Record Of Youth: Episode 6 Recap

Just as there are successes and wins in life, there are setbacks and these setbacks often appear. However, what’s more important is how you respond to these challenges and bumps in life. Hye-jun’s support system might have been limited in the past, but with the addition of Jeong-ha, he learns that maybe things aren’t always so bad after all. Maybe, just maybe, things will be okay after all.

Record of Youth: Episode 6 Recap

Hye-jun confesses to Jeong-ha and admits that he thinks he likes her. Before Jeong-ha can even respond, the rain intensifies and Hye-jun takes off his jacket to protect the two of them as they run to take cover outside of a convenience store (omg it reminds me of the classic scene from ‘The Classic’!). Jeong-ha offers Hye-jun her umbrella from her house not too far from where they’re standing so Hye-jun is invited inside Jeong-ha’s house. Oooooh. Dad checks in with Grandpa at home and warns Grandpa not to cause anymore trouble again. Grandpa argues that he’s not doing anything and the two settle it at that.

Hye-jun takes a look around Jeong-ha’s house and glances at her dad’s drawings as well as photos of Jeong-ha. Jeong-ha brings up her parent’s divorce and questions if Hye-jun knows what’s the hardest part about parents being divorced. Hye-jun looks forward to an answer from Jeong-ha, but she saves the conversation for another time. It can be overwhelming being bombarded with information so she’ll tell him next time. Hye-jun isn’t so happy with Jeong-ha’s response and he pretends to not be upset (even though he really is). Hye-jun still hasn’t forgotten about his confession and follows up with Jeong-ha on it. The make-up artist excuses herself to her bedroom to wake herself up. She reminds herself that she shouldn’t be tempted to get into a relationship. She must say no to Hye-jun.

However, the fight doesn’t last for too long and Jeong-ha gives in. After a phone call conversation with Grandpa where Hye-jun volunteers to help Grandpa with his portfolio, Jeong-ha gives Hye-jun her answer to his confession. She too likes him, but she’s not so sure what comes after the confession. Hye-jun comments that it’s the dating phase that comes up next and Jeong-ha admits her defeat. She ends up walking out with Hye-jun and volunteers to do Grandpa’s make-up for his portfolio. Hye-jun is thankful for Jeong-ha’s help and approves of her support. He eventually walks to the bus station alone, but grows curious as to whether Jeong-ha left immediately or not. Since he didn’t turn around, he never knew whether she stayed to watch him leave or if she just left back home. On the bus, Hye-jun receives a text from Manager Min-jae who’s worried about the injury on his face. Before getting off the bus, Hye-jun reflects on his life and wishes that he should have cherished this beginning a little bit more. He didn’t know things were going to turn out.

Min-jae panics when she meets with Hye-jun and expresses her concern for him. But the worrying doesn’t last for long as there’s good news: Hye-jun’s gotten a new role for a mini-series. There’s something that Hye-jun himself wants to tell Min-jae. Hae-hyo checks in with Jeong-ha and her whereabouts. Thankfully, Jeong-ha’s safe at home and she makes it quite obvious that she doesn’t want to talk to the actor. She shoots him a quick good night text so the conversation ends. However, things don’t end there. After having breakfast with Mom and Hae-na the next morning, Hae-hyo heads to the salon to visit Jeong-ha. He brings a bouquet of yellow tulips with him to gift to Jeong-ha. Speaking of Jeong-ha, she’s been promoted to a designer at work. Yay! That means Su-bin’s been promoted as an assistant. Things are going well until Jin-ju enters the salon and ruins the mood. She targets Su-bin this time to get back at Jeong-ha and the cycle continues.

While in the storage room, Jeong-ha receives a surprise visit from Hae-hyo and his flowers. She appreciates the flowers and likes them. Like all the other times, Hye-jun is brought up and Jeong-ha dishes Hae-hyo the news about their relationship. Jeong-ha declines a dinner date with Hae-hyo since she has plans with Hye-jun and Grandpa for Grandpa’s portfolio. Any chances of her going on a date with Hye-jun will have to happen another time. Wait, date? Hye-jun and Jeong-ha are dating? Jeong-ha alludes to the romance and doesn’t directly deny the accusations. She grows shy just talking about it and walks away with a smile on her face. Hae-hyo is surprised and a bit heartbroken by the news. It wasn’t what he was expecting (uh-oh, I can feel the Second Lead Syndrome kicking in..).

