Record of Youth: Episode 7 Recap

Life is one wild roller coaster ride. While Hye-jun has faced plenty of challenges, setbacks, and humiliations in his life, he’s not the only one who’s going through difficult times. As many others will come to learn, their time will come as well. Everybody goes through both hard and good times in life.

Record of Youth: Episode 7 Recap

Jeong-ha gives Su-bin a little lesson on make-up at the salon, but they’re interrupted by Jin-ju who once again takes the opportunity to pick on Jeong-ha. Jeong-ha is informed that the director of the salon wants to talk to her so Jeong-ha heads to meet with her boss. Even though Jeong-ha has been promoted at work, she also needs to pull in the clients to keep her position. She has a responsibility to make sure that things are going well at the salon. Just then, Mama Hae-hyo enters the salon but unlike what they assumed, Mama Hae-hyo wants Jin-ju to do her make-up and not Jeong-ha. Mama Hae-hyo simply comments that she feels more comfortable with Jin-ju.

Jeong-ha encounters Manager Min-jae at the salon so the two grab some lunch (at Subway I might add) afterwards to catch up. Hye-jun is brought up at one point in their conversation and Min-jae reassures Jeong-ha that he no longer has any feelings whatsoever for his ex-girlfriend. She also asks for Jeong-ha to cheer Hye-jun up. Min-jae feels as though Hye-jun is saddened by the news of his role being revoked, but she can’t do anything about it. Although Jeong-ha rejects Min-jae’s request, she gives it a thought. So that night, Jeong-ha prepares a book as a gift for Hye-jun and writes a little note dedicated to him. She calls Hye-jun afterwards to check in with him and right away, she can tell that he’s crying. She asks to meet up with him and when he pauses for a few seconds, Jeong-ha’s concern for Hye-jun increases. She knows he’s crying. Jeong-ha also empathizes with Hye-jun as she also knows what it’s like to have your heart broken.

Jeong-ha’s reminded of the moment in her life when her parents argued and fought with each other. She was only nine years old, but was witness to the arguments between her parents. Her mom was upset and fed up with Dad’s way of living and his inability to find work and contribute financially. It was then that Mom dragged Jeong-ha out with her and woke her up to her harsh reality at the young age of nine. Jeong-ha remembers both her Mom and Dad as parents who loved her in very different ways. Back in the present, Jeong-ha and Hye-jun meet up and they drive to the park where Hye-jun frequents. On the ride there, Jeong-ha takes extra good care of her boyfriend and shows him the book that she got him as a present. The topic of happiness is brought up and Hye-jun admits that he’s not so happy just yet. Jeong-ha feels the opposite though and is quite content with her life. When in love with a man, you want to become a better person. And for Jeong-ha, that man is Hye-jun.

While on their date, our two lovebirds have some fun by playing the piano at the park together and even having their first kiss. It’s a night they won’t forget. Thankfully, Grandpa is discharged from the hospital and returns home with Mom and Gyeong-jun. When they arrive, they find Dad sitting at the dining table with some alcohol. They also discover Grandpa’s portfolio with his modeling photos and are shocked to learn that Grandpa has been attending a modeling academy. Grandpa and Dad talk things out that night and Dad once again voices his disproval and disappointment in Grandpa. Grandpa argues that he always regrets what he did in the past and wishes to make things up to Dad. He wants to be acknowledged and seen as a father who tried his best for his son before he passes away. Things remain the same between Grandpa and Dad and the bickering continues. As if things weren’t bad enough, Dad informs Mom about the hitting incident between him and Hye-jun. Mom is angry at Dad for doing such a horrendous thing, but she also feels sad for Hye-jun. She can’t help but compare him to Hae-hyo; if Hye-jun was just born into a rich family, he would have made it a long time ago.

