorable!

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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