Jin-woo invites Hye-jun to use the studio to take Grandpa’s photos for his portfolio. Although hesitant at first, Hye-jun eventually gives in. Jin-woo’s parents, Mom, and Dad all chat and catch up with each other at the house. Hye-jun eventually makes his way in and informs Dad about using his car for the evening. He has plans so he needs the car. Jin-woo’s Mom grows curious about Do-ha and even asks Hye-jun to get her an autograph, but Hye-jun remains honest. He and Do-ha aren’t that close so he doesn’t think it’ll be possible. Jin-woo’s Mom continues to gossip about Do-ha and how celebrities are often badmouthed. Not too long afterwards, Dad hands over his car keys to Hye-jun. He’s still not fond of Hye-jun’s acting career especially with the injury on his face. He also warns Hye-jun to let him know if Grandpa is up to anything. As much as he wants to, he can’t let go of the past and what Grandpa did. Some people just don’t change.

Jin-woo visits Hye-jun at work (NOOO NOT THE SUBWAY PPL AGAIN) and the two catch up with each other. While waiting to be rung up, Jin-woo checks his phone and catches an article about an assault case involving Do-ha. It’s a bit risky as any trouble that Do-ha causes can affect Hye-jun’s movie. Maybe they should check in with Min-jae to see if she has any news. Right at that moment, it’s as if Min-jae heard them and she sends Hye-jun a photo and encouraging text message. Things are working out well for them and there’s nothing to worry about.. for now. Min-jae then receives a call from Director Yoon – the same director she met with who selected Hye-jun for a role in his upcoming mini-series – about rumors that he heard from CEO Lee. Apparently, he heard claims that Hye-jun betrayed CEO Lee by signing with Min-jae. Min-jae attempts to explain things, but Director Yoon isn’t having any of it. Min-jae tries to get in contact with CEO Lee, but he doesn’t answer her phone call.

Instead, CEO Lee is busy with the assault incident related to Do-ha that is spreading like crazy. Do-ha enters CEO Lee’s office for assistance and answers. He wants CEO Lee to take care of all the mess and is relying on him to do so. CEO Lee abides by Do-ha’s request; they’re working partners so anything that affects Do-ha affects him as well. Mama Hae-hyo is also thinking about her son and how things could potentially affect Hae-hyo’s career. She doesn’t want Hae-hyo to work with Do-ha any longer after this project. Hae-hyo and Jeong-ha set out for a commercial shooting. Before heading out, Jeong-ha receives a text from Hye-jun asking about work and how it’s going so she quickly shoots him a text back. Hae-hyo isn’t the most fond of what he’s seeing and questions whether Jeong-ha really likes Hye-jun. Confidently and effortlessly, Jeong-ha answers yes. She does like him.

Hye-jun and Grandpa set out to the studio for Grandpa’s photoshoot for his porfolio. Meanwhile, Jeong-ha is with Hae-hyo for his commercial shooting and does his make-up on set during the breaks. Hae-hyo can’t help but admire Jeong-ha for her beauty and hard work. Even though it kills him inside, he gives her a ride to the studio for Grandpa’s photoshoot. Jeong-ha rushes inside and finds Jin-woo, Grandpa, and Hye-jun waiting inside the dressing room. Hae-hyo watches as Jeong-ha leaves for the studio and makes a decision on his feelings. He’s going to be proactive about things and not choose friendship over love. This time, he’s going to do something different.

And so the photoshoot takes places and our group of four all have some fun during Grandpa’s photoshoot. Laughter and smiles are exchanged and the positivity extends even during the after party. Jin-woo, Grandpa, Hye-jun, and Jeong-ha all go grab some drinks afterwards and Grandpa starts off the mood by talking about the limited amount of days he has left. He should just enjoy and cherish the life that he has now. Everyone else manages to lighten up the mood by teasing each other and things return to normal. Grandpa doesn’t forget to express his gratitude and appreciation to everyone for their help. He’s learned a lot of things and he’s especially thankful to his son who then gave birth to Hye-jun who’s brought such joy and light in his life. Then through Hye-jun, Grandpa was able to meet wonderful people like Jin-woo and Jeong-ha. Jin-woo also mentions Hye-jun’s casting for Director Yoon’s new mini-series and there’s even more reasons to celebrate. They all toast afterwards and continue the celebration.