Gyeong-jun and Dad wait up that night for Hye-jun to return. Dad admits that he’s going to miss Gyeong-jun when he’s gone, but he also takes comfort in knowing that Gyeong-jun can always come back home to visit. Hye-jun and Jeong-ha continue to have fun on their date and it proves to be comforting for Hye-jun who had a rough night leading up to the date. Walking back to their car hand in hand, Hye-jun and Jeong-ha kiss each other again (after providing consent, of course). The first kiss wasn’t enough. Hehe. Mama and Papa Hae-hyo are out playing some golf when CEO Lee stops to greet them after catching them on the same golf course. Mama Hae-hyo isn’t so thrilled to see CEO Lee, especially since she was the one who wanted to terminate Hae-hyo’s contract with CEO Lee back then. Fast forward to the present and CEO Lee presents himself as the CEO of A June Entertainment. To prove his popularity and success, CEO Lee invites Do-ha to also greet Mama and Papa Hae-hyo and it works. Mama Hae-hyo can’t help but be surprised at how CEO Lee managed to recruit popular actor Do-ha under his wings.

After the short encounter, Do-ha once again grows anxious over all the hate comments in articles written about him. CEO Lee attempts to empathize with the actor and teaches him a lesson about haters and hate comments. Do-ha isn’t a big fan of CEO Lee’s lecturing and has to remind him that he’s the boss around here. CEO Lee and Do-ha don’t get along all that much and that’s something they’ll have to figure out the more they work together. Mama Hae-hyo takes some time to call Hae-hyo and confirm things with him. Hae-hyo does know who CEO Lee and Do-ha is and he’s also interested in the mini-series that he was offered which Do-ha will be the lead for. After the phone call with his mom, Hae-hyo resumes to calling Jeong-ha. However, she doesn’t pick up his phone call and follows up with a quick text about her unavailability to answer his call. She’s busy.

Things are picking up again for Hye-jun. In a short meet-up with Manager Min-jae, he learns about the interview he’s been secured with a casting director for a possible project. Of course, it was only possible due to Min-jae’s competence and quick thinking. Hye-jun heads out afterwards to help Gyeong-jun move out of the house. After stuffing Dad’s truck with all of his belongings, the family bid farewell with the oldest son. It’s going to feel different and no one knows what the future brings, but our family goes along with it anyways. Gyeong-jun and Hye-jun drive out to Gyeong-jun’s new place. At work, Jeong-ha grows curious as to how people at the salon perceive her. She inquires Su-bin for some answers and although Su-bin refuses at first, she eventually gives in. She reveals how people primarily see Jeong-ha as a villain stealing Jin-ju’s male clients. Although it was something Jeong-ha already had a hunch about, she’s still hurt by the harsh comments. She heads out with Hae-hyo that day to his filming set. On the ride there, they chat about life and Hye-jun.

Hye-jun and Gyeong-jun arrive at Gyeong-jun’s new place, but things aren’t going so well. Gyeong-jun struggles to enter his apartment and his key card isn’t read the front door (omg I’m dreading this right now.. I knew this was going to happen). Even the passcode to the front door is incorrect and Gyeong-jun is unable to enter. However, there’s no need to enter as the apartment unit already has a resident inside. The resident of the unit opens the door and informs Gyeong-jun that he’s been scammed. In fact, he wasn’t the only one as there’s been plenty of other folks who have also been scammed by the same “realtor.” Gyeong-jun’s attempt to reach his realtor is unsuccessful and he’s outraged at the revelation. The two brothers have no other choice but to report the scam to the police. There’s not much luck and success there either. Gyeong-jun has no choice but to wait until the police gets on the case but there isn’t much hope.