CEO Lee manages to calm the news surrounding Do-ha’s assault incident down with a few articles and it seems as if everything is under control again. On the way to his car, he encounters Manager Min-jae who had been waiting for him this entire time. She’s angry and upset at how he backstabbed her and threw her under the bus, but CEO Lee defends himself. This is just how the industry works and he’s giving her a taste of how things are like. If anything, she should be grateful. CEO Lee doesn’t have any plans of stopping anytime soon and is going to keep making both Min-jae and Hye-jun suffer for leaving him. He even recommends that Min-jae break the news to Hye-jun about his casting role getting revoked. This is how brutal the entertainment industry is. Min-jae breaks down in her car after the talk with CEO Lee and she’s heartbroken even more after receiving a text message from Jeong-ha. It’s a photo of Jeong-ha with Hye-jun, Grandpa, and Jin-woo congratulating Hye-jun on his new role. Min-jae can’t bare to think about Hye-jun and how exactly she’s going to break the news to him.

Do-ha and CEO Lee spend some time together at a club to celebrate CEO Lee’s success in shifting the public’s perception of Do-ha. Thanks to a few articles, CEO Lee managed to calm everything down and Do-ha’s trust in CEO Lee grows. Grandpa is dropped off at home by Jin-woo and is greeted by Dad outside of the house. Of course, Grandpa’s outfit stands out to Dad, but Grandpa doesn’t say much. He does mention the new casting role in a mini-series that Hye-jun’s earned which impresses Mom and surprises Dad. Grandpa reminds Dad to not nag at Hye-jun too much or else Hye-jun will resent him later on. Hye-jun drops Jeong-ha off at home with Dad’s truck (omg they’re too cute). Jeong-ha snaps a few photos of Hye-jun inside the vehicle as she wants to remember this moment and Hye-jun makes sure to walk Jeong-ha home like usual. They hold hands on the walk to her house and Hye-jun points out how it’s not raining. They also make plans to watch a movie for their next date and just like that, Jeong-ha heads home. Our couple is too lovey dovey~

And so our lovey dovey couple go on their movie date. They meet each other at the movie theater and head inside to watch the movie. While waiting for the movie to start, Hye-jun grows curious as to what time it is. Jeong-ha utilizes her watch meant for the visually impaired to tell the time and even allows Hye-jun to give it a try. One of her goals in life is to live a life that teaches her how others feel and the watch is just one of the many ways. Of course, the skinship between the two makes Jeong-ha nervous and she freezes as Hye-jun holds her wrist in his hand. The movie eventually begins and their movie date resumes. Manager Min-jae grows conflicted on how exactly she should tell the news to Hye-jun. She can’t quite make a decision so she decides to just head back to sleep. Lol. Great idea!

Hye-jun meets up with Jin-woo afterwards for his Grandpa’s portfolio. Hye-jun shares how he was on a movie date with Jeong-ha at 7AM in the morning since she had work afterwards. Speaking of girlfriends and relationships, Hye-jun already knows Jin-woo is dating someone. He just doesn’t know who exactly it is. When asked to choose between Jin-woo or Jeong-ha, Hye-jun doesn’t bat an eye and immediately chooses Jeong-ha. There’s no doubt about that. So with that, Jin-woo automatically chooses Hae-na when he’s asked the same question. But wait, Jin-woo just gave away who his girlfriend was! OMG, HAHAHA. Hye-jun is shocked at the news especially since Jin-woo knew Hae-na since young, but he doesn’t say much. He warns Jin-woo that Hae-hyo won’t be so happy when he finds out. Haha.

And so Hae-na and Jin-woo go through with their plans. Jin-woo takes Hae-na to a fancy hotel and they get into it right away. However, Jin-woo can’t quite shake off what Hye-jun said to him earlier that day and he has trouble satisfying Hae-na. Hae-na is fed up and frustrated with Jin-woo’s behavior. She can’t quite understand why her boyfriend is so hesitant and she leaves him behind at the hotel. Hye-jun shows Grandpa the portfolio consisting of the photos that they took of him. Grandpa’s satisfied with the photos after taking a peek at the portfolio, but they quickly hide it in fear that Dad will see it.

News about Hye-jun’s casting in a mini-series spreads throughout the house. While having dinner that night, Mom brings it up to Gyeong-jun who’s surprised at the information. Still, he doesn’t miss the chance to take a jab at Hye-jun for not even knowing which broadcasting station the drama will be airing on, but Grandpa defends that the details are up to the manager to take care of. Hye-jun volunteers to help Gyeong-jun move out of the house since Dad will be busy with work and it’ll be too exhausting for Mom. Gyeong-jun’s scored a really good deal for a new studio apartment and Hye-jun will assist him with the moving out process. Mom is also extra nice to Hye-jun that night at dinner for two reasons: 1) getting casted in a drama and 2) volunteering to help his brother move out. She’s proud of her son. After dinner, Hye-jun attempts to get in contact with Min-jae to check up on his new role, but he fails to receive a response from her. She doesn’t answer his phone calls nor return them so he sets out to visit her at her apartment himself.

Grandpa is also hard at work in improving himself. He works out at the park and is determined to prove himself to his son. He’s surely on his way. When Hye-jun arrives at Min-jae’s apartment, she remains honest with him about things. She breaks the news to him about his casting role getting revoked and feels as if she’s failed Hye-jun. She doesn’t deserve to be his manager. Hye-jun takes the news well and isn’t upset or frustrated by it. In fact, he’s not surprised at how things took a turn especially with CEO Lee’s involvement. He’s okay with Min-jae making mistakes. She’s human and that’s totally fine. However, what he was irked by was his inability to get in contact with her. A manager who he can’t get in contact with is the worst. Hye-jun also notes that maybe Min-jae took the industry too lightly. Hye-jun is used to it since he’s failed many times before, but it’s different for Min-jae who’s struggling. He once again brings up how he doesn’t have too much time left. Sometimes, his laughter isn’t even real T_T

Mama Hae-hyo isn’t so happy with the mini-series that Hae-hyo has been offered. It’s a small supporting role and Hae-hyo’s done better so she warns Hae-hyo’s manager to find him a project more worthy or else she won’t renew his contract with their entertainment company. After the meeting, Mama Hae-hyo checks in with Mom on Hye-jun’s next steps. Mom comments how Hye-jun plans on participating in the same mini-series that Hae-hyo has been offered which comes as a shock to Mama Hae-hyo. Casting for the lead actor hasn’t even been confirmed yet, how could Hye-jun be confirmed for a supporting role? With that, Mama Hae-hyo confirms things with her staff only to find out that Hye-jun’s casting hasn’t been confirmed either. She breaks the poor news to Mom and advises that Mom pretend as if she doesn’t know anything until Hye-jun brings it up first.

Hye-jun stops by the bookstore he frequents when he’s having a bad day and he continues to study for his acting career. Grandpa too is practicing his craft and he ventures out into the living room which he utilizes as his runway. He’s interrupted by Mom and Gyeong-jun so he doesn’t get much practicing done, but there’s something even more concerning. Grandpa falls unconscious while walking back into his bedroom and he’s rushed to the hospital. Mom informs Dad so Dad begins to pack some of Grandpa’s belongings in case Grandpa needs to stay at the hospital for a few more days. While packing Grandpa’s belongings, he finds Grandpa’s membership card for his modeling academy as well as his portfolio inside his bedroom. Dad isn’t happy. Fortunately, Grandpa is okay and he wakes up at the hospital with Mom and Gyeong-jun by his side. A doctor swings by and informs the family that Grandpa’s condition most likely came about as a result of exhaustion. This confuses Mom and Gyeong-jun and it seems like Grandpa has some explaining to do.

Hye-jun also has some explaining to do when he arrives home and finds Dad with Grandpa’s portfolio in his hands. He updates Dad on Grandpa’s plans to model to make some money to support Dad, but Dad isn’t impressed. He disproves of Grandpa’s modeling and once again brings up how similar Hye-jun is to Grandpa. He doesn’t understand why they can’t give up on their dreams. Hye-jun argues that he gave up on college because the tuition was too much for Mom and Dad to bare. Plus, his dreams doesn’t necessarily require a college degree so isn’t that enough? Dad blames Hye-jun for his choice and reminds him that he takes after Grandpa. Hye-jun is fed up with Dad’s demeaning attitude and has no problem in telling Dad that he rather take after Grandpa than someone like Dad. The brutal comment causes Dad to slap Hye-jun in the face and Hye-jun sheds tears upon processing what just happened.