Our Jun brothers grab some food after the long and tough day. No words are exchanged between the two, but their company is enough to stuff their stomachs and to process how the day went. While on set, Jeong-ha receives an email from a company who wants to form a partnership with her. When Hae-hyo’s filming concludes, Jeong-ha leaves first and heads home alone. Hae-hyo still has something he wants to say to her though so he catches up with her to express what’s on his mind. He simply bids farewell with Jeong-ha and just wanted to wish her goodbye. It’s the perfect way to wrap up his day. Jeong-ha returns the same sentiments and bids farewell with the model-turned-actor as well. It’s not until she walks away that Hae-hyo mutters the words “don’t go” under his breath (omg, this is so heartbreaking).

Grandpa continues to practice his modeling stance at home and even gives Mom a brief lesson on the practice. Dad can’t help but worry about Gyeong-jun who’s yet to update him on his moving. Gyeong-jun and Hye-jun eventually make it back home, but Gyeong-jun is too embarrassed to show up at the house. For once, he just wanted to be free, but there’s no way he’ll be able to do that now. He’ll have to live with Mom and Dad for the rest of his life. Hye-jun suggests that the only thing he can do is accept his situation as soon as possible. The faster he does, the less it will hurt. The two brothers bicker back and forth outside of the house so Dad comes out to check for the source of the noise. He’s shocked to find both of his sons outside and Hye-jun proceeds to bring Gyeong-jun’s belongings into the house.

Mom and Grandpa are confused at the situation as well so they go to Hye-jun for some answers. They learn that Gyeong-jun was scammed for his living situation and it’s difficult for Mom, Dad, and Grandpa to process. Dad feels sorry for his son, but Mom argues that Dad should also feel the same way towards Hye-jun who he hit. Hye-jun demands for an apology from Dad, but Dad’s pride and stubbornness gets in the way and he refuses. Eventually, Mom has to calm everyone down by reminding them to take things one at a time. A lot happened that day so they should all take things slow. After showering that night, Hye-jun receives a text from Jeong-ha wishing him sweet dreams. He also sends her a good night text. Jeong-ha records a video of herself describing the partnership she received from a multi-channel network. She’s unsure if she should accept the offer or continue to do her work alone, but she’s reminded of the quote from the book that she gifted Hye-jun. Regardless of what decision she makes, she’s going to give her work her all.

Mama Hae-hyo and Hae-hyo’s Dad have some breakfast the next morning. Dad, once again, doesn’t pay any attention to Mama Hae-hyo which disappoints her. She just wants to have a conversation with her husband. Dad then brings up the food that they’re eating and requests for a housekeeper who’s also a good cook. Hye-jun reads the book that Jeong-ha got him while on the bus. There’s a particular page that stands out to him and he takes a photo of it and sends it to Jeong-ha afterwards. He’s enjoying the book so far. Hye-jun arrives at the broadcasting station for his interview with the casting director while Jeong-ha is on her way to a meeting with the multi-channel network that offered her a partnership. They’re both so busy individually, but they still have the time to text and miss each other. So sweet.

Min-jae talks with the director first and learns that Hye-jun might not get the role that he’s auditioning for. Regardless, it’ll be a miracle if Hye-jun can even get an audition in the first place. When Hye-jun discovers Min-jae and the director, he’s asked to wait a few more minutes until his interview. Min-jae and Hye-jun take those few minutes to talk things out. Min-jae shares more information about the role that Hye-jun will be auditioning for and what it’ll require of him. The character is a first-year resident in the medical drama and he’ll get to act with top actor, Lee Hyeon-su. It’s the perfect opportunity for Hye-jun. In fact, to increase his chances of getting the role, Min-jae suggests that Hye-jun unbutton one of the buttons on his dress shirt. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, eh?