Hye-jun hides in Dad’s truck afterwards and the tears just won’t stop flowing. Even with a phone call from Jeong-ha, Hye-jun has to try his best to pretend as if everything is fine and as if he’s not crying. Hye-jun accepts Jeong-ha’s request to hang out that night and the two meet up for another date. They visit another one of Hye-jun’s places that he frequented when he was depressed. However, he doesn’t necessarily feel that way thanks to Jeong-ha who always manages to cheer him up. They eventually walk their way to a piano inside of the park and have some fun playing the piano together. Hye-jun gazes at Jeong-ha with such fondness and admiration and admits that something magical happens when you fall in love with a woman and that woman to him is Jeong-ha (AWWW).

Hye-jun plays a song for Jeong-ha and then takes it one step further by leaning in for a kiss (AHHHHH!). After pulling away from the first kiss, the couple stare at each other for a few seconds in silence before kissing again. It was a tough night for Hye-jun, but things have undeniably gotten better with Jeong-ha. With Jeong-ha, everything will be okay.

My Thoughts:

I was not expecting that kiss at all and I’m even doubtful as to whether things are moving too fast between Hye-jun and Jeong-ha, but at this point, I’m just going with the ride and seeing where things go as they happen. So many things happened in this episode and I like that there was progress on every front and storyline. Grandpa’s modeling is not only taking off but even Dad has found out about it now. Hye-jun and Jeong-ha’s relationship is slowly but surely intensifying and with that kiss, it only confirms the love and affection they have for each other even more. With the way that things are slowly ramping up, I really do appreciate just how subtle the drama is about Hye-jun and Jeong-ha’s relationship. When Hye-jun confessed to Jeong-ha, Jeong-ha didn’t give him a direct response to his confession and instead invited him into her house for an umbrella. It’s small details and comments like this that I enjoy about their relationship. Not a lot has to be said to hint about where you’re standing and how you’re feeling.

I have a feeling Gyeong-jun will get scammed since the deal he found for the apartment seemed way too good to be true. I also enjoyed the failure that Hye-jun experienced in this episode not because he failed, but because of the lessons that it taught Min-jae more than anything. What Hye-jun mentioned did ring true to an extent in that she doesn’t quite have that experience or knowledge just yet of how brutal and harsh the entertainment industry can be. While I despise CEO Lee and dislike him as a character, the comments he brought up about the industry and how he had to find different ways to survive is a true wake-up call for starters like Min-jae who are sometimes too innocent and optimistic at the beginning of things. I also thought it was a way for us viewers to witness just how much Hye-jun has grown. He’s gone through many failures so he didn’t take the news as badly as Min-jae was afraid he was going to, but I also like to think that it’s because he’s so much stronger now. Hye-jun’s always been strong and determined and always believed in himself, but he’s even more desperate this time because he’s had a small glimpse of success. He’s going to fight for things even more.

I also was not expecting to suffer from Second Lead Syndrome in this drama as I am a full-time supporter of Hye-jun and Jeong-ha, but man, there’s just something about Hae-hyo and his crush on Jeong-ha that makes me feel for him. Whether it’s the way Hae-hyo stares at Jeong-ha or the fact that she’s someone who he genuinely likes, I am honestly looking forward to where the love triangle goes especially with how Hye-jun and Jeong-ha are already a couple. I’ll always be on Hye-jun’s side, but it seems as if the drama was alluding and foreshadowing to changes in the future. Another thing I’m liking about this episode is just how carefree and brave the drama is in addressing healthy relationships and the sexual aspects to a relationship as seen through Hae-na and Jin-woo. The drama doesn’t shy away from this topic nor from showing to us what it looks like and I’m glad the drama confronts it head on. Kudos to the writer for nonchalantly bringing it up. If you wanna take things to the next round, it’s always important to feel safe and comfortable and to give consent. And as we saw with Jin-woo and Hae-na, sometimes your first time isn’t going to be this amazing experience and that’s totally okay.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

I don’t know what it was about this episode (or maybe it was just the soju that I was drinking as I was recapping this), but the directing and cinematography was just so beautiful so I wanted to screenshot pretty much everything. Hoping the drama will keep this up throughout its run! Enjoy!

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