Jeong-ha’s interview with the representative from the multi-channel network also goes well. The representative shares the reason as to why he reached out to Jeong-ha and likes how she’s not so focused on making money but rather on making good content to help others. Hye-jun proceeds with his interview and proves his competency with his honest answers and good social skills. The staff members are impressed by his loyalty. Jin-woo attempts to reach Hae-na who’s been ignoring and unresponsive to him. He even shows up at her school to try to get to her. After lecture, Hae-na is impressed with Ji-Ah (Hye-jun’s ex-girlfriend) and asks her for tips and pointers in preparation for her upcoming mock trial competition. Ji-Ah agrees to help Hae-na out, but their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of Jin-woo. Jin-woo’s desperate to make up with Hae-na and Ji-Ah assumes that the two must be dating. She even teases Jin-woo for “stalking” Hae-na when she didn’t answer to any of his texts. Jin-woo reminds Hae-na that she can contact him anytime she wants to. Lol.

It’s another day of work for Jin-woo’s Dad and Dad. They’re reminded of how their kids are getting older and how they still need to care for them and look after them. All Dad and Jin-woo’s Dad seem to talk about are their kids, but they just can’t seem to stop themselves. Mama Hae-hyo asks Mom to assist in the search for a new cook. Mom agrees to be on the lookout for someone and then receives a text from Jin-woo’s Mom asking to have some drinks together that night. And so Dad talks a bit about Mom when he convenes with Jin-woo’s parents at a restaurant. He feels as if he and Mom often fight and nag at each other, but stops talking upon seeing Mom join the group, lol. Jin-woo’s Mom brings up the scamming situation with Gyeong-jun and assumes Mom must be upset. Mom glares at Dad for sharing the information with Jin-woo’s parents, but she quickly gets over it. They were bound to find out anyways. They all give each other a toast for hopefully what will be better days. On the walk home, Jin-woo’s Mom rambles about the possibility of being Mama Hae-hyo’s cook. Sure, she’s opinionated, but she’s a good cook. Eventually, our two sets of parents go about their own way and they all head home.

Jin-woo, Hye-jun, and Hae-hyo meet up briefly that night to catch up with one another. Jin-woo’s not feeling the greatest since he broke up with his girlfriend (aka Hae-na), but he diverts the attention to Hye-jun. He mentions how he saw Ji-Ah earlier that day which Hye-jun is taken aback by. He also checks in with Hye-jun about his interview for the medical drama, Gateway, which Hye-jun has high hopes for. And as he will soon find out shortly afterwards, Hye-jun did get the role in the drama. YAAAAAY! Min-jae received the results from the casting director himself and relayed the exciting news to Hye-jun. Hae-hyo congratulates his best friend on the success and Hye-jun celebrates the opportunity with none other than his girlfriend, Jeong-ha.

Upon hearing the news that Hye-jun got the role, Jeong-ha congratulates him. If he had shown his acting skills during his interview, they would have been completely blown away, haha. Hye-jun is grateful to have Jeong-ha by his side and the two take a casual stroll around the neighborhood while holding hands. And so filming for Gateway takes off. Hye-jun struggles to remember his lines with all the difficult medical terminology, but his leading co-star, Lee Hyeon-su (played by Seo Hyun-jin) encourages him to keep going. Even when she finds him studying the terms on set after filming has concluded, she advises him to go home and study there. And so with the advice, tips, and support from actress Lee, Hye-jun’s acting improves and filming goes a lot smoother. Everyone’s eyes are on Hye-jun as the drama airs. Grandpa and Mom are all smiles and laughter as they watch Hye-jun on TV. Mama Hae-hyo and CEO Lee are also carefully studying Hye-jun in his new drama and can’t help but feel a bit of envy and jealousy with his success. Hye-jun is not the person that they thought he was. Hye-jun is here to stay.

My Thoughts:

I’m loving the rise of our talented and determined Hye-jun, but also his relationship with manager Min-jae as well as his girlfriend, Jeong-ha. More so than anything, I’m really enjoying the dynamic between Hye-jun and Min-jae and just how caring those two are towards each other. I understand that it’s a professional and business relationship between them, but it also sometimes feel as if they’re friends or some sort. Regardless, things are shaping up for both Hye-jun and Jeong-ha and this is what I’m here for.

Extra screenshots from the episode~

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